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Translations: Bleach 645 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 62


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 62

P: Hey, Negishi! Hurry up and write some lyrics, dammit!
P: Something about how you killed your parents or about all the girls you raped, just summon up your memories!
N: Uuu...can you be a little more quiet, President?
N: This is a family restaurant, after all...(You can't say stuff like that!)
P: Huhh?!
P: The only reason I dragged your ass out here is because you won't fucking write any songs, you little bitch!
N: Hiieee!
W: M-ma'am!
P: You know how long it's been since I've gotten wet?!
P: You remember the tear-splattered face of your mother crying out your father's name when you raped her, right? Just write about that despair!
W: Ehhhh?!
N: OK...
N: I-I did it...

HEAL by Krauser II
Just do it! I'm a bad guy
Just do it! No blood, no tears
Just do it! I've been alone ever since I was born

But everyone feels lifeless sometimes

* repeat x4

I just want you to understand

* repeat x8

P: bastard...
P: I'm taking this as your proclamation of war towards me...

N: What?! Wait, what don't you like about this?
N: Writing lyrics in front of you makes me nervous!
P: Just repeating weak lyrics over and over again to try and make up for the song's shortness...just like a man with a small penis...
P: You think this kinda shit's gonna make me wet, needle-dick?!
N: Hiiieeee! (I can never come to this place again!)
P: You'd better come up with something before the next concert!!
N: Uuu...
N: Even if I spend time writing long lyrics that I don't care about, that doesn't mean I can remember them!
A: Are you listening to me, Negishi-kun?
N: Eh? Y-yeah, I'm listening.
N: Aikawa-san...
A: What's wrong? Did something happen?
N: Nah...I've just been having writer's block lately...
N: Ahhh...I'm finally out to eat with Aikawa-san, and yet I can't stop thinking about DMC...

A: Writer's block, huh? Why don't you try writing what we came up with the time when we went to see the ocean during college?
A: Sorry, I want some sugar.
N: B-boobs!
N: Aikawa-san has a surprisingly big chest...
N: Huh? I can't remember...when did we ever go to the beach?
N: Besides, this is a DMC song...
A: Back then, when we were looking at the stars, we thought up some good lines, remember?
N: B-boobs!
N: Ahhh! How did they go again? I'll write them down right now!
N: Crap...I can't stop thinking about weird things...
A: Eh? don't you remember? It was during the summer when we were taking the same class...
N: I remember!
A: Look! Aren't the stars beautiful?
N: We were there alone at the beach, just the two of us...
N: That's right!!
N: At that moment...

N: What did I say...
N: We thought up A LOT of good lyrics...
A: Oh, come on, Negishi-kun! You have a really bad memory.
A: Here, I think it started from "What those two dreamed up that night," and then goes to "when they were searching for the meaning of love"...
N: Ehh?!
N: Ahh, that's right! "When they were searching for the meaning of love"...
N: Then what was it?
N: kinda feels like...
A: Ummm..."Shining in the stars of the night sky," or something. "The meaning" or something...ahh, I've got a call!
N: I'm collaborating with Aikawa-san...
A: Hello?
A: Ah, Eye-san, you remembered me?
N: eh?
A: I'm so glad!!

A: Negishi-kun! Kuze-san, the photographer, OKed the job request I sent him!
A: I'm going to accompany him to a photo shoot!!
N: Eh?!
A: I'll be back soon, OK?
N: A-at a time like this...
A: I'll give you a call.
A: Negishi-kun, boys need to take special care to remember what girls tell them!!
N: Job my ass...she's leaving me for another guy...
N: It's 12:00...I should probably head home.
N: I have to wake up early tomorrow anyway...
A: Unlike Negishi-san, Kuze-san remembers what I tell him! I love him!
W: We are now serving the morning menu.
A: Unlike Negishi-san, Kuze-san remembers which places on my body arouse me on the most, and turns me into an animal!

sfx: skritch skratch
A: Hoo...I'm tired.
A: I heard that Kuze-san's job was hard, but...
A: I never thought that one job would keep him from going home for two whole days...
A: There's the restaurant I went with Negishi-kun to 2 days ago...
A: I figured he'd be asleep, so I never called him back...
A: Maybe I should give him a call now...
A: Hm?

A: Negishi-ku...
A: No way!
A: He's been there for three whole days?!
A: It can't be!
A: I must have just mistook someone else for him... (I'm so tired!)
P: You bitches ready or what?!

