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Translations: One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128 , Gintama 565 by kewl0210

Trigun Maximum 43

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 43

Translated by Molokidan
Wolfwood: Geez...
Wolfwood: The legendary demon gunman known as the "Humanoid Typhoon"...

Wolfwood: looks like
Wolfwood: he just came
Wolfwood: from watchin' a crapload of funerals!
Vash: You're so mean...
Vash: So insensitive...
Wolfwood: If you wanna act like you're in Hell so bad,
Wolfwood: Just go there and never come back!!
Wolfwood: ...gunshots?

Mob: You better start crying and repent,
Mob: ya dirty rotten scoundrels!
One-Eye (hereon referred to as OE): Uh, wait!
OE: My fellow citizens, I have but one
OE: small favor to ask of you.
OE: Woncha let this cute little guy free?
OE: Ya'll know he's innocent!

Hat Dude: Heh, uh...
HD: Sure!
HD: You're only tied up, ain't like yer hangin'.
HD: Go on, getta outta here, Hancock.

Hancock: UWAAAAN!!
Hancock: I'm a dummy, sure, but I'm not too stupid ta know what you guys'll do to me, dammit!!
Crowd: Gya ha ha ha!
HD: Well, in that case!
HD: We'll start shooting up from the "platform!"
HD: Show me how long ya can stay standin'!!

Wolfwood: Just quit while you're ahead.

Wolfwood: You mess with him,
Wolfwood: and you're in for a world of hurt.
crowd: Ahhh...
Crowd: Va...
Crowd: STAMPEDE!!!
Guy: What was that?
Guy: Mayor?!
Mayor: (muttering) There's no mistake...
Mayor: I've seen him before,
Mayor: at Colnago!!
Mayor: and if I remember correctly, that guy...
Mayor: He stopped a goddamn bullet!

Mayor: Everybody, just put down your guns.
Mayor: You can go wherever you want,
Mayor: ...but don't ever come here again.
OE: Naw,
OE: You really helped us out back there, man!
OE: Three cheers for the celebrity!

OE: Ah've heard all about ya.
OE: In fact, the last thing I heard was that all those crazy rumors about ya were actually true!
OE: Heheh...
Vash: ...yep.
OE: Dumbass.

OE: Woah!
OE: Heheheh...
OE: Hehe!
Vash & OE & Hancock: UWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Wolfwood: Ah, whatever.
Wolfwood: This is his last chance to have fun, I guess.
Grandma: What'll it be?
Wolfwood: Huh -- woah, you scared me there, Granny!
Grandma: You don't wanna have fun over there?
Wolfwood: Well, let's just say...
Wolfwood: I have a lot on my mind.
Grandma: who are they?
Wolfwood: Oh, just a bunch of losers.
Wolfwood: One of them has tried to wash himself of his past life...
Wolfwood: But it just keeps coming back to haunt him.
Wolfwood: What about you, Grandma?
Grandma: I'm the merciful saint who hands out the alcohol to these lost souls.
OE: Hey, granny!...Turn on the radio for us, will ya? The radio...
Grandma: Whatever they are, they're still alive, no matter what they're suffering from.
Grandma: That's why they need a place like this.

Grandma: Alrighty, now that we've done the formalities, will you drink?
Wolfwood: ...yeah.
Wolfwood: Hook me up...with the strongest drink you've got.
Grandma: There's only one drink we got here,
Grandma: and it's strong enough to fuel an engine.
Hancock: Oooh...I get it now...
Hancock: So many people died,
Hancock: and it was pretty much all your fault, huh?
OE: Pfft.
OE: Lemme guess, you're hurting from regret, right?
OE: Everybody's like that!
OE: There's no one who hasn't wanted to run away from that.

OE: You can go to sleep and forget it, but other than that, there's nothing ya can do.
OE: Everyone'll forget about ya soon enough.
OE: They're gonna forget it all.
OE: Time is your savior.
OE: Then you'll be alone, but..
OE: You've always been like that, haven't ya?
OE: And thus, for times like that...!
OE: We got music, and this little guy here.
OE: You expect too much.
OE: Just remember how many gifts you got when you were first born into this place.

Grandma: Eh?
OE: Aww...
OE: and the night was just startin' to get interesting, too.
OE: Hey, what the hell's wrong with you!?

Vash: Wolfwood...
Vash: You...
Vash: really are...
Vash: My "Guide"...aren't you?
Wolfwood: Hell
Wolfwood: Yeah
Wolfwood: I've been saying that since the beginning.

New Santiago 8:20 PM
Guy: Huh?
Guy: ..woah.
Guy: Incredible...

STL 1001...
No response...they aren't answering!!


Worried Guy: This hasn't ever happened before...
Engineer: What in the world could make a perfectly functionable satellite go silent?!
Engineer: Hackers? Debris? Or did it just die?
Snacking Engineer: Highly unlikely! Our satellites are composed of high-tech armaments and nanomachines!
Snacking Engineer: It looks like we're screwed, gentlemen.
Snacking Engineer: AH!

STL 1007, 1013...all down!
1004, 1006, 1012, 1015...

1003 down!
The world's communication systems
are being destroyed!!

Elendria: The "Power" has...
Elendria: broken through the entire atmosphere.
Elendria: I suppose Master Knives has reached the point of no return.
Elendria: Honestly, I'm a bit surprised...
Elendria: His finished form -- I wanted to see it, but..
Elendria: now, I don't know if anyone will be able to survive what he has planned for us.

Vash: Guys...
Vash: Seems like this is a good to turn loose...
Hancock: Hancock: Ehhh? Where ya goin'?
OE: The hell you talkin' about, Vash? Get back in here and drink up!

Vash: ...Thanks.
Vash: But I really have to get going.
OE: You're making it worse, just get the hell outta here.
Vash: Um..
OE: What?
Vash: This was...
Vash: ...pretty nice.
Vash: Getting to sit and drink a few before the end...
Vash: I'll always remember this, you two.

OE: Heh.
OE: You don't listen to a single word that anyone says, do ya?
OE: What a dumbass.

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