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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Trigun Maximum 69

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 69

The response has disappeared...!!
Class D-D! The signal 1km west has disappeared! We are trying to recover it!
?: What do you see? Chronica.
C: Plants.
C: So...many of them...
C: I don't think this is just a coincidence.
C: I feel it may be..."a direct action" with an even "clearer purpose"...
C: I fear...

C: ...although I do not know how it was possible for such a thing to come into existence,


#5. Get ready, Get set,

C: Indeed, down there...there are "independants."

C: Shall I seek the answer from divine meditation?
C: No, it's too difficult from here...
C: We must find a way to get closer.
C: It seems as if the situation is worse than we expected...
C: We were in such a rush to come and save our brothers and sisters, that we failed to notice the monster that stood waiting for us.
C: ...ah.
C: I'm sorry.
C: You shouldn't worry yourself.
C: In the end, we both share the same views.
C: In order for one to get this far, however, it would mean that the "Black Hair" is not working as it's supposed to.
C: You see...the original purpose for such was to prevent "Independents" from existing at all.

C: They must...have found the way to keep the "Black Hair" from taking its toll.
C: And that is...by absorbing their own brothers and sisters.
C: In our generation, all of our brains are connected by a single stem. Call it "Block Programming," if you will.
C: That sandy planet down there has no connection with this, though.
C: Ultimately,
C: Anyone who alights onto that planet suffers the high risk of having their individual awareness swallowed up in the blink of an eye.
?: ...we have to take this seriously.
?: Nothing is a mystery to "you," is it?
C: Come now...I shouldn't know any more than you.
C: After all...why would the products know any more than their creators?

SFX top left: hya hya hya hya hya
L: Wait, hold on. Take a good look.
SFX: Puho

?: What the!
?: Where am I!?
?: What happened to me?
?: Who are you dudes?
V: What are you saying!!
V: We wanna know who the heck YOU are!!
V: What's with your haircut!!
V: What do you like better, clams or kinmedai!!* (*A type of big-eyed alfonsin sea bream.)
?: BU...

?: So, uh, I...
?: I brought you this?
?: I don't remember, though...
V: Yeah right!
L: Must be that...
L: The worms must have used him as a last-ditch effort to get something done.
L: He wasn't in control of his body so he couldn't remember anything.
L: That makes some sense, doesn't it?
V: This is weird, though...I closed it and looked on both sides, but nothing special happened at all.
V: Although, it is kind of relieving to know that nothing scary happened...
V: Hn?
SFX: Chi
SFX: Chiriri

V: What...?
V: A switch?

L: You never fail to exceed even my highest expectations.
L: Truly wonderful.

L: By the way...you're planning to challenge Knives-sama again, aren't you?
L: In that case, all of this was inevitable.
L: We both know what the end result will be...so why don't we kill each other?

L: I want you to keep this case with you until then.
L: It should come in handy, considering what lies ahead for you.
L: I look forward to our debut together...
L: Take care.
L: *buchi*
V: I'm getting a really bad feeling...
L: We'll take him on together.
L: He may be a monster...but if we come at him strong together, I doubt he'll be talking big for long.
V: Dummy...
V: It's alright.
V: In fact, as of now, we actually have the advantage.

L: Huh?
V: Listen up, Livio.
V: This is going to be a flat-out melee... an amalgamation of all their remaining power.
L: It'll be hard to tell when and where everything will start.
V: With Legato, though, I know the way his mind works -- he's going to come straight for me, whether we like it or not.
V: Dealing with him any other way would only add to the danger of the situation.
L: Oh.
L: I get it.
V: The problem...
V: ...is "IT."
L: "IT?"
V: You know...the crazy...um...transvestite..thing.
L: AHH!!!!
V: He's super-dangerous...in pretty much every category you could think of.
V: If he does come after us...you're the only life of defense we've got!!
V: I'm counting on you. Like, seriously...

L: Thank you very much.
L: To be counted on by you...makes me truly happy.
L: ...you don't look like you're entirely convinced yet.
L: Elendria the Crimsonnail must be a monster too, right?
L: Then I don't have the choice to be unprepared, do I?
L: Remember...I AM an ex-member of the Eye of Michael, you know.
L: I don't know the meaning of the word 'defeat.'
L: And in addition to that--
L: No matter how useless I may be...I HAVE shed a lot of blood in order to master the powers of this devil body.
L: To use it in order to protect something important would be a pleasure beyond anything else I've ever experienced.

V: ...is that so...?
?: Names are not mentioned.
?: But not only names...
V: (scream) You said it, BROTHER-!!
V: (scream in corner) Argh!!
?: Emotions that come naturally are also hidden away.
?: In order to stay strong, strong emotions are kept hidden in the deepest regions of one's heart.
L: You sure you're alright?!
V: I'm fine, shut up!!
?: As a result, a race of people that are unable to open their mouths are born.
?: When Vash the Stampede truly realized this, it was because...
V: But...your hand is..!!
V: Who cares, stupid, come on~!
?: he most likely still carried some of the same things within his own heart.

?: STARDATE YEAR 0014. JULY 21st 5:01:02.
?: Ahhh...

