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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 23


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 23

COMMANDO 23 Masaru and the Repeating a Year in Hell Decision: Heading out on the Commemoration Train-meso...?

M: So...
M: something's there...!!
M: A-all the curry's been eaten, hasn't it...?
M: Damn you, whoever did this...you must really like curry a lot!!
F: It doesn't necessarily mean they like it...
Y: ...could it be that, a bear that was starving to death suddenly awakened to its supernatural ESP abilities...
Y: and somehow used them to control Masaru-kun, who was carrying the curry? (with its MIND!)
C: A bear with ESP...?
H: There's no way that's it, Moe-Moe.
F: Wait...

F(2b): This is the place that Masaru-kun said he trained at before, right...and when he jumped, the rings gave a response...
F: !? ...do you mean...
F: (The mysterious) aliens!!
M: Hahaha! You guys are so stupid! Still talking about stuff like that...
F: B..but...
H: You flew in the fucking sky, dammit!!
S: Hey, boys! It looks like this path leads deeper into the cave!
M(2b): Alright! Let's go take a look! Then we'll find out for sure if it was the aliens or not!
M: !? It's pretty bright in here!
M: Fumu...
M: Uwahh! It's decorated pretty well!

F: Suspicious!!
F: Wh-why is all this stuff in a cave...?
H: The fact that it's bright even though there's no lights also bugs me...
M: There!
M: Over there!!
M: Mu!?

Door: Dosukoi (*t/l note: It's a charge call in sumo) Tea Room"Je ta'ime"
M: What the hell!!?
M: Th..this is...!
F: Eh!?
M: Je ta'ime...!!
M: Dosukoi Tea Room...
M: Je ta'ime!!!
M(2b): ...is what it says!
H: All you did was read it!!
F: It's too ambiguous!!
?: Wh...what is it, anyway? Dosukoi Tea Room...
?: Did they bring the door here from somewhere...?
M: Whatever! Let's just go in!

F: Wha...
F: What is this!?
H: A spaceship...it's definitely a spaceship!!
M(2b): No...! This is, without a doubt...the Dosukoi Tea Room!
F: The hell it is!
M: H-hey, over there...
M: Isn't there something over there...?
H: Hm...?

sfx: mozo mozo
F: S...something's moving...
H: What is that...?
M: Me...
M: MESO...!

M: Hoge~?
sfx: kypuriiiin
F: Cu...
M: It's so cute! What is it!?
F: So this is what a meso is!?
H: Over here, over here, Meso-chan!!
M: Hoge?

H: I...I can't take it...
F: It makes my heart beat...
M: Wh...what part of that little bastard do you think is cute?!
F: Wh...what are you saying, Masaru-kun?! It's super cute!
M: It isn't cute one bit!!
F: Something's wrong with you!!
H: Look! Because of you, Masaru, it's getting scared!
F: Over here, Meso-kuuun!
F: Over here!
F(2b): Meso-kun...hm?
F: What is this?
F: A suit...?

H: Ee!?
sfx: fuuu! (x3)
M: Mukyu <3
H: S...
H: S...
H: Something's weird...
H: But it's cute!!

F: Wh-whoopsie! Looks like I scared it a little...
H: Y-yeah...! You just scared it!
M: Be more careful, Fuumin-kun!
M: Hey! Let's bring it back with us!
H: Yeah, we'll make it the Moustache Club's pet!
M: The beautiful, blue moustache master
M: has no use for such a vile creature growing hair all over its body in weird places like its cheeks and stuff!!
H: What...that's your reasoning...?
F: What does it matter?
M: It matters a lot!!
M: It isn't a part of "Moustacheship!!"
M: Huh?
M: Hoge~
M: Cuuuute!!
M: You really are too cute!
H: Look, Masaru...
F: He loves people, how can you not think he's cute...?

F: ...hm?
H: It has a zipper!!!
H: M-Moe-Moe! Be careful!!
F(2b): On...on it's back...there's a zipper!!!
M: Eh?
M: A...zipper?
sfx: kyupiiin

M: Kyaaah!
sfx: fuuuu!!
sfx: fuuuu!!
sfx: Huh!?
M: Hoge?
F: Suspicious....
F: Suspicious!
F: Suspicious!!!
M: It...it just got scared because you spoke in a loud voice all of a sudden...
H: But, Moe-Moe...there's a zipper on its back...
H: It's just too suspicious!!
F: It might be dangerous...
M: B...but maybe the thing inside is even cuter!
F: ...I don't think that's the case...
M: B...but...
H: There's no other choice...we'll just have to leave it...
M: Yeah! It's a worthless piece of trash-gowasu!!

H: Farewell, Meso-kun...
F: Take care...
M: Sorry....sorry...
M: ....hoge?
M: Fukiiiii!!
M: Nkyuu
M: Mukyuu
M: Hogu!!
M: I...ignore it! Let's go!
M: Hokyuuun...
M: Kyuuuun...

F: Dammit, you little bastard...
F: We love you!!!
F: Yaaaaay!! We'll never leave you again, Meso-chaan!!
F: Let's go! Together!!
M: Fine!! Do whatever you want!!
F: Yaaay!! We got our Captain's approval!!
H: Congratulations, Mesooooo!!
B: And so,
B: it went with the Moustache Club...
B: and they received a new, suspicious teammate...

sfx: mofuuuuu

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