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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Orochi 2


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 12:42 | Go to Orochi

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tl by molokidan

S: Hey, you. Why do you hate bones? Bones are beautiful!! Isn't what truly repulses you the meat that's on top of them?

S: Chie was born in Koyoshi Town, in the northeast.

M: Please, dear...take care of this child.
S: Chie's mother died just as she gave birth to her.
S: Her mother's death was when their misfortune began.
Baby sfx: Ogyahhhh
S: The child's father didn't even feel a bit of love toward her.
F: Hmph.

S: Chie never had a full bottle of milk, and was hungry ever day, yet she continued to grow...in that poverty-stricken house.
S: When Chie turned four, a new mother came.
M: Hmph!!
S: She was a frightening stepmother...and was mean to Chie in every way.
M: I already told you, there's no more food for you!!

S: Everyday, Chie passed her time crying, full of sadness.
S: The neighboring children even started calling her Crybaby Chie.
K: Yaaai, Crybaby Chie!
K: She's crying today too!
S: Although she was so sad, Chie didn't have anywhere else to go.

S: When the stars came out, she would head home,
S: and her mother would beat her, saying she was late.

S: Her alcoholic father didn't so much as glance at her.
S: As he grew older, he just became more and more addicted.
S: Her parents' fighting got worse and worse, and afterwards, they would always take out their anger on Chie.

S: On top of that, the grandfather, who was bedridden with sickness, also lived in their home,
S: and it was Chie who took care of all his needs.
S: The only reason she continued to stay at the home at all was because of that duty.

S: But Chie's grandfather was not content just with her nursing, and would often cry in order to abuse her kindness.
S: With that, he would demand food from Chie, who was already going days at a time with an empty stomach.
S: What little Chie had to eaten was mostly taken by her grandfather, so Chie became malnourished.

Wind: Zahhhhhhhh
S: Chie cried out of sadness,
S: and when it rained, a strange stench would rise from her grandfather, which only deepened her sorrow.

S: Chie learned how to cry without making any sounds...and became a girl who would not open her heart.

S: In addition, her uncle, a man with a terrible countenance, often came to their house looking to extort money from them.
S: Due to all this, Chie rarely went to school anymore.
S: Sometimes she would go for a day, but couldn't stand how everyone did nothing but stare at her.
S: Despite that, as Chie grew up, people would often remark on how beautiful she was becoming.
S: Beautiful girls look good in anything.

S: But that beauty only heightened Chie's misfortune.
C: Ehh!?
S: Chie's father started talking about selling her off for a high price in order to fund his drinking habit.
S: It was then that talks about Chie's marriage began.
S: He was an ordinary man, but was extremely kind and gentle. From the start, he had instantly won Chie's heart.
S: Without any hesitation, Chie decided to go with him.
S: Needless to say, the man had to sacrifice much to Chie's mother and father in order to receive her.
S: They eventually moved to Inatori, in Izu,
S: and Chie's life was completely changed.

S: In one way or another, Chie's husband always managed to be nice to her.
S(2b): Chie truly felt happy by her husband's side, and did her best to be useful to him.
S: And so, those happy days flowed on.

H: Ahhhh!!

?: It's a hit-and-run!!

C: My husband! He was hit by a car and fell down, do you know where he is?!
O: You're his wife, correct? We've been waiting for you.
O: He's right this way.
C: He...he's alright, isn't he?!

S: Right now he's sleeping due to the anesthesia.
C: Dear!!

C: Wahhh!!
N: Miss, to be honest, it seems that the time until your husband fully recuperates,
N: will be around three years.

S: Chie bravely tended to her husband.

C: Thank you so much. My husband has gotten so much better now, that I think I'll take him home and continue nursing him there.
O: Well then, take care. If there is anything you need, please let us know.
C: Of course.

