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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Trigun Maximum 39

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

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#3. Cross X Assassins

The original purpose of this experiment was simly to torture him...and eventually kill him for fun.
Any way you looked at it...it was a game.
That was to be his punishment for injuring my master's sacred body.
From this point on...
...you are my target!!
...something terrible happened.
It was the first time anyone had looked at me like that...
Because, honestly...no one had ever survived that long.

Who said you could kill him!?
You ungrateful worm!!
That being, standing between Knives-sama and I.
The coin case that had simply been a toy I added for fun...suddenly gained a new meaning.
Maybe it was this way all along...
If he gathers all the coins...

Really, though...
I can't believe you're still alive.
The Gung-Ho Guns were Master Knives' original army.
To use them
for your own disgusting pleasures...
That look tells me that you think you alone are enough to serve him.
Both...in body AND mind...

I won't deny it, though.
You are the only one that has not been assigned a number.
That is the only proof we need.
I need to find an outlet somewhere, though, or else I really may kill you.
are trash.
He needs something much more fulfilling.
All the obstacles pinned against him in this fateful battle...

They irritate me...
to the point of insanity!!
Everything on this earth is salt compared to the pureness of my devotion to him.
Alright, alright, alright!! I get it, enoguh already...
In any case...
The new assassins you're giving the two remaining coins to...what are their names?
Since you're all tied up there, the only one who can go and meet them is me.
The two remaining Guns are coming from the Eye of Michael:

So it really does exist.

These three towers...
The fallen ship pointing towards the sky like a castle.
This has to be it!
But then...
what's that?

Turn back!
You should already understand...
that you will not pass safely.

What's up, gramps?
You the gatekeeper here?
Of course not.
We are those who have shed our humanity to follow HIM.
He does not acknowledge our existance, however...
We will try our best to be of SOME use to him.
That's pathetic.
The words of a true weakling!
The truth is...
you can't bear the fact that someone more lowly than yourselves would meet him, right?

I hold quite the extensive resume.
I'll prove it...
so gimme all you got.
The "Eye of Michael"...?
They're unusually late.

There seems to be some conflict within their organization.
Maybe even a change in leadership...
They're quite unique...
Rather than individuals, they hold three seperate positions within the Gung-Ho Guns.
The organization was founded by a leader in the church of plant worshippers.
They've always provided Master Knives with top-of-the-line assassins.
The two that are coming now...
are said to be the best in the world.

Phew, what a sight.
Nothin' like killing without holding back...

The smell of blood just won't go away...
The scent's so strong a normal human would faint just from smelling it.
This sure is some place...
simply oozing with evil...

It's nothing.
I just sorta felt like someone was watching us.
Are there survivors?
"Concentrate on what's ahead?"
I gotcha, I gotcha...
Those guys outside were small fries compared to what's in here.
So who knows what might--


An enemy?!
No way!!
How could they get us on a speeding motorcycle?
Weighing in at over 150kg!!
This could only be...


Looks like I didn't have to go meet them...
...after all.
You are finally here.

I apologize for my untimely arrival...

I didn't know you were bringing an army with you.
I was presumptuous...
please forgive me.
We sure have had a lot of visitors today.
A few rats must have crept in with you...
Taking care of them wasn't even enough to break a sweat...
so Double Fang took them all himself.

Is it to your liking?

Half-assed attempts like this...
...usually lead to terrible results.
All the witnesses must leave here, I'm afraid.
But I must thank you...
...for coming such a long way.
You two are the last cards we have to play.
Please...take these, and embrace your new destiny.

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