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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Detroit Metal City 64


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 64

N: The time has finally come...
P: "I have decided to invite you bastards to tomorrow's concert..."
P: "I will show you the difference between...pigs and demons...Krauser I."
W: He's making fun of us.
W: We can't forgive him, Negishi!
C: Cutlet Curry!
N: An invitation letter from Krauser I arrived at Death Records...
N: I'm...scared.
N: Krauser I said he was after me, Krauser II...
N: I don't remember someone hating me that much...just who could that guy be...
N: B-but then again, I have caused a lot of trouble for many people as Krauser...
Titles: Family, Aikawa-san, Kintama Girls, Grampa Shige, Hokazono-kun, Asato-san
N: Who could he be...
N: Just who could he be?!
?: Huh?

S: Negishi-senpai!
N: Saji-kun...

S: What are you doing in Shimokita? You should have called me or something!
S: Mind if I sit down?
N: S-sure...I just came on a whim, so...
N: Now that I think of it, I've done some bad things to Saji-kun too...
S: Excuse me! One cappuccino, please!
N: But...no.
S: I always come here and drink a cappuccino while I look at photo albums!
N: Oh, really?
N: There's no way such a naturally fashionable person like Saji-kun could do metal.
N: I should stop thinking about dumb guesses like that and just focus on enjoying our fashionable time together.
N: Shimokita is great, isn't it? I want to move here.
S: Ehh? Please do!!
S: If our houses are close together, we could go to the studio anytime, and shop together, and stuff!
N: Ahh...talking with Saji-kun...
N: Yeah!
N: We really have fashionable chemistry...
N: Have you gone into the studio recently, Saji-kun?

S: Yeah, I have a concert soon.
N: A d...death voice!!
S: It's tomorrow.
N: That was without a doubt the voice of someone who sings death metal...and he said he had a concert soon...
N: No, Saji-kun probably just has a cold or something...
N: It's Sid!
N: When I had a cold people told me I sounded punk...it can't be that weird if Saji-kun sounds metal.
S: Oh, sorry! I'm getting a call!
N: It's fine.
N: Anyone who plays live often must have these kind of days sooner or later...
N: Whew...
N: Guess I'll go use the bathroom.
N: I think I'll stop by a used clothes shop on the way home...
N: I'll have Saji-kun show me a good place.

S: I'll do it there dressed in the 1st's clothes.
S: Leave it to me...
N: T-the 1st?!
N: Ah...ahhh!! He must be talking about 1st Brand clothing!!
N: Saji-kun, you're so fashionable...!!
N: He must be focusing on every little detail down to what clothes he wears to his concert...
N: He's fashionable right down to the bone...far, far, removed from the world of death metal! (Completely!)
N: That reminds me...a while back, Saji-kun and I as Krauser-san danced in the toilet together...
K: Sally!
N: I got a little excited back there...
N: Ahh!

S: A lot happened back then in the toilet, huh...
N: Ah...ahahaha, yeah...
N: Does Saji-kun know that I'm Krauser...?
S: Hehehe!
N: No, it can't be...
N: One's voice reverberates so well in the toilet!
sfx: Baking cheese tarts~
S: You're right! This is great practice!
N: He was talking about our college days...
N: Amazing...Saji-kun really has a fashionable memory!
N: All the photos in this album are of French scenery...
N: Hm?
N: Th...this is!!

Picture title: Lake Cunte
S: How has your music career been lately, Negishi-senpai?
N: Wh...what does he mean?
N: Well, people watching me on the street have increased a bit lately, and I've thought about heading over to Daikanyama.
N: I've been trying to incorporate some bossa nova into my songs, too.
N: I wasn't talking about that.
N: D...does he know I'm part of DMC?
N: Eh?
N: What do you mean, not that...?
N: Is he trying to make me confess...?
N: I'll test him!
N: Lake...
N: Cunte!
N: Still...
N: Cunte!
N: Still?

S: Ne-Negishi-senpai, what are you saying all of a sudden?!
sfx: awawawa
S: Is something wrong?!
N: Eh?
S: I've been feeling like listening to the Whip Love Creams recently...
S: So I was wondering if you had written any songs lately or something...
N: I was wrong...
N: Ohh.
S: I haven't been able to come up with anything...
S: Well then, see you later!
S: Let's team up as the Whips again soon, OK? Promise?!
N: Yeah, I'll call you!
N: I guess I was just overthinking things.
N: Even though I came all the way out here to Shimokita, for some reason I feel really tired...

N: But...now...
N: I wonder just who Krauser I could be...
N: Someone I don't know...?
N: Oh well, I don't care anymore!
N: Now that he's started playing a band, I'll just have to take him on and finish things.
N: Hm?
N: Ah, it's Saji-kun.
N: Hello?
N: Wonder what it is...

S: You got the letter of invitation, right?
S: It's tomorrow at Kurotoa in Shibuya.
N: Saji-kun, who respected me so much during our college days...
S: Negishi-senpaaai!
N: Ah, Saji-kun!
N: Let's walk together!
N: And one day started walking the same musical path as I...
N: Could it be that it was never to be pop, but...
N: death metal through which we would come to confront one another?!
G: Wah! What's with this guy?!
G: He has no ticket!

K: I'll kill you before you can kill me!!
K: Don't make me laugh!
K: You will be my servant for the rest of your life!
K: Bastard!
K: There is no way you can surpass me!
K: I'll make it so that you can never sing another song again!
C: Ahhhh!
S: One, two, threeeeeee!

S: Hello, everyone! We're Tetrapot Melon Tea!
S: This is our first concert since we got back together!
C: Kyaa! What's with this guy?
K: N-no!
K: You can't trick me this time!
S: Ehh?!

S: Why did this guy show up again...?
K: I'll tear that mask off your face!
C: Kyaa! What's going on?!
K: Show me your true form!
S: Hiieee!
S: Uhiiieee! Please stop it!
T: Ahhh! Don't play it with your teeth!
K: Huh?!
T: Ahhhh! I bought that with the money I saved up from my part-time job!
K: Was I wrong?!
S: Wahh!
S: Higuhhh!

K: I am a terrorist from Hell! Yesterday I raped Saji-san, tomorrow I'll carve up Saji-san!
K: S-sorry, Saji-kun!!
C: Kyaaa! Gross, what is this?!
K: Sorry...
C: I demand a refund!
C: I'll never come and see you guys again!
Box tag: NEGISHI
Letter text: Saji Tetrapot is back together!
C: Woahhhh!

C: Woahhhhhh! Krauser!
C: We've been waiting!!
C: Woahhhhhhhh!
C: DMC's on fire!!
C: The curtain's burning up!!

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