S: Soon, Chie started going out to work herself.
S: Her husband was recuperating quicker than she expected, and soon he was able to walk a bit.
C: I'm so glad!! Soon you'll be all better.
F: Yes, thanks to you.
F: I think I'll go on a walk to help get my legs back to normal.
C: But please, be careful to watch out for cars.
F: Hahaha, I'll be alright. You think I'd let myself get hit again?
C: However that day, her husband ended up slipping off a cliff and falling to his death.
F: Wahhhh!!

C: Wahhhhh!!
C: Waaaaaahhhh!!

S: Chie's husband was buried in a nearby cemetery.
C: Wahhhhhhhhhhh!!

S: And from then on, Chie's days of sorrow began once more.
F: Chie-san, we understand your feelings, but please, stop crying.
F: It's been over a month now since he passed away.
C: Dear...please come back to me.
C: Please come back to life, by my side!!

O: As the days passed on, those feelings only grew stronger.
O: People felt sorry for Chie, and began talking about her endless tears.
?: Look, tonight she's praying in front of the Buddha again.
?: Poor thing!!

C: Please come back, dear.
C: You're the only reason I have to live.
door sfx: Giiiiiii
door sfx: giiiiii
C: Ahhh!!

C: Wh-who are you!?
O: I'm the person that can revive your husband.
C: Eh!?

C: Y-you!?
C: Th.....the nurse....

C: Wh-what did you say just now!?
C: If I heard you correctly, you said you could revive my husband...
C: You said you could revive him, didn't you!?
C: Can you truly bring him back to life!?
C: Is it even possible for modern medicine to do such a thing?

C: Please answer me! Can you bring the dead back to life!?
C: Don't try to comfort me with lies!
C: You're just here to make fun of a woman who's had as much bad luck as me, and add to my sadness, aren't you...

O: I'm sorry, but I was really worrying about you, so I...
O: You just seemed so sad to me, so...so I just...
O: blurted it out...

C: What's that!?
C: Haa, haa...
C: Then that means...
C: You really can't revive my husband!?

C: You just said that to try and console me, didn't you? That's what you did?
C: He was everything to me!! He was the reason I could keep living!!
C: Lying about that is just too much!!
C: Wahhhhh!!
C: Waaaahh!!

O: Ma'am..........
crying sfx: waaaaahh

C: Waaaaahhhh

C: Waaaaahhh
C: That's right.
C: He's dead.
C: waaaaaahhhhhhhh

crying sfx: waaaaahhhh

O: It wasn't a lie...even if he can't be revived, I'll do whatever I can to allow Chie-san to see her husband again...
O: I've already prepared everything!!

door sfx: giiiii

O: Seems like the patients are sleeping too....

sfx 1: gachah
sfx 2: gigiii
O: Tonight's the night!!

door sfx: batan

O: He shouldn't look like a doll to anyone!!
O: I went to a lot of trouble to make him look exactly like her husband.
O: While I can't bring someone back to life,
O: I can still move lifeless things...
O: But if I somehow fail, I could lose my life......

O: I'll start at his chest....

O: To life, to life!! Move, you lifeless object!!
O: Move and come to life!!

O: Haa, haa......!!

O: Now move!! Open your eyes!!
O: Awaken!!

O: This is no good, it won't move!!
O: Despite having emptied my entire spirit to him!!
sfx: Pih
O: Ahhh!!
D: Oooooohh!

O: Ahhhhhh!!
sfx: Baaaaaaaaaan

O: I failed!!

S: Then...

sfx(2): ooooooooonnnn

gravestone: GRAVE OF SABUROU
sfx: ooooooooomm

sfx: uuuuu
H: O-ooooommm....
H: Ah....
H: Where...?

H: Where am I!?
H: Why am I in a place like this?

H: Ah!
H: I'm inside a coffin!!

H: I died!!
H: I died, and them came back to life!!
H: This is insane!! I've come back from the dead!!

H: I remember!!
H: I remember it all now!! I was put into this coffin.
H: I can remember everything that happened after I fell off the cliff so clearly now.

