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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Orochi 3


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 12:43 | Go to Orochi

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tl by molokidan

HOMETOWN ... 121
KEY ... 243


O: I am Orochi. The reason I decided to follow and observe the life of a certain human
O: was because that baby I briefly caught sight of was so very adorable.

M: Thank you so much. Here, look how adorable this child has become!

M: I will definitely, absolutely raise him properly so that he will become a great man.

Sign: Tachibana
?: Daa.....
sfx: ahaha
sfx: hahaha
sfx: hahahaha
O: I decided to watch the road that this Tachibana child would follow.

O: As the leaves began to change...
sfx: kasa kasa
F: Hahahaha...
M: Fufufufu...

B: Daa...
F: That's it, Yuu, blow them out.
F: Blow like this! Hoo! Hoo!
F: Uuu, uuu...
F: Alright, alright, papa will help you out.
F: Hoo!
F: They went out!!
M: Yuu...when you grow up, you'll become a great man just like your father.
M: You're surely an intelligent one, just like he is.
M: Papa graduated from K College, you know.
F: Hey, hey, what are you saying to him? There's no way Yuu can understand that!

M: You're right, it's too early to think about college. I definitely won't force him to overstudy against his will. Honestly, I just want him to grow up to be a man with a gentle heart.
F: Don't worry about that! He takes after me, remember?
M: I don't know about that! His brain may take after you,
M: but he has my heart.
B: Daa daa...
F: Hahaha, look, he's laughing!
M: Hohoho.....
F(2b): Oh, it's getting late. We should put Yuu to bed. He looks sleepy enough.
M: Okay.

sfx: giii
M: Ahh!!
M: When did the window get open?!

M: Ahhh!!
M: Wh-who are you!?
G: Don't make any noise!!

G: Make noise, and I'll kill you!!
G: G-Gimme all your money!!
G: I said, gimme all your money!!
M: L-let me go, and I-I'll go get it!!
G: Hurry up already!!
M: B-but there isn't any money in this room!!
M: The money...the money is in the room where my husband is...
M: Then go there!!

F: Yoshiko...
F: Ahh!!
G: Make any noise, and your wife's dead!!
G: Now hurry up and gimme all your money!! If you cough it up, I won't do a thing.
F: Uuuu...
F: A-alright...

G: And make it snappy!!
M: Yuu!!
G: S-shut up!!
G: Why won't he shut up?!
M: Ahhh!!
M: What are you doing?!

sfx: gusah
M: Someone, someone help us!

G: Ahh!!
M: Yuu!!
M: There's a murderer!!
M: A murderer!!
P: Wait!!

G: Please forgive me!
G: I...I just wanted money, that's all! Really!!
G: I just wanted to feed my wife and child good food for once!
M: Yuu!!
M: Yuuuuuu!!
M: Stay with us!!
B: Haa haa....!!
O: The criminal was arrested and locked up with a heavy punishment.
O: The poor house of the criminal was just as he confessed, with a sick wife and a starving child inside.
O: It all happened on an autumn day, as if to indicate the coming of gloomy winter.
O: And it was on this day that I decided...to closely watch what would happen in the life of this baby known as Yuu...

O: After such a frightening event happened, the Tachibana family quickly moved to Tokyo.
O: But it was at this time when everything started to change for them...
sfx: peta
Y: Ahh!
K: Yuu-chan, that scar on your neck is so gross, so we're not gonna play with you!
K: Wahhh, we'll get infected!
sfx: gara
M: Yuu!!
Y: Mama...
Y: Those kids...

sfx: bashi
Y: Ahh!
M: Since when have you been out here!?
M: Even after I told you you aren't allowed to play around like this!!
M: Now come inside and study!!
M: You still have to learn the rest of your hiragana! (*Japanese letters)
Y: Waaaaa
Y: I'm sorry, I'm sorry! But I don't wanna study, I wanna play!!
M: What are you saying?! Since you're papa's child, you should be smart!
M: Come!! hold your pencil tight!!
Y: Mama!! I'm sorry!!
Y: I hate studying!!
M: I said, hold your pencil tight!!

M: Grab your pencil, I said!!
M: Open up your palm!!
sfx: giiiih

sfx: gyuuu

Y: Forgive me, mama!!
sfx: gyuuh

M: Now, I want you to write all the hiragana you learned yesterday!!
M: What's wrong?!
M: Write a, i, u, e, o!!
M: Write them, I said!!
M: You forgot, didn't you?
M: What is the matter with you, Yuu? There's no way you could possibly be this stupid, Yuu!!
M: No dinner for you until you remember them.
M: And you won't be allowed out of your room either. Is that understood?

