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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Detroit Metal City 60

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 60

N: On the day that Krauser was featured in the newspaper, and the members cleaned up the office...
P: Summon up a squall to my crotch, dammit!!
W: I'm sorry, I'll do my best!
P: Nishida, you need to make a legend or something too!!
C: It's arrived, right? I'll be there soon.
N: Nishida went to pick something up...
T: Ahhh...the see-thru panties Eating Battle* figures...? I just sold them all to that guy.
*Line: Eating Battle Squad Buruma-chan
O: S-sorry.
O: It's just that, they're limited edition, so this is my only chance.
N: ...and was unable to.
sfx: dah
N: Later that day, at an arcade...

N: He erupted with anger!!

Screen: 925 Points
Legendary Class
Hit Count 96
Combo Count 18
O: U-umm...
O: Umm...Your taiko playing was amazing...you can really slam!
O: Y-you often come to this "Maid-in-Arcade" Sirius, don't you?
M: I'm sorry to have kept you waiting, master. Here is your strawberry juice.
N: Is the strawberry juice all you've brought me?
N: Your crotch juice is overflowing too, isn't it?
O: Ahhh, Lime-tan! Fuhehehehe...
O: Lime-tan's so cute, isn't she? You've been coming here in hopes of making her your girlfriend too, haven't you?
L: Welcome back!
O: Lime-tan always heals us with her amazing smile and energy...
O: All the guys in Akiba have their sights set on her and her alone...

O: If you're that good at the taiko, then you must be signed up for the event next week, right?
O: Eh? Don't tell me you didn't know about it?
O: The Taiko Master tournament "Akiba T-1 Grand Prix" will be held here in Sirius this weekend!
O: The winner will get a ticket that, if redeemed, will allow them to do a private strawberry juice slurpie-slurpie alone with Lime-tan!
O: The greatest prize for the greatest Taiko player!
O: Without a doubt, the strongest taiko players all over Akibahara will gather to take part.
?: Ah, my shoulder hurts...I'm not in very good condition today.
O: Oh, there he is!
O: There he is!
O: Hm?
O: Look! Just like I said, he's here!

O: The Emperor of all NEETs, Lemon!
L: All tired out, huh? Ah well, I guess there's no helping it...
O: Out of all the players in Sirius...no, in all of Akihabara -- he is by far the strongest!
L: Here I go!
S: Zaaankoku no tenshi no youuu ni~
S: Shounen yo~ Shinwa ni naaare~ (*These are the opening lyrics to Evangelion...any otaku will know these)
O: Since he's a NEET, Lemon has spent many hours sharpening his talent!
S: Dakedo itsuka kizuku deshou~
O: With an varying repetoire of actions, he marks his name with the high score!
S: Kooonoooo sora o daitekagayaku~
O: Ahh, here it comes! Lemon's finishing move!
S: Shounen yo~

L: Teheh!
S: Shinwa ni naaare~
L: Oh...did I make the high score again this time?
L: Even though I'm not at my best because my shoulder hurts...
O: He's really preparing for the big event, isn't he...
O: Amazing!
L: Lime-tan, I don't know if I'll be able to enter T-1 or not...my shoulder hurts...
L: That means you'll have to do slurpie-slurpie with someone other guy, you know...
O: He's definitely going to enter!
Li: Is that the truth, Master?
O: Right now, Akihabara is in a very volatile state!
O: Until now, Lime-tan has been elevated to the position of a goddess...
O: Since no one could ever lay a finger on her, she has retained the balance for all otaku in Akihabara...
O: But now, Lemon is planning to use T-1 as a chance to win Lime-tan and have her all to himself...
O: The various expectations here have caused divisions...

O: And Akihabara has become a warzone!
O: That sweatshirt...you like Food Battle, don't you?
O: I want to enter T-1 as well...but I don't have confidence in my own ability.
O: If you enter T-1 in my place and get the slurpie-slurpie ticket...
O: Then I'll give you this limited edition see-thru panties Food Battle figure I have here!!
O: H-huh?
O: Don't you like Food Battle?

C: I'll take the top spot.
N: And so, otaku all around Akihabara aiming for the top spot began to move...
N: An intellectual game developer, often called the "King of Combos"...
N: Mamiya Jr!
N: Those who have memorized every anime song, and rule over all games...the Anisong Bros.!
N: And so, as everyone's blood continued to seethe further along with their hardened wills...
N: The weekend finally came!

Box: T-1 Grand Prix in Shirius
Nishida's shirt: "ANCHI!" Cunni Songs
G: Hm?
G: You are prohibited from entering here.
O: Ehh?!

