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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 6

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 6

Title: Recorder 6 - He really fought hard, that Piyohiko!
f1.right banner: Shine together with friends
f1.middle banner: Employment Rate 98%! It's not a lie!
f1.left banner: Change the world together
f2.1: I sent out tapes to so many different record labels because I had nothing to lose,
f2.2: and a single agent from this company said they wanted to meet me.
f3.1: I got a really good impression of him from the phone...!
f3.2: That guitar work of yours really surprised me! How about we change the world together?!
f3.3: Yeah!
f3.4: I feel like this place can finally make my dream come true!!
f4.1: Yeah baby, you're gonna be a star in the future! Saketome-kun, was it!?
f4.2: I'm Sandayuu Seagal! From today on, we're partners! Nice to meet ya!
f5.1: You're lucky! We're at the peak of our fame right were the last one, ya know!
f5._1: uheheheh
f5.2: Sandayuu Seagal...
f5.3: that so?

f1.1: Yeah, just leave it to us, and you'll be fine! We'll train you up again from square one!
f1.2: O...okay!
f1.3: Lately, ya know, that kinda stuff's been popular, right? Like that kid from Okinawa! That stuff's in now!
f2.1: By the way, you're fine with the monthly fee of 50,000 yen, right? (*$450)
f2.2: Yea.......
f2.3: EHH!?
f2.4: I...I have to pay a monthly fee!?
f3.1: Ya know, for like, the lessons and all that training, and stuff. It takes money, ya know...
f3.2: And then since you'll be in our dorms, you'll have to pay'll be another 30,000 ($270)...that's okay, right?
f3.3: EHHH!!?
f3.4: A dorm...what?!
f4.1: Ah...if you don't wanna, then you better quit now! Cause if you try to do it later, it'll put us in a difficult position....
f4.2: The business world is intense, ya know....
f5.1: Only SERIOUS PEOPLE can continue onwards.
f5.2: And we have a policy not to take anyone but those kinda people.
f7.1: But ya know...

f1.1: When serious people become stars, all that money they paid in monthly fees and rent comes back to them tenfold...
f1.2: It's all about your motivation and the way you think, ya know...
f2.1: So how'za 'bout it?
f3.1: I'll do it!
f3.2: Piyohiko answered quickly with a very nice face.
f4.1: Gulli-House
f5.1: Here's your room, #203.
f5.2: And your key.
f5.3: Thank you!
f6.1: Ah! That's right, I almost forget.
f6.2: The truth is, another amazing kid just like yourself just came here too. I was thinking of combining you into a duo with him!

f1.1: A duo!?
f1.2: A...all of a sudden!?
f1.3: Yeah, I think he'll be here later...
f1.4: Putting you together so suddenly like that would be problematic, ya know.
f2.1: That's why I want you to two live together and start a deep friendship!
f2.2: So how'za 'bout it? Good idea, huh!?
f3.1: Li....
f3.2: Live together!!?
f4.1: Well, good luck, then!
f4.2: Wa...
f4.3: Wait a...
f4.4: Uuu....!!
f5.1: It seemed like he was really trying to persuade me....
f5.2: Will this place really be alright...? I kinda feel like I'm being lied to, somehow...
f6.1: Having to live together with someone I don't even know...
f6.2: Uuu.....I have a bad feeling about this. I wonder what kind of person he...
f7._1: ufufufu
f7._2: fufufu.....

f1.1: Hogahhhh!! Th...this is impossible!! It can't be!!
f1.2: This can't be happening!! I started getting a bad feeling, then automatically, that face...!!
f2.1: Calm down, Kiyohiko! There's no way Jaguar-san would be here! But what if he is...
f2.2: isn't possible, dammit!! But that's exactly why I'm getting this needless bad feeling....uuuu....
f3.1:! I'm just overthinking thisl!
f3.2: I'm must be a little too nervous after all that's happened...
f6.1: Uwahhhhhh!!
f6.2: There's something here!!

f1.1:! Not just something.....
f1.2: If you look closely at the thing he's holding in his hand..
f2.1: It's gotta be Jaguar-san!!
f2.2: What...!? Is he wearing this?!
f2.3: More importantly, what the hell is he doing here?!
f4.1: Why isn't he responding!? Is he making a plan!?
f4.2: Something's not right here...he's definitely going to try something!!
f5.1: H...hey! What are you so quiet for!?
f5.2: Hey!?
f5.3: I've already figured you out, Jaguar-san! Got it!?
f7.1: Is he acting like he can't hear me...!?
f7.2: He's probably pretending like he can't hear me and waiting for me to get closer to him, so he can try THAT on me!!
f8.1: Calm down...calm down, Kiyohiko! Anyway, it's too dangerous to get any closer...
f8.2: Alright, I'll just try talking to him in a light tone like everything's alright...!
f9.1: Hooooo....
f9.2: Man, today sure is hot, huh...

f1.1: Must be 'cause of that El Nino stuff that's been happening.
f1.2: Phew, so hot!
f2.1: Ah! Jaguar-san.
f2.2: You mind opening that window for me?
f4.1: It's not working...........
f5.1: Dammit...what should I do, then!?
f5.2: Should I try talking to him as if I were going to be really nice!?
f6.1: Wait...I might as well just try to get close to him and rip that costume, wait, wait! Now that I look closer, there's no opening...this stuffed animal has no opening!!
f6.2: then I should try and crawl around the side to attack him from, no, that's also too dangerous! He must have left that space behind himself on purpose!!
f7.1: That's it! Ambiguous movements...if I just act ambiguously, he may give me some kind of reaction!!
f7.2: me, Jaguar-san.....
f7.2: ...or so I thought, but he's not doing shit! Man, what am I doing?! I probably just look like a total weirdo, dammit!!
f8.1: Piyohiko fought hard.
f8.2: But at that time, Jaguar...
f9.1: was sitting around.
f9.2: Fugashi, yummy~ (*Type of japanese snack)

small text at top: Special Plan
Basic Sketch Song

Side text: Start with some thin banana-like things~

small text at bottom: Continued on P62

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