M: Yuu!! You'll never become a great person like this.
M: A great person, like your father!!
sfx: ban
Y: Waaaaaaaaah
Y: Waaaaaaahhhh
Y: I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Y: No matter how hard I try, I can't remember!
Y: I don't want to become great!!
Y: I hate studying, I just want to play!!
Y: Mama!!

O: Whenever Yuu turned to the window and stared out with his pale face,
O: I would gaze back at him from afar.
O: I wonder how he will be changed...
O: Yuu was seldom able to leave the house.
O: Instead, in addition to studying, he was also forced to take up paining and playing the piano.
M: Come on, Yuu!! Sit in front of the piano!!
M: Yuu!! Do you remember this piano...?
M: No, there's no way you'd be able to.
M: Because right after you were born,
M: I bought this piano as a way to celebrate.

M: In order for you to become a plentiful human being,
M: I hoped that you would someday find interest in this.
M: But you can't learn to play the piano just by looking.
M: Play it!!
Y: Mama!
M: That's it, Yuu!! You are my child,
M: so you should at least be able to play this!!
Y: Mama!
M: Place your fingers on the keys!!
M: Not like that!!
M: Put your right thumb on the key of "do" from "do-re-mi-fa!"

M: I'll play the keys an octave above, so just follow my lead!
sfx: boron boron
sfx: pon
M: You're doing it wrong!! Once you get to your middle finger, you have to start over from your thumb again!!
M: That's wrong, I said!!
F: Stop doing such cruel things to him!!
M: You!!
M: You're drunk again, aren't you?

F: Stop harassing you!!
M: You call this harassing?!
M: What are you talking about?!
F: Why are you harassing him so much!?
M: I'm just doing what needs to be done!
M: I'm smart enough to know what should and shouldn't be done!!
M: But you don't think that way, now do you?!
Y: Stop!!
Y: Mama!!
M: Don't call me mama!!
sfx: bashih

F: Yoshiko, you've completely changed....
M: You've changed as well, haven't you?
M: Doesn't what happened back then vex you?!
M: The scar on Yuu's neck!!
Y: Waaaaaah
M: Doesn't this make you remember it!?
M: Doesn't this mortify you?!
F: Stop it!!
F: Uuu...
M: Haa, haa...
Y: Waaaaaaah

Y: Finally, Yuu's old enough to go to kindergarten!!
C: Waa, waa...
O: He began to study so well that he surprised even the teacher,
O: and seemed to have no interest at all in playing with others.
C: Kyaa, kyaa....!!

O: He never made any friends, and was always alone and downhearted.
O: He was always left out, and therefore had no social skills.
O: Another problem was the scar on his neck...
K: Yaai, yaai...
O: Like this, Yuu became more and more separated from everyone!!
O: The scar was always on his mind.

O: Poor thing....but just a little longer...I'll just watch him for a little longer...
sfx: gara gara
Y: Mama!!
Y: Mama!
M: Looks like you managed to sneak home quickly again.
Y: But...but everyone always laughs at my scar...

Y: Why do I have this scar!?
Y: Papa just said I got it from falling out of a tree, but...
Y: Why!?
M: The...
M: The real reason for that...
M: Mama will tell you when she dies.
Y: No!! I want to know now!!
Y: I want to know now! Tell me, mama!!
Y: Mama!!
Y: Tell me!!
M: Alright, I'll tell you...
M: An evil man put that scar on you.

M: Yuu...on your birthday, an evil man came to rob us...
M: And then, all of a sudden, you started crying...and he stabbed you with a knife.
M: But your papa and mama desperately tried to tend to your wounds and called the doctor, while you were on the verge of death...
M: That's why you have a scar on your neck!
M: And after that, your papa and mama completely changed!!
M: Uuuuuuu
M: Waaaaaaa
M: Waaaaaaaaaaaa
Y: Mama, what's wrong!?
M: Yuu!!

