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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Trigun Maximum 67

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 67

?: Hey, did you hear that?
?: Hear what?
?: That radio broadcast!!
?: It all sounds like rubbish to me! What did SHE say about it?
?: Miss Luida?
?: She's preparing to give them a response, as we speak!!
?: Hurry, or we'll miss it!!
?: I just can't believe all of this...
?: Honestly...what is going on here?
?: Can...they really help us?
?: After we've done this much?
?: Of course, it'd be wonderful if they really could save us...
?: But it doesn't seem it'll happen.
?: After all...
?: the "Ark" is going to reach us sooner or later.
?: And then, the human race that has lived on this plant for one hundred and fifty years, will be successfully wiped out.


V: What a great place!
V: You can see the whole town from here.
V: Isn't it wonderful?
V: Moments like these will go down in history.

L: Vash!!

L: Long time no see.
L: What's wrong...
L: ...with your face?
V: There!! Those are the eyes I've been waiting for!!
L: Unbelievable.
L: Are you telling me you've just been loafing around this whole time?
V: Ah, but at a time like this...
V: More than anything, I just wanted to sit and think for a while..
L: In any case...
L: I've finished my calculations. If we combine the remaining power we have along with all the power we will receive from the Earth fleet...
L: ...we could really put some pressure on Knives, as he is now.
L: ---and,
L: best of all...
L: He seems quite distressed.
L: Let's go explain things to him.
V: What? You mean you want me to come too?
L: Of course. After all, you have firsthand experience with all of this...

B: Come on, we don't have much time!
B: Let's begin by checking all the luggage!
?: Come on!
M: Eh?
M: Wait a minute...
M: Where's Mr. Priest?
M: Didn't you two come here together?

L: Uh--
B: The priest...
B: That capricious guy...
B: ...he told us he was going on a journey. To a faraway place.
B: Who knows...
B: ...if we'll ever get to meet him again.

M: Ah...is...is that so?
M: Too bad.
M: We should have at least had a farewell party for him...
M: Hehe....
M: Gusu...
M: Ehhh..ehh...ehhh...

SFX: Gyuu
SFX: Pin
SFX: Pan
SFX: Pan x 4

Z: He's collecting an unbelievable amount of energy...
Z: It looks like the atmosphere itself is about to crumble.
Z: The stars themselves are shaking in fear.
Z: "We" have been condemmed.

Z: Such power is truly an incredible thing, But to think...
Z: ...that you would go as far as to swallow up the stars themselves...Knives...
Z: Also...
Z: I'm still burnt...
Z: ...about this injury!
Box: You'd think he'd be able to shake it off.
?: The most important thing is making contact! We must tell them everything about our current situation and send them data about the "Ark!"
?: Even though we have no idea who they are?!
?: Do we really have grounds to believe that they are not hostile?
?: Well, if you think about it, if they wanted to kill us, we would probably be dead by now.
? (large bottom): There's another way to do this, you know.

L: ...I want you all...
L: ...to reconsider everything for a moment.
L: The #1 goal of the "Ark" right now is to collect as much Plants as possible.
L: This is purely conjecture -- but it seems highly likely that the ships from Earth are powering their fleet on a huge collection of Plants.
L: Between us and them...who do you think has more manpower on them? Is it really worth taking the risk?
L: That is why, as of now...I would like to shut down all operations.
M: ...so that's how it is.
?: Mayor?!

M: But it will not be easy to successfully execute a complete disarmament.
M: Even if we tell our military to shut down their operations...don't we still need some last-ditch means of defense?
M: This is...
M: From back then...
M: It was in your coat at Jenora Rock.
V: Eh? But how did you...
M: During those seven months...
M: We searched everywhere.
M: Finally, we ended up back at the HQ.

M: All these things had been stored there as evidence to the investigation.
M: But now that the Bernardelli Insurance Company is no more...
M: I suppose they're yours again.
V: How'd they get in here??!!
M: Milly had two.
M: And then, on the ship...
G: We have been completely defeated.
G: Please, give this to Vash the Stampede.
G: It's the rule...

