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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

War Front on Spike Hills 3

Naked King

+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 01:14 | Go to War Front on Spike Hills

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#3 Naked King

Black: "Suddenly bit her tongue"
Sign on wall: AV Room
K: Come in.
Black: "They say he bit it off"
N: Fine,
N: Kaburagi Jirou.

N(2b): I'll reveal your true form.

#3 Naked King

K: In here, we won't have to worry about anyone hearing us talk.
K: Now...
K(2b): First, how about returning my student notebook?
N: ...I found it and picked it up.
K: Ahh, really now? Well, thank you very much.
K(2b): This was interesting, wasn't it?
N(2b): ...it was all white paper! Stop fucking with me!
N(2b): ...I don't really have any interest in your student notebook, so I didn't take a look, Kaburagi-kun.

K: ...I'm not accustomed to that.
K(2b): Would you mind calling me Math? I hate my own name.
N(2b): So you made up that name yourself? You must really be self-confident.
N(2b): That's really something. It seems like you're really good at it.
N: JUST at math.
K: ...this entire world
K: can be expressed through math.
K(2b): Math is the very thing that authenticates this world. It is the most supreme subject there is.
K: By understanding that, one will realize that all other subjects bear no value.

K(2b): What on earth is the point of looking into things like history, language, and the micro-world?
N: ...he really knows how to make excuses.
N: Well, he is an idiot who can't do anything but math, after all.
K: But one cannot enter Soukei U with alone, unfortunate as that may be.
K: That's where my plan comes in.
N: ...I really don't have the time to go along with your delusions of grandeur...
K: Shimada Koukichi.
K: Representative Director of the Shimakou Trade Corporation.
K: This old man
K: created a plan for his darling, one-and-only son.

K: A plan to get his son into Soukei U,
K: by using a back route to acquire the questions that would appear on the exam.
K: ...Let me put it straight to you, Nomura.
K(2b): We're going to snatch those exam questions that man acquired.
K: Therefore, your ability is necessary.

N: ...what the hell...
N(2b): He pulls me along all this way, and that's all his plan is?
N: It was really just this guy's delusion after all.
N: ...there's no way we could do that.
N(2b): First of all, there's no way that Shimada guy, as a public citizen, could get his hands on the questions of such an exam.
K: This guy can.
K: After all,
K: he's a professional who cares naught for the methods he uses to achieve his goals.
N: ...and your point?

K: He's a man
K: of this world, so to speak.
N: ....Ya...
N: Yakuza!!!

N(small): Yakuza...
K(2b): ...what's wrong? You scared, Nomura?
N: ...er, no...
N: ...I wouldn't call it being scared...
N: Naaah~ It just seems like this talk's getting crazier and crazier.
N: First stealing, now yakuza...what's next?
K: Nomura.
K: I'm dead serious.

K: Hey Nomura,
K(2b): When I spoke of Soukei U yesterday, you became extremely captivated.
K: If you can get that in your hands, everything will go well.
N(2b): In an instant, you saw a dream that you'd be free, and at ease, right?
N: ...I dunno.
N: The thing is...
N: I'm not even that tenacious about getting into
K: I already did a small amount of research on you, Nomura.

K: The exams are scaring you due to your scholastic performance.
K: And you still have yet to find a subject or skill in which you could excel.
K: Is that right hand of yours the only thing preserving your pride?
K: In that case,
K: I want you acknowledge here and now that you have no value as a human being.
K: You know it yourself, don't you?
K(2b): The way you are now, you're powerless.

N: Hearing someone say so much based purely on speculation like that is really irritating.
K: ...don't avert your eyes.
K: It's too early for you to be a loser.

K: Let's team up, Nomura.
K: I'll rescue you from this place.
N: ...acting like you knew everything.

N: Die, shithead.
N: ...those rumors don't seem so far from the truth after all.
K: Rumors?
N(2b): Takasaki-kun told me a lot about you. That you're receiving radio tranmissions, and that you're gay...
N: ...in short, that you're a weirdo.
N(2b): ...and that you bit off a nurse's tongue.

K: What? How sickening....
K: You're definitely out of your mind.
I: I wonder if Nomura's alright...
I: There's no way he'd get his tongue bitten off, right...
I: Owahh!

I: ...Hey...
I: Something happened to him...
I(2b): ....what did you talk about with Nomura just now?
K(small): Takasaki..
K: I offered him my friendship and he ran away.
I: ....are you serious?!

N: Shit.....!
N: Why did such a crazy guy like that have to set his eyes on me...
K: You know it yourself, don't you?

K: The way you are now,
K(2b): You're powerless.
N(2b): Figures that on a day like this, I didn't have crams chool. If I could have made like I was going to cram school and instead went to the arcade as usual,
N: I might've come to feel a bit better.
N: But now I have to go straight home.
N: To the worst, most uncomfortable place in this world.

M: Welcome home, Nobu-chan.
M: How was your day?

N: ...I dunno.
M: You must do your best, with those exams coming up.
M(2b): Now's the most important time for you. You mustn't falter!
N: I know.

M: Since you don't have cram school today, hurry up to your room and start studying!
M: I'll bring up your dinner as usual.
N: I know.
M: Did you get the results from the last practice exam?
N: I know.
M(2b): What's with your replies?! Are you even listening to me!?
M: Hey, Nobu-chan...
M: --you demon!!

M(2b): That rebellious attitude of yours is prove that you've been possessed by a demon!!
M: Even though I desperately pray every day to have your back exorcised, Nobu-chan! (*In traditional Japanese folklore, there is the belief that demons/poltergeists always take root on one's back.)
M: It's because you aren't accepting a life of faith that demons have taken hold of you!
M(2b): You need to read over Gobudou-sensei's teachings more seriously!! Do you really intend to fail your exams due to some demon's obstruction!?
M: Read this and wash your back clean!
M(2b): Now! Come on!

M: "Humans exist tied by the two chains of original and self-sin!"
M(3b): "No matter how many try, it is impossible to break free." Right here! Look at this, Nobu-chan!
M: "Original sin is something attached to one from birth, and is dependent upon
N: --Annoying.

M: Nobu......?

M: Ahh......
M: No...bu-cha....!

N: .....so heavy.
N: I can't run away.
N(2b): Everything is weighing down upon me.

N: ...fantasies about killing my mother like this
N: are the only way I can escape.

K: You know it yourself, don't you?
K: The way you are now,
K: You're
K: powerless.

#3 Naked King-END-

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