M: Yuu!!
Y: Mama!!
Y: Mama, I'm sorry!!
Y: I won't ask about the scar anymore, so don't cry!!
M: Don't touch me!!
Y: Ahh!!
M: Hmph!! Don't ever touch me!!
M: How could you understand what I went through?!
M: I don't even want to look at you!!
M: It'd be better if you just went away!!
sfx: don
Y: Ahhhh!
sfx: pishah

Y: Open the door!!
Y: I won't ask about the scar anymore, so please forgive me!
Y: I'll even study too!!
Y: Mama, open the door!!
sfx: gatah
sfx: gatah
M: Yuu!!
M: Yuu!!
M: My Yuu!! If only that had never happened to you!!
M: Ohhhhhhhhh
Y: Mama, I'm sorry!!

sfx: garah
M: Hmph! How long are you going to keep crying for?!
sfx: gyuu
M: Just look! You've wasted enough time that you should have spent studying. Now come on, start studying!!
M: Get into your room this instant!!
sfx: ban
M: If you don't write the alphabet 30 times, I won't let you go to sleep.
M(2b): But that should be too easy for such a smart kid like you. You're the son of your papa, after all.
M: Yuu...listen closely. It's because your papa's turned into such a good-for-nothing that your mama's gotten so hot-tempered.
M: It's all the fault of that scar on your neck!!
M(2b): Because you were so cute, we had big dreams for you! That's why we were so shocked when that man stabbed you. After that, your paper became a bum, and your mama became irascible...

M: After you were stabbed, you got a terrible fever and were saved, but because of that, you were changed in the end!!
M: That's right. You no longer became the proprietor of your papa's genius blood!!
M: That's why papa gave on you!!
M: But your mama still hasn't!! I'm going to show him that you can still become a great person just like he was!!
M(2b): No matter what I have to do, I'll get you into K University just like Papa!! Come on, that's why you need to study!!
M: That's why you're mistaken to curse your mama. If you have to curse someone, curse that evil man that stabbed you!!
M: Dinner's on your desk.
sfx: baan
sfx: gacha

Y(2b): I...I can't take it...
sfx: suu suu
Y: I hate studying...
Y: I want to play!!

O: At that point, I could no longer stand by and watch his pitiful state any longer.
O: Poor thing...!!
O: He hasn't even done half.
O: I'll just do the rest for him.
sfx: suu suu
sfx: hita hita
O: His mother's here!
O: I still have a bit left...
sfx: gacha
sfx: giih
M: Ahh!!

M: The window's open.
M: Ahh!!
M: He did it!!
sfx: suu
M: But there's still three remaining...
M: Yuu!!
M: Yuu, wake up!!
M: Wake up!!
M: Why did you fall asleep without finishing!?
M: Come now, open your eyes!

O: Soon, Yuu entered elementary school.
O: He got such good good grades that everyone's eyes were on him.
K: whisper whisper...
O: Once school got out, he always had to get home as quick as possible.
O: At that time he had a tutor,
O: and was swarmed with numbers even more.
O: His mother became even stricter with his studies, but his father was now nothing more than a shadow who never said anything back.
O: Although he excelled in his studies, his social skills gradually disappeared,
O: and everyone came to dislike him.
K: That kid doesn't play with us even a little, all he does is study! He's no fun at all.
K: What a square!

K: Yaaaay, I took the kitty!!
sfx: waa waa
K: Hey, look! Mr. Study's staring at us!
K: You're no fun, go away!
sfx: yaaaaay

Y: Ahh!!
Y: There are so many marbles here.
Y: Whose are these?
Y: I wonder if someone dropped them.
sfx: poten
Y: Fufu....
Y: Ufufu, I hit one!!

M: Yuu!!
Y: Ahh!!
M: Yuu, what are you doing over there!?
Y: Mama!!
Y: I'm sorry, I was playing with marbles. I'm sorry!

M: Hmph! Stop making up silly stories like that. I can't see marbles anywhere!!
M: You were trying to lie to me and stay outside, weren't you?
M: Come on, we're going home!
O: Poor thing...but I've got to keep watching him from here on out...
O: After that, Yuu wasn't even allowed to watch television or even read manga.
O: He was only allowed to do things that would increase his intelligence.

O: Soon, Yuu grew to be a very bright child.
O: But as he continued getting smarter,
O: His mother continued getting more hysteric, forcing him to study even more.
O: And then, when Yuu was in 5th grade...
O: Well then, today's homework will be related to this societal problem, so I want you all to research it a bit.

K: Yaaay, it's over, it's over! I hate social studies!
sfx: uuuuu
K: Hey, where's Mr. Study going?
sfx: giii
L: I see...so you want to look up the state Japan's society was in ten years ago.
L: We have some books and newspapers on the subject, so feel free to look at them.

