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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 10

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 10

The 10th Recorder - The Gullickson Spy Lecturer
f1.1: I got a letter from Seagal stating the lessons would start tomorrow.
f1.2: Seems like we get to choose which training courses we like the most.
f2.1: It looks like you and I have to take classes together.
f2.2: What do you want to do, Jaguar-san?
f3.1: What!? Even though we play different instruments, we have to take the same classes!?
f3.2: Y...yes...
f3.3: He's using a pump on his hair...
f4.1: Or could it be?! They want me to make some sacrifices...
f4.2: Are they saying I should play a flute!? Preposterous!!
f5.1: Aw fine, whatever, I'll play the flute!
f5.2: YES!!
f5.3: It's not fine...
f5.4: What's the "yes" about!!?

f1.1: You looked really happy there, you were even drooling!
f1.2: There's no sacrifice at all, is there!?
f1.3: Anyway, there isn't any cirriculum listed here for "flutes!" It's all written right here in this paper: blah blah blah etc....
f2.1: Piyohiko's
f2.2: fault-finding piyo-piyo little bird piyo....
f3.1: ...it's like "frog pyoko pyoko mi-pyoko pyoko!" (*It's a pun off a japanese tongue-twister.)
f3.2: What are you talking about all of a sudden.........
f4.1: Listen to me seriously for once! Here, look at this paper!!
f4.2: We have to decide everything by tomorrow!!
f4.3: Choh! I got it already.
Lesson Plan
*Please Choose What you Prefer
M Electric Guitar | Vocal
U Idol | Enka (*Traditional Singing)
S Hard Rock | Hip Hop Techniques
I Jazz/Blues | Popular Dance
N Oil Painting | Anime/Manga
E Patchwork | Mime
E Breathing Control | English Conversation
T Brazilian Jujitsu | Mind-Reading
*Now taking Lesson Requests!

f1.1: Wahh! They even have a lessons corner!
f1.2: They really have everything here, Piyohiko!
f1.3: Will I really be alright at this place?!
f2.1: Well....what do you think looks good...?
f2.2: Hmmm...personally, I'd go for something besides music...
f3.1: How about Hip-hop techniques?
f4.1: Hm...? Hip-hop?
f4.2: Eh?
f4.3: Wait...didn't you just say that, Jaguar-san?
f5.1: What are you saying?! That was clearly your voice, Piyohiko!!
f5.2: You even said piyo piyo!
f5.3: No I didn't...and what is piyo piyo, anyway?!
f5.4: Anyway, I didn't say that! That was you, Jaguar-san!!
f6.1: Are you crazy?! I'd be the last person to say such a thing,
f6.2: YO!!
f6.3: B...but you're...
f6.4: You're even saying things like "YO!", see?!
f7.1: Why do you always have to push the blame onto other people?!
f7.2: Me? S...strange....
f7.3: Hm?

f1.1: You're the one making such a cool pose like that!!
f1.2: Ahhh....
f1.3: Ahhh, what?! Wh...what is this?!
f2.1: S...something's wrong here, my body's acting up...it's like I'm being controlled by strings!
f2.2: It's definitely unusual....ahhh, dammit! But you look so cool, Piyohiko!!
f3.1: Hmm....like this?
f3.2: Like this!
f3.3: Hey!
f3.4: ....H-hey!!
f3.5: What are you practicing?! Please help me, Jaguar-san!!
f4.1: Nuuu...that's not fair, Piyohiko! Why are you doing so much cool stuff like that all by yourself...
f4.2: I wanna learn it too!!
f4.3: This isn't the time for that!! I'm being controlled by something here!
f5.1: Qu...quick, do something....
f5.2: If you wanna learn hip-hop techniques that bad, then just go to the hip-hop class tomorrow!!
f6.1: ....hm?
f6.2: Eh?
f7.1: R...really?
f7.2: For real?
f7.3: eh!? Er...that wasn't my voice just now...!!

f1.1: When you say it like that, it kinda makes me wanna go, ufufu!
f1.2: N...no...! I didn't say anything!!
f1.3: Fufufufufu...
f2.1: Mission complete. CHECK IT!
f2.2: Now time to split...
f3.1: Hm...?

f1.1: There's a
f1.2: response!!
f2.1: Wh..what did you do, Jaguar-san!?
f2.2: Was someone up there!?
f5.1: Ahhhh...!!
f6.1: Th...
f6.2: This is--!!
f7.1: Ja...
f7.2: Jaguar-san!!
f7.3: Could this be....
f7.4: Yes...
f7.5: I thought something was strange earlier, and now, without a doubt....

f1.1: it was just a doll!
f2.1: ...seems like I just overthought it!
f2.2: How is this overthinking it?!
f3.1: It's incredibly obvious that this is just a fake he dodged your attack with!!
f3.2: Not only that, but he was controlling me earlier, remember?!
f3.3: But you're always being controlled, Piyohiko...but something you can't see.
f3.4: Wh...what's that supposed to mean!?
f4.1: Haa
f4.2: Haa
f5.1: Th...that was dangerous...
f5.2: Haa
f5.3: Or...should I say, he was just about to HIT ME...
f5.4: Haa
f6.1: That flute dude's SUPERBAD...
f6.2: To Be Continued.
f6.3: Fufu...looks like I can learn a thing or two from him, YO!
f6.4: Checkidou'!

right text: I can't say anymore.
left text: Just draw a bent line~
small: continued on P94.

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