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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Orochi 1


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 12:42 | Go to Orochi

-> RTS Page for Orochi 1


tl by molokidan

Sisters ... 3
Bones ... 93

(far right side of page): SISTERS
Has there ever been another happening as horrible as this?


This is a story depicting the horrible, tenacious nature of a woman's heart so detestable, it invites otherworldy judgement.

wind sfx: goohhhhhh
O: There was a terrible storm that day.

doorbell sfx: zu zu zu
O: The fact that I ended up living in this mansion
O: was simply to avoid that storm.

R: Who is it?
O: Ah, ma'am, there's something on your forehead...
R: Ah!!

?: Please come in.
?: You're the new maid the the employment office sent us, aren't you?
O: Yes....my name is Orochi.
?: Orochi......?
wind sfx: goooooooo

O: It was a fabulous house -- unmistakably one of a weathly family.
?: Please use this room as your own.

door creaking sfx: giiiii
O: I'd like to meet the other residents of the manor, if possible...
?: Yes, I'll have to introduce you.......
?: But even so, the only ones living here are my elder sister and myself.
?: Up here is my sister's room.

O: Then I'll go introduce myself.
door sfx: giiiiii
O: Ha....
O: That's right, I have to be careful. Right now, I'm just a mere housemaid...
O: Excuse me, ma'am.
sfx: kon kon
?: Rumi?
?: You may come in.
sfx: gih

?: Wh-who are you?
sfx: sah
?: I see.....so you're the new maid.......
E: I'm Emi.

O: I'm sorry about that. There was a spider on your forehead....
E: Eh?!
O: Look....
E: Ah!!
sfx: potoh
spider sfx: sasah
sfx: sasasa
sfx: katan

E: Understand? The deepest room......the room on the top floor, you must absolutely never go near.
O: My! But why not?!
E: Well....you see....
E: There's a living thing we're keeping as a pet up there....
E: It's a momento from our late father. You needn't fear for your safety, but...
E: All the maids who have come so far came to have bad feelings about it and soon quit.
O: Oh my...
O: As she said that, I tried touching Emi-san's hands.
O: It seems to be a quite a frightening, loathsome thing....the door to her heart is heavily shut.
O: Something like a shadowy cloud entered my mind, but just what it was exactly wasn't completely transmitted to me.

O: Well then, I'll return to my room now.
O: And so, I went back to my room.
O: What beautiful sisters they are.....!!
O: But they're hiding something in their hearts...what could it be...
O: I guess it doesn't matter....whatever it is, as long as I'm here, it will soon come out....
wind sfx: gogogogo

sfx: uooohhhhhh
sfx: uuuuuuuuuu
sfx: uuuuuuuu
sfx: uoohhhhhhhh

sfx: ohhhhhhh
sfx: ohhhhh
O: That's....
door sfx: click
O: Ah!!
O: It's locked.
O: Footsteps of someone leaving......
O: They locked it so that I can't get out.
O(2 bubbles): Even so, that voice earlier seemed like it was crying.....

O: Finally, I awakened at dawn.....
O: and the door was unlocked.
O: I intended to leave immediately after thanking them for giving me a room for the night.
O: I had pushed my way into the house from the start, and could still feel that feeling of reluctance to let others in from the hearts of the two sisters.
O: Yes, I'll just do my work,
O: erase the memory of myself from the two girls and return things to how they used to be, and then leave.
O: Good morning.
E: Ah, good morning.
E: Oh, yes. Rumi and myself will prepare breakfast, so we'd like to have you wash the dishes instead.
O: Yes ma'am......

O: I wonder how many years they are apart....? They do get along well, both being beautiful and all...
O: Emi-san, Rumi-san, how many years apart are you?
R: Eh!!
sfx: gachan
O: Ah!!
O: Please excuse me, the plate...
O: It broke into so many pieces...
O: One, two, three....
O: four.....
O: five, six..........