L: They should be back there.
Y: This is it.
sfx: basa
Y: Ahhhh!!
Y: A burglar in the house of a university professor....
Y: Professor Hiroshi Tachibana's eldest son Yuu-chan (1) was....
Y: Cut in the neck by the burglar...

L: Excuse me, how long are you going to stay here reading for!?
L: We're closing now.

sfx: basa
L: Hey...

L: Why are you making such a ghastly face? Do you feel alright!?
sfx: batan

sfx: gara
M: Yuu!!
M: What's wrong with you, coming home this late!? You were playing, weren't you!
M: What about your studies!?
M: Ahhh!!

M: Wait, Yuu-chan!!
M: Yuu!
sfx: batan
M: Yuu!!
M: U-unlock this at once!!
M: Open up!!
M: Open up, I said!! I won't forgive you!
M: Yuu!!
M: What's with that attitude of his!?

O: The next morning...
M: Yuu!!
M: Have you finished the studying you had left yesterday!?
sfx: giiii

M: He's gone!!
M: Yuu!!
M: His bag and books are all here.
M: He hasn't been studying at all!!
M: Ahhh!!
M: Natsue Iwao......!!
M: The man who stabbed Yuu's neck.......!!
M: Why is that man's name.....!?
M: Yuu!!
M: Yuu!!

sfx: goooooooooh
O(2b): Where is he going instead of school!? I'm pretty sure he bought a ticket to N Town.
O: N Town...
sfx: buu baa

Y(2b): Natsue Iwao......if he's still at the address that was listed in the newspaper, then...
Y(2b): Excuse me, may I ask you something? Is the Natsue house around here?
G(2b): Natsue? Ahh, you mean the sick Natsue Shizu-san?
Y: Sick?
G: Yes. After her husband Iwao-san went to prison, she's gotten worse and worse.
O: They're talking about something, but they're too far away to hear.
O: He started walking again.
Y: This is it...!!

Y: Excuse me.
sfx: gohon gohon
S: Who is it?
sfx: gata gishi
sfx: giiii
S: Who are you?
Y: I'm Yuu...
Y: Tachibana Yuu.

S: Ehhhh?!
S: Tachibana Yuu........
S: Then that means you're....!?
S: Hiieee!
Y: Ahh!!
sfx: bishah
Y: Please wait, I want to talk to you!!
Y: Hey, lady!!
S: Please go away, I don't know you!! Please go away, please!!

S: Please don't ever come here again!!
S: Waaaaah
Y: Who's the one who stabbed me in my neck!?
Y: Who's the one who gave me this terrible wound!?
Y: You know, don't you, lady!?
Y: Please tell me!!
S: I don't know!!
Y: You're lying!! Why won't you say so even though you know?!
S: Waaaahhhh!!
Y: Lady!!
S: Waaaaah
S: Uuuuuuuuu...

O: Poor thing.....
O: Could these be tears? For the first time in ten years...and I never cry!!
O: What a shame...this body has done nothing wrong, yet he has to bear such horrible suffering!! That young boy!!
O: But I don't know why I suddenly felt so sorry for him then.
O: Late that night, Yuu went straight home without stopping anywhere else...
sfx: garah
M: Yuu!!
M: Where did you go today instead of school?!
M(2b): Are you really such a slovenly child as this?! Just like the son of a thief who doesn't know the difference between right and wrong!
Y: Mama!!

Y: Mama, what's the name of the man who cut my neck?
M: Ehh!?
M: Don't talk about such terrible things!!
M: Come, it's time to study! You still have 20 equations left to solve!
M: Understand? Even if you try crying like you usually do, I won't let up on you!!
Y: I'll do it!!
sfx: giiiii
Y: I'll stay up all night and do it all!!
sfx: batan
M: There's no way
M: someone like you could........!!
O: The light in Yuu's room was still on when dawn came.
M: It's time for him to go to school, and Yuu still hasn't come out yet.
M: He must still be sleeping!! And I bet he hasn't studied one bit!
M: Ahhh!!

