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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Detroit Metal City 67


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 67

J: FUCK (etc)
S: In his heyday,
J: FUCK (etc)
S: The monstrous, fattened-up Jack's concert was truly a sight to see.
J: FUCK (etc)
S: Blood, flesh, bone, brain, and soul!
S: All of it boiling and dancing!
S: All the fans in the crowd were transformed into demons!
J: FUCK (etc)
S: The music we had always wanted to make

S: right in front of us!

C: Woahhh! We're fucking the queen right now!
C: Screaming fuck over and over again without taking a breath, how is he still alive?!
C: He truly is the Emperor!
S: That concert was incredible.
P: That is the kind of music that can really get me dripping!
P: There is no band that exists in Japan capable of equaling Jack!
S: Yeah...so I've decided!
S: The guitar that was handed down to Jack from Karlz...
S: The next one to inherit it shall be me!
P: Hyaaahahaha! Now that sounds interesting!!
P: You taking Jack's guitar!! I would have never even dreamed of that!
S: I'm serious.

P: T-there's something I want to talk to you about.
S: It was a few weeks since we met...
S: Me too.
S: She had always been there, unable to contain her overflowing emotions just like me.
S: After the concert, I made a reservation at a restaurant...
P: A restaurant, are you serious?
S: This is the restaurant my only true friend opened. Don't tell me you don't wanna go there.
S: In order to convey my feelings to her...
S: A place like this makes my blood want to ooze right out...nice job!
F: Thanks for coming, Kitahara. (Especially without the makeup you always have on!)
S: You're the only friend that's stood by me after I became a demon.
P: I'm counting on you, Fujiwara.
F: Just give me the signal when the time is right.

S: I've been waiting for a perfect night like this to happen since we first met.
S: We really are so much alike.
P: Ahh...yeah, I guess.
P: Uh...
P: Ummm!
P: Wh-what...
P: Just say it...
S: Y-you say it...
P: Why me...
P: You...
S: The two of us, who had been called demons...
S: Fine, let's count to three...and say it at the same time.
S: But when I was together with her,
P: O-OK.
S: Here we go...
S: I felt like my heart had been turned back into that of a human's.
S: One, two, three...

S: I like you (*cut off)
P: Let's make music together.
P: I'll make a label, and I want you to start a band on it.
P: With these, we'll totally be able to crush Japan's metal scene!!
S: Ahh...
S: Ah, ahhh...
P: Hm? What did you say? (I've never asked anyone to do something like this before, so I'm a little embarrassed)
S: Eh, no...
S: I said the same thing you did, the same thing!
S: Ah!

sfx: clap clap clap
P: Hm?
F: Guohhh!
F: H-hey, what's wrong, Kitahara?!
F: I brought the ring and the bouquet just as you said...
G: Kyaa! It's a fight!
G: Oh no! How scary!
S: To think this store would be so good after just being opened!
P: Hah!
P: What are you doing, man?
S: At that moment, I...

P: This is a cheers to our future...with blood!!
F: Kitahara...
S: completely threw away my human heart!
P: Hell yeah! FUCKIN' CRAZY G!
P: Doing something like this to your only friend! I've never met anyone as crazy as you!!
P: Here's the name of my label!
P: Black & Death Records!
S: From that day on, I thought of nothing but music.
S: I did an upheaval of the band's members...

S: And a completely new Black Chaos was born!
S: Gogogoaaghgoaghgh!
S: Agoaghgghaaaaaghgh!
P: Hyaaaahahaha! I'm wet, so wet!
P: Ever since we teamed up at the restaurant, I've constantly been running out of clean panties!
S: GAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAHA! These bastards you brought along really have what it takes!!
S: I feel like this place is ready to explode!
G: I'm so glad to hear that.
P: Heh! I didn't go around crushing bands for nothing.
S: Well, have you decided it yet? Our debut concert...
P: Yeah, of course...
P: Here!