O: sixteen, seventeen....
O: eighteen.
Rumi sfx: ahhhh
R: Ahhhhhhhhhh!!
E: Rumi!

R: I'm scared!!
E: Rumi!
sfx: SCARED!

R: Hiiieee!
E: Hiiieeeeeeee!
O: Rumi is 16, and Emi is 17.
O: And for some reason they're both afraid of the number 18.
O: I'll have her drink some medicine to quiet her down....
R: Hiieee!

O: Here it is!!
O: Oya?

O: Whose gloves could these be?
O: And what strange clothes...whose could these possibly be.....?
O: It looks like they're back to normal.
R: I'm sorry, sister. I got even more scattered than you...
R: Even though you'll be turning 18 before I do...

E: There's no difference. We're sisters, after all...
E: Someday, once we turn 18...
E: We'll become ugly!!
E: Just like what happened to our mother!!
E: Our mother, her mother, and every woman in the Ryuujin family!!
E: Despite the fact that until they turned 18, they were so beautiful that people would gasp just upon seeing them. After that, though, they turned so ugly no one could believe they were the same person!!
R: Ahhh!!
E: Why did we have to be born into this family, of all things?!
R: It's no use thinking like that now!!

E: Ah!!
E: It's you!!
O: I accidentally heard everything.
O: But I promise not to tell anyone.
O: I have no living relatives,
O: so please let me work here forever.

O: How sad....
O: I wouldn't mind staying here to care for them forever...I could at least stay until they grow old and die...!!
R: Wait!!
R: Sister, don't leave me alone!!
R: I'm scared!!
O: Miss!!

R(2b): Sister must have went to see her lover, Hiroshi-san. Whenever she can't take it anymore, she goes to see him.
R: Sister must be truly upset. She's always crying, deep into the night. After all, there's only one more month until her eighteenth birthday....
O: One month!?
R: That's why going to see her lover, Hiroshi-san, is the only thing capable of consoling her.
R(2b): But if sister leaves, what should I do!? She's the only one capable of supporting my heart!! What should I do?!
R: Ahhhh!!
O: Rumi-san, I'm here for you!!

sfx: ouuuuuuuuh
sfx: hiiiii
O: That's....!?
R: Her spasms have started again!!
sfx: hiiiiieeeeeh
O: Rumi-san!

R: Mother!!

O: Ah!!
O: Mother?
O: Then that living thing must be their mother...
M: It's you, Rumi...
M: Emi....where's Emi...?
R: Sister has gone out!
R: Get ahold of yourself, mother!!
M: Is Emi really gone?
R: Yes!!
M: I-I don't have much longer....my spasms....
R: Mother!!
M(2b): Until the next spasms start......there's something I must tell you...something extremely important!!

M: And that's....
M: Auuuuuuhhh!!
R: Mother!!
M: Ggggh.......m-my voice....
R: Mother, hang on!!
M: Y-your ear.....
R: Eh!?

R: B-but then!!
R: I'm!!
sfx: guuahhh
mother sfx: batah
O: Rumi-san!!
O: Rumi-san!!

O: Rumi-san!
O: Wah!!

O: Wh-what a.......

O: She's dead.
O: What a sight......so this is those sisters' mother.....!!

O: Rumi-san!!
O: What were her mother's last words....?
O: It must have been something truly shocking.
O: I have to let Emi-san know...
O: Emi-san's portrait....
O: There.

O: This beautiful girl will turn into something that repulsive after one more month!!
sfx: buh
sfx: botoh

sfx: kaaaan kaaaan
E: Uu!!

H: What's wrong, Emi-san?
E: All of a sudden, my heart is acting up!!
E: Farewell, Hiroshi-san! After this, we won't meet again!
H: Wait!!
E: Let me go!!
H: Why, after we've become so close like this, haven't you introduced me to your family at least one time?!
H: Why not?!