Y: Mama!!
Y: Look, I finally finished.
sfx: batan
M: Yuu!!
Y: I'm fine. I've gotta get to school and keep studying...
O: Is he really alright? He's trembling. Despite being an elementary school student, he's already pulling all-nighters!!
K: Look at Mr. Study walking with such a pale face!
K: Heeey, Mr. Studious!!
K: He's trying to ignore us!
K: Wahhh!
K: Look, he's just walking straight through!!

sfx: kaaan
sfx: kaaan
K: Waaahhh!! Even though the bars are down, he won't stop walking to school!!
K: I'm telling on you!!
K: Th-th-the train's coming!!
sfx: gooooooh

sfx: goooooh
sfx: uwaaaaah
K: He's gonna get hit!

K: Waaaaaah
sfx: don

K: Gyaaaaaah
sfx: gagaga
K: Ahh!!
K: Wahh, Mr. Study's alright!!
K: Heey, you blockhead!!
K: NOW you realize what happened?!
K: Stop making people all worried if you're just going to be fine in the end!!

K: Ahh!!
K: Look, blood!!
K: This is creepy, whose blood could it be?!
K: It didn't look like Mr. Study was hurt at all.
sfx: giii
M: I want to talk about Yuu.
M: A few days ago, I found that man's name...Natsue Iwao's name written in his notebook.
M: Where did he find out about that? I never said a single thing!!

M(2b): If he...somehow finds out about what happened...!!
M: You didn't tell him anything about it, did you!?
M: Say something, dammit!!
sfx: basa
F: I haven't said a word...
F: Since we moved out so quickly, there should be no one who knows of what happened back then.
F(2b): There's no way he could find out. You're just overthinking things.
M: That's right, there's no way!
M: That boy...!!
M: Even if he somehow found out, there's no way a boy like him could understand such a complicated matter.
M(2b): Yes..if he ever found out, he wouldn't be able to calm down and study anymore.

M: Lately, that boy has changed a lot.
M: He's been studying so much!!
M: Obviously he's been doing so at school, but now even at home, he never complains at all.
M: Why?
M: Are you listening to me!?
F: Why did this happen...the pain I feel will never go away, so maybe it'd be better if he found out and brought us all to destruction...
F: The way things are now...
F: But no matter what, eventually, the day he understands will come.
F: Along with the day we are destroyed.
M: What?!

M(2b): What are you talking about?! What is it about this situation that you can't stand? Why shouldn't we force him to keep studying?!
M: I'm just making it so that he can come to possess the same intelligence you do!
F: Enough!!
sfx: gara gara
M: Yuu's home!
M(2b): That's right...studies. I have to make sure he studies...I have to make sure it's more challenging for him...
M: Yuu!!
Y(2b): Ahh, if it's about my studies, I'll do them, mama. I like studying, you know. My tutor's waiting for me, right?

M: But you can't just like studying.
M: You have to be able to do difficult things too!!
M: Teacher!! Make sure you give him harder questions!
T: Ehh?!
M: Those second-level equations are too easy for him. Teach him the third level!!
T: I can't do that, all of a sudden!!
M: No, this boy must become smarter!! Give me those problems!!
M: These, and these...
M: Make him do all of them!!
T: Th-that's too much!!
Y: I'll do it!!
M: Ehh!?
Y: I'll do it!!
Y: Now go away, you two.
M: Understood? In order to make you smarter, mama will do anything!!

sfx: batan
M: Hmph. There's no way he'll be able to finish this time!!
M: It isn't that easy...
M(2b): Seems like he finally went to bed. I must see if he's solved the problems or not.
M: He's done them!!
M: I-Impossible...!!

M: This can't be! There's no way that child could do such hard problems!!
M(2b): He just must have gotten lucky this time and figured them out by chance. That has to be it!!
M(2b): That's right, I'll just make him do harder ones. Then he definitely won't be able to solve them!!
M: Yuu!!
Y(2b): I'm not going out to play. Playing around is boring. I'm just going to the bathroom, mama.
M(2b): Yuu!! I want you to solve this. Your tutor also wanted you to do this one!!
M: Right here!!
Y: Ahh, this one? I've already finished it.
M: Ehh!?
Y: I even remember the answer: X is 1 and 2/3, Y is 32, and Z is 5.
Y: Right now I'm working on square roots, mama.
Y: And for language, I'm working on classical speech.

