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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 29


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 29

Commando 29 - Masaru and the Sure-Kill Battle

*line at the bottom: I doubt anyone would even try, but kids, don't even think about it!

P: It's 2 to 1!!!
P: Take that!!
P: We're gonna get a run of home runs here! Hahahaha!!
H: Masaru...that throw was amazing...indeed, the speed and the control was unsurpassed, but...
H: this isn't a ball...
H: It's a damn glove!!
M: Yes! Exactly!
M: It's like they always say...

M: If you're a man,
M: Nice glove!
H: Yeah! Nice glove, Masaru!
F: Who the hell says that?!
F: You're not supposed to throw gloves!!
M(small): He's right! What the fuck are you doing, Machahiko?!
H(small): Ehh?!
C: Um...can we just forget about this, everyone...hm?
S: I'm leaving!!

F: Noooooooo!!!
S: My breakfast is always Kellogg Corn Flakes!
F: Susan-san!!
F: I...I'm so glad you're back...
S: I always wanted to commute to school by bike, you know...
H: He's acting kinda delusional, but at least he's OK...
H: That was close...if someone actually died, we'd be in big trouble...
F: But what should we do? At this rate, there's no way we can let him pitch anymore...
C: I'll take over for him!
F: Catherine!!

H: Y...you're really pitch for us? But...
F: Catherine-kun...is your arm really OK?
C: This isn't the time to be worrying about my arm...
C: I've got to do this...
C: As a man, I've got to pitch!!
C: As long as my right arm still moves!!
F: Catherine-kun...!
C: Pitcher change!!
H: Catherine...make sure you stretch your shoulder well before you do it!
F: Yeah! It's been a while, so...
C: Fufu...I haven't gotten that rusty yet!
P: Haha...is that guy really OK...?
C: Muscle God...
C: Please, give me strength...!!


P: Wha...
P: What!?
F: Wow...
H: That's our Catherine!
P: Guhah...
C: Seems like I've reached my limit...
H: Don't waste all your energy on the practice shot!!
F: What are you thinking!!?
C: Ufufufufu...
P: Hey...
P: This game will never end at this pace!!
K: Dammit...I was impressed and even made a serious face...
K: But in the end, I was just being tricked again!!

F: What should we do...
H: Hmmm...
H: We've got no choice...
H: I'll just have to pitch...
F: Yeah...I'm kinda of afraid to let Masaru-kun do it...
F: Machahiko-kun, do you have experience in baseball?
H: Yeah....
H: A bit!
B: Machahiko's experience was indeed just that...
B: He wasn't bad, but definitely not good...
Arrows (from left to right): Weird leg bending, so-so form, a young-looking expression, favorite t-shirt, average speed
B: If anything, it was a rather boring pitch.
B: Of course, the baseball club got shots one after one...
B: But with a firm (although slightly loose) defense, the KDs kept the runs from exceeding three.
M: Alright! Let's get another two runs, everyone!!
F: Wanchu!!

M: Come! The scars on my heart I received from you...along with my anger...
M: I'll send it all back to you at once!!
M: This one's for everyone!!
M: And this one's for Bonanza!!
M: And this one's...
M: for my anger!!!!
M: Three strikes!!!

H: This is bad...I guess Masaru won't be of help after all...
H(2b): I'll just have to use it...that move I studied while reading baseball manga...
H: The True Sure-Kill Hitting Technique!!
H: Bring it!!
P: Fufu...what a weird stance...
P: You think my ball can be hit with that?!
P: Muh!?
T: Wha...
T: What!?
H: Fufufu...by combining the hitting techniques from a wide array of baseball manga,
H: I developed this move...

H: Sure-kill...
H: Late Bunt!!!
P: OUT!!!
H: Haha...I get it now...when there are no other runners on the field...
H: the Late Bunt is absolutely useless...
H: Fufu...
H: Fufufufufu...
H: I'm really an idiot...
S: Yep.
T: We know.
F: Yeah.
M: Idiot.

B: After that,
B: the game continued without any more interruptions.
B: While the baseball club clearly had the upper hand,
B: thanks to Meso, the fate of the Kent Team,
B: through trial and error,
B: took alternately favorable and unfavorable turns.
writing on the ball: Sigourney Weaver

B: Finally, the game moved into the 8th inning,
B: with the Kent Team in the lead at 10 to 8...
B: The baseball team was on offense this inning...
H: Hah
B: and had two outs with bases loaded.
F: A...are you alright? Machahiko-kun...
C: Want me to pitch for you?
S: Shall I?
M: I could give it a try...
H: Hah x2
H: I'm fine....
M: That's it! Machahiko! If you're a man, you should "sleep well, eat well, and pitch well!"
H: Hah x2
H(2b): Do your best! We're betting it all on you! Including the money!!
M: You can do it! Man! Machahiko!
M: Fight, Machahiko-kun!
F: Maaaaan! Maaaaan! Maaaaaan!
bg: Maaaaan
H: I can do it...!
H: After all, I'm a man, aren't I?!

sfx: kakiiiiiiin
B: Yeaaaahhh!!
P: It's a home run!!
P: They made a comeback!!
F: Ma...Machahiko-kuuuuuun!
H: Fu...fufu...
M: Don't mind it!
H: Fufufufu...
H: I...I'm not a man...
F: That's not true!
H: I'm a dog! A loser dog! Ufufu...
M: You aren't a loser dog...
F: Masaru-kun...

M(2b): You did your best, Machahiko...you're a man.
M: You did wonderfully...
M: you loser man!
F: Don't say anything unecessary!!
P: Fufu...looks like you're really having trouble...
P: Do you really want the money so bad you're willing to tear your club apart?
P: How about giving it up here? I mean, isn't it clear that there's no hope, no matter how much you struggle...?
M: Don't misunderstand, baldy!
M: Baseball starts from two strikes...
M: And introduction month starts tomorrow!
M: Pitcher change!

Musha Game vol. 1
~maugotsumushanyoka Game~
(It means a really awesome game)
A really popular game

Panzer Dragoon On Sale
*Sega Saturn
Kora Hontatkotsu yoka game.
This is a really awesome game.
maugotsu shibii. production
And really aggressive(?). The execution is really clever
umyaatsu. The controls
It really sucks me in. It took a while
mujibatten but, seriously
to get used to the controls, but this is seriously
Nobel Prize baitaaa!!
a game worthy of receiving the Nobel Prize.

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