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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 16


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 16

COMMANDO 16 Masaru and the Nice Glasses Teacher
G: Seaaaaaaaaaaweeeeeeeeeeed!
G: Kelp!
G: Mozuku! (*Type of Edible Seaweed)
G: Kelp!
G: Mozukuuuu!!
G: Heeeey!! Iiiii caaaan't heeear youuuuuu!!
G: Three more rounds!!
G: Kawashimaaaa!! You're looking a little slow, pal!!
G: And shout louuddddeerrrr!!
T: Look at that...
T: No matter how many times I see it...
T: Young people sweating and giving it their all as they head toward their goals...
T: And the sometimes strict, sometimes gentle teacher who watches over them...
T: Indeed...
T: a teacher of the springtime of life!!
T: Long ago, I was once like that too...
T(2b): I'd like to share those hot feelings with young students once more...haa...it's too bad...why did they stop meeting up...

COMMANDO 16 Masaru and the Nice Glasses Teacher
T: My Amateur Radio Club...
A zealous teacher that loves classical Japanese, amateur radio, and dodgeball. Has good sense when it comes to clothes and sunglasses. Is the homeroom teacher for Wakame High's Class 2-7, but no one remembers him anymore...
(For more info, read Volume 1, Chapter 1 <3)

T: Fufu...oh, this won't do!
T: What's with this sudden faint-heartedness, Tatsurou!!
T: If it's communication with students I need, then I can do that without any club!
T: Fufu...that's right! I'll just have my competitions during classtime!!
T: Senseiiii!!
T: Were you talking to me?
G: Heey, Sensei! Today, after we finish practice, can you treat us to some drinks?!
T: What? WHAT!? Of course not!
G: Ehhhhhh~ Come on, sensei, pleaaaase!!
G: Pretty pleaaaase!
T(2b): Ahhh, fine, fine! Give it your best at practice, and I'll think about it!
G: Yaaaay!!

T(2b): Fu....what...
T: I'm not jealous one bit...
T: Tatsurou...
T: You liar!!
Box: Morning

T: Fuumin-kun!
F: Kitahara-san!
T: Good morning!
F: Huh? Do you always come alone?
T: Yeah...well, for now...
T: For now? What do you mean?
F(2b): Around here, I usually see a bunch of people...just watch, you'll see!
C: Guudo Mooningu!
F: See!
M: Cleanup-Cleanmissus!
T: You're right...
T: Why do you greet each other in English?
F: Ah...that?
H: It's just one of the rules of our club.

M: Well...I'll be darned...Yesterday, I was sure it'd definitely rain today...
M: But the sky looks totally clear...!
M: I came dressed for rain, guess I lose! Not point in sulking, though!
F: But Masaru-kun...
F: What's the guitar for?
M(2b): ...anyway, I'm going to stop by the club room...you guys wanna come?
H: Sure...
F: He's not listening...
M: Let's go!
M: Daddadadaaaan, I am a murderer, dadaddaaaah, burning soul, oooshabadooby, now! Awaken, Koushien of Flowers!! (*Famous Baseball Field in Japan)
S: Hm?
S: heeeey, Shexy Commando Club!
H: Oh!
M: It's the principal!
F: Good morning!
M: It's been a while, Seaweed Kingdom!
S: Hoh hoh hoh...I've been thinking of growing something else...
F: What are you going to grow this time?
S: Hmm...this time it'll be...

S: Bean paste!
Bag: Rice Bran
F: Oh, miso, huh...?
H: Well, here's hoping you can get some tasty miso...
S: Hoh hoh hoh! Thank you!
S: Oh?
S: And you are...? A new member?
T: U...umm, I'm their new manager!
T: My name is Kitahara Tomoe!
S: Hoh! So now the club even has a manager!
S: Hoh hoh hoh. This club is really getting full-blown, now...
S: Now all you need is pick a teacher to be your Komon...! (*Advisor. As for why it's left untranslated, keep reading.)
F: Ah! That's right!
H: I forgot about having a Komon!
M: Ohh, that's right!

M: Well, that's no problem, then!
M: You look like you're bored enough, principal, why don't you just do it?
F: He can't!!
M: Eh...!? What the hell, guys...!?
F: Hm!? Wait...if we need a teacher...
H: Ah!
F: There's one...
F: who's more than suitable...!!
N: Really, now....
Sign: Health Office
N: What's wrong with those eyes of yours!?
T: Ahhh, hahaha...
T: So it just turned out to be from a lack of sleep...
N: It's no good to overdo it like that...
N: Apply some medication and rest for a while!
T: Ahh, you have my gratitude!

