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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Trigun Maximum 51

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 51

W: Hey, don't cry...
W: Everyone cries at first, but...
W: It's been three days already. You're alright now.
W: I'm Nicholas.
W: Eat.


W: Ah....
W: Everything's out of order...
W: But maybe, in that respect, things are still the same.

G: Hey there, stranger.
G: Did you hear about the Ark?
G: Just look at what it's done to this place.
G: December is out of the question.
G: Since the bridge collapsed, we're almost like a deserted island.
G: A deserted island...full of slums.

G: All that's left is Gorotsuki.
G: N?
G: Hey, so...
G: Where do you--
?: Brian, what are you doing?!
?: You can't handle that all yourself!
?: Hey, get back here!!
G: Oh...
G: Oi...
G: Wait!!

SFX (right to left): Ch, ch, bachi, bachi
SFX: Gaji, gaji, zuu

G: You idiot!!
G: The hell do you think you're doing?!?! Damn you!!

W: What a weird kid.
W: He's always sitting in that same spot, hugging his knees all by himself.
W: Why are you always sitting here?
W: Are you that timid? Are you afraid of something? Are you really tired?
W: Still ignoring me...
W: If all you're gonna do is sit there with your head down, you really must be one useless guy.
L: There's no way you could understand..
W: Huh?

L: There's no way you could understand how I feel!!
L: Feeling like you have absolutely no value or merit whatsoever...a totally useless human...
L: Do you ever feel that way, huh?!
W: Uh, yeah.
W: It's not like my parents threw me away, but...believe me, I know how you feel.
W: All the other kids here, too...however big and small, their situation is similar to yours as well.
W: They just flow in here, one after another, deserted and left behind with their things.
W: So, anyway,
W: Why don't you stop being so cynical?
W: Look at those kids...even though there is a huge hole in each of their hearts, do you see them complaining?

W: If you have this much time to sit around and feel sorry for yourself...
W: At least come and help with a chore or two.
?: See! Working together with others is fun, isnt it?
?: Although he still hasn't introduced himself properly...
?: I'm sure he'll come to learn that leaning on others is a rewarding and integral part of life.
L: ...thanks.
That's the way life continued...and then one day...

Something happened involving Livio...
?: Grandma Melanie, we got some big trouble here!!
?: Jasmine is...!!
?: She climbed up there, but got too scared and froze!!
?: Ohhhhh man, this is horrible!!
?: Ahh!
?: Nico-nii! (*Nii denotes like 'big bro' or older brother.)
W: Jasmine, don't look down!!

J: Ni...
J: Nico-nii...
W: Idiot!!
W: Don't raise your head!!

Black SFX: Uwaaaannn...
Jasmine was saved from the brink of death.

L: Wolfwood-san...
L: Thank you very much.
L: I feel like I've finally learned something.
L: If you don't take care of yourself...
L: Then you'll never be able to have the joy of taking care of someone else.

W: The hell're you talkin' about?
L: Did I say something strange?
Our life like that continued for quite a while as well.
W: Hey, you...
W: I'm pretty sure you're old enough, so why don't you try going to the bathroom by yourself once in a while, huh?
W: Honestly, if something bad really DID happen, it's not like we would all sit by and ignore it...
W: Huh?
W: Livio?

W: Hey...
W: What are you doing out so late, man?
?: Nico-nii...pee-pee...
W: Uwaa, wait!!
W: Oi!
W: Livi...
W: What the...?
?: pee-pee...
W: I just couldn't forget that weird night...
W: And then...

W: Someone killed the puppy.
W: It was found in that place...where I saw...Livio.
W: Livio...you!!
L: Eh...what's the big idea? This early in the morning...
W: What?
L: Aw, come on...
L: At least let me sleep for 15 more minutes...

W: Wait!!
W: Everyone, calm down!!
W: Livio is insane!
W: Let's all listen to his explanation first!
W: Right now, he's talking with Grandma Melanie!
?: But why the hell does he have blood on his hands?!
W: Like I know! Just wait, a little longer, that's all!!

L: It's the truth. Please believe me.
L: I did not do it.
G: Hmm.
G: Well, you do seem like you're telling the truth.
G: It's alright. I'll tell everyone about it.
G: For tonight, maybe you should sleep in here.
?: HEY!
?: Don't push me!
G: What do you brats think you're doing!!
?: But, uh...
?: But...!!

