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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

War Front on Spike Hills 2


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to War Front on Spike Hills

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K: Right now,
N: Now that I think about it
K: let's talk about changing your life.
N: everything started from my meeting with this guy.


N: ...Let me just tell you something.
N: I'm really poor, you know.
N: The point is, you want to try and blackmail me, right?
N: You can go ahead and search me, but you won't find any other people's wallets.
N: Unfortunately.
N: Now, what are you going to do?
N: No proof exists.
K(2b): Heh. Well aren't you laid-back.
N: Everything you try to say will just pass right by me.
K(2b): Well, a guy with such an embarassingly professional arm like yourself
K: would never leave any proof, now would he?

K(2b): The truth is, it's amazing. Even though I watched you steal from both of them,.
K: Even watching you in suspicion, I couldn't figure out the exact instant when you stole it.
K: It's like you're a magician or something.
N: ...is he the kinda person who'd say magician?
N: ...enough already.
N(2b): Please don't trouble me anymore than you already have. I'm going home.
K: Wait, Nomura!

N: ...you're kinda in my way.
K: You mean you want to go home fast so you can start studying?
K: Students taking exams really have it hard, don't they?
K: Until they get accepted to a college, freely playing around in arcades is a forbidden sin.
N: Shit...just what is this guy trying to say?
K(2b): Right, Nomura?

K(2b): Don't you want to enter a great college straight out of highschool?

K: There are ways to allow even the biggest idiots to get in easily.
N: ....to a super-idiotic college, you mean?
K: To Soukei University. (*This is a fictional college that exists only in this manga, created by combining a kanji from Waseda and a kanji from Keio, which are two prestigous universities in Japan.)
K(2b): I shouldn't even have to tell you -- it's the highest-ranked university in Japan, even better than Tokyo U.
K(2b): Over 30% of the country's top executives are alumni. That school is the subject of every student's dreams and envy.

K: ...has this started to interest you a little?
K: Nomura.
N: ...sounds nice.
N: I bet it'd make the cram school teachers all over the country go nuts.
K: This isn't a laughing matter.
K: A reliable way exists.
K(2b): As long as we have that power of yours.

?: Hahahahah
?(2b): That kick felt really lucky to me! Huh?
?: What...
?: Outta the way!
K(2b): We can't talk about it here though. I've already thought up a concrete scenario.
K: The details are all written in here.
K: Everything related to this plan.
K(2b): Well, unfortunately, today was just an introduction.
K: Later I'll go through everything with you.

K(2b): Sorry if it feels like I'm putting pressure on you, Nomura.
N: ...Acting like you've got it all worked out...
N: How could someone find a way to get in so easily like that?
N(2b): If you're done talking, then please let me go already.

K: ...No matter what I have to do,
K: I'll get my hands on you, Nomura.
K: ---Oh.
K: ...haha.
K: I knew he'd take it, that guy...

N: Kaburagi Jirou...
N: I wonder what kinda guy he is...
N: ...plans, details, any kind of shit...
N: There's nothing of the sort written in here.
N: What a dumbass...
N: Was he just talking out of his ass and acting like he had some master plan?
N: I was merely curious
N: to see what kind of reaction he'd give me after I told him later that I "picked it up."

N: But this kinda seems like it'll be a pain in the ass.
N: Maybe I should just try this away...
N: Uuu!
I(2b): Ah, sorry! Wait, Nomura?
N: ...sup.
I: Ahhh, excuse me! They run out of bread fast so I was really in a hurry!
I(boxless): I forgot my lunchbox today!
N(boxless): Kappa shouldn't be eating anything except cucumbers!
N: ...to think he'd be in that much of a hurry for bread.I
I: ...huh?
I: Isn't this Math's?

N: Math?
I(2b): Kaburagi! Kaburagi Jirou.
I: He's so ridiculously good at math,
I: we just gave him that nickname.
I: That guy's seriously crazy, man! He can even do problems we haven't learned yet with no sweat.
I(boxless): I hear he doesn't go to cram school
I: Even at his worst, he's still smarter than the teachers.
N: Realllly...
N: ...so the rumors weren't just for show, huh?
K: "Wouldn't you like to get into a great college
K: straight out of high school?"