M: "Rule"...
M: To think that someone would treat such a thing like this as a game...
G: It's not a matter of whether I want him to receive it or not...
G: The bottom line is, he NEEDS it.
G: I dunno much, but I think that is life depends on collecting these.
G: Legato Bluesummers said that that was the only way that guy would become worthy of meeting him face to face.
V: Ararara...
V: Scaryyy!!
V: So...they must be kept with me?
V: In all honesty, I don't like it.
V: But...it seems like I must if I want to continue.
V: Thank you.
M: By the way, we finished our scan of the ship. It doesn't seem like there's any explosives or even mildly-dangerous weapons on it at all!
V: That's what I figured...

M: Eh?
V: It's just like what he said...
V: He only likes doing things the certain way that lets him have "fun."
L: Whenever you least expect it...BAM! That'll be the end.
L: I'm not the kind of fellow to allow you to choose...

R: Brad-kun.
B: Just call me Brad.
B: What's up?
R: Uh...
R: ..about before...
R: Thank you very much.
B: I didn't do it for YOU.
B: I just didn't want to have to see her break down right there.

B: You...
B: You're pretty strong, huh?
R: Huh?
B: I heard ya got a pretty good arm, too.
R: Oh...
B: Lucky.
B: I bet there's a lot of cool stuff you can do.
B: This isn't the time to have regrets.
B: With a little willpower, it's easy for a person to change.
B: You owe the priest your life.
B: And he's the one who has been accompanying Vash the Stampede all this way.
B: But now that he's gone...who's gonna do it?

R: Ahh...
B: Geez, what's wrong with me?
B: When I said it all in my head, it sounded a lot cooler...
?: Hey, who do you think you're talking to? This is an order, not a request!!
?: In instances where the orders are unreasonable, dismissal is allowed.
?: I'm invoking that regulation right now.

M: Listen to me...the situation from before has changed drastically. If we want to be prepared for what is to come, it is imperative that we do this!!
M: I want you to implement the non-aggressive defense policy immediately.
M: This will be the first step to a new era of peace.
?: And mobilizing troops is the first step to proper defense and certain victory!
?: Those who are defeated have no choice but to go with the flow of history.
?: Those who win, however...can change the world for themselves!!
L: As of now, it's a stalemate.
L: That's why you need to listen to me for a second...
L: General Margester.
L: You--

L: Do you really think, that if we continue operations the way they are...making contact with the "Ark" and the fleet at the same time...
L: ...that we will have any hope of success at all?
M: Oh, look at this.
M: Wait these are...1200 45-caliber steel jacket bullets...
M: These aren't the kind your gun uses.
M: What the heck are we gonna do about this?
V: Ah, uh...
V: Hmm, that is a problem...
M: Ah...I guess I'll have to re-order for different bullets then.
V: ...ah.
V: Thanks...
V: But don't worry. I can do it myself!

M: ...sheesh.
M: You're really somethin', ya know.
M: You don't even worry about how to do something, you just automatically assume that you'll figure out some backwards-ass way to do it all by yerself.
M: How sad is that?
M: I know you're hella worried about those around ya, but still...
M: ...haven't you ever considered that it worries people even more to see you suffering like that for them?
M: Don't tell me you've never noticed the two gals...
M: They can't restrain themselves like that.
M: Your world is a dangerous place, and they know that, but they stick by you because they want to help you.
Box: No restraint in the usage of alcohol either!
M: You just need to learn to depend on them some more, man.
M: That's the mark of a true man. Everyone friggin' knows that.

V: ....ch
V: Such heartfelt words...
V: I...
V: I don't know what I'll do if you say any more!!
V: Why is it like this?
M: ..?!
M: You're crying...
M: ...aren't you overdoing it?!
SFX: Wah...
V: I can't remember anymore...

Look at that!
What is it?
What's wrong?

The northeast sky is all lit up...
Wait, that's...

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