T: After crying for an entire night, my eyes must've really stood out...
T: ...but my, how wonderful Mariko-sensei is...
N: Ah? Aren't you boys...
H: Yes, thank you very much for earlier, sensei!
C: We're from the Sexy Commando Club!!
N: What is it? More medicine?
T: How noisy...
H: No, it's nothing like that! Today...we've come with a request...
H: The truth is, sensei...
H: We want you to become our club's Komon!!
N: The Sexy Commando Club's?
N: But earlier didn't you decide that I couldn't?
H: But that was having you as an actual member...
C: Yeah! If you're just the Komon, it's fine!!
N(2b): Hmmmm...but even so, that puts me in a difficult position...
N: The truth is, I'm already an Komon,
N: to the rhythm gymnastics club!
T: Man, this makes me remember how nice it was to be young!
H: We...we understand!!
H: We understand, sensei!!

H(2b): Mariko-sensei, doing rhythm gymnastics...!? Ah! No...more importantly...
H: They're looking for an Komon...!!
N: Sorry...really...
C: No, it's not your fault!
H: Well then, excuse us!
T: !? Did something happen?
T(2b): Se...sensei!! Those guys just now...who were they!?
N: Eh?
M: Fuumin! Let's do our best in the club today!!
F: Y...yeah...
T: ...so it's true...to think that Hananakajima would start a club...
T: This is my chance! Alright, I'll casually try to show them my appeal!
T: Yo! Hananakajima!
M: Hm!?

M: Yo! Torepan! (*Masaru's nickname for Tatsurou, since he always wears running pants, or as they're referred to in Japan, training pants = "toreeningu pantsu")
F: T...Torepan!?
T: Naw, it's cool, Fujiyama!
T: By the way, you guys started a club recently, right?
T: Ehh..what was it called again...
M: The Sexy Commando Club!
T: Ohh! That's right!
T: Sexy Commando..
T: Hmmmm...
T: Sexy
T: KOMONdo......
M: That's wrong, Torepan!
F: Ah...it's not "Komondo," it's "Commando."
T: Eh!? Ahhh, Commando, yes...
T: That's right...
T: Ah, don't worry about it...see ya!
T: Sexy
F: Wh...what!?
M: Weirdo...

M: Ehhhh?
M: Ehhh?
M: Sexy Commando is a fighting style?
M: I was sure that you were all practicing for a street performance or something...
M: Noo, sorry...
M: It's not like we were hiding it, or anything...
H: D..did it make you want to quit?
M: Huh-uh!
M(2b): I'm a bit surprised...but it sounds interesting!
F: Phew.
H: Well then, once again, thank you, we're counting on you, Moe-Moe!
C: Let's work hard together!
M: Yes! My thoughts exactly!
M: Mmm! Looks like everyone's all fired up!
M: Okay then! Time to get started, shall we?!
F: Cleanup-cleanmissus!
F: Hm...?
T: One! Two!
T: Three! Four!

T: Hoooooo...that sure feels god!
T: Days like this make me want to sweat together with some students...
T: Especially those...
T: practicing fighting styles!
M: Take it easy, Torepan.
C: Excuse us!
F: You have a lot of spirit, sensei!
T: I understand...sensei understands!
T: I understand that you all truly understand my feelings!
H: By the way, Masaru...did you ever decide on a teacher to be our Komon?
M: No, not yet...
M: We don't really need one, do we?
T: I...I knew it!!
T: I've been waiting just for this moment!!
M: Alright, everyone!
M: Let's begin!!

M: Wh...what? It's that Torepan bastard again!
H: Is he really at the age to be acting up like this!?
T: Hahaha...
T: Maaaaan....
T: Sensei...
T: KOMONed down... (*Korobu = Fall)
T: I carelessly tripped,
T: and KOMONed, guys...
T(2b): KOMON ed, hahaha...
H(2b): Hey, Masaru...do you think that guy wants to become our Komon?
M: What? No way...
F: No...I think he does...should we ask him?
M: Torepan-sensei...
M: You don't want to be our Komon, do you?

T: Hah hah hah, no waaaaay!
T: I don't want that one BIT!!
M: I told you...
T: Awahhhhh!!
T: Tatsurou...
T: you told another lie!!
T: Sorry...I just lied to myself again...
T: The truth is, I want to become a Komon so bad...
T: Once more...
T: I want to feel hot passion together with my students!!!
M: Torepan-sensei...
M: If that's how it is...
M: You should have just said so in the first place...

M: Come on,
M: together with us!
F: Sensei!
M: Torepan-sensei...!
T: E...
T: Everyone...
T: Yes! Let's do it!!
T: Let's do some practice feverishly!! Everyone!!
F: Wanchuuuuu!!
F: Hahaha! Come on, sensei, Wanchuuu!
M: Alright!
M: First, "Melancholy of Elise!"
T: There's not enough light in your eyes, everyone!!
M(2b): Alright! Good!! Next, "A Moment of Shyness!"

T: Let me hear you shout! Louder!!
M: Again! Your zipper-opening technique was too naive!
F: Cleanup-cleanmissus!!
T: I have...
T: nothing to do!!!
Box: Tatsurou blew his whistle...
B: And kept blowing his whistle...
?: Hm?
B: Yes...at that moment...
?: Shut the hell up, Torepan!
B: he was extremely bored...

At your house....
You had meat, didn't you...
Don't worry about it,

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