N(2b): ...if you're that good at math, you'd probably normally get accepted into such a good university.
N: Shit! Shit! Shit!! What he said doesn't make any sense!
C: He's not here today.
C: Takahashi-kun, are you friends with Kabayaki-kun?
T: No, we're just in the same class.
N: ...what kind of a guy is Kabayaki-kun?
I: In short, he's a "One-Subject Idiot."

I: I hear he does terribly in everything other than math.
I(2b): I dunno if he just doesn't take it seriously, or if he really is stupid...but math's all he has going for him.
I(2b): The truth is, he mostly sleeps during class. He's probably already been accepted somewhere, you know?
N: ...are you serious?
I: He just looks smart because of those cool glasses he wears.
I(boxless): He takes them off the same way Nobita-kun does. (*Main character from Doraemon)
N(2b): Wait, wait, wait, what the hell?
N: He's in bigger danger with the exams than me?!

N: I guess that's what made him want to run off with such crazy dreams like that.
K: If any idiot
K: could easily get into Soukei U,
K: that'd be nice.
I: Even though he doesn't really stand out, there's a lot of weird rumors floating around about him.
I: For example,
I: He has organs that normal humans don't,
I: that he hangs a large amount of straw dolls around a huge tree in his garden,
K: Thou art cursed!
I(2b): and that he's intercepting radio waves from NASA. Some people even say he's gay.
N(2b): Haha! Those are all terrible rumors, huh?!
N: Intercepting radio waves, that's hilarious.
N(2b): He's definitely got a weird look in his eyes. Maybe he really is receiving some weird, mysterious radio waves?

N(2b): Not only an idiot in everything but math, but radio waves, huh? That guy's really beyond help.
I: ...now, for you.
I: You had some kind of dispute with him, didn't you?
N: Eh? No, that's not it...
I(2b): Well, that's good, I guess. It's better if you don't go near him out of carelessness.
I: I've also heard some really bad things about him that aren't too funny.
I: If you heard 'em,
I(2b): You'd definitely get scared, Nomura.
N: ...what kind of rumors?

I: AHH!?
I: What is this?! All of a sudden, my brain turned into that of an idiot's!!
I: My memories are gone! In an instant, even the rumors about Math have all been obliterated!
N(2b): No...I have a feeling you turned into an idiot long before now.
I: But I have a hunch that if you treat me to a cutlet sandwich, my memories might return.
K: --well, this is my stop.
?: Oh.
?: Make sure you contact me later, Jirou-kun.

I(2b): Wheeeeew~ It's been a long time since I've eaten this!
I(2b): These are expensive in the shops, you know. You're really a good guy, man!
N: ...is eating really the only joy in life you have?
N: --so...
N: Those rumors about Sabayaki you spoke of...

I: Ahh, those.
I: They aren't really rumors.
I: People say this stuff really happened.
I: One of my friends went to middle school with Math.
I: And according to what he said...
I: When that guy was in middle school,
I: he ate a human tongue.

N(2b): .....t..tongue.......?
I(2b): Yeah, tongue. Tongue!
N: ...what's that supposed to mean...
I(2b): What?! It's creepy, isn't it?!
I(2b): The person whose tongue he bit was a nurse from the health office. Apparently it was some young woman.

I: Seems like they had some kind of suspicious relationship going on.
I(2b): And then, one time when they were making out,
I: Math suddenly bit off her tongue.

N: Is that really true?

I(2b): Who knows...but from what my friend said,
I: the fact that she had blood gushing from her mouth when the ambulance came to pick her up is the truth.
I: He said "That guy's serious trouble, watch out for him."
I: So if you happen to accidentally get near him somehow,
I: you might get your tongue bitten off in the end.
N: Haha....
K(2b): Yo, Nomura Nobuo.

K: Did you find my student notebook amusing?


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