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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Trigun Maximum 85

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 85

K: And now...please, tell me once more...
K: If I had killed Vash the Stampede back then...
K: would I have angered you?

Legato Bluesummers

(right side, top to bottom)
?: Beginning preparations for the second attack!
?: This is insanity!
?: Even if we were in close range with a perfect shot, we'd still have to take into count the people below!
?: Finished equipping all artillery on the Proton Cannon!
?: Control Transfer: All Green! Every safety has been released! Prepare to fire in Pattern D in T-3 seconds!
(left side, t to b)
C: It's alright. "Knives" will feel this next one as well.
C: I've found a way to make those "prisoners" there useful.
?: FIRE!!!!


V: Haah... (the whole page)

V: Haah... (whole page)

L: It's too bad, but...
L: Game over,
L: Vash the Stampede.

L: That body...has been resisting as best it could, but sadly, there's no way to avert the inevitable.
L: And yet...despite the perfection of my technique, you've still been resisting it for months upon months. Your body is truly something.
L: ...But I'm telling you, it's useless.
L: Or could it be...that even your sense of hearing no longer remains?
L: The legendary gunman, Vash the Stampede...
V: ...hah
V: ...hah
L: It's regrettable...for your last moments to be like this.
V: ...haaaah...!!
L: And...
L: Lastly...
L: My final wish.

K: ...what?
K: If I had killed Vash the Stampede back then...
K: ...would you have become angered....I...would like to know.

K: You really think...
K: ...you could have done it?
K: Are you telling me...
K: That you seriously believe...
K: that YOU could?
L: ...there is a possibility.
L: If his resilience and my loyalty were to clash...

K: Gimme a break.
K: I don't give a shit about loyalty.
K: If you weren't useful to me, you'd be dead.
K: And one more thing.
K: The two of us...
K: Don't even think, for the tiniest second, that we're even lightyears close to the same level as you and your "associates."
K: You...
K: fucking humans...!!

L: I really, honestly wanted to know...
L: Just one thing.
L: Whether my intense bonds of loyalty were possibly strong enough...
L: to surpass you. Even though it'd never happen...
L: But now, look at you.
L: Cowering in front of me like that...

L: Tonight, everything will come to an end -- my life too, I fear.
L: The road to eternity...is most likely closed off now.
L: And now, finally...
L: The day for me to assess my regrets has come.
L: Don't even think about moving.
L: You should already be keen to the price your body pays for going against my power.
L: You'll die, you know.

V: ..a...
V: Ah
V: Guuh...
V: Gahh...
V: Ahhh..
V: Ahhhhhhh..
V: Ahhh...
V: Aarghhh...
L: I see...
V: Garrgghhh...
L: THIS is Vash the Stampede...
L: The Humanoid Typhoon.

L: The kind of man who will never let himself fall?
L: The man who somehow, time after time, manages to escape from the jaws of death?
L: Completely selfless...
L: Attached to unwavering ideals that keep him from feeling even the smallest tinge of sadness.

L: Impossible.
L: No...it's true.
L: This man whom I've taken up as my opponent....his will to fight, his ideals, even his desires...
L: This man is...
L: --No. This man too...
L: ...has absolutely no value in this world.

L: ...You're beautiful.
V: What?!
L: To think that you...
L: "A man like you"...
L: ...would have an existence so close to my own.

L: Haha...
L: Excuse me...
L: Now, let's finally put a use...
L: to this.

L: I don't like letting things go to waste.
L: And despite all that's happened, the purpose of this hasn't changed.

L: This is a specially-made miniature magnetic field generator.
L: In other words, it interferes with my power.
L: It can fire tiny electrified metal strings en masse, on command.
L: I gave this to you in order to know the true depths of "THEIR" loyalty.
L: You must understand. In a personal battle, the sheer overwhelming force of my "power" is far too much to bear.
L: If such a thing wasn't implemented as a sort of handicap...
L: How would there be any excitement?

V: What are you saying...!?

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