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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 27


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Commando 27 - Masaru and the KDs

M: Hey, you!
M: You look like you want to play baseball!
K: Not a bit...
M(2b): No, come on! You wanna play! It's no use trying to lie! It won't work on me!
M: After all, if I said I'd give you a ball with the autograph of a famous person on it, you'd want it, right?
K: Huh? Uh...yeah, I guesss...
H: Nice, Masaru! Keep it up!
M: See, you really do wanna play!
M: If you play baseball with me, I'll give it to you!
K: Eh!? An autographed ball!?
K: You'll give it to me!?

Ball: Okyanpii
K: No thanks.
M: Whaaaaaat!!?
M: Come on, it's Okyanpii! The female comedy duo! Don't you know them?
M: Fine! You know what, I refuse to allow you to play with us!!
H: ...you failed...
small guy in back 1: What's with that guy?
small guy in back 2: I wanna punch him
M: It's useless! Kids these days don't care about celebrities!
F: C...come on, though, only maniacs know about Okyanpii...
H: But you were really close!
F(small): How was he close?!
M: Yes...I'll have to try a star bigger than Okyanpii...
M: How about I go with "Brutus?" (*t/l note: the nickname of an old comedian named Sato Tsutomu)
F: There's no difference!!!

F: N...none of this is going to work, you two!!
F: Besides, the autographs are all fake anyway!!
M: You're really harsh, Fuumin!
sign: Come and stay for a while
Sexy Commando
H: Hoo...I guess we really can't do anything...
C: Even including Susan-san and Meso-kun, we still only have 8 people...
M: We need one more...
F: Hmmmm...
F: But it'd help to have two more.
H: Yeah...and I don't think Meso is going to help us out too much...
M: Hmm...
M: I think I have an idea...
M: I've been thinking it over for a while, but...

M: How about the "Kent Dericotters?"
H: For what!!?
M: Eh? Our team name..
H: Stop wasting time thinking about useless stuff!
small: And what the hell is a Dericotter?!
M: We don't need a name, we need members!!
M: But this is boring...
H: B...but you want to see the baseball club suffer, right!?
M: You guys are so annoying...
F: Yeah! Tomorrow's the big day!
M: If it's just one member we need, I can find one really quickly!
M: How about I just bring one tomorrow?

H: Y...you have someone in mind...?
M: Of course.
F: That should be the FIRST thing you say!!
Box: And so, night fell...
Box: and finally,
Box: the day of the competition came...

B: Now then,
B: all players, line up!!

B: Hm? Hey...huh?
B: Sexy Commando Club...?
M: We're the Kent Dericotters!
B(2b): Er...no, that's fine, but...you're missing two members, aren't you?
H: M...Masaru, that idiot!
F: When are his people coming!?
M: What are you talking about? We have nine people!!
B: Eh? Where?
M: Look! Right behind Torepan-sensei...
text: Torepan
P: Buhaaaaaah!!

P: You call that a player?!
P: Seems like they were really hurting for teammates!
B: Hey! Stop chattering!
M: Shut up already, baldy!
B: H..hold on a second! Even if you count that...thing, you're still short one person!
M: Short? Are you blind?
M: Oh, come on already...he's right over there!
B: Eh?
F: Where!?
text: HERE

M: Allow me to introduce...
M: "Bonanza!"
F: Who the hell is that?!
F: You seriously think that thing is gonna help us?!
H: Bonanza my ass! It's useless!
M: D...don't make fun of Bonanza!!
M: You probably all think Bonanza is a mere toy...
M: But he's anything but that...
M: Look! Those movements, designed specifically for seizing balls!!
M: He's practically bursting with energy!!
M: Nice guts! Bonanza!!
H: Idiot!!

M: Bo...
M: Bonanza!!
M: Ohhh...Bo...Bonanza...
P: Fufu...what's wrong? I thought he could catch them?
P: You'd better not underestimate us.
P(2b): You think a toy like that could catch our balls...?! Let's do this, eight on eight!
M: I...
M: I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Box: And so, the match began,
B: Play ball!!
B: with the Kent Dericotters on offense!
B: Batter #1...
B: Isobe Tsuyoshi!!
H: Go for it, Catheriiiiiine!!
M: Yeah! Don't worry about it! Slam that sucker!!
C: Bring it on!!
P: Fufu...you think you can slam this...?
P: As if it'd be that easy...
P: As if I'd let you slam my ball!!

B: Strike!!
H: F...
F: Fast...
P(2b): Hahahaha! What's wrong?! C'mon, hit it with all your might, don't worry!
P: Or wait...were you just unable to see it?!
C: Fufufu...no...
C: I saw it clear enough...
C: So clear that I've completely read your entire style...
C: Your balls...have been utterly analyzed!!
P: What...!?
F: A...awesome!
H: Go for it! 8th Grade Ace!
C: Fufu...allow me to explain it to you...
C: When you throw the ball...
C: you talk a lot...
P: Buhaaahahaha! You guys really are a bunch of retards!!
P: Just hurry up and quit already!!

P: Wha...
P: Left!
P: Kuh...
P: Guhah!!
H: Uwahhhhhhh!!
F: Amazing!!
C: Saaaafe!!!

P: Third base!!
F: You're kicking ass, Catherine!!
F: We already have a chance at scoring!!
P: I...impossible...
P: How did he hit it...!?
H: We can do this! We can really do this!!
M: Alright, everyone! Don't kill this motivation!!
T: 2nd batter, up!!
M: Mokyu!
F: Meso!!?

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