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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Trigun Maximum 68

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 68

Translated by Molokidan




K: So it's "all" of you...
K: What is it?
K: If possible, I wish to be alone for the moment...
Z: ...alone?
Z: But it seems like your head should be full of the cries of all your brothers and sisters more than ever, now...
K: This is becoming a waste of time.
K: Your analysis was correct, however...right now, I am filled with anger and discontent.
Z: So, then...
Z: ...this might be the final night they see, huh?
Z: You know that if you ever need any help, we will do so to the best of our abilities.
Z: "Our" alliance has lasted for quite some time, after all...

K: It was your supreme intelligence that surprised me the most.
K: In addition to that, your entire species has a vast knowledge of this entire planet's history, due to your limitless memory.
K: ...you may even know my future as well.
Z: Don't joke around!
Z: After all, you're the first type of your species that I've ever encountered.
Z: We'd be able to make a better prediction for things like humans.
Z: Humans should be able to exist forever, because of their tenacity to give birth so capriciously.
Z: But if "we" had to choose to 'coexist' with a certain type, it'd certainly be with yours.

E: This doesn't feel right--
E: Huh?
E: My...body...!?
E: Legato....?!
E: Legato Bluesummers...!!

E: .....no.
E: It's useless now.
E: He's already...
E: It must be the worms.
E: I still have my senses, at least...
E: Dammit...there isn't any data on this type of poison.
E: They must have used the secret card, too.
E: Shit...this is serious.
E: The way things are now...
E: Master Knives...is in danger!!

Z: Sorry...but we didn't lie. We really do wish to coexist with the Plants...
Z: ...excluding yourself, of course.
Z: We placed the most virile poison within a specific section in his brain...
Z: It looks like it's finally starting to have an effect.

Z: Now then...
Z: Everything else is taken care of,
Z: so it's time for the finishing touch.
Z: The "Leech of Dominion"...
Z: Once this finds its way deep into the center of your neural processing units, all independent thought will cease to exist.
Z: And then...."we" shall be in control of all this wonderful power of yours.
Z: You don't need to worry about anything.
Z: WE plan to carry out all of your desires...and more.
Z: The obliteration...
Z: ...of the entire human race--

Z: Gaha...
Z: This power is...
Z: Legato Bluesummers!?
Z: All the impulses have ceased from flowing through my muscles...
Z: Where is it coming from?!

Z: Where...
Z: Where is it...?
Z: ...there!!
Z: Such a tiny, subtle metal thread...
Z: By targeting me with such a tiny thing, he's able to control my entire body? That's...ridiculous...!!

Z: Got it!
Z: A body like this would easily be done in by such a clever trick...
Z: WE, however, have a much better trick up my sleeve -- namely, the ability to move the entire 'colony' within this body at will!!
Z: Your body hasn't fully recovered yet...and we're not even sure if you have control over all your extremities. In that case, 'we' should have the upper hand now!
Z: As soon as we reach your 'body'...
Z: Your time will be up!!

Z: Those two...they should still be under control over the paralysis poison that was shot through their muscles and body tissue.
Z: If affected, there is no possible way for them to body their bodies freely!
Z: However...one of them still managed to give an attack. The reason for that...
Z: There could be only two possibilities.
Z: Namely...
Z: That to use his technique, it requires no bodily effort at all...or--
Z: He is disregarding the agonizing state of his body tissue, and moving on his own unhithered!!

E: What a terrifying man...
E: No matter how far away his enemy is, the moment he senses them, he jumps off in a flash...
E: There's no way he'd just sit idly by and wait, after all...
E: How many..just how many millions of times has he done that to himself...to turn that interior part to how it looks now?
E: What kind of thoughts are running through that brain of his?
E: It's as if that "body" of his is nothing more...
E: ...than a tool used by the furious evil that exists within him.

L: Over here.

SFX: Guka...
SFX: ..pa...
L: The movements of your 'colony'...are terribly predictable.
L: Is this to say...that you do not wish to exist any longer?

L: Those who are in accordance with true nature have the ability to weed out the weak from the earth.
L: That is to say...the event that is about to unfold right in front of your eyes is an example of that very thing.
L: ...fear? I can feel it through your eyes.
L: I bet what you're seeing is frightening, "Controller of the Worms."

K: This dark void...
K: Your paralysis threads are useless against it.

sFX: koto
R: 'sup?
R: Ah..
R: Uwa.
R: Sorry.
V: Oh, it's just you...
V: ...you really scared me!
V: I didn't recognize you at first...

R: 'zat so?
R: It kept getting in my eyes, so I figured I'd get it cut.
V: (You mean you didn't get it cut because it looked insane?)
V: Well...
V: A change of attitude is good sometimes.
V: There's a huge uproar going on down there.
V: Actually, this is quiet compared to before.
R: You have a point there...
R: Uh...
R: Here.
V: Ohh...
V: That's...!!
V: Eh?
R: Both of them..are mine.
R: One for me, one for Razlo.

V: Gale...Mine...Cyclops...Puppet Master...
V: ...Chapel...
V: Gauntlet...Hornfreak...Ninelives...Blade...
V: Double Fang...and Trip of Death.
V: Aww, maaan.
V: This sucks.
V: Even after all that, there's still one missing.
L: "Beast"...
L: ...right?
SFX: Yeaaaaaah.

V: AH!!!
SFX: Pachin
L: He put it in!!

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