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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Detroit Metal City 61


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 61

N: One day in the city, Krauser II performed a guerilla concert in the middle of the street entitled "Archipelago of Evil Sounds"...
K: Slam it, slam it! In your ass, in your mouth!
C: Woahhh! This is the best!
K: Slam it, slam it! In your ass, in your mouth!
C: Slam me, slam me! Kill me!
P: Hey, you! What are you doing in a place like this?
C: It's the po-po!
C: Watch out!
C: Don't interrupt our concert!
P: H-hey, let me go!
C: Now!! Run for it, Krauser-san!
P: Waaaaait!
P: Dammit! Where did he go?
P: Get out here!!
P: He got away...
P: Son of a bitch!

P: Krauserrrrr! I swear to god, I'll arrest you, got it?!

N: The next day...
N: Uuu...
N: I can't find it anywhere..I know I must have dropped it during that concert on the street...my wallet...
N: Uuu...what'll I do if I can't find it...?
N: The police box is right over there, but I got chased by them yesterday...I can't bring myself to go inside...
N: But that wallet was a birthday present I got a long time ago from my sister...
P: Is something wrong?
N: Th-this guy is...yeah...the guy from yesterday!!
N: E-er, yesterday, I think I dropped my wallet around here...
P: Hm? Could it be this wallet?
N: Ah!
N: Yes! That's mine!

P: Oh, good...
P: We found it this morning, and your address was written inside, so I was just about to go mail it to you.
N: Ahh...what a good guy...
N: Thank you so much!
N: Phew.
N: There's just a little bit of paperwork. All you need to do is fill out your info. here.
N: OK.
P: Hello...WHAT?!
P: There were two heads of lettuce stolen from your store...?
N: Ahh, I really did something bad...
N: This policeman's doing his best to protect the small peace of a town like this...
N: Even though the President forced me to do it, there's no excuse for causing such a troublesome thing as a concert on the street like that...
P: I got it...two heads of lettuce...both sliced cleanly in two...
P: It's gotta be him!

P: Krauser has appeared!!
P: Send backup from the HQ to the vegetable store on the 2nd block this instant!!
P: I am heading to the scene of the crime this very moment!!
N: What's going on...
P: Please, I beg you, send backup!
N: M-mr. policeman!!
N: Who is this Krauser guy?!
P: Muh?!
P: That man...as a child, he threatened his parents and forced them to kill his grandfather. Then, as he watched that he got excited and killed and raped his parents right there and then. He's an ultra-violent serial killer madman!!
P: After that, he's repeatedly killed and raped numerous people...he's a sick psycho that must be arrested...
N: I haven't done any of that...for some reason it feels like thinks are being blown way out of proportion...
N: N-no way!
P: It's from the HQ!
P: What?! What do you mean backup was refused by the higher-ups...

P: This crime isn't happening in their offices!
P: It's at the vegetable store!!
P: I swear I'll arrest that Krauser!!
N: I-I'm right here...
P: Damn Krauser, hiding his true form from us...
P: One of these days I'm gonna catch him at the scene of the crime and rip that makeup off his face!
N: U-um...
N: I-is Krauser really that bad of a person?
P: Muh?!
P: He's a musician trying to brainwash the minds of children through evil music like this!
N: It's our album, Makai Yuugi!
P: He is also connected to the incident in which one of the higher-ups was assaulted by the "Heartless Guitar," one of the "48 Policeman Killers."
P: This song "SATSUGAI" is a is a symbol of his way of life, and an indispensable song to DMC!
P: In order to quicken the search for him, I waited in line to buy this album on the day it was released and even obtained a limited edition sticker!
P: It's only a matter of time before the HQ catches on to his evil deeds...
TV: Next up, we have some entertainment news.

TV: This morning, the Harrison sisters came to Japan.
P: Th...this is bad!
TV: Many fans flocked to meet them at Narita airport.
N: Eh?
TV: Tomorrow, they are scheduled to perform a live interview on DXTV.
P: His next target...
P: A live three-way rape with the Harrison sisters in Odaiba!!
P: HQ! Tomorrow Krauser is planning to assault the Harrison sisters in Odaiba!
N: Wait!
P: I am requesting assistance from the special forces in addition to authorization to deploy troops from the HQ itself!
P: This is not a misunderstanding! I will stake my career on this decision!!
P: My career!!
N: No way!
N: D-don't you think it's a bit weird? You might get fired over something you don't even know is going to happen or not...
N: I don't know anything...I have nothing to do with this!
P: Here is your wallet.

P: My orders are to protect the safety of the people.
P: If that means I am to be fired for it, then I have no greater wish.
N: Uu...that policeman, with his strong sense of justice, is going to be fired because of me...
N: But there's no way I'll be able to attack the Harrison sisters...
N: I absolutely refuse to appear as Krauser...
N: But...but...
F: Harrison, look over here!
F: Harrison!

