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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Detroit Metal City 66


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 66

G: Yesterday, during the concert, I really thought you were the real Krauser...
G: The deepness of your resentment...just what happened between you and Death Records?
K: Hoh...you mean you want to know why I bear my grudge?
G: I also bear a grudge...but I don't think it even compares to yours...
K: Fine.
K: Before I was in jail...
K: Thanks to the influence of Jack Il Dark, death metal had started to grow in popularity around Japan...
K: I was also in a band.
C: Awesome!
C: Woahh, Shinigami G! (*Death Angel/God of Death/Grim Reaper)
K: We were legendary...

S: Black Chaos!
C: Shinigami G!
C: G is a true demon!

S: Bastard! What the hell was that back there?!
Sign: Black Chaos Dressing Room
S: You call yourself a demon?!
S: If you have enough spare time to toss a pick, then rip off your ear and toss that instead!!
G: Buhuh!
G: Kuoh!
G: Hey, stop!
S: Stop doing half-assed stunts!
G: All four of us are doing the best we can!
S: And you! Why the hell did you take your makeup off?!
S: Makeup is a demon's soul!!
S: Show me that trashy face of yours again, and I'll kill you on the spot!
S: I went to my parents' funeral and my friends' weddings all in this!
S: My elementary school reunion too!
G: H-hey, Genki, I have something to talk to you about.

Text: Real Name - Kitahara Genki (*Genki can mean healthy or in good spirits)
S: Bastard...
S: My name is Shinigami G! I told you not to ever call me by my real name, bitch!!
S: There's no way a Shinigami would ever be in good spirits!!
G: W-wait!
G: It'd be bad if we have a crack in our unity right now...
G: You heard about those guys, right?
S: What guys?!
G: Lately, there have been these guys busting into metal concerts and causing problems...
S: Hmph! There are jackasses like that everywhere!
G: No, these guys are different...they're bad news.
S: Bad news?
S: What the hell are you afraid of, chickenshit? (I'm gonna kill you!)
S: What do they call themselves? (I'll kill 'em!)
G: Their name is...

Text: Group Name - DEATH
C: Woahhh, it's DEATH!
C: They appeared!
C: They dress in all black and invade concert halls...
C: and attack fans in the pit with weapons!
C: Uwahhh!
C: They have no mercy...
C: If they were just acting rowdy, it would be a different story...
C: But what their main goal is is to make a straight line to the stage,
C: then attack the members of the band head-on!
C: And their leader, if you can believe it...

sfx: bupusuuuuuuhh
S: Oh!
S: I'm outta beer.
G: Hey...just when it was starting to get good...
G: Here's another...
S: Ohhh! Thank you very much!
S: Hm...so where was I again?
G: The leader!! Of DEATH!!
S: Ahh, that's right, DEATH...
S: Here, have some squid legs.
G: ...OK.
S: The leader of DEATH was...

S: a woman!
P: You maggots don't make met wet at all!
P: You don't deserve to play metal...
G: At that moment, she runs to the stage,
G: cuts the strings,
B: Wahhh!
G: and tortures the members so bad that they will never again feel like playing metal.
B: Uuuu...this woman's a demon!
G: Up till now, she's taken out the Gore Boys, Kramer, Explosive Attack Irons, Bomvotos, and TWINSEX.

S: Gore, Kramer, Explosive, Bomvotos, TWIN...
S: ...wow.
G: There's a rumor that DEATH will come attack us during our concert next week.
G: Tons of people call them demons...we should be careful!
S: I've been looking for something fun like this lately! I'll beat 'em all to a pulp and make 'em squeal like pigs!
S: Soon, next week came...
sfx: zzzz
G: Umm, hey, what happened next?!
G: Are you tired?!
S: O-ohh...
S: That's right...next,

S: The leader of DEATH was...
G: You already told me that part!
S: After that, during the concert.
S: Oh, really?
S: Alright then, during the next week's concert...
S: Just as we expected, DEATH appeared.
S: They attacked the fans,
S: and went wild on the floor.
S: Finally, they made a road toward the stage.
S: Then a woman holding a weapon came walking forward...
S: But!

?: You really are just like me.
?: I've been searching for this. Ha....hahahaha!

G: Ehh?! What?!
S: Dammit! Err...
G: Do you want a tissue? (You should put on some clothes...)
P: I've been searching...
P: For music that would become a better weapon than a knife...
S: And then, after the concert...

G: Come out already!!
G: What happened when that woman was waiting for you outside?!
S: Good thing I took off my shirt...I got a stomachache.
S: Sorry, sorry.
G: Alright, so what happened next?
S: Today you finally found the metal you were searching for...
S: in mine, right?
P: I couldn't stand all those shitheads acting like they knew what true metal was.
P: Through all my rioting people just happened to gather around me.
S: Heh! I know how you feel.

S: Ah!
P: Tch!
S: She's cute...

G: Ehhh?
G: What do you mean "cute?"
S: She was sooooo cuuuute... (Hyo!)
S: When the wind blew, I saw her whole face, and was surprised! (Hyo!)
G: Maybe you've been drinking a little too much, Genki-san!
S: (Hyo!) Nope! Not a biiiit! (Hyo!)
sfx: Hyo!
S: Here! Squid, eat some squid legs!
S: At the time, I had two tickets
S: to Jack Il Dark's next concert in Japan,
S: I'll give one of my band member's tickets to you.
S: Let's go together.
S: and gave one to her.
S: Then, on the day of the concert...

S: Yo!
S: Long time no see!!
P: Wh...who the hell are you?!
S: It's me!
S: Genki, Genki!!
S: I'm a Shinigami, but my real name's Genki! Dahaha~!
P: Tch! Shut up and let's go.
S: It was from that day on, that the cogwheels of my life began to go out of order... (Hyo!)



A God that rules over death, wields a scythe, and is said to carry the souls of living people over to the world of the dead. It is also said that anyone with that kind of job must absolutely not be in good spirits. If one swings around a scythe in good spirits, they aren't a Shinigami, but just a farmer who loves agriculture.

[Usage Example] So does that mean a Shinigami uses his own crap to fertilize his field?

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