P: Alright! Today is the first concert since Wada destroyed that visual kei band, Nishida went wild in Akihabara, and Negishi ran through the streets naked!
P: We gotta feed the crowd an impact so powerful it'll make them forget all about Krauser I!
W: Um...President...
W: Negishi still isn't here yet...
W: We're supposed to go on in 5 minutes...
P: Bastard...he better not be trying to escape my wrath because he couldn't come up with any new lyrics!
P: I'm gonna pummel him!
W: Ohhhh, Negishi!
P: You brought me some lyrics, right, bitch?!
P: Hm? Just one piece of paper again...and it's filled with a bunch of stupid lines...
W: Eh?
P: You son of a--

P: Hyaaahahahaha!! It all makes me feel so soaked! What's with this song, just how fucking long is it anyway?!
W: Wow! Can you really remember all those lyrics?
P: This is amazing!! This long, thick, black pulsating composition is going to make me drown in myself!
C: Woahhhh, Krauser-san!
C: Camus!
C: Krauser!
C: Woahhhh! This is the best!
K: Here's a new one for all you fuckers -- "Legend of the Nymphobeast!"

K: What those two dreamed up that night, searching for the meaning of love, with the stars shining in the sky...
K: They realized there was no meaning! It wasn't that they had forgot! It had disappeared...
K: The star they had seen disappeared...disappeared...
C: Ohhh...what's with this song?
C: This impure melody...
C: Uwahhhhhh!
K: Rip out your heart and mix it in with your brains! Feast on your bones! Shear off your skin with your eyeballs! Tear up your cheeks in a shower of blood!
K: You won't come back! Did I kill you?! All that remains are your breasts, covered in blood!
C: This song's insane!
C: Amazing!
K: I don't remember the future, because I decided to skewer the carved-up past!

K: All the children I killed in a mad rage have become demons! While searching for the desert of death, I have tasted my own grave! Hearing your scream, when all that remains of you is your breasts! A violent, evil wheezing that can be heard by no one but they who have already had their ears torn off!
C: Woahhh! It's the "Someone Else's Teeth Guitar!"
K: Sticking out of your back is a knife! The blood escaping your body speeds up and trickles down to the past! All dreams have become a reality in your spinal remains! Drenched in your viscera, all that remains is your breasts! You are speeding towards death!
P: Hah! Comparing what he's singing now to what he wrote, there isn't a single syllable of difference!
P: His memorization power is enough to open my floodgate! FUCK!!
K: Cry out for the year 794, you bitch pig! They gave great cunnilingus in the Heian Capital in the year of 1192, am I right, Kamakura government?!
K: The warped past dismembers the future! But where does it end?!
C: Wow! He hit all the prefectural capitals, right on!
A: Negishi-kun still hasn't returned my call...
A: I wonder if he went shopping or something...

A: I'm sure he thought up some really cute love song!
K: Breasts under attack, chaos breaks loose! While the earth quakes, sexual assault reigns! With no end in sight, all that remains, all that remains, all that remains...are breasts! Breasts!
K: Multicolored corpses reek of steel! Because the only reason I won't kill those who befriend me is because I've already killed them! And when I want to, I'm already killing them!
C: It's so long! How much longer can this song go for?
C: Krauser-san, what an amazing memory you have!
C: I can probably only remember 1/9th of what you can!
N: I cannot forget it!
K: Killing intent alone makes breasts smirk! With every violent quake, blood-splattered heads fly! Like an unwritten law, the severed veins entwine with one another!
K: The only thing that can be counted are the breasts! All I care about is the Nymphobeast percentage! Answer me, Nymphobeast percentage!
N: All of you...
N: I cannot forget!

K: PAI = (all the numbers) *"Pai" is a shortening of oppai, which is slang for breasts. The joke here of course is that it's also referring to the mathematical pi. But be careful because "Pai" can also be a shortening for pineapple in Japanese...

C: Woahhhhh! What an amazing memory?!
K: Why were we born, where do we go when we die?!
K: That bitch's breasts--

K: are an 86D cup!! (*In Japan cup sizes are measured in cm)
C: Seriously?!
C: 86D...what a nymphomaniacal size!
C: It's the size a super perverted girl would have!
C: This song is just too awesome!
K: Your crazed, maddening life splatters as it receives an explosive attack! Raise them up the heavens with the joy of dead spirits! To Heaven!!
C: Ehhhh?! The song's not over yet?!
C: Awesome!
C: How long's it gonna go for?
C: This is the best!
K: Raise up nothing but the breasts! All that's left is a sea of blood! The time for reincarnation has come!
G: After measuring your size, we've determined you to be an 86D. Is this alright?
A: Ah, yes. I'd like that size, please.

[TRACK 62 - END]

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