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Trigun Maximum 102

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 102

?: Vash and Knives, who disappeared suddenly, still remain missing...
?: It's been half a year, and rumors of death are starting to spread...
?: Other voices have also been doubting whether the Earth Federation of Preserving Public Peace's army is truly making an effort to search out and arrest them.
?: Doubt, huh....
?: Gimme a break.

?: Vash, who saved the Earth from Knives, is...?
?: The epic series that's run over 10 years finally comes to a finish!

?: The Earth army...looks like they're trying to manipulate the news to try and catch you.
?: Seems like the incident in Octovarn really hit them hard.
?: What do you think,
?: Vash?
V: ...Yeah...
V: You're right.
?: It just doesn't rub me right for some reason.
?: I don't think I'll ever like guys of their class.
?: Hey, come on, pop!
?: Don't you remember watching the television in the city?!
?: That was insane!
?: Alright, alright, ya dumb simpleton, I get it!
?: I can't believe I have such a crappy dad!
?: Well, it's true that we were saved by the Earthlings, after all.
?: If it hadn't been for their Ships, we wouldn't be here right now.
?: I guess we have no choice but to coexist.

V: It seems like we're gonna have to part pretty soon.
?: ...No, um...are you sure?
V: ...Sorry.
?: Don't be so wishy-washy, Vash!
?: Thanks to you, we've been having a really fun time!
?: Thinking back to that then...
?: I can't believe half a year has really passed.

?: This man...he saved the other one!!

?: This a necessary person to you all!!!

V: Now that I think about it,
V: You really took a chance welcoming in some random weirdos.
?: I don't wanna hear that from you!
?: It's because you had your head titled like desperately.
?: There you were, on the verge of death.
?: Not even a back-alley doctor would have taken you.
?: How ARE your wounds?
V: Ah, they're fine now.
?: 'zat so.
?: The way those wounds were, your guts shoulda been all spilled out.
?: It's a good thing we found you when we did.
?: Although, I still don't know how those mortal wounds you had healed all the way...

?: Uwah!
?: What the heck?!
?: What is this!!!
K: This should be serve as a meal for now...
?: Ahh, apples!! But why are they growing like that?
K: Take care of..him.
?: Eh?
?: Uh...
?: Where are you going?
?: Make sure to tell Vash too.

?: ...It's no use.
?: Vash!
?: Vash!!

?: Alright, go ahead and leave already.
?: And then find some place to live where no one will ever see you again.
?: You've already done more than your part.
?: Got it?
V: ...Yeah.
?: Thank you.

C: Dad....
D: Don't step away from this side, Carlito.
D: If something happens, just try to buy some time for as long as you can, however you can.
D: Once we've given him enough time, we'll surrender.
D: But if they somehow find out what's going on, everything will go to waste.
V: ...I'm sorry.
V: You two...
V: I've gotta go fast--

?: Gah
?: Ah
?: Aaah
?: Gohon
?: Ah!
?: This is...
?: The Earth Federation of Preserving Public Peace Army!!
?: We have an announcement to make to all the beloved residents of the Mesa Probe Church!!
?: We have, as of now, completely surrounded you!
?: We have come searching for a suspect that we have reason to believe you are harboring in there!!
?: We have a single request:
?: Release both Millions Knives and Vash the Stampede to us at once!!
?: You have five minutes!!
?: Release them, and we shall leave you in peace!

?: If you do not...
?: Then we are prepared to use military force to assist you in doing so!!
C: Dad!!!
D: Five minutes...that's all he should need.
D: Let's see....should I act like I just woke up...or had a hangover...maybe diarrhea? That could probably give me 15 minutes...
C: Dad!! Dad!! Are you alright?!
D: He'd probably be well out of their sight by then...
D: Come on, Vash!!
?: Just as...
?: I thought..

?: I have a bad feeling about this!!
?: Therefore, if you do not respond immediately, then we will be forced to break in at once!!
D: ...Wha?!
?: Prepare to charge...
?: In five seconds!!

