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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Detroit Metal City 68


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Detroit Metal City

-> RTS Page for Detroit Metal City 68

N: A strong feeling of love~ Dashing once I feel it~
N: The rhythm in your chest shakes with my~ Heaaaart~
S: So that guy's the staff member of DMC who has the legendary guitar...
G: Yes. I lost the guitar to him.
N: Now play it, DJ~
S: Hmph! Sounds interesting!!
N: Ring!
N: Ring-dong, ring-dong, the sound love~
N: Ring-dong, ring-dong, echoing out~
G: He's not listening.
S: This is gonna be fun!
G: Eh?!

N: Everyone, everyone, all together~ Ring-dong, ring-dong, chuchuchu WACCHA~
N: Ring-dong, ring-dong, chuchuchu WACCHA~
G: He isn't moving at all!!

S: Heh! He's got some balls for a guy playing such a shitty song...
N: Ring-dong, ring-dong! Chuchuchu WACCHA~
G: Could it be that he's just used to getting stuff thrown at him...?
N: Hm?
N: Ahh! That's the guy from back then!!
O: Let me join DMC!
O: Long time no see. It's me, Naoki.
N: Ahhhh...long time no see. (So your name was Naoki?)
N: Uuu...it's really hard to face him after having to turn him down with such a lame excuse...
K: We run on a time-based promotion system...
K: here at DMC...
N: I heard it from Krauser, but...sorry about what happened.
N: But don't let it get to you. All of Japan's salarymen are doing their best despite the odds.
N: You're still an average-class worker so there'll be more opportunities!
S: Hey, kid!
N: Hm?

N: Manager-class!!
S: Hey!
N: Noo! It won't change a thing even if you bring a manager-class person here!
N: We work on a time-based promotion system here, after all...
S: You're a member of DMC's staff, right?
S: Hand over the guitar you got from Jack Il Dark to me!
N: Eh?
N: Um...even if you're a manager, I still can't do something like that..
N: What's with this old guy? (Another old fan...?)
S: That's it over there, isn't it?
N: Well, yeah, but I still can't...
N: I just finished practicing with DMC so I brought it with me...
N: Naoki-kun, I'm in the middle of playing right now and kinda waiting for someone, so could you...
S: Hmph!
S: I'm a better guitarist than your Krauser!
N: Eh?

S: Listen to my guitar!
S: It'll make you want to hand over Jack's guitar to me!
N: Eh?
N: Wh...what's with this old guy?!
N: Is he a metal fan that's been around since Jack's time or something...?
N: Uuu...Aikawa-san's supposed to come watch me play today!
N: If I don't send him away fast...
S: Hey, kid!! Let's do a session!
N: N-no!
N: I'm going home! I don't care about being beaten in metal!
N: I finally thought I could let Aikawa-san hear the new song I made for Whip...
N: This has nothing to do with me! Nothing to...

A: Fufu...I wonder if Negishi-kun's started yet.
A: It's been such a while since I've come to watch him play.
A: I had some time today, so I made him a little something.
A: A riceball filled with mentai, like he said he always liked...and so that I don't lose to his song, an omelette that's just a little bit sweet.
A: It's the first time I've made such a thing, so I hope he'll like it...
A: That's right, he said he'd let me hear the new Whip Love Creams song...
A: It's such a shame, I've never even been able to see them play once...
S: Ah....eh!

A: Negishi-kun sounded like he was worried about the future of the Whip Love Creams on the phone...
N: Lately I've been thinking that the Whip Love Creams is something that can't be without Saji-kun...
A: Wow, you've really thought hard about this.
N: As Souichi Negishi, I was able to say that, too, and so I delved deep into the most basic elements of Whip Love Creams' sound.
N: I drove myself to the wall really hard, and managed to come up with a new song for Whip, called "Ring-dong-dung."
A: Wow! I'm really excited for tomorrow!!
A: Fufu...I'm sure Negishi-kun thought up something great.
A: Something cute and lovely...
A: Ahh! He's already started!!
C: Woahh...those two are incredible!
C: Who are they?
A: It looks like he's got someone else with him!!
N: I delved so deeply, that it felt like I uncovered a soundspring!
A: Ah! You mean like a spring of sound? That's so like you, Negishi-kun!
N: Heh-heh!
A: Huh?!

A: He dug so deep that he uncovered magma!!
A: Did Saji-kun gain weight?!
A: Wait, that can't be Saji-kun!!
C: Who are they?
C: What an amazing performance!
A: What's going on here?

