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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Trigun Maximum 65

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 65

Translation by Molokidan

C: We shall lure out that despicable traitor...
C: And then...
C: When we return to our Master, he shall...
SFX: gouuuun...x3


Z: I have located the target, Vash the Stampede.
Z: Chapel and the old man are both dead.
Z: Double Fang and Trip of Death are...
Z: ...well...
Z: It looks like they're moving together with him.
Z: With...the target.
E: What are you talking about?
Z: Uh...
Z: Well, when it comes to humans, wouldn't you know better...?
E: ...hmph, whatever. Just don't take your eyes off them.

E: Look how decrepit you are...even your teeth are falling out.
E: In the end, you've been destroyed...just like the rest of them. What a waste.
E: I can't believe you've been rendered helpless just from a shot in the medulla. How pathetic ARE you?
E: Aren't you supposed to be just as devoted to Master Knives as I am?
E: He's quite frightening when you look at the sheer power he controls...
E: It seems like Master's little brother is truly in a class of his own.
E: The man's unpredictability is what's really scary.
E: If you can't even stand on your own, then...
E: Doesn't that mean that...
E: ...you are of no use to us anymore...?

E: Oh ho ho...
E: Gotcha!
Z: Yeah right...
Z: He was really going to kill him there.
E: But...
E: "You all" really do confuse me.
E: I don't get it.
E: It doesn't seem like you have a reason to...
E: So why do you still cooperate with us?
Z: ...we yearn for knowledge.
Z: We wish to know all about the "Plants" and the "Humans."
E: Fuuun...
E: Or maybe this is all a test?
E: So that you may decide which is more fit to co-exist with on this planet?

E: He's speeding up...
E: ...again.

V: Brad!!

V: Yaay, I was hoping you'd come to our rescue!! *NICE!!*
B: Hold on!
B: Just wait a damn minute!!
B: Where...is the priest?
B: And why the hell are you with that guy?!
V: Ah, maybe...
V: ...I should explain first...

B: No friggin' way...
B: Vash, you...
B: ...have you gone crazy!?
V: Ah, I'm sorry, Brad..
B: I don't want you to apologize!!
B: This guy is your ENEMY!! He killed your best friend!!
V: No, no, it's more than that...
V: It's like...uhh...
V: He sort of ...put his life on the line to save us!
B: I don't understand one word you're saying, butthead!!
V: Kyaaa--! I'm sorry!!
B: Whatever the case is, I'm not buyin' it!
B: There's no way...
B: ..I'm travelin' with this guy!
B: For all we know, he could kill us all in our sleep!

V: If that's really what he wanted to do...
V: He could have done it much earlier.
V: When the two of us were driving here in that car...
V: ....I fell asleep.
B: ...GRRR!!
V: I'm sorry, Brad!! I'm sorry!!
L: Vash the Stampede!!
L: You're saying that...you really fell asleep back there?!
L: You're a lightweight!!
V: Hey, come on, you guys are being too harsh!!

V: You there...
V: He put all the trust he had into you.
V: Uh...
V: Er...
V: Well...
V: Gu...
V: ...I think!!
B: Well, I guess...
B: There's only one thing left to do...

B: You took him away from us.
B: For that, I owe you a clean punch in the face.
Black text: "But didn't you already hit him!?"
V: Wow...
V: It stopped. (little text: That's pretty handy!)
SFX: Pari pari pari
B: I didn't hit ya hard enough, did I?
SFX: Myu myu
V: No, I think he got your message, buddy...
V: Give him a break, he can't ontrol his own body!!
L: sorry...
SFX: Para para para

V: Alright then.
V: Let's head out.
B: Huh?
V: Oh, yeah!! I forgot about that!!
V: They completely evacuated the town two weeks ago.
V: Did you know that?
B: ...no...
V: The army is planning to use that as their last line of defense.
V: They have something there...
V: ...called a "Shipboard Ion Blaster." It's one of the few weapons to have survived the Big Fall.
V: By using it, they are going to try and destroy the Ark by negating all its circuits.

V: To do that, though...
V: They need to get one heck of a shot.

The "Ark" is approaching!!
Now moving from Phase 3 to 4!
Empty all the batteries!
Otherwise they'll fry you when we start up!!
Final System Check!!
Now moving to Phase 5!
Subsidary Squad, open fire!!
The "Ark" shall be within range in five...
Entering the final phase!!

V: Hey, hold on a second...
V: I don't really know the details, so I'm just guessing, but...
V: To fire such a huge beam cannon like that, wouldn't they need an enormous amount of energy?
V: Such massive energy...
V: ...where on earth are they pulling it from?
B: Wait, are you telling me...
B: ...no...

The "Ark" is now in range!!
Ion Blaster.....FIRE!!!

What's going on?
B: That's it...
B: that must be it!!
B: They have no idea...
B: About the "will" that exists deep within the Plants.
B: If they ever are forced to aim towards their own kind...they will certainly choose not to attack!!

B: It could really happen...

B: A rebellion coming straight from the Plants...
B: aimed towards mankind.

B: If...
B: ...such a thing happens...
B: Then...
B: We really...
B: don't have any hope of surviving.

Gravity scan complete.
No abnormalities detected in Region #000880035.

Initiate anti-gravity field.

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