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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 24


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 24

Commando 24: Masaru and the Shocking House Meso
F: Hoi!!!

M: I refuse!!!
H: Why are you refusing...all of a sudden...?
F: What's the big deal? It's just one night...
M: How can you make me spend one night sleeping with this excessively hairy thing?!
little text on right from top to bottom:
little text on left from top to bottom:
the place there the hair is most excessive
the place where there should be more hair
F: But you're the one who told us to decide it by rock-paper-scissors, Masaru-kun!
H: He's right!
M: Mokyu~
M: Mu?
little text:
move this

M: Eh...!?
M(2b): I...maybe I will...take him after all...
F: Eh...?
M: Right now, I just...
M: had a feeling that I...
M: might actually be able to like him...
sfx: ufufufufufufufu
F: Wh...what are you planning, Masaru-kun?!
M: Nothing...
F: Liar! You're shining...!! You're shining alot!!
F: Will...Meso-kun really be OK...?
H: No! There's no way he'll be OK!
F: Maybe I should have taken him after all...

F: H...hey, Masaru...maybe I should come help?
M: Fufu...it's fine...
F: No! It'll be took much work for one person, irght?! I'm coming!
H: Alright, so we're going over to Masaru's house...
K: Take care!
F: Thanks!
M: Farewell!!!
"Moisture Results"
Hananakajima Masaru
Hap~ hap-hap-hap~ hap~
So much
advent of spring
(Kanai Hanako Coed Chorus Group) Aaaa~
C-sections are very painful~
(Kanai Hanako Coed Chorus Group) An atomic ocean~
sfx: kyupiiiin
M: Ah, we're home!
M: This is my house!

sfx: gabiiiin
F: Why is there a blanket?!?
F(2b): Ma...Masaru-kun...this house...the inside is normal, right...?
M: Mokyu!?
H(2b): Hahaha! Of course! This is just something for fun...come! Come inside!
sfx: pachi
M: I'm home!!

M: Huh? No one's home?
F: E...excuse us!
H: Phew...the inside really does look normal...
M: Oh!?
M: It's a note...
M: Wow, so I guess they really aren't home...
To Masaru
We all went
to stay over
at that place...
7cm today!

M: Whaaat?! They went to THAT place!?
M: Dammit!!
F: Th...that place...!?
M(2b): Dammit...I kinda wanted to go, and kinda didn't want to go...to htat place.
F: Ma...Masaru-kun...
F: Where are you talking about!!?

M: So, 7cm today, huh...
F: Is he even listening!?
M: 7cm...OK!
M: Alright!!!!
F: What is!!!??
M: Now then...all the work's done, let's go upstairs!
H: Uh...OK...
F: That was work...?
Sign: Masaru-ing. (Be Quiet!)

M: Hoo...one's room really is the best place to relax...
F: It seems pretty normal...
H: At least for now...
M: Oh yeah! Want some coffee or anything?
F: Eh!? Really?
H: That sounds great!
M: OK, hold on...!
M: I'll give you some special stuff I've been saving!
sfx: suru suru

M: Hm? You wanted coffee, right?
H: W...well, yeah, but...
F: Why are you taking your clothes off?!
M: Hm? What's with you guys...
M: Are you trying to mess with me...!?
(Masaru's) SECRET NOTE
Masaru Style Coffee:
Have you ever messed up making coffee and had to drink the bitter results? Let's make coffee Masaru-style and knock the wits out of dad.
1. Strip
2. Fold
3. Make Coffee
4. Mistake salt for sugar.
M: In the olden days...
M: people often said this:
M: If a man will not work,
M: he shall not eat!

M: If a man will not strip,
M: he shall not drink coffee!
F: If a man will not strip, he shall not drink coffee!!
F: That makes no fucking sense!!
F: Ma...Masaru...this is getting to be too much trouble, so just forget about the coffee!
M: Yeah...besides, it's nighttime, so we won't be able to sleep...
M: Hm? Really...?
M: Well then...
M: Let's sleep!

H: It...it's only 8:00!?
F: You're going to sleep already!?
M: Yeah.
M: Even if we stay up, there's nothing to do anyway...
F: W...well, that's true, but...
(Maybe we should...)
M: The truth is, I'd like to work on the Meso's Moustache Realignment...
H: L...let's sleep!!
F: Sleeping is most important!!
M: Alright! Let's get ready then!
M: Line these three up!
F: O...okay!

F(2b): ...Machahiko-kun, uh...how do you sleep on that?
H: I...I don't know...but there's no way it can be face-up...
M: Hm!? What's wrong, guys? Aren't you tired?
M: It doesn't matter which one!
F: Oh, no...haha...
H: Don't worry about us...
M: !? You two are so weird...
M: Sorry, but I'm going to sleep now!
M: Goodnight!
F: Wh...what is this!? What is the point of this!?
H: It just makes sleeping harder!!

F: Ahhh...why did this have to happen to me...
F: I worried too much about Meso-kun...
F: Goodnight...
F: Hm...?
F: Meso-kun...!?
F: It...it's open...

M: Wh...what's wrong, Fuumin!?
H: Are you alright?!
F: Me...me...me...meso...Meso-kun...!
H: Me...Meso!?

M: ...he's sleeping...?
F: Huh...? Th...that's impossible...
M: Come on, give us a break, Fuumin...
H: You probably just had a nightmare, right...?
F: N...no! Meso's zipper was really open, and there on that window...
H: You're thinking too much about what happened in the cave today...!
M: It probably just stuck in your mind and appeared in a dream!
F: O...oh...you might be right...
F: Yeah, that's probably it...now that I think about it, that thing was way bigger than Meso-kun's body...
F: I really must have been dreaming...
F: Fufu...
F: 'nite, Meso-kun!
sfx: fuuu
sfx: fuuu...
F: It was not determined whether or not what Fuumin saw was a dream or reality...
F: But it is said that Fuumin's second dream that night was about a Drifters' ghost joke...
boxless text(from top to bottom)
F: Gahahahahaha...
H: What now, Fuumin?!
H: Goddammit, not again!

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