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Trigun Maximum 37

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 37

Whether they have somehow evolved...or just mutated,
They are "Plants."
They seem to be immortal...
An advanced form of sentinent life.

M: This ain't good.
M: I'll catch a cold...
What the hell?! Say that again and I'll bust you a new one!

I don't make guns anymore.
Give it up, boy.
Don't you tell me what to do, gunsmith!
All this shit about worthiness...Murdock!!
You'll regret turning me down!
Watch it, buddy!
Oh, it's just you...
Long time no see, lightnin'!

W: Eh?
W: Why the long face?
You can have some if ya want, this curry kinda stinks.
I'm really not hungry.
I don't seem to have much of an appetite...
Tongari, huh?
Well, I understand that.
All those scary wings and stuff...

Don't you want to know what he is?
even if you DID ask, I couldn't tell ya.
A normal person would ask, though...
To find out what those wings were.
You mean you know?!
What, no, who said that?
Thoughts: Why the hell am I
Thoughts: talking to this guy!?
Like I said, I can't tell you, but...
there is one thing I DO know.
Within that right arm of his is one hell of a weapon.
Twice, we have been stricken by calamity.
You know what a peace-monger that guy is...
But despite that, he's still a time bomb just waiting to explode.
By following him, you put your own life at risk.
Got it?

Get back to your office and excuse yourself from this case.
Just do it while you still can.
This isn't the place...
for that cute little partner of yours.

I get it...
That thing's in bad shape.
Definitely not in a condition to use.
Can you handle it, Brandon?
Jerkass. You have some balls just to show up here like that, ya know?
I'll have it done by tomorrow.

Unlike my pop. Now he was a TRUE drunk.
What kinda life is that, saying goodbye to the "Dew of Life?"
I'll leave it to you, Marlon.
No sweat!
I'll stake my name as the legendary gunsmith on it!
Here's a replacement for the meanwhile.
I'll have the adjustments done in no time.

I can't friggin' take this!
Who protects this town for him? WHO!?
It's unbelievable! He gave me, the sheriff, the cold shoulder...just to make a whole new gun for a total stranger!
Hey, Murdock, settle down. We have a lady present.
The post-office is thataway.
Just make your first right and go straight.
We put our lives on the line...
We go up against scum of the earth every damn day!
We NEED good guns...for the sake of peace!
But he chose to do it for that bastard.
That broom-headed idiot!
Hmm...well, I'll be going now! Thanks!

That power...firepower...
Even now, I still remember.
Consider guns delicate! Women especially should learn to use them.
A single shot will level the playing field between you and a strong man.
I recieved the power to deal out death as I saw fit.
It was all too terrifying.
The first time I shot a person...
I was speechles. I fell to my knees and lost control of my body, shut off from the outside world.

So, how does it look, Yngwie?
Looks great to me, Yangwie! This is just want we want -- a tiny, rich little town.
Let's find some grub, and maybe some drinks.
But before that...we need some cash!
Alrighty then. Let's go make some money! Money is the key to happiness, after all.
That makes for a tough world, but that's life!

Well, well, well.
He really goes all-out.

The hell...
You fired THAT many, and all you can do is this shit?!
I remember you from the saloon,
Mr. Sheriff!
My name's MURDOCK.
Don't forget that.
I'll say one thing -- I don't like you.
Oh really? I couldn't tell...

This guy is the descendant of the legendary gunsmith, Frank Marlon.
Brandon may be a drunk, but he sure knows his stuff.
I think I understand him now. The guy's lost his marbles.
He has so many holes in his head...
that counting them would just be a waste of time.

That itchy trigger-finger of yours just can't stay away from a gun.
YOU'RE the one who's lost his marbles.
What I mean is...you don't know shit.
Hey look at meee!! I fired a bullet!! BANZAIIII!!
You can die and be reborn a thousand times, and the answer will still be the same! NO FRIGGIN' WAY!!
Let's go -- you and me! Draw your gun, dan you!

An explosion..?!
That's where the bank is!!

What the hell IS that?!
Judging from their position, they already hit the sheriff's office.
I guess I have to go it alone.
What should we do...what should we do!?
Sempai...I'm frozen soliiid!
This is nothing compared to last time, Milly!
That's not nothing!!
Hold on, there's only one!
It's slow, to boot.
I have a bunch of open shots!
In any case, when he opens up to shoot his bombs, I'll get him.
This is pretty much like a stand-off.

Soooooo...hoooow doooes iiiit feeeel?!
If the bullets didn't tag ya, then I guess there's only one solution! Man, you guys just can't take pain, can ya?
What a waste of time!!
Right here...
how about I send you off with a blaze of glory!!
What do ya thing, Yngwie?!
Sounds awesome, Yangwie!
Sempai!! They're going to kill that man!!
What are we supposed to do!?

What the?!

Who the hell is this?!
Whaddya want!
I'm someone you DON'T wanna fight!!
What do you say to letting that man go and running away?
If so, we can settle this without anyone getting hrt!

He's still trying to settle things peacefully...
This is insane!! But he's unarmed!!
I forgot...
can he still even fire a gun?
That "memory"...
It was nothing but pain, loss...and blood.
Now that he has recovered that memory...can he still shoot?

I'll give you a big surprise!!
Feel sorry for yourself as I blow you to smithereens!

He shot the fuses?!
That's friggin' impossible!
That dumbass can't even shoot a frozen target!

No way...
He only missed the vital organs...!
All of those shots had gone through the same hole.
No...this can't be!!
He can shoot over and over again and never miss?

When everything was over...
I felt...
That this too was just another event to add to his legends.
I felt...
that his determination...
was even stronger than all the regret he carries.
the Stampede.
Whoops!! I borrowed it for a little!
I just shot one off the starter!
You piece of...get your grubby hands off it!

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