?: Oi...!!
?: ...That's...!!!!
?: The deep crimson coat....
?: Hair like a spiky cactus..!!
?: ...It can't be...!!
?: No, there's no mistaking it!
?: That man is...

D: That idiot...
D: What happened to the plan?!
V: ...Just this once!!
V: Once I can shake off these guys...
V: I'll diguise myself and go live off on my own!
V: I'll wear a wig and live by myself! I'll put on fake teeth and live on my own!! I'll get a Kaiser hairstyle and start saying "Zansu" at the end of all my sentences!!
V: The Earth troops are pretty honorable, so I doubt they'll even say that they let me get away.
V: It's alright!! Soon I'll be just another inhabitant of "No-Man's-Land!"
V: I'll live quiet and hidden out in the desolate wasteland,
V: I'll get an optimistic LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability) like I've always wanted!!

?: Ah
?: Vash
?: Ohh, ohh, what's this?!
?: Looks like we found the little shrimp the Earth army's after!!
?: I wonder how much we'll get for HIS head!!!
?: Like stealin' candy from a baby!!!

?: Ohhh? What the hell is this? It looks like another Earthling piece of junk!!
?: Shoot it to pieces!!
?: What are you doing?! Stop it this instant, you stupid natives!!
?: You idiots! Like we'd hand over this guy who's given us so much pain and pleasure!!
?: You're just after the reward, you damn bounty hunters!!

?: We're gonna kill ya'll gourd-faced Earthlings!!
?: You brutes!!
?: Mesubi-heads!!

V: Meryl!!!!

(bottom right): I don't BELIEVE this!
?: Now what have you done?!
M: Vash-san!!
M: You thought I forgot about everything so easily?!
M: I'm not going to let you get away from us again like you did in Octovarn!!!!
V: Ah...
V: I'm sorr...
M: There we go.
M: I knew saying those caustic words with such a serious face would bring you to your knees! Just look at yourself now!
M: We're sick and tired of this, you know!! Chasing you around the entire world!!!
V: My dignity...

M: Hm.
M: That felt good to say.
M: Now then!!
M: Here!!
M: Let's get started, shall we?
M: Let's show all thse people waiting for you...
M: Your energetic side, alright?

V: There's the Insurance Girls I remember!!
V: We really are a great team, eh?
M: Ah.
M: Not anymore, Vash-san.
M: We aren't...
M: working for the Insurance Agency anymore.

V: "No-Man's-Land Broadcasting..."

SFX: Kyuuu
(Top 4, right to left)
V: On this hot, sandy planet...
V: Traveling from east to west on this huge wasteland...
V: I am the one that strives for Love and Peace...
V: Who's also been called the Humanoid Typhoon...
(bottm 6, right to left)
V: With 600,000,000,000 on my head...
V: Whether it's from fate, karma, or accident....
V: I'm just another man caught between heaven and earth...
V: A wandering gunman with a red coat...
V: Vash the Stampede! Yoyoi-yoi-yoi!

?: DOKIH!!
M: The full-24 hours broadcast of emergency pursuit file continues!!!
M: The red demon who inhabits this desert wasteland is now preparing to enter BATTLE MODE!!
M: CHIKICHIKI! The mysterious man who has been called a human calamity!!
M: A no-holds barred, all-revealing coverage special!!
M: Wait until you see all this controversy!!

M: Alright,
M: Vash-san!!!
M: This is the opening!! Very important!!
M: All of a sudden returning after half a year!!
M: Enthusiam and mystery!! Got it!?
V: Oh...
V: Ah...
V: G-g-give..
V: me...


V: Hah
V: Hahahahah
V: Wahahahahah
V: Ahahahahahah

?: In a far-off time,
?: In a place too distant for anyone to see,
?: A song is sung,
?: for all of mankind.

Trigun Maximum - End.

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