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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Trigun Maximum 53

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 53

Translated by Molokidan

?: What a scary sound that was...
?: Yeah...
?: I bet it was an explosion.
?: Geez...
?: What in the world is going on out there?
?: I'm scared!
?: Hey now, come on...
?: It's alright!!
?: I'll protect all of you, so don't worry...
?(top right): What are you talking about?!? Our enemies have guns, ya know!
?(top left): You can't do it, grandma!!
?(top left): Get real!
?: Listen now!
?: Weapons have nothing to do with this!
?: Their bodies are big, their moves are sluggish, so we could overcome them easily!
?: WHAT?!
?: Are you crazy!? Now you're just being suicidal!
?: Ahhhh...
?: At a time like this...
?: It'd be nice to have Nico-nii here, wouldn't it?

?: You're right...
?: When Nicholas was around, we could always rest assured that he would think of something.
?: But Linda...
?: Nicholas...he isn't here anymore...
?: That's why it's up to us alone to do our best.

?: It's time for us to stop counting on other people and face the music.
#3. LR

L: After you're done smoking...
L: ...shall we begin?
W: Are you really in that much of a hurry?
W: I wanted to talk a little first.
W: I mean...this is the last time we'll have a chance to do something like this, isn't it?
L: You've really changed.
W: And you've changed too much.
W: The Livio I remember was a man who never would have taken up killing as a profession.
W: So...why?

W: What happened...
W: ...to you?
L: It's not a profession.
L: But if you really want to know...
L: I guess it couldn't hurt to tell you that old story.
L: Many months after I left the orphanage...
L: I found myself walking down through some no-name town.
L: It seemed to be like a gathering place for all sorts of garbage the desert had rejected.

SFX: Uwaa

One day...
I found a piece of scrap paper that had been stuffed into my pocket.
When did this...?
This makes no sense...
It's kinda creepy, too...
I was too tired to pay much attention to it, though.

?: Yo..
?: BOY!!
?: You...
?: Yeah, you!!
?: 'the hell is a kid like you doin' in this place?
?: This town isn't for the likes of you.
?: In any case, get the hell out!
?: Our job is to protect this nice land from any kind of unwanted guests.
?: You understand, right?
?: Of course, we aren't singling you out or anything like that!

L: It seems as if wherever I went, I always ran into those kind of people.
L: They were around every corner, always looking down on me...
L: Even though their eyes looked weak on the outside, I knew that they always had some ulterior motive hiding within.
L: I don't feel like it...
L: Uh...
L: Please...sir...
L: Would you mind...taking...care of me?
?: Hey...
?: BOY...

?: Where the FUCK do you get off asking us for favors like that?
?: Huh?!
?: It makes me sick even to look at a worthless little shit like you!
?: At the very least, you should know...
?: ...to listen to your elders!!

It's such bad handwriting...

?: Kill those bastards.
L: Haa...
?: I'm really looking forward to it.
?: --Razlo
L: So that's...it?
L: After that, the letters continued to come.
R: Take care.
R: I'm always watching out for you.
R: I believe in your power.
L: Soon, I began to care about less and less.
L: My mind became completely empty.
R: That's it.
R: The day has come.

L: I didn't see those men again...
L: until a few weeks later.

?: I hope you're enjoying this as much as we are!
?: You piece of shit!!
L: All of it...
L: ...failed to elicit even the slightest response from me.
L: The boredom just repeated itself.
L: In the end, though, I think it was my listless nature that continued to increase their tenacity.
L: I had had enough.

L: I suddenly wanted to end it more than ever.
L: I had no place of my own, and no place I wanted to go to...so nothing mattered any longer.
L: And so....I gave myself up....completely.

Are you having fun?
You sick fucks.

L: At that point, I was split in half.
L: The other part of myself that appeared...was Razlo.
L: Unfortunately, small children...
L: Have no idea when to tell when they're going insane.

R: Sorry to keep you waiting...
R: Livio.
R: You're really...
R: a naughty boy, aren't you?
R: You tried to forget about me all this time.
R: That's why I had to sit by and watch your pain for a while.
R: But now that that's over with...
R: ...shall we go?
L: ...go?
L: ...to where?
R: To a place where...
R: We will become needed again!!

W: So...you're telling me...
W: ...'he' led you to the Eye of Michael?
W: Where is it?
L: I cannot say.
L: I am not able to tell anymore past this point.
W: You've really degenerated...
W: ...Livio.
L: That may be so. However...
L: If that is true,
L: then that means you have as well...
L: ...Wolfwood-san.

SFX: Chik
SFX: Kin


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