M: That...that's impossible!!
M: There's no way he should be able to do that!!
O: With that, Yuu's intelligence continued to increase -- so much, in fact, that he was able to finish his homework at an abnormal degree,
O: until he finally was out of his mother's reach.
M(2b): Does Yuu know everything about what happened then? But he still hasn't said a thing about it...
O: Soon, Yuu entered middle school.
O: There, he earned a perfect record.

sfx: gaya gaya
K: Nyohohoho, I hope my name gets up there!! Otherwise my parents will work me hard at home again!!
K: There's Tachibana.
K: I hear he wants to go to K University.
K: Ehh!? Then why didn't his parents put him in a middle school affiliated with K University? Wouldn't that make it easier on him?
Y: Ahh!!
Y: Number two....!!
Y: Hirai Katsuya is number one.....!!
Y: It's time for P.E.!

Y: Please put all your belongings in here.
K: Wahhh, what a nice watch!!
K: It's my father's, I brought it with me without telling him.
K: If the teacher finds it, he'll confiscate it!!
K: I'll just put it inside my desk.
K: Waa, waa....
K: Those who are feeling bad today, just sit to the side and watch.
sfx: waa waa
K(2b): That nerd is just sitting to the side and reading a book, even in gym class! He can't play sports at all, you know.

O(2b): It's Yuu......he's grown quite a bit. It's too bad that I had to miss out on so many years in order to heal my wounds from back then.
O: Hm? Where is he going?
O: He's certainly changed a lot!! Those hesitant eyes of his have become such a sharp glare!!
O: Ahh!

O: What is Yuu trying to do...?
Y: Ahh!!
Y: Maybe it's just me...but I felt like there was someone watching me...

Y: Hmph. Of course there was no one there. I made sure there wasn't before I came in here...
Y: That's Hirai's desk!!

O: That was close! What a sensitive kid he is.
O: It seems like he could tell that I was watching him.
O: But what did he do back there?!
O: It seemed lke he was pulling something out from a desk...
O: Could he be stealing...?!
sfx: giii
sfx: katan
O: Ahh!!

sfx: tch tch tch tch tch
O: It's a watch.
O: It must have fallen out from the desk.
O: I should put it back in...
O: Ah, that's it. I'll put it in his bag so it won't get stolen...
O: Hira Katsuya, huh? He appears to be a rather studious child.
O: Look at all these notes he's written down.....
O: That should do it.
O: I was overthinking about Yuu's situation.
O: Just because he's a smart boy doesn't mean every move he makes has a purpose.

sfx: uuuuu uuuuuu
sfx: waa
sfx: waa
K: It's gone!!
K: Ahhh, my watch is gone!
K: Ehh?!
K: My dad's watch!!
K: I put it in my desk, but it's gone now!!
K: Does anyone know what happened?!
K: How would I know? Don't look at me like that!!
K: Everyone, please help me look! If I lose it, I'll be in big trouble!!
sfx: gatan
K: It's nowhere to be found!

H: Sssh! Everyone, the English teacher's coming!!
sfx: kata
sfx: kata
sfx: gara
T: Alright everyone, please take out your textbooks.
sfx: gatan
K: Ahhh!
K: Ahh!!
O: Could that watch be....!?
O: Oh no, I can't use my powers! The wounds I previously incurred were too severe!!

K: Mutter mutter...
K: Whisper whisper...
K: G-give that back, that's my watch!!
K: Gimme!!
K: It wasn't me, someone must have put it in there!!
K: I don't know anything about it!!
K: You liar! You're just trying to cover up since you've been found out. It doesn't matter how studious you are, you won't be forgiven!!

O: After that incident, Hirai was watched closely, and his grades began to drop.
K: It's Hirai...
K: That guy is a thief, so we shouldn't get too close to him!!
O: Later, Yuu took the top spot in the practice exams.
K: Amazing!! Tachibana got a 486, and is at the top again!!
K: And look at this! Hirai is way at the bottom!!
O: Eventually, Hirai transferred to another school.
O: With that, Yuu clearly became #1.
Sign: Tachibana
O: Yuu has really changed.....
Y: Mama....

Y: You're happy that I'm always #1, right?
Y(2b): You know about Hirai stealing that watch, right? I'm the one who did that.
M: What!?
Y: Surprised? It was really me. I just made it look like Hirai was the one who stole it.
M: You did!?
M: Of all the...!!
Y: Why are you so surprised!? You're making a face that seems like you knew it all along.
M: Uuuuuu...
M: Silence!! Who would believe such a ridiculous thing?!
M: If you have the time to make up such stupid jokes, go and work on some hard math problems or something!!
Y: You're right. I have to get into K University just like papa did, after all.
Y(2b): Mama, not only will I get into K University, but I'll get even better grades than papa. All with my own ability, too. I won't rely on you a bit.
M: Uuuuuuu!!