H: Uuuuuuuuuu
H: Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuhh
H: What should I do? No matter how much I try to shout, no sound will come out.
sfx: skkkkkritch
H: Uuuuuuuuu

H: Being alive again in this coffin, without being able to call for help, scratching uselessly against this wood, is only hurting my body as a result.
H: How many people have been in the same situation as me, only to die again in the end?
H: If only I could somehow make a sound!!
H: No...I have to break out of her, no matter what!!
H: I'll do everything I can to make it out of here!!
H: In order to return to Chie!!
H: No matter what it takes!!
H: Chie!!

sfx: Ssskkriiiitcccchh, ssskkkkrrraaaatcccchhh

O: I failed!!
O: I couldn't get the doll to move.
O: But why? Why wouldn't it come to life!?
O: I don't understand. It shouldn't have happened that way!
O: I'm going to have to get rid of this blood quickly...
O: If anyone sees this, I'll be in big trouble!!

O: But since it's my own blood, it'll be easy to clean it up.
O: It won't disappear!!
O: It's not working!!
O: It must be because my right hand's injured!!
O: I have to hurry up and heal myself, or...!!
O: I failed!! Fortunately, I managed to save my life,
O: but I couldn't keep my promise to Chie-san!!

O: Even after I told her so strongly that she would see him again!!
O: Even after she's been yearning so much to reunite with her deceased husband...!!

wind sfx: zahhh
sfx: Bokoh

H: Chie!!

H: N-no matter what, I'll make it back to her!!
H: No matter what!!
sfx: gggrrrr
sfx: gggggrrrr

sfx: ggarrhh
H: I-it's going to attack me!!
H: Uuuuu!!
H: A-ahh...no matter how hard I try to shout, I can't make a sound!!
H: Ahh!!
H: My tongue...!!
H: It's rotting!!

H: Ahh!!
H: There's a hole in my throat!!
H: Ahhh!!

H: Guwahhh!
H: I'm rotting!!
H: I came back to life, but my body's decaying!!

H: Uahhhhhhhhhh!!

D: Bahhh
D: Gabuh

sfx: gyuuh
sfx: Bannn
sfx(2): Buh

D: Gyaaaaannn
D: Gggyyyaaannnn

rain sfx: zazaaaah
H: As if I'd let you stop me!!
H: Chie!!

O: Good...
O: The pain seems to have stopped too.
O: It's about time to start taking the patients' temperatures.
O: I just hope no one noticed what happened last night...

?: A man fell down in the middle of the road!!
O: Ahhh!!

D: what a mystery. The inside of his body is decaying, and yet he is alive!!
D: This rotting corpse must have somehow come back to life!!
D: But who could this be!?
D: I don't know. But we need to concentrate on rehabilitating him now.
D: Could it be?! .....
D: But...how could he have...

O: Doctor, if this person had been dead for over a month, would his body have completely decayed by now?
D: I can't really say. In some instances, catalepsy can result in temporary death.
O: His blood type is the same. Chie-san's husband...
O: Everything matches the check-up he had when he was admitted earlier...
O: But if that's true, Chie-san will be so happy.
O: How are his vital signs, Doctor?
O(2b): He's sound asleep, but he's already lost so much flesh. Those wounds of his are terrible, too.

O: Ahhhh!!
O: That face of his
O: really does look like Chie-san's husband.
H: Uuuu!!
H: Uuuuuuuu!
O: He must be trying to say something.
O: What could he be saying...!?
H: Uuuuuoooohhhhhh!!
O: What's wrong!?

H: Uuuuuu
O: Is he trying to shout Chie-san's name!?
O: You're calling for Chie-san, aren't you!?
O: You said Chie-san, didn't you!?
O: Ahh!!
O: Are you awake!?

O(2b): What's wrong? It seemed like you were having a terrible nightmare. And then, after I mentioned Chie-san's name, you suddenly regained consciousness.
H: Uuuu!!
O(2b): I knew it. You're Chie-san's husband, aren't you? She's done nothing but think of you and cry every day.
O: Stop!!
O: Ahh!!

O: Ahhh, what are you doing!?

