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Trigun Maximum 99

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to Trigun Maximum

-> RTS Page for Trigun Maximum 99

V: I can't move forward...
V: My destination...
V: ...just what lies there?

?: I'm talking about Vash the Stampede's fight.
?: No matter what happens, we'll keep struggling to the very end.

?: What are you doing, Vash the Stampede...
?: Now isn't the time to be sleeping!
V: Once more...
V: Just once more...
V: ...Damn.
V: It's useless...?
V: Pathetic....

K: Pain?
K: My brethren...
K: What is the meaning of this?
K: This hatred...this sadness...
K: This suffering...this faltering...
K: This grudge against serving the Creator....always yearning for a tommorrow when we willbe this not the reason why we are now connected?!
K: ...I foresaw this.
K: But now....this uproar that shocks me to the very core...the horrible truth...
K: Yes...

K: Now, more than ever...
K: This determined blood flows all throughout my body.
K: I will never turn away from my one and only mission.
M: Is the communication wire working?

?: It is easy for plants to feel sympathy for one another.
?: Now, all of a sudden, Knives has suddenly started to separate a small bit from the you understand why?
?: It's possible for very strong emotions to be transmitted across any distance from one plant to another.
?: And, as a testament to Knives' true strength, this ability of theirs and its effects are being heightened even now as we speak.
?: When this happens, the plants have a chance to, upon making contact with each other at the crests of both their beings, connect to one another, meshing their consciousnesses and increasing their power a thousand times over.

?: ...Oh...!!
?:'s falling!!
?: Kyaaaaah!!

K: Now!!
K: Everything is complete, humans!!
K: Just like insects...
K: Let's see you run around in terror!!

V: Haa
V: Haa
V: Haa

K: Vash....!!
K: I felt it...I'm sure of it...!!
K: Where is he....where is he!!?
K: Over there...?!


All: Aaa


M: ..Unbelievable....!!!!
M: Did he do it..!?
M: It's...disintegrating...




P: What tenacity...
P: No...
P: This is..pure recklesness...
P: He's going farther than simply breaking down the cointegration....
P: He's entering it himself...without a single care for his own safety....
K: The wings...won't stop...
K: You haven't reached me yet...Vash....!!
K: This wire connection must be your last chance...
K: You've done well at cornering me like this...
K: But...there is absolutely no way I'll lose to these humans...!!!

V: Connect...
V: And then please end this.
V: I have trust in you...
V: I've been walking for 150 years.

V: I Beg you.
V: Once more...
V: That ticket...

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