Right side: A new star for Japan's metal scene.... Enma Katou's major debut!
Middle: His rival is America's Jack Il Dark?!
Left side: Enma's band debuts in Tokyo ZIPP! (*A parody of ZEPP, a popular venue for rock)
Left small text: A new star in Japan's metal scene, Enma Katou is ready for his debut with a new hit single Heaven Or Die (*rest is cut off)
F: This guy's some metal singer that some label ripped off Jack to produce...
F: What the fuck...
S: Fuh! What an idiot...
S: Are you saying this is gonna be our stage?!
S: Not only will it be free, but we'll spread our name?! This is perfect!!
C: Enma!
C: Enma!
C: Rip out my tongue!
E: We are the demons that deal out judgement! Heaven or Die!
E: We'll rip out your tongue! Heaven or Die!
E: The gatekeepers of hell! You want a map to Heaven?!
E: Hm?

C: Hey, get down!
S: Behind ya, motherfucker! ORAAAAH!
B: Eh?
B: Ahhhh!
B: Uwahhhhh!
C: Uwahhh! Who are these guys?!
C: Who?!
C: They attacked Enma's band!
C: Did they come to rip out their tongues?!
P: Kaaaaahhh!
P: I'm soaked!
S: You're a million years too early to imitate Jack!!
S: Try the buffalo instead!!

S: Listen up! We'll show you true metal!
C: He made Enma into his buffalo!
S: Bagogogogogoghhhh!
C: He's ripping out his tongue! Is he gonna make it into a steak?!
C: Who are these guys? Who are Black Chaos?!
C: Zugohhhh! Zugohhhh!
C: Zugohhhhh!

sfx: zugohhhh zugohhhhh
G: H-hey! Don't fall asleep again!!
G: Hey! Tell me the rest of the story!!
G: What happened to Black & Death Records and Black Chaos after that?!
S: Ahhh...Black, huh...well, it was black, for one thing.
S: They were trying to make me laugh.
S: They were all 6th graders, so they were still kids.
K: Let's play cards today!
K: Go get the cup-and-ball!
S: It was a time when pubic hair was still a rarity...
S: During our field trip...
C: Genki, show us your wiener!
C: Why are you hiding it?
G: Shut up! I'll punch you!
C: So what if it's feeling good?
S: I had a complex about mine, which was already sprouting with a thick blackness...
S: At that moment, one of those dummies pulled the towel down from around my crotch....
K: Eyaaah!
S: The hair down there was full and thick, and I was also circumcised...
S: On top of that...

S: Sssh...
G: H-hey!!
G: What do you mean "sssh!?" Stop falling asleep while you're talking!!
G: I want to hear more about Black Chaos...and surprisingly, what you were just talking about too!!
G: Kuh! He's seriously out cold...
G: I wonder what happened afterwards between Genki-san and Black & Death Records...
G: No matter what, I'm following this guy...
G: Together, we'll get revenge on DMC!

S: Seems like I got a little too drunk yesterday and talked about some things I shouldn't've...
G: No...
S: I might have told you this yesterday, but there's something I've always wanted.
S: If I had things my way, then I'd already have it now.
S: It's something that we, the real Detroit Metal City, must possess.
S: Is this the place...?
G: Yes. If I'm right, then he is the one who was given authority over the legendary guitar...the man himself can really shred, too.
G: After I met him, I saw him playing solo around here once.
G: There, that's him.
G: That's...

G: Mr. Gobou!
N: With my heart all burnt like this~ I'm nothing but a clumsy cook~
S: Now THAT is some bizarre shit!

[TRACK 67 - END]

[School Field Trip]

Before the school year ends, a great event is held in which all students can travel to a far away place and widen their horizons. Encounters with culture, group activities with friends, and comparisons of lower halves during bathing, and many more experiences that are necessary before heading out into society happen during these trips. At night there are talks of crushes and pillow fights, and the next morning, the boys get into fights with punks from some other school, and once the girls attack a teacher they all have a crush on, the trip is complete.

[Usage Example] I wish to complain to the Ministry of Education about forcing boys from all-boys-school to go on field trips in which there are only boys present!

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