H: Ohhhhhhh
H: ohhhhh
O: Please, get ahold of yourself!!
O: So he really did come back to life after all!!
O: The power I sent toward the doll went to the graveyard instead...

O: A-ha!!

O: Chie-san!!
O: Just think how happy she'll be once she hears that her husband came back to life, after she prayed for so long!!

door sfx: giiii

O: Ah!
O: The house is vacant...

?: Didn't you hear? She got remarried.
O: What?!
?: After her husband died, she did nothing but cry every day.
?: Then a man appeared who said he wanted to take her as his wife no matter want, so she went to live with him.
O: Oh my!!
?: But Chie-san is such a tender person, you know. After she got remarried, she begged her new husband to allow her to bring her deceased husband's picture and mortuary tablet with her.
?: I think they call him Oomori-san, from Yokohama...

O: What a turn of events.
O: What should I tell him about Chie-san...

door sfx: giii
O: He's sleeping.
O: Then one night, Chie-san's husband's body suddenly disappeared.

O: After being so close to one another, things shouldn't have ended up this way.
O: I'll make it so that, no matter where,
O: they'll somehow be able to meet once more!!

sfx: kachin

O: He must have gone to find Chie-san.
O: After that, no rumors about Chie-san or her husband ever came to my ears.

O: Soon afterwards, I left town as well.
O: I had to know where Chie-san and her husband had ended up.

O: After two years had passed,
O: I finally found my way to Chie-san.
O: This is it...

O: What an amazing house...
O: In a daze, I wandered inside the house.

O: Sitting inside was a Chie-san that had become so beautiful she was beyond recognition.

C: Dear....
C: Please forgive me.

C: I remarried to a very kind man,
C: but I still haven't forgot about you.
C: I've had a child with this new husband, but...
C: If only that hadn't happened to you...
C: we could have lived together forever...

C: Dear!!
C: Uuuuuu
O: Chie-san, your husband has come back to life.
C: Ehh!?
C: Ahh!
C: You're--

C: What did you say just now?
O: Your wishes have finally come true.
O: I know you must not believe me, but your husband has really come back to life...
C: You lie!!
C: That isn't possible!! It's been two years since my husband died, he's nothing more than a rotting corpse by now!!

O: It's true!! He got out of the coffin through his own willpower, and later was found collapsed in the middle of the road by our hospital.
O: Your husband is searching for you, too...
O: Come, let's go look for him together.
C: No!!

C: Please stop telling such horrible jokes!
C: How many times must you torment me before you're satisfied?!
O: It's true!!
O: Now hurry!!

C: Stop it!!
C: Stop it, I beg you!!
C: Stoooopppp!
C: P-please go home!
baby: Uaaaaaaannn

O: Chie-san!!
H: Heeey, what's wrong?
O: Someone's here. It must be her husband!
sfx: Byuh
H: What in the world's going on here?
sfx: uwaaaaan
C: T...there's nothing to worry about.
sfx: uaaaaan

O: Later...
H: Still sitting there, are you, Chie?
C: Dear!! I'm frightened!!
S: I'm going to be killed!!

H: Eh......by who!?
C: I saw...my dead husband.
H: What!?
C: Yes. It happened when I went to the department store to buy Jun a doll.
C: Ah!!
C: That's my dead husband!!
C: It's unmistakable....!!

C: My husband fell off a cliff and died, he can't be alive!!
C: Haa, haa....
C: I must have just mistaken someone else for him!!
C: Ah!!

C: Kyaaaaaaaaa
C: Aaahhh!!

C: Haa, haa...
C: It...it can't be. He's dead...
C: It must have just been a stranger that resembled him!!

C: Ah

C: Gyaaaaaah!

C: Dear!
C: What-what are you doing?!
C(2b): Someone, please help! Help me!!
C: Hiieeee!!

?: What's wrong!?
C: He's going to kill me!!
?: Please, get ahold of yourself. There's no one here!
C: Ah!

