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Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 13

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar

-> RTS Page for Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar 13

THE THIRTEENTH RECORDER - Just Say What you Want us to Do!!
1.1: I soon realized that after the hip-hop lesson, we hadn't taken any others.
1.2: This was because Jaguar-san kept on making excuses not to.
2.1: Come on, Jaguar-san, let's just go to the next lesson already!
2.2 There's no need for that, Piyohiko.
3.1: We're already proved ourself to be pro enough...
3.2: There's nothing more we can learn from them.
3.3: Wh...what are you talking about?!
3.4: What did you come to this school for, anyway?!
4.1: We haven't even been through a single class yet!!
4.2: We've done more than enough..
4.3: Already, I feel like I've matured so much...
4.4: Now it's about time that I...
f4.5: Stood on the teachers' side...

f2.1: It's decided!
f2.2: I'm gonna become a teacher!
f2.3: EHHHHHH!?
f3.1: Hammer's hip-hop class is gone now, anyway...
f3.2: so I'll just teach recorder lessons there!
f3.3: Wh...what are you deciding all of a sudden?!
f3.4: There's no way they'd let you do that, you know?!
f4.1: On the contrary,
f4.5: I think it's a fine idea!
f5.1: See? I knew things would be more entertaining this way.
f5.2: yup yup
f5.3: matter how good you are, Jaguar-san, Hammer-san and the school...
f6.1: Gohehhhhhhh, is that you, Hammer-san...!?
f6.2: Why do you always randomly appear in weird places like that?!
f6.3: Hm?
f7.1: But I've been living in this attic for three days now...
f7.2: Didn't you know, Piyohiko?

f1.1: Yeah, so that nin-nin voice you've been hearing lately coming from the ceiling is him! (*Nin-nin is a ninja incantation)
f1.2: Yes...I decided that until I find something else I want to die, I'd just live in Master Jaguar's...hmm?!
f2.1: Idio...what did you say?!
f2.2: I'd never say such a ninja-y thing like that, dumbass!!
f2.3(small): ehh? But I heard you.
f2.4: I don't even think real ninja say that anyway...
f3.1: Well, anyway, I think I'm gonna go to Seagal's place and talk to him about it!
f3.2: Yup...good idea.
f3.3: I don't think it's gonna work...
f5.1: What a careless guy that Seagal is...
f6.1: Should we just all run in at once and threaten him?
f6.2: No...negligence would be taboo here, indeed.
f7.1: Treating this like an easy job without taking into account the true seriousness of the occasion will only invite death, indeed.
f7.2: Hmm...
f7.3: Well, maybe we could threaten him indirectly?
f7.4: Um...I thought you guys come to talk to him...?

f2.1: Hello, Gullickson Pro!
f3.1: Ahh, hello, Seagal?
f3.2: Huh?
f3.3: It's me, it's me! Mister X?!
f4.1: Watch it! Just treat this like a normal phone call!
f4.2: If you start acting funny, I'll hang up!
f4.3: Just slowly turn and look out the the scenery, or something!
f5.1: Hmmm.....?
f5.2: Mutter, mutter, uuuunn...
f6.1: This wind blowing like PYUU PYUU out here is really making me cold....
f6.2: It's all like PYUU PYUU!
f7.1: The know! Ufufufu...
f7.2: Bubuh...heh heh heh heh...
f7.3: WHAT THE HELL!!?

f1.1: Bububuh! Hey, hey, we're talking about the wind, alright?!
f1.2: For a moment back there you thought about something diffrent, right!?
f1.3: Like the way he said "pyu." ....pyuu!! Bufufufu!
f1.4: Wh...what are you talking about?!
f2.1: Pulling some stupid prank on me!!
f2.2: I'm hanging up!!
f2.3: Wait! I'd stop that if I were you!
f3.1: For the sake of your son....
f3.2: it's important that you listen to what I have to say!
f4.1: Wha...
f5.1: But if you don't care about what happens to him, then you're free to hang up...
f5.2: really have my son...?
f5.3: Wait! Alright, I'll listen!
f6.1: Okay..I'll only say this once.
f6.2: Listen carefully.
f7.1: Ahem...teaching kids music from a very young age can help richen their sensitivity and have a great impact on them as far as character building goes, you see...
f7.2: That's why if you think of your son's future, more than piano, I think it'd be better if you gave him something more suited toward beginners, maybe like a "recorder"....
f9.1: what do you say? After all, it's for your son, right?
f9.2: Y...yeah....
f9.3: What the hell is this phone call about!?

f1.1: Umm...that's fine with me, but just who are you?
f1.2: Sales?
f1.3: Huh? Still don't get it do, you sure are a simpleton, Seagal!
f2.1: Guess there's no use...
f3.1:'re the one that called me?!
f3.2: Yeah, of course....
f3.3: You need to realize these things sooner! It's about this, Seagal!
f4.1: Hm..? The recorder?
f4.2: Yeah, yeah, the recorder!
f4.3: C'mon! Hammer was doing hip-hop...
f4.4: But now that's he done, I'm gonna do the recorder...see.....!?
f6.1: Ahhh...forget it!!
f6.2: Just let me teacher the recorder, goddammit!!!

f2.1: He said it---all of it---!!
f3.1: Ahh, is that all....
f3.2: A lesson request?
f4.1: Hm?
f5.1: Then just write your request on this paper and hand it in to me.
f5.2: Right now hip-hop's spot is you'll probably get it.
f6.1: Actually, this will help us out.
f6.2: It's pretty hard to find teachers, you know...
f6.3: I was getting pretty nervous wondering what we could do!
f7.1: Okay then, I'm counting on you, Jaguar-kun!
f7.2: Hm...
f7.3: O...okay!
f8.1: The next day, Recorder Class was added at Gullickson Pro.
f8.2: Will I really be alright at this school.........

right: Porurururururuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
small: Continued on P118.

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