G: This man has spoken obscene things to one of our workers may times over and has caused her severe psychological damage.
L: Kyaa!
N: Your crotch is dribbling with juice...
N: I bet you can't wait for this weekend...
L: Kyaa!
N: It's tomorrow...make sure you shave it nice and clean...
G: If you do not cease from entering, I shall have to call the police.
O: B-but... (Why is he making such a big deal...?)
O: Hm?
O: Amazing...it's Mamiya Jr's 10-hit combo~!
F: Kuh! This guy's too strong!
Li: Do your best, Master!
O: This'll be his sixth victory!
L: Everyone seems so desperate...
L: I still haven't even used 1/6th of my power yet...
G: Hey, Lemon!
G: You're just all talk! Let's go one-on-one, you and me, you big-chin fucker!
L: You're pretty cheeky for a pig, Mamiya Jr!

S: Zaankooku na tenshi no you ni~
S: Watashi daake o tada mitsumetee hohoende~ru aanata~
S: unmei sae~ mada shiranai~ itaikena hitomiiii~
S: dakedo i~tsuka kizukudesho~ sono senaka ni wa~
O: What a battle...
O: If you can't enter, Nishida-san, then the slurpie-slurpie ticket will be...
G: Hm? Hey, you're that one guy...
O: Huh?
O: These black cotton pants...
O: These black windbreakers...
O: These Mutou Wireless bags...
O: These guys are...

O: Mutou Wireless!!
M: Is something wrong?
M: Is he some friend of yours, Torago?
T: A while back when I bought all those limited edition Eating Battle see-thru panties figured from Kobukiya, this guy had been lined up as well, and wasn't able to buy any...
M: Ah...you said you felt like you owed him something...
O: Amazing...you know these guys...?
O: Mutou Wireless were originally just some friends who gathered due to their love for wireless, but suddenly awakened to taiko and became an isolated team of elite players!
O: Just watching them play would make anyone draw up visions of a real taiko performance!
sfx: Hah!
O: They are well-known for their powerful strikes.
sfx: Yoh!
O: He was banned from the store so he wasn't able to enter the tournament...(the slurpie-slurpie ticket...)
T: Unfortunately, we have no interest in three-dimensional women.

T: But I owe something to that guy with the glasses.
sfx: nurin
T: We'll win that ticket and bring it back to you.
O: Oh my god...
O: This is the famous pose that the perverted teacher from Eating Battle always does to his female students who are late...
sfx: nurin
Camus' sfx: guni guni guni
C: Woahhh, it's the Mutou Wireless guys! I thought there'd be no way they'd come to this event!!
O: Hiiee!
C: It looks like the boss of Akiba's taiko really has drawn a lot of people together!
L: Heh!
L: Baros! (*2ch lingo)
O: I'm gonna go watch!

T: Goraaaahhh! I'm gonna kill all you bastarsd!
O: Hiiee!
T: Hah!
T: Yoh!
T: You too, Anisong Bros!
L: Those strikes aren't bad...
L: He really is less of a DQN than he looks... (*more 2ch lingo)
O: His switch-ups are getting more and more crazy...
O: At this rate it looks like it'll be a showdown between him and Lemon...
O: H-hey, look!
O: All of the contestants seem to be losing their excitement...
O: I guess otaku really do lack stamina after all...
M: Kuh! My arm won't go back up!!
O: He's reached his limit!
O: Even the Musen guy looks like he's had it...Nishida-san!
O: I guess coming here was too much for him after all...
L: Alright! Now time to beat all these losers and slurpie-slurp it up with you, Lime-tan!
L: Now then, I wonder who my opponent's going to be...
Li: Have fun!
O: H-hey, look!
O: Woahhhh, who the hell is that guy?!

Camus sfx: giiiii
O: Uuu...I'm feeling chilly...what's with this atmosphere?
O: Is he a taiko demon or something?!
L: Even a demon can be a baros!
L: The one who's gonna take the top spot is me!
S: Zaankooku no tenshi no you ni~
L: Hey-hey-heyheeeeey!
L: The one who wins this will take the top spot!
S: Shounen yo~
O: Hey, look, those are drumsticks!
O: Wait, is he gonna play the taiko with that...?!
O: Ehhhh?!

L: Uwahhhhhh!
S: Shinwa ni naaaare!
L: Otah!
C: He knocked off Lemon's top spot!
Li: Eh?
C: Ahhh!
C: He's grabbing Lime-tan's top spots!
Li: Aaaaannn!
C: He took the top spot of Akihabara in an instant!
C: Who is this guy?!
N: And so, Nishida, as Camus, took over Akihabara,
N: and made himself a legend.
Text: DMC's Camus invades a Taiko Master event!
He tore off an otaku's wig and fondled a maid's breasts!
P: Hyaaahahaha! Hell yeah, Nishida!! My crotch is like a sprinkler now!
N: That's horrible, Nishida-kun!
W: DMC really is better than Karis!
C: I want to eat curry.

[TRACK 60 - END]


[Taiko Master]

One of the many taiko games featured in arcades. For some reason people who are good at this game really get full of themselves. Eventually they start inventing original ways to hit the drums, and tend to try out really stupid-looking moves that they think are cool. If someone tries to approach them regarding this, they'll usually spit back "So what?!" and swallow in implicit understanding.

[Usage Example] "It's just a taiko game, you don't have to try that hard..."
"Don't fucking touch me, you hoebag! Peh!"

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