C: The doll I bought for Jun!!
C: And then I desperately ran home.
C: He's going to kill me!!

H: That's all your afraid of? There's no way a dead person can come back to life!! You're making too much of this!!
C: But I'm telling the truth!!
C: That man came back to life!!
C: It has to be him!!
C: Jun!!
H: It's been two years since he died. There's no way he's still alive.
H: You must forget about him already.
C: Dear!!
H: Well then, I'll be off now.
C: Dear!!
C: Please don't go!!
C: I'm afraid!
H(2b): Chie, stop acting like a child. I already told you to forget about that dead man.

H: See, Jun's smiling now, isn't he?
H: Oshizu-san, take care of Chie for me.
O: Yes sir.
C(2b): Dear, please find some way to forgive me.
C(2b): I still love you even now, yet I had no choice but to do this.


C: Hello?!
P: UuuUUUuuuUUUuuu
phone sfxL: Gachan
C: Wh...what an eerie phone call.
C: Ah!!

C: Who is it...!?
C: Dear!!
C(2b): That knock is yours, isn't it? I'll open it now!
door sfx: giii
C: Ahhhhh!!
C: Hiiieeeee!!
C: Hiiiiieeeee

chie sfx: aahhhhhh
C: Ahhhhhhh!!
C(2b): Wh-where...where are you going!?
C: Could it be...
C: Wait!!
C: Wait!!
C: Ahhh!

C: What...what are you going to do with Jun!?
C: Give him back!!
C: Give back my Jun to me!!
C: Kyaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

H: uuuuaaaaauuuu
spit sfx: Peh

C: It's true! My dead husband...took Jun away!!
H: Chie, calm down!!
C: He's cursing me for getting remarried!
C: That's why he's trying to kill me! He's become so frightening!
C: Please, you have to find him as fast as you can, and execute him! Then, then bring back my Jun!!

C: What are you doing? It's been three days now!
H: Chie!!
O: A package just came.
O: The person who delivered it didn't leave a name.
?: Blood!!
D: Let's open it up!!

C: Gyaaaaahhhh
D: This hand....!?
D: Get ahold of yourself, Chie!!
C: He killed Jun!!

C: Th-that hand is............!!
C: That hand is Jun's!!
H: H-hurry and call the doctor!!
O: Yes sir!
C: Jun was killed, Jun was....!!
H: Chie!!
C: That man killed him!! You have to hurry up and capture that horrible man!!
O: The doctor's here.

O: This way.
D: My bag, please...
O: Yes, doctor.
C: Quickly, you must kill him!
C: He killed Jun...

D: The medicine should be taking effect now.
D: Well then, now that I've done my part...
O: I'll stay here to tend to her.
D: Oomori-san, I'll turn the hand over to the police.
H: Whatever the case, please have them investigate about my son.
D: If something like that was purposely sent here, then...
H: Are...are you saying that Jun was killed?!
H: But I don't have any recollection of a single person that would hate us, not to mention to something like that to Jun!!

H: Or do you really believe that the dead ghost of Chie's ex-husband is trying to punish Chie for getting remarried?!
C: Jun was killed...
C: Aaaaahhhh
C: Jun.....was.....killed!!
C: Ahhhh!!
O: Ma'am!!
O: What a terrible fever...!!
O: I've got to cool her down.
O: What a gigantic house!!

O: As I expected, my spell allowed them to meet again.
O: But now it seems like things would have been better if he hadn't come back to life.
C: You're...!?
O(2b): It's alright, I'm on your side. I came here because I was worried about you.
O: Since your husband has come back to life, his personality has completely changed.
C: What was I saying in my sleep?
C: I felt like I was shouting something...
O(2b): You kept crying out for Jun-san. It's alright now, calm down!! .....
C: Jun!!
C: It's alright, ma'am.

water sfx: zapaaaaan

H: Chie........
H: Ah!

sfx: Hyuuuuuh
sfx: bara
H: Oooohhhhhhhhh
H: It's...getting worse!!
H: My hand!!

