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Trigun Maximum 46

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 46

Guy: Man, can't believe what happened here. Geez...
Guy: Sorry, but...
Guy: I'm gonna get out of here before the next "flight" leaves.
Guy: Let's go, buddy.
Guy: I can almost see those steam vapor trails comin' up the bridge...
Guy: Man...
Guy: Looks like I'm stuck in one of the crappy aisles again.


Knives: Does his body move by its own will?
Knives: For example...if his joints broke...if his muscles were bent so hard they snapped...would he still move?
Legato: That is his "technique."
Legato: Apparently, it is useful to him when dealing with troublesome people.
Knives: Hmph. Whatever.

Knives: 150 years...
Knives: have passed...
Knives: During that time, many of our brothers have been oppressed and used up...
Knives: Squeezing, they do nothing but squeeze the life out of you...
Knives: When they're done with us, they throw us into the trash can, and then repeat the killing cycle all over again.
Knives: You don't just don't get it, Vash.
Knives: I've seen the dead plants...believe me, I've seen them.
Knives: All of them had the "black hair."
Knives: Those weren't the bodies of plants who had run their intended life-span...
Knives: They were the bodies of plants who had been abused past their limits.
Vash: But...

Vash: For humans to exist on this barren, desert planet...there's no other option for them to turn to, you know.
Vash: The plants...
Vash: They have to ask US for our help.
Vash: Do you understand?
Vash: Knives, you're so easy to forget...
Vash: all that you've done so far.
Vash: These people were thirsty, and they were suffering...
Vash: Our brothers...
Vash: Our brothers were forced into those positions because there was no other choice!!
Vash: And the reason for that is...the thing that started it all was...


SFX: Shobo (Sound of flame lighting up)

Elendria: That transmission from before came again...demanding that we stop our actions immediately.
Knives: Do you think they've begun to arm themselves?
Elendria: Without question.
Knives: Well then...let's deploy the "Clean-up Crew."
Knives: Someday, all these annoying calls and transmissions will cease, you know.
Knives: That day is coming soon.


Man, what the hell's all that noise about?!
Mommy!! Get the camera, mommy!
Man, look at that huge thing. Crazy...

Soldier: What the hell is it?
Soldier: How can it even get up in the sky?
Soldier: It seems like something out of a fairy tale, doesn't it?
Soldier: I hear that our ancestors came to this planet on this ship...from outer space.
Soldier: So, I think...
Soldier: That this isn't just your everyday ship, ya know?

Soldier: Should we go see if it'll respond?
Soldier: I believe this is what's called "Lost Technology..."
Soldier: But...
Soldier: It'd be pretty stupid of them to look down on us military.
Soldier: That's just an old heap of junk from one hundred and fifty years ago.
Soldier: Let's go show them that their time has long since passed, boys.
Soldier: Captain!
Soldier: Watch them!!

Trip of Death: Ku ku ku ku ku ku...
Trip of Death: Ku ha ha ha ha ha...
Trip of Death: Where are you aiming...Nicholas?
Trip of Death: When you kill, you're supposed to kill quickly, efficiently, and aim on target!!
Trip of Death: Come on.
Trip of Death: Don't look at me like that. I know you have it in ya.
Trip of Death: Especially if you intend to shoot me...now's the time to practice.
Trip of Death: Don't forget that you're still one of us!
Trip of Death: ...got it?

Trip of Death: Now...are you gonna go kill them, or what?
Livio: Stop wasting time, you dumbass.
Livio: Don't think that you can just conveniently shed your identity whenever you wish.
Livio: Not only are you a full-time member of the Gung-Ho Guns...
Trip of Death: ...but you are also one of us.
Trip of Death: "The Eye of Michael."

Wolfwood: Tell him to stop...
Wolfwood: He's done more than enough!!!
Trip of Death: Ku ku ku...
Trip of Death: It's too late for that now.
(The bubble that's in the box that is on both pages:) The slaughter's already been finished.

Trip of Death: It was just a misunderstanding, I guess.
Trip of Death: But now, those poor souls are finally free.
Trip of Death: We've sent them on a journey to happiness.
Trip of Death: Because now, for them...the true life of happiness...
Trip of Death: has just begun.

Plants: Save us, Knives...!!

Vash: Do you really..believe..
Vash: ...that people cannot change?!

Vash: It may take time...it may take an unbearable amount of time, but...
Vash: They can still continue forward.
Vash: You must remember...remember the way REM was!!

Knives: Time, huh? Time is a problem.
Knives: By the time they've changed,
Knives: We'll all be smoldering in the bottom of some trash heap.

Vash: But if that's the way it has to be...
Vash: then can't you simply accept it?!
Knives: Who says that's the way it has to be?
Knives: They're nothing but livestock, Vash.
Knives: They take, Vash, all they do is take...and they will continue taking under everything has run dry.
Knives: It's been this way forever.
Knives: Listen close to me, Vash!!
Knives: What they are doing is an injustice!
Knives: I simply want to do one thing, Vash...bring justice to this world!!
Knives: Don't tell me...
Knives: you've forgotten about Tesla?

Vash: I've never forgotten...
Vash: Not even for an instant!!
Vash: You think I could forget that!?
Vash: That was the day when we lost you, Knives!!
Vash: That's why...
Vash: That's why, Knives...
Vash: That's why I can never take your side on this issue!
Vash: You want to keep yourself from feeling pain. But you need to look deeper within to find the source!!
Vash: Tesla's death...
Vash: All you attributed to it was hatred and jealousy.
Vash: You bottled up your emotions and refused to face the issue head-on.

Vash: The only battle you need to fight is the one with yourself...
Vash: Don't look away from me, Knives!!!

Knives: Yep.
Knives: It's just as you say, Vash.
Knives: The pain I feel within is horrible!
Knives: Thank you for enlightening me to the reality of the situation.
Knives: Haha...
Knives: You're completely right.
Knives: However...we need to teach them to look within as well!!
Knives: Then we'll all be EVEN.

Knives: Yes...
Knives: This battle of ours shall take us back to peaceful times...
Knives: Vash...

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