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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Detroit Metal City 63


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 63

G: My guitar has been my only friend.
G: I've been alone ever since I was born...and the only thing I've ever come to believe in is the music I myself can make.
G: My guitar was the only thing that could save me from such indescribable anger.
F: Hey, stop making such a scary face and listen to this CD. It's seriously kick-ass, dude!
G: One day, I was introduced to a band by a co-worker...
G: and I was overwhelmed!
G: The music that man made...
G: It sounded just like my own...

G: I want to become a member of DMC...

N: Huh?!
N: You to join DMC?!
F: Don't be stupid, bro! You need to know your place!
F: No, Nimura-san...I've tried to stop him time and time again, but he just won't listen.
N: Hahaha! Get a grip on reality! This guy can't even be called a real DMC fan, he's still just a newbie!
N: Remember, all I was able to do was pour some sauce on him, and then I had reached my limit!!
F: Listen...you're trying to step over one line that just isn't meant to be stepped over. You'll regret it later.
F: Hah! He's always like that...
N: Is he really that good at guitar?
F: ...yeah.
F: His guitar is nothing to be scoffed at, that's for sure.
N: A few days later...
N: Haa...finally, the concert's over.
N: I can't wait to get home and take a shower.

B: Krauser-san, you were amazing!
B: Your body tonight was...
B: Move it, gobou!
N: Ehin!
B: Tonight he's going to take me home and rape me!
B: He's gotta come out of here sooner or later!
S: You people aren't allowed to go in there!
N: Uuu...I'm already out here...
G: Are you a staff member?
G: Please let me join DMC.
N: Eh?
N: Er, no...I'm not a member of the staff, I'm...uh...
N: DMC isn't really looking for new members, anyway.
G: Please, listen to my guitar, Mr. Gobou.
G: I beg you, please listen.
N: What is this, all of a sudden...?
N: ...........wait?!

N: If this guy really is good at guitar, then I could have him join DMC in my place!
N: This is my house.
N: Alright then, how about we do a session together...
N: It's pretty late, so we'll just do a light one...
G: M-Mr. Gobou! Isn't that Krauser-san's legendary guitar?
N: Ahhhhhhh!
N: W-well, I'm a staff member, so I'm always put in charge of it...
N: I take good care of it, so please don't worry.
G: I understand. Okay then...
N: A-amazing...
N: Hey, not bad.
N: He's better than I expected!

N: It isn't just technique...
N: He's overflowing with an intense madness!
N: Good...keep it up!
N: More...
N: You can't become a member with just that!
N: Wha?!
N: B-bastard...
N: Just who do you think I am!?
N: Some punk like you...

N: will never take the seat of the Emperor!!
G: Wow...to think a staff member would be this good at guitar...
G: Treating someone else's guitar like that...
N: Ahh!
N: Crap...I got serious all of a sudden and went overboard!
N: I'm really sorry. Please don't tell any TV stations about this...
G: No...I was wrong, I had too much confidence in myself...

N: No...your guitar is more than enough for DMC!
N: I'll talk to Krauser for you!!
G: R-really...?
N: Yeah! He was looking for a guy like you anyway.
N: I did it...
G: See ya!!
N: He has amazing skill...he can definitely pull it off!
N: If I can teach him everything about Krauser,
N: As long as the President agrees, then I can quit DMC!!
G: It seems like I was acknowledged...I'm so glad.
G: I wonder when I'll be able to meet Krauser-san...
G: Hm? Did I forget something?

K: So you're the little guy that wants to join DMC?
G: He's here already?!
G: Krauser-san...DMC is the only thing I believe in...
G: After I was born...I was abandoned by my parents, and have always been alone...
K: Calm down, and listen to what I have to say.
G: That hatred toward my parents alone drove me to start playing guitar.
G: I can't believe it...
G: I'm talking with Krauser-san...
K: I killed my parents when I was young...
K: It's kind of like being abandoned.
G: Oh, really?
G: So I'm the same as you...
G: Everyone just says lies one after another...
G: I often think it'd be good if everyone was just killed off...
K: If you feel like killing, then kill!
K: Hm?
P: Yeah, I'm going home now.

