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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Trigun Maximum 88

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 88

L: Alrighty then, shall we begin?
L: By the way, when I wear these, I become twice as powerful.
L: Hmm...or, maybe it's just because of the feeling I get when I wear 'em.

Black diagonal text: "Proof that the Lost Number is the strongest!"

E: I must apologize.

E: You see...it really does seem like I underestimated you.
E: You have my condolences.

?: Ohh
?: Ohh
?: Ohhhhh

L: ...gh!
L: ..agh..!!
L: Ahh..
L: Ahh..
L: Ahh!!
L: AHHH!!!

SFX: Shach

L: More...
L: More....
L: More...
L: More...!!!
L: Vash the Stampede...!!
L: You still aren't be serious...!!
L: No matter how beaten up and spent you look, you...
L: You...
L: ...always seem to have more power left!!
L: ...more power left!!
L: You always have more power left!!

?: We're in the sky above the town area!!
?: We've confirmed the presence of an army facility!
?: Alright...we're going to try to dock into their bay!!!
?: In the target location...we've confirmed the presence of men!!
?: RIGHT!!
?: ...ah?
?: What's up?
?: You two on the deck...can you hear me?!

?: We are "Pieces of Earth."
?: A fleet of ships from Earth.
?: We shall come into your field of vision soon.
?: There is nothing to be afraid of. In order so as to not frighten you further, we will continue communication.
?: ...sorry about that.
?: But the current situation leaves us no time to spare.
?: Would you mind calling...Ms. Luida and her respective party for me?

?: You are Miss Luida, are you not?
?: I am known as Banse.
?: It is an honor to meet you.
?: In the future, I would much like to have a deep discussion with you, however...
?: ...currently, we simply have not the time.
?: Were you the ones that fired that blast!?
?: The Ark is...certainly the ones at fault, aren't they?
?: What is the intention of the ships from the sky?!
?: Please wait a moment.
?: Leisem.
?: Begin with the images and explanation.
L: ...Yes sir.

L: ...this is our current situation.
?: Those are all...Plants...
?: Most of the energy balancing this planet's lifeline on its proverbial backs is now resting in the clutches of THAT.
?: We call it a "cointegration."
?: No larger instance of such has been recorded in all of history.
?: It even has the potential to take out all 13 of our battleships.
?: Right now, it's heading straight for our flagship.
?: Its size alone could alter the form of an entire planet.
?: However, no matter how large a collection of energy you have, it's no threat at all unless it's stabilized.
?: The thing is huge -- and if there was a star of its size in the point in space where it originated, it would simply burn itself up.
?: The biggest problem, however, is...

?: The fact that the entity controlling this massive power...
?: has stablized and collected it all for a sole purpose.
?: This is...a man...?!
?: "Knives"...!
?: That man..is...!!
?: You knew of him?
?: He is a creature with a boundless degree of strategy and intelligence.
?: In an instant, he was able to completely break through our formation's blockade.
?: Now, we've been pushed into a situation where he can strike us at any time.
?: And I'm positive that our little trick will not work a second time.

?: Are you saying that when he attacks..we're done for?!
?: There is a small chance that we may pull through.
?: All of you are the "key" to that operation.
L: WE...are?
?: Yes.
?: It was for that very reason that we took such a huge risk to come here.
?: There is also...
?: One more "key" that we must obtain to proceed further.
?: Yes?
?: We'll give you whatever we can.
?: There is a man we are searching for.
?: A man...who has to be somewhere on this planet.
?: Somewhere...
?: ...on this planet...?
?: ...He has quite a distinctive personality. And because of the current situation, there is a very high probability that he has come somewhere near the vicinity of this town.

?: He wears a long red coat, looks to be in his mid-twenties -- a youthful man with blonde hair and bright blue eyes.
?: He is a man who seems to be always in his own world, with spiky hair that remains pointed and sharp no matter what's going on.
?: His name...is "Vash."
?: A-ha!!
?: It seems like Heaven truly has not abandoned us, after all!!
?: We need to establish communications with him as soon as possi...
?: It's no use.
?: That man is...right now...
?: ...out of any range we could possibly contact him within.

L: In an unbelievably dangerous place...
L: ...he's fighting there, all alone.

L: YES...

L: That "power"...that's the only thing you have left, isn't it?
L: ...However.
L: Even so...
L: Even so...!!
L: That's more than sufficient...
L: ...to be a threat!!

SFX: Gaka

E: I've never heard of a man being skewered twice in the same day before, have you?
E: But nevertheless, you should be proud of yourself.
E: You're the third person that's caused me to remove my restraint armor.
E: But now, I'm prepared to smash your head to pieces without fail.
E: I owe you a lot for all those dirty tricks you played on me, after all.

E: ...huh?
E: What the..
E: And who...would you be?

R: ThAt aIn'T cOoL, LiViO...tHe FuCk YoU tRyIn' To dO...KILL ME?

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