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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Trigun Maximum 70

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

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Translation by Molokidan

L: ...Yeah.
L: I really did have something back then.
L: And now, one more time...
L: It looks like I've got another chance to protect someone.


L: Why...
L: Why is she here all of a sudden?!
L: No...forget it.
L: That isn't really the important thing here.
L: Does she plan to kill me?
L: All this time...
L: she's been waiting for me!!


L: ...ch!
E: Uwahahahahaha~!
E: (black) Niii..
E: (black) ce
E: (black) try!
L: She SHOT that thing?
L: But a second ago, she was standing right in front of me!! How is it possible?!
L: She's scary, alright...
L: Could that gun she's carrying be a fake?!
L: In order to surprise her opponents with attacks from the sky...!!

E: ...Yes.

E: Just as expected of an Ex-Gung Ho Gun.
E: You're doing quite well so far.
E: --Is what I want to say, ho-we-ver...
E: No matter what you try, it'll be useless.
E: You've become much too tender,
E: honey.
E: Did you find someone to protect or something?
E: Were you successful in establishing a peaceful way of living?
E: Even after I grew to like that "Nothing left to Lose" attitude of yours...
E: What a waste.
E: You, see...nice, gentle men really aren't my type. I hate them.
E: So then...why don't you just die already?

E: "HE" was the same way, wasn't he?
E: That's the reason he died such a premature death.

E: Ooh...
E: Have I finally excited you?

E: Sigh...
E: Terrible.
E: You're absolutely terrible.
E: I figured he was simply letting everything go on purpose, because he knew death was inevitable...
E: But something's changed.
E: He didn't come rushing at me again, like those suicide dives before. What's he planning?
G: OOOH!!!
E: Come on already.
E: Or could it be...that just now?
E: Over that quickly..?

L: I won't...
L: ...die that easily.
L: We won't die that easily.
L: "We" will survive...through anything.

L: And, since "that man" remains...
L: Things won't be going the way you guys plan for much longer.
E: Oh?
E: Well..
E: ..then.
E: I suppose there's no more...
E: need for you to live.

G: HIE!!
E: I don't care what "Vash the Stampede" is doing...
E: Only a true idiot would try and undermine our plans.
E: For example...the entire human race.

E: The "core."
E: The military forces are planning to use its power to deal with us.
E: An unusual course of action indeed.
E: It's ridiculous, don't you think?
E: That kind of recklessness will only bring them down in the end. Because I don't want it to end that way, you see.
E: Destroying them beyond any recognition will just be a matter of course.
E: After all...I have the "key" to the bomb.
E: And once I ascertain the future of this planet with my own eyes...I will use it.
E: The fact that Knives-sama probably thinks I don't have the will to carry out such a thing...
E: is a little sad, isn't it?

E: ...has he died already, I wonder?
E: Have you finally understood?
E: No matter what you do, something that has been marked for "termination" will always terminate in the end.
E: You children...
E: Please, bury that man.
E: It's because he was trying to protect you that he got into that argument with me, was thrown through a wall, and impaled by many sharp objects.
E: Argh...honestly...why can't they comprehend something so simple?

L: ...don't come any closer, kids.

L: I'm sorry if I scared ya..
L: Really, I'm sorry!
L: But you guys all saw that chick's weapons...
L: I flew threw the wall of this building like it was made outta paper.
L: Scared?
L: You're probably all scared, but listen to me for a second.
L: I'll be outta here soon...
L: ...so...
L: Whatever happens, don't go outside.
L: The only thing she's after is me, and me alone.
K: Kuku...

L: You little rascals are cute, you know that?
L: I never thought kids could be so cute before.
L: Ah, sorry.
L: Don't leave...don't leave, I said!!


L: Hu...
L: Huh?
L: Ok, now...
L: You kids...don't you have some sort of guardian or adult around?
L: Not at all?
L: ..is that so.
L: I'm sorry.

?: THEY DO!!
?: What are all of you thinking?!
?: The "Ark"?!
?: Were you all coming out here to see the "Ark"?!
?: Do you have any idea how much you worried me?!
?: Today, who knows what kind of bad things will happen...you can't be running around!!
K: We're sorry, sis...
?: Ah..
?: Excuse me.

J: The children, they...didn't do anything rude to you, did they?
J: Um...is...
J: ...something wrong?
L: Oh.
L: ...no.
L: Well, anyway...
L: I mean, I'm really glad...that, you know, they had...someone, like...
J: Eh!
J: Oh!
J: Just look at you!
J: Are you sure you're alright, with all those...
J: ..wounds!?
J: And isn't that...
J: ...blood!?

J: Uh...umm...
J: Here!
J: If it's alright...
L: Heheh, that maybe a little too small..
L: I'm too big for such a ...
J: Big guys don't like little things, do they...
J: If there's anything else I can do, please tell me.
J: I mean...the kids were lost...
J: And I thought, in that huge uproar, that I'd never find them...
L: Excuse me...thank you.
L: Well then...
L: I will gladly accept this.
L: Well, then, is everyone...
L: ...doing well?

L: No use, huh...?
J: Hey!!
J: Where's your manners, huh?!
L: They just saw a terrible thing, after all...

L: --to me?!
L: They really gave me too many gifts.
L: To think that I've gotten all these things...
L: I've become a lot more loose lately.
L: But...
L: hmm.
L: It doesn't matter if it's just a little, right?

L: What should I do...
L: Jasmine.
L: To think that out of those who I swore to protect...
L: ...you, of all people, would be in there.
L: Now, more than ever...I can be assured that I'm doing the right thing.

STARDATE 0014. JULY 21ST. 11:31:26.

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