?: Livio is not lying!
?: But I still can't trust him that easily!!
?: I can't believe anything until he tells us himself!!
?: How are we ever gonna decide that way!?
?: But if he didn't do it, then who did?!
?: There's no one else who'd do that!!

W: Eventually...
W: He disappeared.
W: It seems like...
W: After all...
W: He truly believed that he was a useless human.

W: Hey, jerk-ass.
W: That's dangerous.

Pee Boy: Sorry...
P: But no one else has the courage so...I'll do it...
P: Please...I beg you...
P: Lend us your strength.
W: As I predicted...
W: Here's Grandma Melanie?!
W: Is she in her house?
P: Why...all of a sudden...?
W: Don't get scared. I'm an acquaintance of hers.

P: Eh?!
W: But more importantly...
W: Did you finally grow the balls to walk to the bathroom by yourself?
W: Bro.
K: Ha?
P: We've secluded ourselves...
P: In the middle of our preparations to flee...
P: Something strange happened.

P: They look like...some kind of cyborgs.
P: Over twelve of them.
P: They took granny into the sewer grate...
P: She's in there with five others.
W: What kind of men took her?

P: More than anything, they looked incredibly tough.

C: What's wrong?
C: Your breathing is irregular.
L: ...Nothing.
L: But I don't think he's the type to bite our "bait" so blindly like that.

C: Hmm...well he always has been a half-assed bastard.
C: Unlike these guys, who have sacrificed everything in order to gain the power to (italic)destroy(/italic) everything, he could never make that final leap of faith.
C: For some reason, he could never be forced to harm his "family."
C: An assassin can't have such conflicting feelings...
C: ...because they shall eventually prove lethal to him in the end.
C: When this job is over,
C: We should return to Eye of Michael's main headquarters.
C: With the head of a traitor in our hands, they will welcome us with open arms.

L: What you three think?
C: Ha!
C: Kukukuku...
L: I understand.
L: Still, though, these guys seem completely useless.
C: Don't worry, don't worry.
L: But...
L: Honestly, do we really need them?
L: For this situation, don't you think...
L: ...the two of us are more than enough?

L: Those bastards out there don't have a chance in Hell of beating him.
C: Haha, well, we'll see...
C: Thanks to them, we've installed an "alarm" around the farm.
L: An..."alarm"?
?: Ah!
?: Hold on a second.
P: Where did Cactus go?
?: Eh, I dunno...
P: Ah...
P: No way!
W: What's wrong...
W: Is someone here?
P: It's no mistake...he dropped his stuff right here!
W: What'd you say!?!?

P: Look...he really did run out there!!
P: He's risking his life ... for what?!
Bottom right: YAAAAA.... HOOOOO!!!!
?: Ga...

?: Keh!
?: What a stupid kid!!
?: I got no clue why ya felt like runnin' out there like a chicken with its head cut off...
?: But there's no way I'm lettin' a brat like you interfere with my work!!
?: Got it?
?: We promised a friend that we'd kick this one guy's ass...
?: And for that, he's gonna give us one hell of a reward.
?: So that's why I can't let you loose to mess us up again...got it?
?: I'm not a heartless man, though, and I do take pity on you...
?: So how'sabout I let you be my footstool?
?: Sit back and relax...
?: I'll mold you into somethin' nice and purty!

C: Give me back...
C: my sister!!
?: Sister?
?: You mean that little girl in the sewer?
?: Hmmm...now that I remember...
?: I think she was the one with that cute little butt...
?: Kakakaka...
?: I'd be real worried if I were you.
?: After I'm finished with you, maybe I'll go back down there, and..
C: Gaaa!!
C: Ga...
?: That ain't funny.
?: Dumbass.

?: What a totally uninteresting reaction!
?: I could tell it from the moment I saw you, you're totally worthless.
?: I doubt you even have one outstanding ability.
?: And it doesn't smell like ya have any cash on ya...
?: Aw, man...
?: With this kinda trash...
?: All ya can do is throw it away.
?: Hahaha!!
?: Am I scarin' ya? Sorry, sorry!
?: Those eyes...
?: What, do you think if you look tough enough, I'll let you join us?
?: Not in a lifetime!!
?: I told you...you're already dead!!

K: Ah..
K: Ahhh...
K: H-H..
K: Help..
K: Help me..
?: You damn kid...
?: QUIT IT!!

L: Now I get it...what a loud, annoying alarm we have.
L: But really...
L: I think that it has a serious malfunction.

L: Seems like he's here.

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