E: Soon, my eighteenth birthday will come, and we won't be able to see each other anymore.
E: Once my birthday comes, you'll hate me!!
E: That's why we can't be lovers anymore.
H: What are you saying? Who could ever grow to hate such a beautiful girl as you?!
H: Emi!!

Sign: Ryuujin
sfx: giiii
E: Ah!
O: Emi-san, your mother passed away.
E: Eh!?
E: Where's Rumi!?

O: She seemed to be a in a great deal of shock, so she shut herself up in her room.
O: I've moved your mother's body downstairs.
E: Mother!
E: Wah!!
O: And so, Rumi-san started caring for her older sister Emi-san....

O: Ah, Rumi-san. Are you feeling better now?
R: Yes....
R: Where's my sister?
O: Emi-san's been in her room since morning......
sfx: biri

R: Sister.....
R: Stop looking at the calendar!! Don't think about that anymore.
O: What's going on? After that incident, Rumi-san became so nice toward her sister.....
O: Rumi-san, who used to be so frightened....
sfx: biiiiiiiiiiih

O: Who are you.....?
H: My name is Hiroshi. Please let me see Emi-san.
O: Eh!?
O: Hiroshi-san is.....
E: Eh!?
E: I don't want to see him!!

H: Why not!?
H: Why is Emi-san avoiding me?!
H: Please tell me!!
R: If...if my sister became ugly, would you hate her?
H: Become ugly? That's impossible!!
H: What is all this ridiculous talk about?!
R(2b): No, please think seriously about this for a moment. If you would still love my sister even after she became ugly, then I'll tell you.
H: I would!! Even if she became ugly, I would still love Emi-san!!
R: Are you telling the truth?! Would you still truly love my sister?!
H: It's the truth. I'm not lying!!

R: Then I'll tell you...when women of the Ryuujin family become 18, they turn ugly.
H: Ehh!?
H: What!?
R: It's true...it happened to each one.
R: When they turn eighteen...
R: they start getting isolated moles in places like their forehead and hands, which gradually spread, until they finally cover their entire body and turn them ugly.
R: It's said that girls of a certain country are very pretty until they turn eighteen, when they suddenly swell up and become fat. This truth about our family lineage is much like that.

H: But then why are you so especially nice to your sister, even when you're from the same family...!?
R: That's because....
R: I'll tell you...the final thing my mother told me before I died.
R: It was...
R: It was...

R: ...that I am not a daughter of the Ryuujin family!!
sfx: Eh?!

R: I am an adopted daughter!!
R: That means even after I turn 18, I won't become ugly.
R: These were my mother's dying words!!
R: I always believed I was a daughter of the Ryuujin family, so it came as quite a shock.
R: But if I had known that only my elder sister would grow up to be ugly as we were being raised...
R: I wouldn't have been able to take it, knowing that while I would stay beautiful forever, my sister would grow up to become ugly, all by herself.
R: That's why I've decided that no matter what, I will be as nice as I can to my sister!!

door: gachan
R: Ah!!
sfx: giii
R: Ah!

O: Emi-san!!
R: Sister, did you hear....

E: Rumi is not a daughter of the Ryuujin family.....!!
E: Then that means I'm.....!?
R: Sister!!
H: There's no proof to this stupid story! Get ahold of yourself!!
E: Then that means I'll....
E: Even though we were beautiful sisters together, only I will....
H: Emi-san!!
sfx: don
H: Ah!!
E: Get out!!
E: Everyone, get out!!
E: Get out! Soon I'll turn ugly!!
E: Then everyone will start treating me like a monster! Even you!!

E: Then I'll enter the room my mother was in and live a miserable life, all by myself!!
E: Hahaha...
E: Hahahahaha
sfx: ban
sfx: gah
R: Ahh!
E: I get it now, Rumi...
E: So that's why you were being so nice to me!!

