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Trigun Maximum 84

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 84

L: That man asked me...
V: For what reason do you follow Knives?
L: It's always so annoying to answer such foolish questions like that.
V: You should know his plans by now.
V: He wants to subject the human race to complete genocide...with no exceptions!
V: He'll surely kill all of you too...
L: You haven't figured it out?
L: Originally, I had no place or purpose in this world.
L: Serving the only reason I need to live.

#9. A World Just for Two

V:'ve finally come out.
V: I thought it was strange that I didn't see you anywhere.

?: What is that!?
?: The ships from Earth..!!
?: No way!
?: That's one crazy stunt!!
?: It almost seems like they're falling down toward us!!
?: Just what the hell is going to happen from here on out!?
M: Vash-san...

L: Knives-sama...
L: I had finished my preparations.
L: I didn't need any guns. Guns are what "they" carried.

L: I lived in a sea of vomit -- a fortress town housing 1,300 people.
L: It took a mere 10 days to insert all the "threads" into my medulla oblongota.
L: None of them were aware...and it would all end like that, with all of them trapped in ignorance forever.
L: Everyone would die at once.
L: And so, in order to achieve my goal, I spent my time perfecting my techniques in utter secrecy.
L: The sacks of shit who treated me as a plaything shut their eyes to me in the daytime. The parasites.
L: Shooting them all would have been nice. Right between the eyes, one after another.
L: Tearing their bodies to pieces would have been just as nice. Ripping bloody clumps from their skeletons, one after another.
L: Screaming and crying, they would curse their sad fates, their terrible misfortune...
L: "You don't deserve to be saved," I'd tell them. "That's the kind of existence you all lead."
L: However...

L: Such was not to be had.
L: The sheer understanding that I held the lives of over a thousand in my hands was too much for me to comprehend at such a young age.
L: A single mistake was all it took for them to lodge an unpleasant steel bullet straight into my abdominal cavity.
?: To think that YOU of all people would have come up with such a plan...

?: We are so've simply broken our poor hearts!
?: And with such a beautiful face...
?: That beautiful face that I loved so much...
?: Why...
?: Why, oh why!?
L: As if in agreement, the crotch of his pants slowly rose up toward me.
L: Apparently, killing me out of anger was not enough for the greedy man who wielded such power -- he had something else in mind.
L: "They" didn't just steal my freedom from me...they took away everything I had.
L: And I was resigned to it all.
L: Buha
L: Buha
L: Buha
L: And then..
?: Buha
?: Buhaah
?: Hie...

L: In an instant.
L: I felt refreshed...everything seemed so clean and clear.
L: Beheaded.
L: They had all been done with such skill...
L: that they still retained consciousness.
L: Tears of joy came spilling from my eyes.
L: I happily tortured them, realizing I'd been spared.

L: At that moment, the sheer excitement I felt...
L: is impossible to describe in words.
L: Surely, nothing in this suffocating world could come even close to equaling the greatness of his existence.
L: --But, more importantly...
L: I wanted to
L: "know" him.
K: Very interesting.
K: I had originally planned to wipe this place it, but it looks like I missed one.
K: Although for some reason, it doesn't seem like a coincidence.
K: ...Did you control my body?

L: Could you possibly permit me...
L: ...the chance to be able to stand at your side?

L: If it is your wish, I will untie my "technique" in an instant.
L: But I beg of you, please cut this head off as you see fit.
L: That is, if you do not wish to look upon me...
L: Then certainly, I have no other reason to live.

K: What...
K: your name?
L: I...
L: have...none!
L: It felt like a fairy tale, but I was happy.

L: That that instant...
L: I was truly born again.

#9. A World Just For Two/END

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