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Translations: Gintama 701 by kewl0210 , One Piece 930 by cnet128

Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 31


-> RTS Page for Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoiyo!! Masaru-san 31

Commando 31 - Masaru and the Dangerous Meso
M: C'mon~ Show your courage~
M: It's time for mincing~ get your knife~
M: Ooooonion~ Stiiings the eyes~
M: Teaaars~ Hold them back~
F: What kind of high schooler sings Kiteretsu Daihyakka (*t/l note: An old manga by Fujiko F. Fujio) like these at the break of dawn...
M: Flour~ and egg~ and bread crumbs~
H: Don't sing Kiteretsu Daihyakka songs with such a serious look on your face!!
M: If you fry it all~
M: you get a croquette~!

F: What kind of song is that?!
F: Hattori-kun has nothing to do with croquettes!!
M: What?
P: There they are...!
P: Fufu...look at those idiots!
M: Now then! Let's go make fun of Torepan today with all our might!
F: Let's not!!
H: Torepan is a teacher, remember?!
M: But Torepan looks like such an idiot, even despite the fact that he wears glasses!
H: Well, that's true, but...
M: Huh!? It's already gotten this late?!
M: OK! Time to go!
H: See ya, Meso! Keep the fort down for us!
M: Bye-bye!
P: There they go...
P: Yeah...look at 'em, all happy-go-lucky...
P(2b): Hmph...smiling like that even though they were all held back a year...we owe them a lot, too...
P: It's only right that we should pay them back...

Commando 31 - Masaru and the Dangerous Meso
P: by kidnapping that cute pet of theirs!!

P: What kind of animal is that?
P: I dunno...who cares!
P(2b): It's the perfect bait to use on them, though...that's all that's important!
P: Fufu...you're right...
P: Cute...
P: Yeah...
P: Hey now...this isn't the time to be feeling all fancy!
P: OK! Let's get started then...! Ishiguro! You keep watch here!
I: O...okay!
Meso's song mooakyuukyuu kyookyakyuuu mokyuu makyokyookyoo kyaakyuukiikyuu

I: Fu...what's it doing?
I: That's really cute...
song 2: saakyuu kyuukiikyoo kyaakii mincekyii
song 3: oniongyuu stingkyaa tearkyuu holdmooa
I: Wa...wait a second!! Is this Kiteretsu!!?
song 4: flour kyooota eggkyii breadkyo crumbkyuu
I: Why the hell is this animal singing the Kiteretsu Daihyakka theme song!!?
M: If you fry it all~
M: you get a croquette~
I: Whaaaat!!?
P: Dammit! Stop making all that noise, Ishiguro!
I: B...but, this thing...it was s...singing Ki...Kite...

P: Whatever, just shut up for a minute, OK?!
P: Seriously, you're such an idiot...!
I: B...but...
I: You guys...this thing...
I: For some reason, it's extremely suspicious!!
P: Hm?
P: It's gone?!
sfx: chapu... x2
P: Over there!!
sfx: chapu
sfx: chapo
sfx: jabaaa
sfx: piiii

sfx: kucha
sfx: pipyuuuuuu
sfx: pacha
sfx: gapon
sfx: piro piro piro
sfx: poppooo
sfx: zubah
sfx: zawaaaa
sfx: nobofu!!
sfx: boyoyoooooon
P: Wha...
P: What!!?
sfx: pitah
M: Oiiiiiisu!
P: What the fuck!!?
sfx: picha
sfx: korori
sfx: mon mon
sfx: daraaaa

P: Th...this is kinda creepy...what the hell is that thing doing?!
P(2b): It...it is kinda suspicious...but we won't catch him unless we open that, right?!
P: Don't act afraid...
sfx: gatah
sfx: bikuh
sfx: gatatan
sfx: gobo gopo
sfx: gunyaaa
sfx: bata
sfx: pichi pichi
sfx: nutooooo
sfx: boiiiiiin
sfx: bata
P: Hiieeeee!!
P: Is...is it going crazy?!
P(2b): D...don't get worked up! Calm down...!! Uwahhh!!
P: G...goddammit...!!
P: Get out here, you monster!!
M: Mokyu
sfx: kuriiin

P: Cute!!
P(2b): Whatever it was doing back there...it doesn't really matter, does it...
P: Not at all, ahahaha...
P: C'mon, c'mon!
P: We won't do anything to you, just come over here!
P: Here, we have rope!
P: Ropes are fun to play with!
M: Mokyuuuu
P: Ahahaha, good boy!
P: Yay! Good job...
P: Tie it up!!!

P: A fastener!!?
P: Wh...what is this thing...!?
P: Why does it have a fastener...?!
P: And...isn't there something poking out from there!?
M: Fukyuuu!!
P: It's being closed from the inside!!

P: S...seriously, what's with this thing...
P: None of this makes any sense! Why the fuck does it have a fastener?!
M: Moguuu?
P: It's...walking so we can't see its fastener...
P: Suspicious...
P: Hmph...stop being ridiculous, you guys...
P: Fastener or not, a pet is a pet!
P: We're bring it with us!
P: C'mon, c'mon!

M: Kyu!
I: Oh!?
P: It seems happy...!
P: Fufu...look! It's so cute!
sfx: pachin
sfx: pachin
M: Mokyuuun
P: What the hell were those noises!!?
P: It just attached that cape to its skin, didn't it?! Just now!!
P: Something's weird about this thing, man!!

M: Fukyuuun
M: Mokyuuun
P: It's trying to win us back with its cuteness...
P: I...I think we should leave this thing...
I: Yeah, let's give this up, Hattori-san! It's too suspicious!
H: Well...it's definitely suspicious...
H(2b): Hmm...maybe we should try another plan...
P: That seems like a much safer idea...
P: Yeah...but that means we need to think of another one...
P: I guess we have no choice, let's just go...
M: Kyuuuun!
M: Kuuuun...
M: Mokyuuu...

M: Kyuuu...
P: Guys...
P: H...have you...
P: thought of another plan?
P: No! Not at all!!
P: Guess we have no choice!!!

Note: To the retards
We took your pet!
P.S. Idiots! From Hattori and Kojima

H(2b): D...dammit! Those bastards...to think they'd do such a cowardly thing while we were gone...
M: ...they never learn...
M: Wh...what should we do?! I hope Meso-kun's OK...
M: What if they do something bad to him..
H: Moe-Moe...
H: There's nothing to worry about...I'll bring him back, safe and sound...
F: Hm?
M: Tasty stick!!
H: Bastard! How dare you come back to the scene of the crime like this...
M: Mokyu!
H: Uh...
H: I gave him some food, so...

H: Wh...what's going on...?
F: I...dunno...
M: "At first we were pissed off at you. But then the cuteness healed us."
M: "One day, we will relaly kill you, though! To the Idiot Army Who Got Held Back, from Hattori..."
F: ...that doesn't make any sense...
H: Is this to say they kidnapped it because it was cute...?
M: They must have had a change of heart...
M: Yeah right...Tasty Stick, a change of heart?
H: No...he too must have become an adult too...
H: Fufu...after all, he too...
H: stayed back a year just like us...
Box: In the end, everyone had been held back a year.

For example...
For example, OK?
A, a dog...uh..
And...a human girl...
...never mind, woof...

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