E: Damn you!!
sfx: berih
sfx(left corner) kyaah
O: Emi-san, w-what are you doing?!
E: Damn you!!
E: Damn you!!
R: Hiiee!
sfx: berih
sfx(lower): gan gan
R: Hiiee!
O: Please stop!!
R: Please stop, Emi-san!!
E: You bitch! You bitch!!

R: Don't interfere!!
O: Huh!?
R: Don't mind this!! Let her do as she likes!!
R: It was my fault for talking about it! That's why I want to let her do this!!
E: Damn you,
E: Rumi!
E: I won't let go! I'll never let you leave my side for your entire life!!
R: Ahhh!
H: Rumi-san!!
O: Rumi-san!!
R: Don't mind this!!

O: From that point, those bizarre, deranged days began...
R: Gyaaaaah!!
O: Those are the sounds of Rumi being abused by her sister.
sfx: batah
O: Rumi-san!!

O: Th-this is terrible. Yet even after all this, why don't you try to run from your sister's side?!
O: Would you like me to handle it? I could save you as much as you like.
R(2b): It's alright. I shouldn't have revealed that secret!! And if this lightens my sister's feelings even a little, then I'm fine with it.
R: This has nothing to do with you. That's why I'd prefer if you just stayed out of it.
R: More importantly, w-water....
O: I'll be right back with some.
O: But honestly, what a terrible sister she has!! And conversely, what a good person Rumi-san is....
O: Here's your water.

O: If you don't move your mouth closer, the water will spil.
R: It's alright!
R: This water is for my sister to drink, anyway.
O: Ehh!?
O: Ahh!!
R: Sister!!
E: All I asked you to do was go get me some water! How long did you expect me to wait?!

sfx: bashah
E: You weren't thinking of running away, now were you?!
R: I wasn't!!
R: I wasn't!!
sfx: bish bish
R: Gyaah
R: Kyaaaah
O: And so, Emi-san's birthday drew ever nearer.
E: It's horrible!
E: It's horrible!
E: Ahhhhh!!
E: Ahhhhhhh...
E: Ahhhhhh...

sfx(2): bashiih bashiih
E: To think that I would become ugly all by myself!!
sfx(2): bashiih bashiih
R: Hiiee!
R: Hit me!!
R: If it eases your pain by hitting me, then hit me some more!!
E: You bitch!!
sfx: bashiih bashiih
O: And then, the eve of her birthday came...

O: Ah!!
O: Footsteps...
O: Ah!!

sfx: giiii
sfx: BATAN
R: Sister!!
R: Wh-what are you doing?!

R: Sister, what are you doing?!
E: Get out of my room!!
R: Eh!?
E: I said get out, what don't you understand?!
R: Ahhh!!
sfx: don
sfx(2 in last panel): baan gachah

R: Tomorrow, moles will start to appear on my forehead and fingers. And then, gradually...

R: If I'm going to become ugly anyway,
R: I'd rather do it myself!!

sfx: Juuuuuuuun
E: Augggh!
R: Sister!!

O: Rumi-san!!
O: What's that smell?!
O: Please move!!
R: Sister!!
O: Hey, move, I said!!
sfx: juuuuun
sfx(bottom): Hiiiieeee!!
sfx: don
R: Uuu!!
O: It must be locked from the inside!

O: Ahh!!

E: Uuuuuuu!!
little sfx: jyu jyu jyu
O: Emi-san!!
E: Uuu!!
O: Wah!!

O: The next morning...
R: Poor sister.....her pain finally subsided and allowed her to sleep.
R: Today is my sister's eighteenth birthday.
R: Now she'll start getting moles on her forehead and fingers.
sfx: zuzuuuuh

R: Hiroshi-san was really worried about her. What would he do if he saw her now...
O: I'll take care of it!!
sfx: gih
O: Ah!!
O: Ahh!!

