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Detroit Metal City 65


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 65

K: Chant the countdown of death!
W: The P-Prez said it, didn't she...?
W: That Krauser I...
W: doesn't exist!
(The little text in the number bubbles is counting down in German)
W: Then, what am I seeing now...
W: in front of my very eyes...

K: Goagaaahhh!
K: Gogoagoghhhhh!
K: I am the blade that pierces all of mankind!!
K: Death is the fate of every human!
W: I c-can't believe it...
K: Goaaaghgoaaghhhh!

W: How can there be a band this great that's never been on M Stage?!
W: I can't even imagine what kind of stuff he'd talk about with Tamori-san...
T: You've lost weight, haven't you?
P: Wada, shall I fix that problem your mouth has about not being able to shut up?
W: Ahh!
C: Woahhh, Krauser dove into the crowd!
W: I-I apologize! I am totally ready to crush these guys!!
W: It's not that I think we can't beat them!!
W: I just...feel some kind of incredible power coming from them.
W: This must all be from his the Death Records...
C: Woahhh! He's heading toward the back!
C: Come over here!
W: Ehh?! Woahh!

W: This incredible grudge energy...
K: Goaagghhgoaaagggggh!
P: This guy definitely has something against me.
C: Woahhhhh! Krauser!
C: The 1st is definitely the worst!
W: Kuh! I let him get away...
P: Those who go crazy against the ones they resent are dangerous.
P: But the ones who are truly dangerous are...
C: Kyaaa!
C: No more!!

P: Those who go crazy against people they don't resent at all!!
S: No more, please! I'm sorry!
K: I'm sorry, Saji-kun! I'm really sorry!
K: It's not like I want to keep doing this! I just can't find the right timing to stop...
T: Hey, stop it!
K: Now's my chance!
K: Alright, that's enough for today!
T: Wah!
T: Guh! Owww...

K: Aw, man!!
T: Ahih!
T: Kuoh!
S: Hiieeee! Please stop it!
K: Alright, that should do it!
K: That's enough for
S: Are you alright?
C: Awwww! I was so shocked that I lost my contacts!
C: Are you alright?
C: Stay still!
K: Aw, come on!!
C: Kyaaa! You're horrible!
C: Terrible!
K: That's got to be the end of it!
K: That's enough for
K: today (*cut off partially)
C: Hurry up and go home!
C: Don't ever come here again!
C: Go away! Go away!

K: Goddammit!!
K: Horrible!
C: Kyaa! Don't come any closer!
C: Stop it!
K: I'm horrible!
W: P-President...this is in front of their dressing room?
W: Now that the concert's over, they should be coming out pretty soon...
W: Not that it matters if they do come out! (Now that I have my cards with me!)

P: You're the guy that couldn't become Krauser.
P: If it's some kind of joke or parody that you're trying to do, you'd better stop it before you end up getting killed.

W: Pick a card, any card!!
K: You said parody, didn't you...?
W: Alright!
W: Make sure you take a good look and then place it back in here without showing me! Don't forget what number it is, bastard!
K: Did you not see the concert tonight?
W: I'll make sure to cut it nice and deep!
W: I'm not using any tricks here!
K: Did you not hear the voices revering me as Krauser?
C: Krauser!
C: the 1st!
C: Black Death DMC!!
C: Black Death DMC!!
C: Krauser!
K: Those zealots fully acknowledged me!
K: And so...
W: The card you picked was--

W: The three of hearts!!
K: I truly am Krauser of Detroit Metal City!
W: didn't work!!
P: That little parody of yours didn't make me laugh at all.
W: Impossible! That was my best trick...did he not see it or something?
K: In that dark, iron cell, I did nothing but hate you...
K: Waiting for the day when I would reunite with the person that stole everything from me...
K: So much hatred overflowed from my heart that it completely enshrouded me...
K: That's when I decided...
P: I didn't come here to listen to your bullshit, fuckface!

K: to crush you and take back Detroit Metal City!
P: Sounds fun...why don't you give it a try?
P: The 2nd's so excited to kill you, he can barely contain himself!
K: Kuh kuh kuh...I'm sick of hearing about impostors.
K: Only a true criminal is meant to be Krauser.
K: Tell him this...
K: This world doesn't need two of the same bands...the one left standing is the real one!

W: Uh, umm...President, that guy was really arrested and put in jail, wasn't he?
W: Just what was his crime?
W: That posture of his, wanting to take everything by force...
W: Was it robbery?
P: No.
W: Then, that cold-blooded demeanor, and beastly smirk...gang rape?
P: No.
W: Those insane statements and mad performance...drugs?
P: Nope.
W: C...could it be?
W: Murder...
W: Hm?
P: No. That man's crime was...

P: Molestation!!

W: Ehhh?! This fat old guy...
W: And wait, did she say molestation?!
W: Hm?
W: Hah! He's just a staff member...
W: That makes sense...

K: I swear, I'm gonna crush your ass, got it?!
P: Bring it on, anytime!
K: Whoopsie! Forgot my costume bag. (Darn...)
P: Tch!
W: Th-this guy...
W: is Krauser I?!
N: Yeah, I went to go see you today, but part of the way through, some weird guy burst in, so I ran away...
N: I'm sorry...Saji-kun...
N: Yeah, I think it's better if you just keep working hard. Breaking up is no good...

[TRACK 65 - END]


[Lake Cunte]

A lake in the land of amore, France, positioned in the rear, or rather the crotch of the country, near Swiss. It is a proud lake overflowing with liquid. For metallers, it's a very popular sightseeing spot. It's also well-known as a spot that Penessie often frequents.

[Usage Example] Nao-chan, what did you say? That's between France and Swiss. on, say it again.

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