A: Ne-Negishi-kun, what are you doing!?
A: Is this the new Whip song--
N: Aikawa...
O: Who's that girl...
O: Mr. Gobou's pace dropped a bit...
A: Who's that adult next to you!? You shouldn't perform next to someone who's playing such hard music!
N: You think he's hard and intense..
A: That guy's...horrible!
N: You think HE'S horrible?
A: Here, look, I brought you something! Let's go eat!
N: You fucking kidding me?!
N: Bitch...are you seriously telling me that I'm the weaker one here?!
N: I'm...
A: Ehh?!

N: I'm the worst one, aren't I?!
A: Kyaaa!
N: How's that, you 10,000-year old manager? The bitch-pig's squealing for me!
C: What's with that pose?!
C: What is this?
C: He's playing and looking up her skirt at the same time!
C: The lunchbox fell on the ground!
N: I WIN!!
S: This punk...
S: He's really good, just like I expected...
S: But I swore to myself when I was in jail, that I would claim that guitar!
S: This little shit doesn't even know what it was like back when metal reigned!
S: Hell if I'm gonna lose!
C: Uwahhhh, look!

C: He's acting like he was gonna catch and eat the rice ball before it fell on the ground and is looking up her skirt instead!!
S: This is a damn good nigirimeshi!
C: This way even if he's caught by the police he can just say he was catching the falling rice ball and eating it!! What a cheap move!
S: Heh! Had enough yet?!
S: This is a damn good nigirimeshi!
A: Kyaaaaaa!
S: This is a damn good nigirimeshi!
C: Who's getting a better view of her panties?!
S: You're a pig's...

A: Horrible!
C: The old man wins!!
N: Th-this bastard...
N: Who cares about the color of her panties...I'll beat him out with technique instead of a performance!
N: If a 6-string guitar isn't enough for you...
N: Then I'll show you something better!
N: I've kept it sealed-off until now...

N: The "Eight Octopus!"
C: Uwahhh! There are two new sounds!
C: Uwahhh! It's so horrible!
N: How's this?! You can't beat my technique, can you?
N: Hmph! What are you laughing at?!
N: Ah!!
N: Could it be...
N: That's the...

N: "Thirteen Jason!"
N: Wh-what metal!!
N: Shit!
N: Who is this guy?! What company is he the manager of?!
N: A...
N: Aikawa-san...

N: Horrible!
C: Woahhh! He took the win!
A: Ne-Negishi-kun...
S: I'm taking the guitar!!
S: Tell this to Krauser II:
S: "Soon you'll be going to the REAL Hell!"
A: Negishi-kun, are you alright?!
S: Let's go!
N: Negishi-kun...
N: Are you alright?!

N: I was beaten in metal!
A: There's a bunch of empty beer cans lying around here...
A: Did they force you to drink...?
A: You shouldn't feel like you have to go to these kind of after-parties if you don't want to... (You got drunk, didn't you?)
A: Sorry for dropping your lunch...
N: I, of all people...

[TRACK 68 - END]


Rice pressed into a ball. Nothing more, and nothing less.

[Usage Example] Wakasugi-san, you just wanted to say "nigirimeshi," didn't you?

P: Shoplifting at the CD store on the 4th block?!
P: Understood!! We shall be there immediately!!
P: A CD store...
P: I can only pray that it's an average shoplifting!!
P: So the police came too...
P: Please apologize. Shoplifting is a serious crime.
M: Come on, Kenichi. Apologize!

P: Just by looking at him, he seems like a real punk!
K: I was too embarrassed to buy it, so I thought I'd steal it...
P: And yet, he stole some pop idol group's CD!
K: I didn't want any of my friends to find out I liked them...
P: Kuh!
P: I thought so...
P: Krauser ordered you to do this, didn't he?!
K: Huh?
P: So he's finally putting into action his plan to rid CD stores across the country of every album but his...
P: The "Mass Compulsory Metallization Plan"...
K: What's this guy talking about?
P: You're...a fan of Krauser and DMC, aren't you?
K: Huh? What are you talking about? You're getting on my nerves!

P: Do you really intend to keep committing crimes in order to cover up for him...?
P: All you need to do to escape from his mental binds on you is to confess honestly right here and now...
P: Dispel your innocence...come on, honestly..
K: Innocent, huh?
K: OK, yeah, it was all Krauser's idea.
P: I...knew it...
T: Um, what?
K: So I'm innocent then. Let's go home!
M: Excuse us.
P: Krauser, you bastard! I swear I'll arrest you!!
T: OK, but what are you going to do about the shoplifting?


Smaller: Apologize to the human race. You have forced the Demon King to fully awaken from his slumber--
Small text on the left: From a (self-proclaimed) shy angel to a hatred-filled monster...

Detroit Metal City Vol. 7, coming early 2009!!

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