H: I knew it!!
H: I wondered whether you were still bullying Rumi-san...!!
E: Hmph! Take a look at me!!
H: Wahhhh!!
E: I made this burn myself.
E: That surprised voice of yours shows how much you lied when you said you'd love me no matter how ugly I got!!
H: Y-you've gone crazy!!
H: Let go of Rumi-san!!

E: I won't let her go! And if you move even a little, I'll shoot!!
H: Don't you understand how nice Rumi-san has been to you?!
E: Back there when you were talking about how you'd still love me no matter how ugly I got, you were really just trying to be sweet on Rumi, weren't you?!
R: That's not true, sister!!
E: You bitch!!
R: Ah!
H: Rumi-san, watch out!!
sfx: byuuh

sfx: zubah
R: Hiroshi-san!!
E: Rumi, if you move even a little, I'll shoot you too!!
E: You think I'll ever let you leave my side? To think that when you turn eighteen, you won't become ugly!!

E: Go on, take that man and get out of here!
E: If you try anything weird, I'll kill my sister!!
sfx: byuuuh
sfx: puchih
sfx: gachah

O: Rumi-san, this is your chance! Run away from your sister!!
R: Sister, are you alright?!
R: Are you hurt at all?
R: I can't leave my sister's side!
R: Get out!!
R: I don't care, I want to stay at my sister's side forever!!
O: Rumi-san!!
R: Now hurry up and get out!!

O: Hmmm....
O: At that time, I should have done whatever I could to get Rumi-san out of that house. If I had, such a tragedy never would have happened....
sfx: dosah
O: When she fired the arrow, it missed any vital spots.
O: My wounds can be easily healed.
sfx: gooooooh

sfx: hyuuuuuh
sfx: gooooh
O: I should have left that house much sooner.
O: I ended up becoming unusually compassionate...
O: Fufufu...whatever happens, it's none of my concern.
O: But...even if I close my eyes to what happens in that house,
O: no matter where I go, I will still be able to see it.

O: Through this portrait, I can see what's happening to the sisters at any time.
sfx: pishi
sfx: pishiiih
R: Hmph!
R: Even though your eighteenth birthday will also be here soon, only you will remain beautiful!!
R: Damn you, damn you!!
sfx: Kyuuu

O: Finally, the younger sister's eighteenth birthday came...
E: I still can't believe Rumi will remain beautiful!!
E: Ahhhhh!
E: Ahhhhhh!!
sfx: gachan
E: Ahhhhhh!
R: Fufufu....
R: Hahahaha!!!

R: Hahahahahahaha
R: Hahahahahahahaha
E: Rumi!!
R: Sister, allow me to tell you,
R: about the lie I told!!
E: Eh!?
R: What mother said when she died.....her dying words...
R: were that the girl who was not truly her daughter was not me,

R: but you!!
E: Ehh?!
R: The daughter with Ryuujin blood running through her is me!!
R: Look!!
E: Geh!!
R: Look, there are signs that I'm becoming ugly on my finger already...
E: But that means I'm....
E: Hiiiieeeee!!

E: But that means, that means...what should I do about my face?!
R: Hmph.
R: Sister, listen carefully. It shocked you greatly to hear that I wouldn't become ugly, correct?
R: We were raised as sisters, yet it turned out only one of us would become beautiful.
R: Therefore you came to hate me!
R: All your jealousy and hatred gave me the same amount of shock!!
R: That's why I lied to you!!
R: I refused to let you stay beautiful all by yourself!!
R: In the end, you made yourself ugly!!
R: I suffered through all that humiliation, never leaving your side, as I waited for the day to come when I could confess it all to you!!

E: Hiiiieeeeeeee
H: At that moment, the youth, whose wounds had healed, stopped by their house.
H: Wrenching open the tightly-locked door, he stepped inside.

H: There, he saw the older sister, who had died in hysteria after being driven past the limits of fear...
H: and standing next to her, a strange, grotesque woman.

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#1. by NymphStealer ()
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missing text on p6.

will add more if I come across any.
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Sorry about that, added.
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