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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 7

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 7

f1.right side: Heeding the call of Gullickson Pro, Piyohiko was manipulated by his new partner "Sandayuu Seagal"'s masterful art of conversation and ended up in a plight with his new life in the "Gulli-House."
f1.caption: Masashi, ascertaining whether or not his nose pack is dry.
f1.left side: Not only that, but the fact that another guy was coming later to live together with him placed him in a predicament. Hearing the words "another guy," the face of Jaguar floated into Piyohiko's mind. Then, convinced that the suspicious stuffed animal in the center of the room was Jaguar, he furiously persisted...
f2.1: Ahhh!! Oh...no! Right below Jaguar-san...
f2.book: Secret Notebook
f2.2: is my secret notebook!!
f3.1: He's gonna read it! He's really gonna try and read it!!
f3.2: This is bad!! That diary filled with all my days of embarassment...he's actually going to read it?!
f4.1: Shit, if only I wasn't caught in this cupboard!
f4.2: Now I can't go and get it back!
f4.3: Ahh, whatever, who cares if he reads it! Go ahead, read it!!
f4.4: I'm super embarrassed, but it's fine, read it!!
f5.bear sfx: Pyuuu
f5.title bottom: THE SEVENTH RECORDER: Secret Dorm "Gulli-Hole"

f1.1: ...so, has my roommate arrived yet?
f1.2: Yes, he came 2-3 hours ago, he's probably in the room now.
f2.1: Right over there, #203.
f2.2: Make good friends!
f2.3: Okay!
f3.1: I'll do my best!
f4.1: Phew...looks like I managed to fill up here...
f4.2: Now I'll get my bonus...
f5.1: I wonder what kind of person my roommate is...
f5.2: It'd be nice if we can get along...
f6.1: ...we'll be living together from now on, anyway, right?!
f6.2: Hm...?
f7.1: I'm really embarrassed, but I'll let you see it, just this once! Look! How do you like that, you can see it all!!
f7.2: Eh....!?
f7.2: Wh..what...!?
f8.1: Even though I've never showed it to anyone else before, I'm going to show it to you!!
f8.2: Wah....wha....
f8.3: Wha...
f8.4: W-wha....
f8.5: Here, c'mon! Don't hold back, look all you want!

f1.1: What is he doing?! What is he practicing all by himself...?!
f1.2: What's this thing that he's so embarassed about and never shown anyone before!?
f2.1: Go on and feast your eyes on it!
f2.2: Grab it with your hands and stare long and hard at it!!
f3.1: G....
f3.2: Grab it with your hands!??
f3.3: He's practicing showing me something embarassing that he wants me to grab and stare at!??
f4.1: N...no way!! There's something creepy about this dorm...!!
f4.2: I thought it was suspicious!! This is definitely bad...I'm getting out of here!!
f5.1: Woaahhhhh, where you off to, bro!?
f5.2: Uwahhhhh, Seagal!!
f6.1: If you run away now, it'll be problematic for us~
f6.2: There are a lot of kids out there who really wanna get in here, but can't, ya know!?
f6.3: B...but that guy's trying to show something weird to me!!
f7.1: Then just go ahead and take a look at it.
f7.2: Wh...what do you mean take a look at it?!
f7.3: Argh, you really did trick me after all, didn't you!? This is pissing me off now, dammit!

f1.1: Crap...right when I had the exact number of people that I needed...
f1.2: If I let this guy run away now, my winter bonus will disappear!!
f2.1: I won't let him get away!!
f2.2: F...first, calm down, alright?!
f2.3: Dammit!
f2.4: .....hmm?
f3.1: H...hey! Who the hell is that down there, playing guitar...
f3.2: Putting on musical performances in the middle of an apartment complex is a nuisance to your neighbors, bastard!!
f4.1: Hm...?
f4.2: ...no wait....that's...
f5.1: Not...
f5.2: a guitar...
f6.1: Wha...
f6.1: What's with this flood of sound violently approaching me?!

f1.1: You tellin' me that's all from a recorder!? Incredible...this guy's like a magician of music!!
f1.2: What an amazing man...there's no mistaking it, people with extraordinary talent like him only appear once per year!!
f2.1: Ah! You can go home now!
f2.2: Ehh!?
f2.3: Seagal decided to pick that guy over you, ya know!
f3.1: Y...yes!! Hell yes!!
f3.2: Ahh...but somehow, I'm not satisfied with that explanation...!!
f3.3: Heeey, you!
f4.1: Ehh? Me, in this dorm!?
f4.2: Little old me...in this famous "Gulli-Hole!?"
f5.1: Yes! That's exactly it! Right in this famous Gulli-Hole, ya know!? You're a really lucky guy!
f5.2: What's he talking about, Gulli-Hole...?
f5.3: Buuut...you know I play the recorder, right?
f6.1: Th...that's not a problem at all!
f6.2: What...this guy has unexpectedly low self-confidence. This'll work perfectly!
f7.1: Just remember, if you polish yourself, you'll shine! We'll train you up and help you improve!
f7.2: B...but I...
f7.3: But, see, my recorder...

f1.1: ...but I'm the only one in the world who can make these kinds of sounds...
f2.1: Ahh, that's totally al...ri...
f2.2: ...ehh!?
f3.1: And I don't have any money, either...
f3.2: If you don't take care of the monthly fees, then...
f3.3: Ahhh, that's also al...ri...hmm!?
f3.4: Ehh?! Take care of them!? Ehh!?
f4.1: No! Wait...what did you say!? Whatever the circumstances, we can't do that to your fees...
f4.2: See, I knew it wouldn't work out! No matter what I do, I always fail in the end! Goddammit it all, I'm going home!
f4.3: Ehhhhh!?
f5.1: Ah...if he runs away, my bonus goes bye-bye! I've got to pull him back in at all costs...
f5.2: O...okay, I got it, you'll be a special case!! I'll excuse you from the monthly fee of 80,000!! How does that sound!?
f6.1: Huuh?
f7.1: What did you say just now...?
f7.2: Ha....?
f7.3: Eh!?
f8.1: You have a man of outstand talent right before your eyes, and yet you keep talking like that......?
f8.2: And you call yourself a businessman?

f1.1: Habyun....!!?
f2.1: Wh...what?! What's this forc...!?
f2.2: What's with the force coming from this hotshot!?
f2.3: Hah
f2.4: Now's your chance, isn't it?
f2.5: Hah
f2.6: Guys who only think about what's in front of them and miss their true chances are lower than third-rate! Lower than third-rate!!
f3.1: Once I become a star, I'll get back the money I paid for rent a hundred times over, right?
f3.2: Whether or not you decide on that will solidify a successful career for you, won't it...? Got that, pal?
f4.1: Aahhhh...
f4.2: Ahhhhhhhhh!!
f5.1: Wh...what is this!? These lines sound like ones I always use...something's wrong here!!
f5.2: Ahhh....even though I know something's wrong, for some reason, I can't refuse....!!
f6.1: Okay...I'll pay the 80,000!!
f6.2: Seagal answered quickly with a very nice face.
f7.1: And so, while Piyohiko was busy fighting with Jaguar's illusion,
f7.2: There's some strange warrior behind you, Jaguar-san!!
f7.3: Jaguar-san, you're in danger! Jaguar-san!!
f7.4: their cohabitation was decided.

right: Draw a bent line with the top part really stretched out like that.
left: Draw it right in the center~
small text at the bottom: Continued on P70

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