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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

War Front on Spike Hills 1

My Right Hand

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to War Front on Spike Hills

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Top: Now,
#1 My Right Hand (*This is a song by the popular Japanese punk band, The Blue Hearts)
Bottom: Let's break out of here and go somewhere.

K: I really want "Super Ghouls 'n' Ghosts!"
K(2b): I wish they'd give me some allowance! I seriously don't have enough.
K: How many Super Famicom games do you have now?
K: No matter what the circumstances, they've gotta stop raising the prices, right?
K: No, it's all going bad now. Publishing relations have even become influenced.

K: Hahaha!
K: I can't count on my winter bonus.
K: That guy said when he gets his paycheck, he's gonna buy a bike.
K: Hahahaha!

G: "Running towards glory"
G: "Let's ride that train"

G: "Rushing out barefoot"
G: "Let's ride that train"
G: "Yearning for invisible freedom"
G: "Pounding away with an invisible gun"
G: "PLease let me hear your true voice"
(*All lyrics from Train-Train by The Blue Hearts)

B(2b): ...hey, don't bug me. This is the plan you brought me, remember?
G: Heheh!
G: You're really amazing, Kaburagi-kun.
G(2b): Sooo smart. I love you.
K(2b): That's because humans have an inclination to be attracted to others who have things they don't.
G: That's right.
G: I'm stupid, so I like smart people.

G: Ah, look at that! The clouds are like an ocean.
G(2b): Hey...I want to go somewhere.
K: ...where?
G: Somewhere...faaaar away.

#1 My Right Hand

G: Let's gooooo~!
B: ....what?
G(2b): Like I said, to the convenience store. Come on and buy something for poor old starving me~!
B(2b): ...just shut up and eat a cucumber or something. You already look enough like a kappa anyway. (*Kappa are Japanese water imps that love cucumbers)

I(2b): By the way, your family's rich, ri ght?
B: Huh?
B: What kind of a question is that?
B(2b): I live alone with my mother. If I had to pick one, I'd say we're poor.
I: But you've really been cutting cram school lately. (*The cram school in question here is preparation for Japan's rigorous college entrance exams)
T: That comes to 1021 yen.
I: And I've seen you go home in a taxi a lot when it's raining.
B: I just do that...
B: once in a while.

B: He's got some memory for a kappa.
I: Sometimes it's just, I feel like
I: Our lives just consist of going straight to school and ram school. Afterwards all we do is go home and sleep, right?
I: The only fun thing to do these days is buying food to eat.
I(2b): We really must have bad luck, huh? When we were in elementary school the examination boom happened, so we were always told to study, study, study.

I: I've been doing it from middle school,
I(boxless): And of course, failing miserably
I: and I've just gotten tired of these high school exams, and now college exams.
I(2b): Eventually I'll just be pushed to work at some company after college...how long is our life gonna keep going like this?
I: When it comes down to it, eating's all we got left!
K: Yeah, you're right.
K: I see.
K: How sad.

K(2b): --I guess, for powerless people like you,
K: crawling miserably around the earth is the only way to stay alive.
K: --Please excuse me.
I: Huh?
K: I really have to go home today.
I: Eh?!
K: What? You're going home?
I(2b): Hey, wait! Are you alright? What about the exams?!
I: You haven't really been coming to cram school at all lately.
I: And hasn't your spot on the test ranking been going down?

I: If you don't get serious soon, you won't be able to get in, man!
K(2b): ...barf back up what you ate just now, shitty kappa.
G(2b): Alright, I have to go meet with some people, I'll leave here.
K: ? ---ah, that circle of friends you spoke of earlier?
G: Yup yup!
G: We're going to do another cosplay job!

G: If you figure anything else out about the plan, let me know, okay?
K: ...yeah.
N: --hey,
N: Don't you think it'd be nice if magicians existed?
G: Then they could make miracles happen with the flick of their wrists,
K: and take people far away.

G: See you later, Kaburagi-kun.
G: I love you!
K(2b): This world is like a huge current of greyness.
K(2b): Humans never go against the current, and let it push them forward reglardless of their discontent.
K: Those who get tired and sink are labeled as "outcasts."

