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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 28


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 28

Commando 28 - Masaru and the Slugger Army

P: Ahahaha! You gotta be kidding me!
P: You sure you're ready!? I'm gonna throw it, you know?! I'm really gonna throw it!!
H: ...dammit...
M: What should we...
T: IF you're gonna throw it, just throw it already, hackjob!!
small: hackjob?!
P: What...?
P: This is too funny...
P: Fufu...so it's alright to throw it, then?
P: Eat this! Mpuuu!! Buhahahahaha!!
P: This is hilarious, ahahahahahahaaaah!!

P: Aaaaahahahahah!!
P: Huh...!?

P: NO WAY...!?

P: It...it went over the fence!!
P: It's a home run!!
C: We scored two points!!
P: Th...that can't be...! What the hell is that thing!?
P: It seemed like its body grew a lot bigger when it hit the ball...
P: Isn't this against the rules?
H: Its body expanded when it hit the ball...
F: That was really creepy...
M: But since it can actually hit well, let's just keep it a secret...
P: H...hey, Kawashima, what's wrong...
K: Shut up! Nothing!
K: Nothing's wrong, so hurry up and get back in place...
K: I won't let them hit another ball!
P: Uh...ok...
P: Fine...we're counting on you!

H: You're up, Torepan-sensei!!
H: Don't stick your thumbs out like that! Hold the bat right!!
T: Ufufu...
T: Come on! If you can really throw that thing, then go and throw it already!!

K: What's wrong? Sensei...
K: That was right down the middle, wasn't it?
T: ...fufu.
T: Well played...
T: Fufu...
T: Fufufufu...
kanji: Absolutely Impossible

T: Three strikes!
F: He's acting proud for some reason!!
F: Come on, you can't give up like that, you're a teacher!!
M: You aren't really a passionate teacher, are you?!
T: Hahaha, let's just keep going and not worry about little mistakes!
P: Kuhh...
P: He's serious now...my hand's starting to get numb...
K: Fufu...next is the 4th batter!
K: In theory, it should mean the star player!
M: OK! Batter #4!
M: You're up!
M: OK!
M: Here I go!

K: Whaaat!?
K: It...it's a girl!! What's going on here?! Are they trying to make fun of me...!?
K: What!? C...could this be part of their plan!?
K: Yeah...the last two were to get me to drop my guard, when in truth my opponent was a young samurai who was actually hiding his true power...
M: Alright!
M: I'm ready when you are!
K: Dammit, I'm totally confused...
K: Calm down, calm down, me!
K: Calm down! Figuring out the true meaning of this star player is the key to opening the door to the heavens...
F: Ahhh! Oh no!
M: Woah! Come on, you can do it, Fuji!
F: Ahhhh!!
M: Yes! You lose, Fuumin!!
M: OK! Fuumin's #5!
F(small): I'm still not prepared...
F: Aw, man...
H: Do your best, Fuumin!

K: Paper sumo...paper sumo?!
K: Seriously? Fufu...fufufufu...
K: They really are making fun of me, aren't they...?
Box: After that, Kawashima's ball transformed into a violent bullet...
B: Even friends who knew him well would say things like "That isn't Kawashima! It's Nishijima!" in bewilderment and confusion...
B: Of course, that ball struck both Moe-Moe and Fuumin out.
B: And before they knew it, the KDs had 3 outs.
P: Change!!
F: S...sorry...
H: Don't worry about it!
C: Yeah! We got 2 points, so we're fine!

M: Fufu...that's right! And we aren't going to let them score a single point in the next round...
M: Because...
M: We have my demon ball...
M: The "Super Violence Magnum Ball mk.I ~And So, Right Now, Toshiko is...~!"
M: Alright, let's go!!
F: Suspicious!! (Especially the Toshiko part)
B: Have you calmed down yet?
K: Y...yes, I apologize...
B: For what...? The only reason they scored in the beginning is because they surprised you...
B: All we have to do is teach them to fear us!
B: Got it, boys?!
P: Yes sir!!

H: Let's win this, everyone!
F: Wanchu!
C: Let's keep their score at 0!
H: OK, Masaru! Do the best with your Demon Ball!
H: We're counting on you!
H: Susan-sensei?!
F: Wh...why are you on the mound, Susan-san?!
H: Wh...where did Masaru go?!
F: He's relaxing!!

F: Don't say stuff like Demon Ball if you have no intention of playing!!
M: What?! I totally intend to play, dammit!!
F: Su...Susan-sensei, are you sure this is alright?!
H: Maybe you should switch with Catherine...
S: Hoh hoh hoh!
S: No, no...I requested this!
S: Relax! I won't let them hit a single one...!
S: I'm~fiiiiine~
S: Buuu~iiii~
F: I...I don't think he's fine at all...
H(2b): Just let it go, Fujiyama-kun...this was a ridiculous match-up from the start...now all we can do is pray...
H&F: That he doesn't die!!
S: Hoh hoh hoh...here I come!
S: Ready, sonny?
P: You're the one who should be ready!
P: Bring it on, hahahahaha!

P: Ha...
P: Eh...!? What...?
M: Wow...
M: A...amazing...
P: That was awesome!!
F: You really can do it, Susan!!
H: Susan, you're the best!!
S: Hoh hoh hoh...
B: I...impossible...
P: Just what is that guy...
P: No...no one could hit that...

F: We...can win...!!
H: I guess it was worth it to pray after all!!
S: Hoh hoh hoh...
S: Here comes the second one, OK?
P: U...uu...
P(2b): Sh...shit!
S: Horyaaaaaaaaaaaaa
S: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...

F: His soul's coming out!!!
P: Yes...
P: It's mine!!
F: N...
F: No...
F(2b): Nice, Masaru-kun! He's on second base!!
M: Super Violence Magnum Ball mk.I...!

M: And So, Right Now, Toshiko Is!!!
H: F...
H: Fast!!!
H: Guhah!
H: I...I did it!
H: Alri...
H: ...ght.
small: Ball
text: 2 vs. 1

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