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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 26


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 26

?: Hey!
?: Who's that guy?
?: Hm?
?: Ahh...his name's Matsuda or something, right...?
?: He's that, what's it called, Sexy Dynamite Club's...
?: Ahhh...that, huh...pfft!

Commando 26 - Masaru and the Thin Secret Weapon

M: This year, my baseball club has gotten so strong that we're planning on aiming for Koushien...(*t/l note: where all the baseball finals are played in Japan)
M: You sure your club's gonna be alright?
T: Fufu...didn't I tell you...we're on a completely different level...
T: No matter what happens, my boys will not lose!
M: Fufu...interesting! Then, let's set the competition for the day after tomorrow...!
T: Let us both fight fairly with all our might!
M: Hmph...you think we'd have to get serious on the likes of you?!
M: You third-rate teacher!!
T: Fufun...ummmmmm...
T: ...dummy!!

M: Alright, everyone! In order to beat those sons of bitches in the baseball club...
M: Today we're going to learn a new technique, "Overflowing Broth!"
F: O...overflowing...what?
M(2b): "Broth!" This technique involves leg movements as well, so watch closely!
M: Now then...
M: Let's go!
M: Haaaaaaaaaaaaa...
M: OK!
H: Does he really expect us to do that!!?

T: Heeey! My guuuuuys!!
sfx: hah x2
M: Hm?
M: Hey, if it isn't the worthless, ability-less Japanese teacher who went to officially challenge the Baseball Club to a match right after we decided to fight them, Torepan!
F(small): Ability-less!
K: Wahh, that was really informative!
H: He said way too much!
M: Well, sensei? What did they say?
T: Fufu...truly a miserable bunch that don't know hteir place...and yet it seems like they truly intend to take us on...
H: They're underestimating us...
M: Hmph...and we've already begun special training!
T: They have no hope of victory!
T: Yes! I knew I could count on you guys!!
T: Fufu...yes, they truly do not know their place!
T: And that goes for anyone who dares to challenge the Sexy Commandos, led by Matsuda Tatsurou...
T: Alright, everyone!! Hit home runs from the first inning...
T: And deliver a cold loss to them!!

F: H-home run? What? Home run...
H: Cold loss?
M: T...Torepan...could it be, you....
M: couldn't actually intend for us to compete with them in baseball, could you?!?!

F: Sensei, you dumbass!!
F: Sensei, you dumbass!!
F: You're not only a sensei, but a dumbass!!
T(2b): Your sensei is not a dumbass...I'm a jersey!
F: That makes no sense!!!
F: We're amateurs at baseball!! There's no possible way we could beat the baseball club at their own game!!
F: Now we're the ones who don't know their place!!
T: I see...
T: You do have a point...
T(2b): It really isn't fair of me...pushing all the responsibility on to you...I apologize...
F: Eh...?
H: N...no...
T: Understood!
T: Then I'll pitch for you!
H: You think we want you?!?!

K(2b): C...come on, guys...! What does it matter now?
H: Catherine!
K: As of now, we have no choice but to take part in this competition!
K: We should be thinking of victory now more than anything else!
F: Catherine...suddenly just said something amazing!!
M: It's just as Catherine says!
robot: Robo-Pitcher
F: Ro...Robo-Pitcher...!?
H: Those things still exist...?
M: I just customized it a bit...anyway, let's just try training with it!
M: Even if we can't win, let's win anyway!! If we win, we can't lose!!

F: If we win, we can't lose...!!
F: True!!
F: Alright...alright! So all we have to do is win!
H: Yeah...Ok! Let's begin our special training! Masaru!!
M: Me too!
M: Oh! Alright! Everyone follow me!!
F: Wanchu!!
T: ...this is it...!!
T: This is what I've been searching for all this time..!!
T: It really brings me back...
T: to my time in the Amateur Radio Club...!!
T: Oh? Wow, Hayashi...still going at it?
small: Blue Badge
T: You're really dedicated...
H: Yeah! Sensei...can I ask you something?

H: This frequency is producing a Toshiki Carlos Hydroplaning phenomenon at 1600 gauss...what do you think?
T: Hm? Ahh, well...
T: ...I have no idea!!
T: After all, I am an amateur...!
T: And I certainly know nothing about radio!
H: Oh fuck!!
T: Ufufufu...
T: That has absolutely nothing to do with this, though...!
M: OK! Everyone! Ready?!
H: Clean-up Clean-missus!!
M: Alright!! Super Handsome Robot Pitcher, ON!!

H: I think you went way overboard with the customizations there!!
F: Why would you even put jets on it anyway?!
M: Hahaha! It's ceremonial! Ceremonial!
M: OK! I'm gonna pitch it now!
M: You'd better hit it, guys!
H: Bring it on!!
M: Do your best!

M: I'll throw the first one lightly...
H: Wha---!!?
H: How am I supposed to hit this, asshoooooole?!
T: Ooooohhhhhhhh....

M: Wha...!?
T: Uu...!?
F: Ahhh!!
F: Ca...
F: Catherine!!

M: A...are you OK, Catherine-kun?!
H: D...did you really just hit that ball, Catherine!?
C: Fufu...it was just a lucky shot, owww...
H: A-are you seriously OK!?
C(2b): Yes...seems like I kinda hurt my arm a little, though...I'll go to the clubhouse and fix it up!
C: Fufu...just a lucky shot, that's all! A lucky shot...
F: Well...that was surprising....
H: Yeah...who'd've though Catherine would do that...
H: Maybe he played baseball for a bit in the past...
M: With a body like that, he'd be killed, right?
F: B-but he had a strong body until middle school, remember...?
H: That's right...it all makes sense now!
H: Looks like he'll be a key member of the team then!
C: Hahaha, you guys have it all wrong...
C: I'm nothing like that at all!!
C: Seriously...it's not like that at all...
hat, shirt, right leg text: 8th Grade Ace
left leg text: Isobe Ace
M: He's in uniform!!!

H: Th...that uniform...so you really did play baseball...!!
F: N...not only that, but you're the famous ace of Dabide Middle School?!
C: wooow! How'd you guys figure all that out!?
C: I guess I have no choice now...since you found out and all...
C: The truth is, I've been playing baseball since elementary school!
C(2b): And...this really is nothing to brag about, but...I was the ace in 7th and 8th grade...
H: Whaaaaaaaaaaat!!?
H: A 7th grade Ace....
H: at the famous Dabide Middle School!?
F: Hooray!!
H: We can win...we can win this!!
M: You're the best, Catherine-kun!!
F: Wonderful! Wonderful!
song: Wonderful!
Muscle Body!
Muscle Body!
Muscle Body!!
Muscle Body!!

F: Muscle Body!!
F: Wanchu!!
T(2b): Ufufufu! That's it! That's it, you guys! Don't forget this unity!
T: If you combine all six of your powers, you will surely win!!
T: You can do it!!!
T: Huh...!?
T: Wh...what's wrong, guys...?
T(small): Ohhh! Huh?
F: S...
F: Six...?
T: Hm? Six?
T: There's six of you, right? Ri...
F: It's not enough!!

Just Thought of it Now
Masaru's Death Face Series
bubblle: I'm gonna kill you!

I'll probably never draw another, so DEATH

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