K: While dreaming of breaking free,
K: they can only desperately flounder while trying not to drown at the very least.
K: 1991 - Fall - Tokyo.
K: Everyone was stuck in that muddy stream in one way or another,
K: save
K: myself.

K: ...it'd be bad if I just went home at a time like this.
K: I'll just go and kill some time at the arcade as usual...
K: --and..

T: Shinjuku--
T: Shinjuku--
K: Uwahhh!

K: Shit...what's with this wallet, it's full of cards...
K: That means I'll have to try it again...
K: What changed me
K: was the existence of that absolute power within me.
K: That existence convinced me of one thing:
K: that I am a "special human broken free from the current of this stupid world."
K: --Alright, this guy.
K: That power, in short,

K: is an ingenius pickpocketing ability.

K: It's even possible for this miraculous right hand of mine
K: to pull out only the money and return the wallet,

K: without the target ever knowing,
K: as the prizes are transported into my right hand.

K: These scraps of paper that control the entire world...
K: I don't need this much...
K: no matter when,
K: I'll always be able to get as much as I need.
K(2b): This must what they call omnipotent.

K: -----Yo.
K: Let's fight.

K: You just finished now, right?
K: ...this guy's being really nosy...
K: ...no.
K: I know this guy. I think he's the same year as me.

K: I've heard of him before.
K: The student in Class G who's awfully good at only one thing -- math.
K: He scored 100 points on the practice Oubunsha exam.
K: He must be that guy I've heard about.
K(2b): ...you're from Class 6, right?
K: You're really good.
K: Do you always play this?

K: .....no,
K: it's not like I'm ALWAYS playing it...
K(2b): ...bastard. Isn't he going to reply to what I said?
K(2b): Well, I guess you can play as much as you like. Money isn't a problem to you, is it?
K: ...huh? What's he talking about?
K: Is he trying to extort me?
K(boxless): Not only the kappa today, but this guy...
K: Doesn't seem like he's that type of person, though...
K(boxless): He wouldn't be that strong in a fight
K(2b): After leaving the station, you went to a coffee shop, then another arcade, and now here.
K: You've already used to close to 10000 yen. (* roughly $100)

K: Hey,
K: is this what you do every day?
K: ...what's with this guy...
K: He's been following me since I left the station?
K: For hours!?
K: That's sick. What is he trying to do?
K: --Back there, on the Yamanote Line,

K: I saw it.

K: White: I saw it.
sfx: gagagagan
K: Shit...
K: Shit! Calm down...!!
K: Calm down and concentrate on the game!
K: Don't let him shake you up.
K: It's alright. It's obviously just a bluff.

K: ...that's right.
K: It isn't like this just started today or yesterday.
K: I've never gotten caught for the entire three years.
K: My ability is absolute.
K: There's no way a guy like this could see through it.
K(2b): What do you mean you "saw" it? Saw what?
K: The first was a young salaryman-like guy.

K: The second was a reasonably tall college-aged guy.
sfx: dogaaan!!
K(2b): ....hey, what's wrong?
K: I really hit you good there.

K: What do I do?
K(2b): Being able to pickpocket so skillfully like that must mean you have no monetary worries, right?
K(2b): ...really, what an amazing coincidence.
K: What should I do?

K: How much confidence does this guy have?
K: well,
K: you probably figure that normally, you'd never get found out.
K: It just happened that the guy you stole from on the Yamanote Line
K(2b): was coincidentally someone I knew, so I happened to see it.
K: Even though I did get a strange feeling at the time,
K: I didn't realize it just based on that.

K: It truly was a miraculous meeting.

K: I even felt
K: like this was somehow destined.
K: Dammit...don't you fuck with me...
K: Don't underestimate me!
sfx: dokooh

K: Ah.
K(boxless): I lost...
K: ...Not that this has anything to do with me,
K: but if you keep saying imaginary stuff like that out loud,
K: people will start to think you're crazy.

K: As if they were a symbol of the people's feelings,
K: a huge cluster of skyscrapers reach up towards the sky, contesting what lies ahead and trying to escape this town.
K: ....Sit down,
K: Nomura Nobuo.

K(2b): Right now, let's talk about changing your life.
K: We met
K: at the bottom of those Spike Hills.
#1 My Right Hand--End--

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