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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Trigun Maximum 77

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 77

Translated by Molokidan

#2. Erosion Thunder

?: What?!
?: What happened?!
?: All signals in the surrounding 1000 meters have been cut off?!

?: The response from space has been distorted!
?: This is....a minimum-range...
?: ...warp!?
?: Unbelievable!!
?: Just how much energy is needed to move a mass of that size?!
?: And now..what's this?
?: How can he be supressing this energy with such close precision?
?: This is more terrible than even our worst nightmares...

?: Clear!
?: I want you to bring out all past information and data pertaining to Independents and begin a close inspection of it!!
?: Do it immediately!!
?: But Captain...there isn't any.
?: --Chronica?!

C: Even if you searched through every single piece of data in the entire galaxy, spanning the last two centuries...
C: ...you would not find a single thing pertaining to a being that can perform a warp by free will, using its own power, anytime it desired.
C: Nothing like this...
C: has ever happened before in the history of mankind.
C: ...what, Domina?
D: Man, Chronica, you're so trustworthy and reliable...
D: If I was in your position, I could never calm down like that and keep such a stone face the entire time...
C: You want me to beat you?

C: For now, we have no choice but to acknowledge that we've underestimated our target.
C: In an instant, we've been forced to grasp the true danger of this 'first encounter.'
C: Now corresponding with the "Thor Hammer."
C: It took an enormous risk and burned up an enormous amount of energy...all in order to reverse the situation, huh?
C: Such boldness is like something out of a storybook.
C: Now, it's pretty much in the best possible spot it could get to.
C: Since it's floating right above the town...there's no possible way we can get a straight shot at it!
D: But on the other hand...
D: Doesn't that mean that the people below should be able to target it perfectly?
C: Boost everything up to Defense Level 5.
C: There's a large chance that are powerful, unwavering attack will come soon from below. Do NOT be lax in your surveillance!!
C: Roger, Captain! Leave it to us.
C: Lastly..
C: Domina...

C: Domina!!
D: Ah...
D: Yes...
C: What's wrong? Are you alright?
D: I'm...I'm sorry. Please excuse me...I can hear you now.
C: Domina. It's about the timing of that small warp just now...
C: What do you think of it?

D: What do I think about it...?
C: Don't you think it was strange how the discharge of "Thor Hammer" was so easily avoided like that?
D: Ah...yes, I felt that too.
D: You couldn't be more right!!
C: There's a possibility that our network has been invaded somehow.
C: Let us try once more and validate that fact.
D: What is this?
D: Just now...
D: All of a sudden..I felt like my brain was going totally out of control...
C: Okay! From now on, we are to keep strict surveillance around the outlying area of the fleet.
D: Roger!!
C: After 600 seconds, a draft of the next operation will be ready!

?: Wah...
?: Uwaaah...


M: What in the world?! What's going on out there?!
G: I'm..I'm sorry sir...
G: ...we don't have any idea!!
G: All of a sudden, the Ark appeared in the air, and...
G: At about that time, everything went completely out of control!!
M: Is this the doing of the Ark!?
G: We...we don't know! It could be, or it could not be!
G: The town...the town's gone into a huge panic!
M: You've said that already!!

M: They're...
M: ...resonating!?
M: An attack!? From the Ark!?
M: Where in the world is all this coming from!?

C: Terrible...
C: The planet is in an unbelievable uproar...
C: Don't push yourself.
C: The first thing we need to be concerned with is the removal of any imminate threats--
C: Domina?
D: Yes?
C: Just now...what did you say?
D: A large amount of humans are pointing their weaponry toward us.
C: Domina?
D: Each mouth is pointing open toward us, shouting some unintelligable scream while they continue firing.
C: Hold on a second!!

C: From this distance...
C: How are you able to "see" all of that?
D: Are you going to help us? Help...us...
D: Will you put an end to all these painful days?
D: In addition to that...do you plan...
D: ...to try and save the human race too?
C: You're not Domina...
C: But then...who is this?

C: Impossible...
C: Those tentacles...they can take over people's consciousness?
C: And they're heading...
C: straight through into...
C: the stratosphere...!!

C: What...is he?
C: This man...he's anything but human!!

C: What?!
C: What happened, Chronica!?
C: Domina was...Domina was taken by them!!
C: And now...she's already halfway through the cointegration process!!
C: WHAT?!?!
C: Our enemy has us by the throat...there must be a genius of a mind behind of all of this.
C: And it seems that the closer we draw to it...the deeper we fall into its clutches.
C: ........ch?!
C: This is madness!!

C: First, it makes contact...and then slowly begins drawing out every piece of information from the host.
C: (top left) Looking at it from our perspective...it seems we picked the worst possible time to mobilize!!
C: (bottom right) Domina was the backbone of our operation...and they sought her out on purpose!!
C: The battleship Abureibus II has fallen into the hands of the enemy!

K: I'll cast you all into flames..

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