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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Trigun Maximum 81

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 81

K: Bastard...
V: Don't try to interfere with it...
V: Anything it touches will be gone in an instant.

K: What the hell?
K: If that first attack would have hit me unexpectedly...
K: ...would he actually have taken my head?
K: It's not right.
K: How has his sheer obstinance carried him this far...always refusing to compromise with me?
K: Look at him, he's missing a completely good chance at me. What is he waiting for?
K: For me to change my mind?
K: I can't believe that even HE would think of something so utterly idiotic.
K: Yes...
K: There's something more...
K: Something...else....

?: Don't even let the smallest pulse pass by!!
?: No matter what!!
?: We've got to try and trace where the tail end of this communication with 'them' is coming from!

K: A-ha.
K: So you're trying to communicate with 'them,' aren't you?
K: Even now...
K: Even now, you're still trying to masquerade as the victim!!
K: After all this time, you still have the nerve to work out some kind of DEAL with them...
K: They truly are a race perverted beyond belief, aren't they!?
K: ...how could they ever deserve to hear our words of forgiveness!?

V: ...Knives...
V: What you speak is most likely the truth.
V: But unfortunately for you, you can't decide this planet's fate on your own.

V: Do you still remember?
V: In the town where you tore off my left arm...
K: Ah...
K: Yes, I thought that would be a good experience for you. So what about it?
K: Just think it of a way I used to help polish off your stubborness--
V: That town, they...!!
V: That town...they had a reason.
V: There was a reason...they couldn't live without killing the travelers...
K: *sigh*
K: You're supporting the murderers?
K: Is it really alright for those kind of sentiments to come out of your mouth?
V: You're wrong. All I said was, "there was a reason."
V: I'm saying that you didn't know the circumstances!!

?: You are...?
V: This woman...
V: Was the only person in the village from an "outside family."
V: She had become close with many of the villagers...
V: And ended up staying for 3 years.
V: The reason was...
V: Radioactive Contamination.
V: Eventually, all members of the village who were contaiminated were eventually forced to leave.

V: Because of the nature of the planet, being sent out into the desert just like that would most definitely spell certain death.
V: The people still continued to leave, knowing this fact very well.
V: They felt that if they didn't, everyone's lives would be in danger.
V: Then one day, this girl was forced to travel...
V: ...far, far away.
V: With tears falling from her eyes, she continued.
V: She didn't know why she had been forced to live by herself.
V: They had angrily refused to let stay, sending her off carrying a multitude of desires and uncertainties.
V: They just told her that she should be happy to live her life alone, and sent her on her way.
V: It's true that maybe, sending her off to a life of loneliness, so that she could still live...was a kind of reward.
V: But still...
V: To force upon her a life of such severity and harshness, it didn't seem all that merciful.
V: She told me all of this, continuing to cry.
V: She went on for hours upon hours.

V: After that,
V: I decided to do some research.
V: Eventually, I found the cause.
V: The source of the contamination--
V: It was a result of them leaving the plants to run wildly on their own.
V: However,
V: Even to the end, they weren't prepared to abandon the site.
V: As a result, they may have possibly saved hundreds of plants and thousands of humans from contamination.
V: This is...
V: The truth of that town -- that we so easily overlooked.
V: Do you understand now?
V: Knives...
V: What is there to understand?
V: They were just eliminating the trash from a sad life that came about from their own incompetence, weren't they?

V: NO!!
V: Why, Knives, did you act without understanding anything about the situation!?
V: And on top of that, how...
V: ...could you go on living without ever remembering that tragedy!?
V: You're just living in ignorance...the truth is clouded only by your unbridled arrogance.
V: And for that, I will never forgive you.

K: That's it.
K: I finally got it.
K: So that's why you clutch such a flashy covering to yourself...
K: You've turned into a human.

K: And that's why...
K: you're entirely commited to the fact that you could die any moment...just like any other maniac.
K: BUT...
K: You've overlooked one very important thing, Vash.


V: ...No!
K: Fuhahaha...
K: How do you like that!?
K: Now have you realized the depth of your naivete!?
K: Living in ignorance?!
K: I could never do it better than those dumbasses down there!!

K: The irony is unbelievable!
K: No matter how hard you try to save them, they'll do everything in their power to reverse all your work!!
V: You...
V: ...bastard...

?: U

V: Hah...
V: Hah...
V: Hah...
V: Haaah...
K: Kukuku...
K: In the end, it's all the same.
K: You're the most pitiful man I've ever seen.
K: There hasn't been one person in your life who hasn't betrayed you yet.
K: In other words, you've used up all your "bullets."
K: Now then.
K: The next one's coming...let's see you bring that town!
K: At this rate, it won't be long...
K: until you're finally pushed over the edge.
?: Ready...

(screaming men below): OOHHH....OHHHHHHHH...
(from here on is the rightmost column down)
?: ...Shit...
?: I can't see a thing!
?: Forget about it!
?: The alignment should still be locked onto the target!
?: Keep the firing angle still!

(bottom right panel)
?: Aahh, Captain!!
(middle bottom panel)
?: Captain!!
?: Fire, I said fi--
Milly: What's that? What? The Thomas is...?
Meryl: Captain, Captain, where are yooooouuu?
(from top to bottom on left side)
M: Be careful, Milly!
M: At this rate, we won't be able to stop them...
M: Yes ma'am!
M: Senpai!!
M: We may be able to see Vash-san soon, won't we?
M: What are you saying, in the middle of this mess!?
M: There's no way we'll be able to see him!!

M: That really sucks.
M: What?
M: After risking our lives like that, I kinda wanted him to see it!
M: Alrighty then...
M: All those idiots are running around like maniacs in the smoke!!
B: I'm afraid this is all I can do...
B: I'm sorry!!

V: That's right...
V: I'm not alone...
V: I can still...
V: ...fight.

C: Reporting,
C: Collecting the Independant Plant "Domina."
C: Transferring to Isolation Storage Unit.
C: And as for personal salvage...?
C: We're currently scanning for it.
C: The Success Ratio is under 0.03%.
C: A complete restoration is certainly out of the question.
C: There's hardly anything left, after all.

C: Chronica...

C: Cease the Personal Salvage.
C: ...wha!?
C: There's no time for that.
C: Collecting information on the enemy should be our highest priority right now.
C: B...
C: But...
C: Trust me.
C: It's what she would have wanted...
C: After all, even to the last moment, that child...truly was a wiser entity than I.

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