?: Th...
?: This is...!!
?: You...you're the one from Luida's...
?: You know, this place is off-limit to ordinary citizens!
V: Oh, excuse me...

?: More importantly...
?: You must know about December, am I correct?
V: Um..yes.
?: What in the world is going on over there?!
?: Has the "absorption" already begun!?
V: Ah...don't worry about that.
V: Trust me, everything is A-OK!
V: The "Ark" is, at best, barely past the horizon line. From this distance, it almost looks like another planet, right?
V: It's still much too far away!
V: But more importantly, mayor...
V: I was wondering if you could let me into the upper levels so I...
L: Vash!!
V: Ah, Luida!
V: Everyone...
L: (upper left) We've been looking for you all over the place!
L: (lower left) Why did you leave all of a sudden in the middle of the night like that?
V: Well, I had to do some handiwork on these dangerous explosives, so I...
L: And how'd they turn out?
V: Great!
L: This morning, there was a strange occurance.
L: 'Their' voices were...
M: Luida-kun, shouldn't they still be alright...?
V: Eh?

V: They're frightened beyond belief.
V: And there isn't much time left.
V: They can all feel it...something terrible will happen tonight.
V: Something that has been created by humans...
V: Is it even possible for them to part from their creators without trouble?
?: Which answer is the correct one?
?: Before deciding, should we wait first?
?: Isn't there something that the fleet can do to improve the situation?
?: So then, after all...
?: The situation truly will change...as a result of these millions of opinions and thoughts being exchanged.
V: --No.
V: We will change it ourselves.

V: I think...
V: ...we still have a chance.
V: That's why, as far as the "Ark" is concerned...
V: When attacking it, be sure to keep in mind the "women" inside.
V: We wouldn't want to hurt them.
V: Since it's coming from such a high angle in the sky, I understand it may be hard...
V: But just do the best you can.
V: As far as Knives is concerned...
V: I don't plan to let him have his way anymore.

?: What shall we do?
V: Don't worry...there's one place we can shoot to and end it all.
?: STARDATE YEAR 0014. JULY 21st. 09:55:13.
?: At who? The pilot himself?
V: No...at his "power."
V: Plant power exists in two different types.
V: To put it simply, there's power that it 'gives off,' and power that it 'takes away.'
V: If these two powers are thrown into each other, they should cancel each other out.
V: That's what our weapon shall be!
?: Impossible...
?: Didn't you see it? That huge mushroom cloud...

V: So...he's aiming to channel that power, huh?
V: That way, no matter what kind of gate they have, even if they start to close it, a small hole will still remain -- and there's our chance!!
V: Don't cry, Meryl...
V: You sure turned into a crybaby while I was gone, didn't you?
V: Do you think I'll lose that easily?!
V: You don't really think that, do you?

M: Senpai is just a normal woman!!!
M: Where do you get off thinking of her as some kind of iron woman anyway!?!? This is exactly how I would act too!!
V: Okay, okay!!
V: Meryl!!

M: Please, tell us...
L: You mean, after all this time, you still don't know his name...?

L: "Vash the Stampede"?
L: (little) Must be a pain to write.
?: (little) Of all the names...I don't believe this!!
M: So, that name...
M: I see.
M: In that case, there is much I have to ask him about.
M: Everything is about to end, so I would truly like to sit and talk with him for a bit.
M: And then, with his approval...I would like to bring the truth to light.
?: Notifying all those who remain of the human race.
?: This is a request from your Mayor.

?: As time is running out, and the "Ark" is steadily approaching...we request that all operations toward attacking it are ceased immediately.
Black text: SAY WHAAAAT?!
?: We request that all preparations to shoot down the "Ark" be shut down.
G: 'the hell ya talkin' about, jackass!?
G: Leave us alone, ya dumb mayor!!
?: Please...give us your cooperation.
?: The "Ark" is moving closer as we speak.
?: You must not attack it!
?: All mobilization and offensives targeting the "Ark" must be stopped at once!!

STARDATE 0014. JULY 21ST. 10:20:23.

STARDATE 0014. JULY 21ST. 10:59:49.

?: We've received a large magnification from the space probe!!
C: Please transfer it to the main monitor.
?: Roger! Data will be transferred immediately.
C: (small) Eh!?
C: (small) What...what is this?!
C: (small) A bird...an insect?
C: (small) It resembles one, but...
C: (small) Does such a creature exist?
C: It seems as if the worst possible situation has occured, Captain.
C: It's a..."cointegration." (* The name for the intermediate biomolecule to which donor DNA and target DNA covalently attatch during the migration of some DNA transposons.)

C: Send a telegraph to Earth.
?: Yes...
?: Chronica.
?: How should this situation be dealt with?
C: Please set up the S-1-S monitoring system.
C: Arm all troops and put them on active duty.
C: Change the fleet formation to "DD."
C: Once you receive the password from Earth, proceed with user authentication.
C: My Limiter Program is scheduled to cut off after 36 hours.
C: It's only a matter of time before our opponent jumps into action as well, so..
C: I want you to obtain authorization to proceed with a preemptive strike.

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