P: The Harrison sisters have safely entered the TV station.
P: There have been absolutely no strange entrances to the station...
P: They didn't give me the special forces, but I'm sure this heavy addition of troops has helped.
P: Because of you, we had to come out to work on our day off! No one's even shown up yet!
P: You're definitely gonna be fired!
P: If things are settled without any disturbance, then I have no greater wish...
P: Hm?
TV: Here's today's guests, the Harrison sisters!
H: Nice to meet you!
TV: I hear you're bringing out a new brand soon.
H: Yes, we are!
TV: Today the clothes you're wearing are...
P: Th...that's!!

P: He came in through the back!
K: As long as I just sorta appear...
G: Hey, I'm on TV right now! Channel 8!
K: Then the policeman shouldn't be fired...
G: What's with this guy? Doesn't he know where he is?
P: Krauser has appeared!! He's trying to attack the Harrison sisters!!
P: He is approaching the scene from the back and trying to get close to them!!
P: Krauser has been spotted!!
P: Do not let him escape Odaiba!!

P: Seal off the Rainbow Bridge!!
K: Kuhhh...if I get arrested, it's all over!
P: Hey, wait!
K: Ahhh!
K: Shit, it's the beach!
K: Kuhh...
P: Stooop!
P: Krauser! I am arresting you for an obscene act of violence toward women!
K: Ehhh?!
K: Wait, I haven't done anything...
P: Muh! No way, could you possibly be...

P: He's planning to swim across the sea and escape to another country!!
K: Ehhh?!
P: I will stake this case on my career! Please send backup from the marine division!!
K: What the hell is he talking about? There's no way I could do something like that!
P: Please believe me!! I will stake my career on it!
K: Uuu...if I don't swim, he'll be fired...this stupid policeman and his sense of justice...
P: I won't let you get past me!
P: I shall protect the safety of the people...
F: Look, it's Krauser-san!
F: So the guy planning to assault the Harrison sisters on TV really was him...
F: He's being chased by the police!
F: He's trying to escape to another country...
P: I'll capture you right here and now...
K: I've got to try and swim, just a little bit!

K: Kuhhhhh!!
P: Hey, wait!
P: I know what you're trying to do!
P: I won't let you escape to another country!
P: No! If you get past that buoy, then it'll be out of the HQ's jurisdiction!
P: What?! He turned around!!
P: So he really is heading for land!
K: Auuuhhh...
K: There's too much water leaking into my bodysuit...it's getting too heavy...
F: Hey, Krauser-san's drowning!
F: No he isn't, you dumbass! Look closer!
P: Come here!
K: Appuh!
K: Appuh!
P: Wahh! Don't grab onto me!
K: Hiieee! I'm gonna die!
F: Here it comes!
P: Hey! Settle down!
K: Breathe...I can't breathe...

K: Bubaaaggghhhh!!
F: Look at that face, twisted in ecstasy!
F: There it is! One of the 48 Policeman Killers: "The Sinking of Government Authority!"
K: Hiiieeee! (Ahhh, my leg's cramping up!)
P: Buhah!
P: Hey, wait!
F: Krauser-san pretended like he was sinking and then dunked the policeman!
K: Uuuu...are you alright, Mr. Policeman?
P: Muhh!
F: Ahhhh! Krauser-san's glaring at the policeman!
F: Is he gonna finish that guy off before he goes wild on land?
P: Bastard...I won't go down so easily!
K: Hm?

P: Now that he's weakened me, he's planning on performing another one of the 48 Policeman Killers: "Right in Two!"
K: Ehh? What's that?
P: I will stake this on my career! Please prepare the SDF!!
F: "Right in Two," huh...
P: I will stake this on my career!!
P: Please believe me! I will stake this on my career!
F: Is he really gonna do it...?
F: Alright, dig a hole!
F: Hurry! Dig deeper!!
K: Ehhh?!
P: Yes..."Right in Two" starts with digging a hole...
P: Then, all the policeman's nightstick taken from him...
F: OK! Krauser-san!
P: He covers his eyes...
P: And enters into a stance with the nightstick...
P: And then, I am buried in sand...
P: Nuhh! You bastard!!

P: How dare you do this to me! Don't think you'll get away alive!!
F: Krauser-san, more to the right!! Right!!
F: 45 degrees diagonally!
P: You ultra-violent murderer!!
P: Hey!! What are you punks doing?!
F: Ahhh, a whole bunch of 'em are here! Shit!
F: Don't get in Krauser-san's way!
P: Hey, let us go!
F: You aren't worth his time!
F: Now, Krauser-san! Run for it!
K: Good...now he won't be fired...
K: Good...
P: Damn Krauser...
P: I swear I'll arrest him one of these days...

[TRACK 61 - END]


[Vegetable Shop]

A grocery store that mainly sells vegetables. Lately, they have been pushed down by supermarkets selling a wide array of fresh products and boasting large capital power such as Abeyoshi. Depending on whether or not famous buyers that once ruled during the ancient Vegetable Store Era, such as "Pig-Gorilla," the fate of vegetable stores hangs in the balance.

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