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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 8

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 8

f1.title: THE EIGHTH RECORDER - Bone Fracture Prima Donna
f1.1: Today, my life with Jaguar as my roommate begins. But it looks like unless I do something, Jaguar-san won't help out with the housework at all,
f1.2: so I've decided to divide up the housework duties equally between us.
f2.1: Okay, first we'll start with cooking...
f2.2: Hold on, Piyohiko!
f3.1: Discussing every little detail like this won't solve anything.
f3.2: How about we just use a lottery system, so that way we'll have to agree?
f4.1: Eh!? That's a good idea...!
f4.2: Surprisingly enough, you said something serious, Jaguar-san.
f4.3: Oh, you, of course I'm serious! It's been so many years now!
f5.1: Alright! Then let's write down every chore we can think of on some paper!
f5.2: Then we'll alternate pulling them out!
f5.3: OK!

f1.1: 10 Minutes Later
f1.2: ...is that enough?
f2.1: Then let's take these guys
f2.2: and place them in this Secret Box I happened to have with me...
f2.3: Why did you bring something like that...
f3.1: Alright, here we go!
f3.2: You can go first, Piyohiko!
f4.1: I...I'm kind of nervous...
f4.2: Go on! Just pull it on out, Piyohiko! Yank 'em all out!
f5.1: Hm...? What is this?
f5.2: It feels like there's something soft at the bottom...
f6.1: Nuchou
f7.1: Uwahhhhhhhh, what the hell is that?!

f1.arrow line: Rice
f2.1: Wahh, you got a catch!
f2.2: Hogyahhhhhh!
f3.1: This isn't a catch!! Why the hell do you have rice in here anyway?!
f3.2: Hahahahahahahahaha!
f3.3: Hey...what are you laughing at?! Ahh, come on! What are you laughing at?!
f4.1: We have to redo this!! Get all that rice out of there!
f4.2: Alright...but that was so funny.
f4.3: What?! I'm really getting in a bad mood here!!
f5.1: Okay! It should be alright now.
f5.2: So go pull one out, munch!
f5.3: ...he's eating it...
f6.1: Ahhh...my fingers are all sticky now, so it was hard to pull it out....
f6.2: Hmm...alright! Here's one!
f7.1: Ah!
f7.note: BATH
f7.2: Great! If it's just cleaning the bathroom, that should be pretty easy...

f2.1: How the hell do I do this?!
f2.2: Ahh! You got the lucky card, Piyohiko! Aww, man, I wanted the 'bathroom sucks!'
f3.1: Lucky card...why are you randomly putting stuff in like this?! It should be "Yay bathroom!!"
f3.2: This isn't even a chore!
f3.3: Aw, what's the big deal?
f4.1: You didn't have to do a chore, right? Isn't that lucky?
f4.2: Or do you wanna try again?
f4.3: Ehh? N...no? I don't have to?
f5.1: Ahh, yeah...that's right!
f5.2: I can just keep this one! Here' you're next.
f5.3(small): If that's the case...
f5.4: Ummm...alright! I'm gonna pull out a lucky card too!!

f1.1: Fucking hell!!!
f2.1: Y...you wrote that! Didn't you, Piyohiko...
f2.2: You son of a bitch! It was definitely on purpose, wasn't it?!
f2.3: On purpose...? Alright, you can pull out the next one before me.
f3.1: R...really!? Yaaay, here I go!!
f3.2: Ooookay! Come to me, lucky card!!
f5.1: Alright, I'm up next!
f6.card: TOILET
f6.1: GEGEHH!
f7.1: Dammit! I hate toilet stuff the most...
f7.2: Man, I wonder what's below this...
f7.3: C'mon, cleaning!!
f7.4: cleaning, cleaning....!

f2.1: Ahhhhhhh!!
f3.1: Y...yes!!
f3.2: It's a festival, a festival!!
f4.1: Dammit, Piyohiko's getting all of them!!
f4.2: This can't happen to me!! ....
f4.3: Dammit!!
f4.4: Now, it's...
f4.5: Ahh!!
f4.6: Yes! It's another lucky card!!
f5.1: And so
f5.2: Dammit!
f5.3: Yes!
f5.4: it turned out like this:
(right side)
Bathroom Sucks
Toilet Festival
Trash Illness
Laundry Mask
Food King
(left side)
Bathroom Cleaning
Trash Anxiety
Toilet Cleaning
Food Prep
f.7.1: I'm so happy for you, Piyohiko. Congratulations....
f7.2: I...I dunno...should I really be happy about this...?

f1.1: Of course you should be happy!! I'm so jealous of you, dammit...
f1.2: Not only that, but I hate you!
f1.3: Er, um...
f1.4: Honestly, I don't know what I'm supposed to do...
f2.1: What?! Then I'll just draw a chart to show you...!!
f2.2: Time for you to realize just how happy you should be!!
top right:
text: Baths are nonsense.
middle right:
right text: I want to throw it out...but I can't.
left text: Right now, all I want to do is embrace it.
text: Greater than any meal!
text: Shout "wasseroi" together.
text: His costume is being washed, so he's pretty much always naked.
f4.1: Alright, Piyohiko, let's do it together...!
f4.2: Haa
f4.3: First, it's time for the Toilet Festival!
f5.1: No...
f5.2: I'll pass...
f5.3: So it was decided that Piyohiko would be the one to do the chores.

left text: Then below that, draw like a half-moon, or the bottom half of a sliced egg.
right text: Actually, it looks more like a rice bowl. A rice bowl it is!
small text: Continued on P78.

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