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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 22


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 22

Fuumin (Fujiyama Okometsubu)
Hananakajima Masaru
Catherine (Isobe Tsuyoshi)
Kondou Machahiko
Tanaka Susan Fumiko (Principal)
Cast of Characters

(There's no point in doing the "last time," right?)

Moe-Moe / Kitahara Tomoe
Torepan / Matsuda Tatsurou
Satou Gojirou

[3] Masaru and the Suprise House Meso
(As I haven't translated all the chapters yet, I'm not going to do the titles yet. Just fill them in from the individual translation txts if you don't mind)

COMMANDO 22 Masaru and the Repeating a Year Decision Commemoration: Heading out on the Train of Hell-meso...
?: Masaru-kun's really late...
M: Yeah...
?: And to think he's the one who called us out here himself. What a bastard...
M: But isn't this exciting? We're going to a banquet!
F: Banquet? I thought we were going to an amusement park?
H: Eh?
C: No, it's rock-climbing! We're going rock-climbing!
H: I heard we were going to the 2nd annual Tezuka-Akazuka Award Party... (*Manga Award, the name comes from the legendary Osamu Tezuka and another famous manga artist)
H(small): Is that wrong?
M: Ehhh!?
F: Wh..what? That's just ridiculous!
F: So...so that's why everyone's wearing such different outfits?
C: No...! It's rock-climbing! It has to be!
H: No, it's the award party, right!?
T: It's a banquet!
F: Well...anyway, just talking about it here isn't going to solve anything...
F: Let's just wait...once he comes, it'll all make sense!

COMMANDO 22 Masaru and the Repeating a Year Decision Commemoration: Heading out on the Train of Hell-meso...

M: Ahh, sorry, sorry! The principal took forever trying to make himself look stylish...
S: Sorry 'bout that.
H: That's alright, Masaru...but where the hell are we going today!?
F: Yeah! Yesterday, everyone heard different thinks from you, Masaru-kun!!
M: Where...? Hiking, of course!
M: I told you all yesterday, remember?
F: ...you said amusement park...
T: Banquet!
C: Rock-climbing!
H: Tezuka-Akazuka Award Party...
M: Eh? Ahh, that's...bad~
M: I see...I said all that, did I...
M: OK, let's go!
F: Explain yourself, dammit!!
Song: Lovin' you~
Yes, baby, I love you an immense deal~
I love you so much I wanna explode~
By the way...long ago, Doraemon...
didn't he used to say "nanora"...? (*A grammatical joke)
Love-love (*it's cut off here)

M(small text in bubble): DOKODON!
M: I love insects~!
F: He...he's still singing...
sfx: hah
T: I'm tired!
sfx: hah
sfx: hah
H: Heey! Masaru! Where are we walking to!?
M: Just a little bit more! Hurry up, you guys!!
S: I have a slight feeling that we might have seen something that vaguely resembles it!!
F: Maybe...it'll be 2 more kilometers...
H: No...seems more like it'll be 4...
Sky text: Against the expectations of the entire Moustache Club, after that they walked another 13 kilometers, until finally...

Box: They realized they were lost.
M: Huuuh? That's strange...
M: I really thought it was around here...
S: Where exactly are you trying to go? The place where you had trained?
M: Yeah...there was a pretty river beside it...
M: But man...I really did it this time!
M: To think I'd get lost like this! Puuuuuuuuh!!
M: Just kidding!
F: What are you acting so cheerful for!!
H: Is this the time to be laughing?!
M: Hahahahaha...
M: My~ Sorry, sorry...
M: .....seriously, sorry...
H: S...stop....
M: C...c'mon, laugh...haha...
M: He became unreasonably scary.

S: I guess there's no use...
S: A river, right...?
S: It's over there!
M: Ehh!?
M: You know of it? Principal?!
S: Of course! I know everything!
M: Really?
H: But...but if we move around carelessly, we'll get even more lost...
S: I said, it's A-OK!!
S: No problemo!
F: It really seems like he's lying...

F: Uwahhh...!
H: It...really was here...
H: You're incredible, Principal!!
T: So pretty!
S: Hoh hoh hoh...didn't I tell you?
M: Wow...this is the exact same place...!
M: How did you know?
S: Hoh hoh hoh. Whaat...
S: I've come to this place since long ago...
S: I know it like the back of my hand.
M: Whaat...then you should have told me sooner...
M(small): you meanie!
S: Hoh hoh hoh...that's because you never told me where we were going, remember?!

F: Ubuhh!!
C: Hahaha, Catherine, you bastard! Getting energetic all of a sudden!!
M: Heey, everyone! We're gonna prepare lunch!
sfx: waah!
sfx: Eat this, you knucklehead! Guwahh! Zabefu
T: Yaaay! Let's get started!
M: Let's all make some gorgeous curry togetehr!
S: We have a burner too!
T: Yaay, this is like camping!
S: Hey! You boys too, stop playing and come help!
sfx: okaaaay! zabaaaaafu
T: Alright! Now let's split up all the jobs between everyone!
sfx: WANCHU!!
C: Let's make this the best curry ever!

C: We did it!
C: It's finished!!
T: Yaaaay!!
C: It looks great!!
C: Let's eat! Let's eat!
T: Everyone take how much rice you want!
C: Time to eaaat~
H: Hey, Masaru! Hurry up and bring the curry...
F: Kyu...kyupin? Wait...
H: Could it be, he's...
F: Planning to eat it all himself....
H: Wa...wait, Masaru!!
F: Don't be rash!!

H: ....hm!?
F: Wh...what?
H: Something's...weird....!

F: He's...
F: FLYING...!!?
F(2b): Is...is this the time to be flying...!? EH!? No...fl...flying...
H: Ca...calm down, Fujiyama-kun!
H: A...anyway! We have to go after him!! (Our curry!!)
F(2b): That's right! After him! So, before we head off, we should take a handkerchief, a tissue...and then...
C: Your student handbook!!
T: Your recorder!
S: Don't freak out, you guys!
S: He may be flying, but his speed is rather slow, so we shouldn't lose sight of him...
S: But that's not all! We also have to make sure the curry doesn' get spilled!

S: Just the fact that he's flying shouldn't freak you out at all!
S: Birds fly, don't they!?! C'mon! Let's go!
H: Um...okay...
S: T...to think that he'd go as far as flying...
S: That really surprised me...
S: But that is that! And this is this!
S: Bastard! I won't...
S: let you have the curry all to yourself!!
H: He's coming down!
S: We must hurry!

F: A...a cave's opening...
H: What...was that chant he just did...
S(2b): There's no point wasting time thinking about it...just focus on the curry!
H: This just keeps getting more and more suspicious...

M: D...don't scare me like that!!
F: MAsaru-kun! Are...are you alright!?
H: What the hell were you doing back there?!
M: I...don't really know...
M: When I woke up, I was standing here...
M: S...
M: Something's there!!

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