H: My flesh is gradually falling off my bones!!
H: And yet I continue to live!!
H: But my flesh isn't the only thing I'm losing.
H: My brain is rotting along with the rest of my body!!
H: It also feels like I'm starting to lose my own memories!!
H: But I won't forget. I won't forget about that.
H: And before my body completely wastes away,
H: I'm going to repeat it once more!! So that I'll never forget!!

H: Chie, you're certainly frightened beyond belief right now.
H: But I just can't forgive you with only this.
H: I'm going to make you suffer, suffer, and then bring you down to Hell with me!!
H: Chie, you more than anyone should know the reason for that!!
H: After I died, whether it was a miracle or by coincidence, I somehow sprang back out of the earth!!
H: Or it could be that my own tenacity in thinking about you was the thing that regenerated my body.
H: I used all the strength I could muster to return to you.
H: But it wasn't in order to see you again!!

H: It was in order to kill you!!
H: Because you are the one who killed me!

sfx: Pashah
O: Ah!?
O: Madam...!!

O: Madam!!
H: S-sir!
H: Your wife...your wife is gone!!
O: I thought so...
O: Not only that, but the African Pygmy poisoned dart that was hanging in your room is also gone!!
H: Eh!?
H: Chie!!
H: That sound....
sfx: vrrrooomm
wind sfx: goohhhhhhh

C: If only you would have just stayed dead!
C: If you hadn't come back to life, we'd all be living in happiness!!
C: I'm going to kill you!!
C: This time, for sure!!

C: I'll kill you!!
C: You...you're the bad one!
C: You are!!
sfx: gyurururu

O: This way!!
sfx: giiih
sfx: ban

O: I knew it...
O: Chie-san really did was keeping a secret in her heart regarding her ex-husband.
O: By now, the package should have reached the police. Soon they'll realize whether it's truly her son's hand or not.
O: After all, that hand is...
O: I see her!!
O: Hohoho...now I'll lift the veil of heart and find out the truth about your secret.
O: But where could she be going?

sfx: zabah

sfx: gigiiii

B: Aaaaan!!

B: Aaan, aaan!!
B: Waaaaaah!!
B: Baaa, baaa!

B: Aaaaaaan!!
H: Uuuuuu.......

B: Uuuu!!
B: Baa, baa....
B: Waaaaaan!!
B: Waaaaaaaahhhhhh!!

sfx: giiii
B: Aaaan!!
H: Please forgive me!! But seeing you will crush my spirit.
B: Aaaaaan!!
H(2b): But even without that, my body is steadily disintegrating, along with my memories of Chie.
sfx: ban
H: Please forgive me!!
H: The time for my revenge has finally come.

wave sfx: zuuun
H: She should be here soon.
sfx: brrrrrr

door sfx: bin
C: Jun!!

C: Dear....!!
C: I followed the directions you wrote in the letter you dropped when you took Jun, and came here alone, without telling anyone!!
C: So...so please, give back Jun to me!!

C: You killed Jun, didn't you? You chopped his hand off...and cut the rest of his body into pieces!!
C: Put him back together and return him to me! Bring him back to me alive!!
H: Kukuku...
H: Gugugu....
C: You can't give him back to me, can you?!
C: Because you killed him!!
C: Die!!

H: Fufu.....
H: Gufufu....
C: Ah!!
C: Aaaaahh!!
C: Aaaaaah!!
C: Aaaahh!

B: Aaaaan!
B: Aaaan!
B: Aaaan!
sfx: aaaaan aaaaan

B: Aaaaaan
B: Aaaan, aaaan!

O: That hand was something I had at the hospital, and not Jun's...which means he is still alive.
O: But where Jun is right now is something only her husband knows...
O: Ah!!
sfx: vroooom

O: Wait!!
C: Where is Jun!?
C: Where is he?!

H: Wh-what is that?!

wind sfx: gooooooh

O: Now I know where he's headed.
O: If I had to guess, I'd say they're heading back to the old house in Inatori.

