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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Trigun Maximum 63

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

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#7. wolfwood

W: Well,
W: I'm takin' off now, auntie...
M: Stay healthy!!
?: Drink lots of water!!
?: Make sure you always brush your teeth!
?: Wash your hair once every three days!
?: Always say "itadakimasu" before you eat!
W: Alright, alright...
?: Make sure you sleep in a nice futon!
W: I'll be fine...

W: They told me I'd be travelling through the outer desert...
W: Helping them to establish churches in the rural settlements.
?: Nicholas!!
?: Oooi!!
M: Come back soon!!
M: This place will always be your home!
M: You know you can return anytime!!

W: That tiny place inside those little walls was the only paradise I had.
W: A place where you didn't have to sleep in mud, or be worried about running or stealing.
W: Since then...
W: It's been...
W: Six years.

B: What?
B: The ark!!
V: You can relax now....
V: Everything...is gonna be alright.

?: WAHHHHH!!!!

V: Wait a minute...
V: Everyone, just hold on and listen to me!
W: Stop it, Tongari.
W: It's fine,
W: now...just don't worry about it.
W: This isn't something kids should see.
W: (thought) I...
W: (thought) am...
W: Go on, get outta here.
W: (thought) ...a killer.
W: (thought) ...a freak.

B: Oi!!
B: Vash!!
V: What's wrong?
B: This is bad, man.
B: The "Ark" is speeding up!!
B: If we don't do something soon, we'll be in their sights within an hour.
B: And at that point, avoiding an assault will be out of the question.

B: Hurry!!
B: Take only what you need, leave everything else!!
B: When you're ready to go, line up in pairs!
K: We're gonna fly in that?
K: Yes...it's my first time too.
M: Hey, Gary!! You're gonna hurt yourself if you run like that!!
M: Nicolas...
W: Auntie...
W: If the kids ever ask any questions...

W: I'm begging you...don't tell them the truth.
W: Just tell them that it was someone else who really looked like me.
K: Nico-nii? That grown-up is...?
K: No way!
K: I don't get it...
K: But that's what I heard her calling him.
K: Is that so? I couldn't really hear...
K: That seems so weird, though...
K: Why would Nico-nii be here...
K: Fighting with assassins, no less?!
M: Nicholas...
M: Just like this...do you really...?
V: Do you really want to leave things this way!?
V: Wolfwood!!
W: We got no time left...
W: The ship's about to leave.

V: Do not hesitate, you sucky priest...
V: OW!!
W: Here.
W: Hey,
W: Tongari...
W: This is just the way I am. (Little text: One of those is the samurai's.)
W: This doesn't have anything to do with you.
W: Don't you get it?

V: But I still want you to go!!
V: Just set aside your personal feelings for a second!!
W: What the hell's your problem!?
W: Trying practicing what you preach, dumbass!
W: What?
R: I..I'll...
R: I'll go try to explain it to them!
W: Hold on a second!!

V: He's still way too damaged from the battle...
W: I feel better now...
W: ...for multiple reasons.

V: Are you SURE...
V: ...you're alright?
W: Yup.
W: I'm satisfied with the way things are.
W: And, uh...I'm glad you came too, Tongari...
V: Eh heh heh. Is that so?
SFX: Creep.
W: You should be the one thanking me!
W: Anyway, let's kick back for a bit.
W: It's been a while since we've had a bottle together.

W: Smile, Tongari.
W: For some reason...
W: You just look better when you are.
W: I guess it was wrong of me...to say your smile...
W: was an empty one...
V: Hey...
V: Wolfwood...
V: Don't say...
V: ...dumb things.
V(thought): Please...
V(thought): God...
V(thought): God...
V(thought): Please just do me this one favor...

M: Everyone listen up!
M: Everything I'm about to say is absolutely true.
M: Even though reality may be harsh, sometimes it's best just to sit and listen to the truth.
M: And then...
M: After all is said and done,
M: We'll decide what to do with this.
M: What are you doing?!
K: Hey, uh...
K: When do you think Nico-nii is going to come home?
K: Hmm, I dunno...
M: Well, he has to come home SOMEDAY...
M: And when he does...we'll all have a party for him.

?: We'll never forget that guy...
?: No matter what happens...
?: ...he's been etched forever in our memories.

?: Welcome home.

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