K: I wonder what that guy's got on him...I feel like killing him!
G: Ehh?
P: Yeah, OK.
G: Y...you can kill people that easily?!
K: Oh! That's right, I was in the middle of talking to you.
G: I...incredible!
G: Would you like me to buy you some coffee?
G: This is what it means to be a demon!
G: Being with Krauser-san everyday will certainly be full of excitement...
K: Look over there, that girl's a total masochist.
G: Really...?
K: Pretty much all girls with long hair are masochists.
G: I can learn so much!
G: He's the first person I've ever met that I can really trust...
G: This tower in Roppongi Hills really does have a nice view...
K: I've raised this little bastard since he was young.
K: Seems like 10 times in 1 second is still too much for you.
K: When you say the "pe" in rape, you should already be starting the next "ra."
G: He will become my master, and teach me all sorts of different things!
K: I want you to take this.

K: This is the guitar and pick that I've always used.
G: He's acknowledged the whole of me!!
G: This is the legendary...
K: I have already realized that you are the chosen one to receive this guitar...
G: This is the family I've never known...
K: Carry on the legacy of DMC in my place.
G: Krauser-san...
G: I wonder if it'd be OK if I called him big bro?
K: There is business awaiting me in the demon world!
K: Let's meet here again tomorrow.
P: Huh? What is it, Negishi?!
N: I've found an amazing person!
N: He has a demonic guitar technique, I can't even compare to him!!
N: On top of that, his lifestyle is absolutely disgusting and horrid, he is truly meant for death metal!
P: Hoo...sounds crazy.

N: So, I was thinking he could--
N: Gehoh!
N: Obuhh!
G: Fuu...the time has finally come.
G: To think I'd be allowed to join this quickly...
K: Sorry to keep you waiting...
G: Ehh?!

G: K-Krauser-san, those wounds...
K: Hmph! Nothing for you to worry about...
G: Ah...um...am I allowed to join DMC?
K: Eh?
K: Uh...
K: Yeah...
K: Your guitar technique is still too unpolished...it's too early for you.
G: Ehh?!
G: But you said I had what it takes before?! I'm practicing hard every day!!
K: Your singing isn't up to snuff.
G: But I was able to sing every DMC song!!
K: You'll get too nervous during the real thing.
G: I've already raped someone!
K: But what about Tokyo Tower...
G: I've worked hard to prepare myself on the streets!!
K: ...you've never killed anyone, have you?
G: Fine, I'll go murder someone right now!!
K: Eh? No, that isn't one of the reasons why...
K: It's...um, er...
G: Then what is it?! I'll do anything!!

K: We work on a time-based promotion system...
K: here at DMC... (*I know the bubble just says DMC, but you'll have to change it, sorry...)
K: Sorry...
K: But I'm going to have to take that guitar back...OK?
K: Sorry...
K: Alright then! Make sure to come to another concert or two.
G: An experience-based promotion system...!?

G: I thought you were a demon...
G: What about all that stuff you said...
G: You were just lying from the very beginning!
G: I believed you...
G: For the first time in my life, I believed someone...
G: I won't forgive you...
G: I will never forgive you!

?: Welcome...to Black and Death Records!
N: Uuu...I really did something wrong to that guy...
N: I'm sorry...it wasn't supposed to happen this way...

[TRACK 63 - END]


[Time-Based Promotion System]

A system followed by all salarymen in Japan, where people are promoted based on the the time they put into the job rather than their true ability. However, with Japan's business reaching an impasse due to the after-effects of the end of the bubble period, this system has started to collapse, through DMC. Since jobs aren't open, it gives rise to very long lines of people waiting to be employed. DMC has proposed two ways to solve this problem: 1) Krauser-san is forced into early retirement, and 2) the band becomes mainstream and increases the amount of members. This is the only way.

[Usage Example] These days, it isn't the time-based promotion system of DMC that's popular, but the achievement-based promotion system of Helvete.

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