C: S-stop!!
H: Faster...if I don't go faster, my memories...
H: will disappear!!

Sign: <-- To Isu

sfx: kiiiiih
C: Th-this place!!
C: Ahhh!!

C: Wh-what are you doing to me!? Help me!!
C: Aaaaahhh!!
sfx: don
C: Ah!!
C: Grave of Saburou...
C: Th-then this is...
H: Kukuku!
wind sfx: hyuuu

C: Ah!!
Grave on the left is the same, grave on the right: GRAVE OF CHIE
Grave in smaller box: GRAVE OF CHIE
C: My grave...!!
H: Kukukuku!!
wind sfx: shuuuu x2
C: H-help me!!
C: S-someone!!

C: Aaaahhh!
C: Aaaaahhh!
C: Ahh!!
C: Ahhhh!!
C: Jun!!

C: Jun!!
sfx: batan

sfx: gara
H: Chie...soon I'll be gone too...and then we'll sleep together under these stones for all eternity!
leg sfx: beri
wind sfx: hyuuuu

O: My name is Orochi.
O: Chie-san!!
C: H-help me!!
O(2b): Chie-san, answer me. What did you do? You were so sad after your husband passed away, remember?

O: You had a poor upbringing, but then finally met your husband, so you should have been able to live happily together.
O: But then your husband was injured, and one day, he fell off a cliff and died. You cried so much for him every day after that, yet the day you found out he had come back to life, you immediately became frightened.
O(2b): It was just a lie that you were sad, wasn't it?! I felt that there must be something more to this!
C: Ahhh!
C: Why does everyone always abuse me so much!?
C: Why do I always have to end up the unhappy one!? Why does my happiness always fade away!?
sfx: uuuuu
H: I don't understand!! My memories are fading...
H: Chie!!

C: Why am I the only one who can never become happy!?

C: Why does everyone try to ruin my happiness!?
C: Ahhhhhh!!
H: Chie!!
sfx: gasha x2
O: I don't know...
O: Human hearts are still a mystery to me.

C: Why am I the only one who can't become happy?!
H: What the? This is the cliff I fell off and died...

H: Chie!!
H: I don't understand!!
H: My memories!!
H: What did I do to Chie.......
O: Chie-san!!
C: Don't come any closer!!
C: If you do, I'll jump off this instant!!

O: Chie-san!!
C: Ironic, isn't it? He came walking along here that day with an injured leg.
C: I followed him all that way, because I was so worried that he'd get hurt again.
C: But from the bottom of my heart, I was really hoping he'd fall off the cliff and die.
C: You!! Because you got into that accident, my happiness faded away all over again!
C: Your injuries were so terrible! Even though you said it wasn't a big deal....
C: Once again I had to live bearing so much suffering!
C: I hated that miserable life!! I wanted to become happy!

C: That's why I killed you!!
C: That's right, it was me!!
sfx: don
O: Ah!!

C: Back then, I grabbed you just like this!!
O: Stop this!!
C: I'll let him go, I'll let him go!!
C(2b): Then, just like this, I forced your hands off the rocks!! But it'll be different this time!! You killed Jun!! So I'll kill you!!
O: No!! That hand was just something I sent from the hospital to test your reaction!!
O: Ahhhhh!!

sfx: gashaaan

O: Wh-what have you done? Now we'll never know where Jun is...

sfx: hyuuuuuuu
sfx: hyuuuuu
sfx: boro
sfx: boroh

O: Bones.......!!

O: At that moment, I got a horrible feeling, and had to run away.
O: More importantly, Jun!
O: I have to search for Jun!
O: Eventually, my legs brought me to that seashore,
O: where there were some ruins.
O: Could this be...

O(2b): I searched for Jun with all my might, and eventually found the trapdoor to a cellar in there.
O: I opened the door, but heard no sound.
O: Wondering if that child could really be here....
O: I opened it all the way,
O: and clouds of putrid air came billowing out...
sfx: giii

O: Ahhh!!

O: There lay the rotted corpse of Jun.

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