O: Soon, Yuu was ready to enter high school.
M: Yuu!!
M: Eimei High is the most competitive school, understand?! If you don't pass in, you'll never get into K University!
Y(2b): Oh, I know. You're interrupting my studies, so could you please leave?
sfx: batan
M(2b): This time...this time, it won't go so easily for you. Here there's nothing but prodigies.....
O: But Yuu easily got into Eimei High.
M: What? Yuu passed in the #2 spot...?!
M: That's impossible!! Don't you have anything to say?! He shouldn't be that smart a child!! Right?!
sfx: uuuuuuuuuu
G: Kyaa....kyaa....

O: Soon I entered Yuu's class myself, because I just couldn't bear watching him from afar anymore.
O: Yuu's really changed so much. It seems frightening just to get close to him.
Y: But Yuu would never talk about studying with anyone at school.
Y: On the contrary, after school, he would just sit and read manga.
K: That Tachibana guy's acting like he isn't the tiniest bit concerned about his studies.
K: Even though I bet when he's at home he gets to sleep around 1:00 or so.
K: Despite the fact that he's just putting a show on, it still gets on my nerves.
G: I really can't stand Tachibana-san.
G: And that scar on his neck is so gross!

O(2b): But once he passed through the school gates, Yuu's expression became severe.
Y: Nakane...and Kishibe are aiming towards K University...
Y: And also Nogami from Class D...
Y: Those three can do it...
Y: At this rate, Yuu will destroy himself.
O: Tachibana-san.....
Y: Ehh?!
O: How about joining the chorus club?
O: Practice is only one hour long, and it'll make you feel better.
O: If you entered, it'd make me really happy....
O: In trying to change Yuu's feelings even a little, I tried touching Yuu's hand.
Y: Hmph!
O(2b): It's no use. Yuu's heart is closed up too tightly!! Even my power can't break through.

O: And so, Yuu fell deep into his studies.
O: Finally, three years passed, and the day in which he would take the practice exams of K University drew near.
O: As if I'd lose to Nakane, Kishibe, and Nogami.....
O: And also.....!!
M: Yuu!!
sfx: gacha
M: I'm really impressed that you're still studying!

M(2b): I've brought you a snack. Eat this and do your best!
M: You'd better not lose to Nakane-san or Kishibe-san.
M: If you did, how would you be able to overcome Papa at K University?
M: Who knows if you'd even be able to pass the exam....?
sfx: batan
O: Poor Yuu, he's all alone...
O(2b): He's still studying. It'd probably be a good idea to rest for a little...
O: Rest for a bit, Yuu!!
sfx: katan

sfx: katan
O(2b): Yuu....looks like you rested a bit. Then I'll leave you for tonight.
Y: Uuu!!

sfx: uuuuuu
sfx: gachan
Y: Th-the pain!!
sfx: uuuuuu

Y: The pain....my stomach.....!!
sfx: geh
sfx: gata
M: Yuu!!
M: Wh-what's wrong?!
Y: That's my line, mother! What are you doing outside my room like this?!
M: I-I just heard a strange sound now so I came to see what was the matter...are you alright?!
Y: It-it's nothing. I finished studying, so I was just getting ready to go to bed. Tomorrow is the K University practice exam, after all.
Y: Uuu!!

O: The next morning....
O(2b): Yuu must be sleeping, even though he should be awake by now...I'll just have to do it myself.....
O: But.....
O: Last night....
O: Yuu!!
sfx: giii
O: Ahhh
O: Ahh!!
O: He's gone!!
O: Yuu!!
O: He must have gone to school to take the test!!
O: In that condition...!!
O: That's right, there's no way he can pass...and if he doesn't pass the practice test,
O: he'll lose all confidence to take the real one!!

Y: My stomach still hurts.
Y: No matter what, I have to do my best on the exam...no matter what!!
O: Tachibana-san....
O: It's me, Orochi.
O: Why are you sweating so much?! You don't look so good. Isn't today the day of the exam?
O: Ahh, Tachibana-san!!
Y: I'm fine, just leave me alone!
O: Ahhh!!
O: Despite what happened, Yuu did well on his test -- even despite his horrible ailments!!
O: If I would have healed him back there with my right hand, he probably could have done better, though.

O: Then finally, it was almost time for the real examination.
O: Tomorrow will be the day Yuu takes the K University entrance examination.

M: Yuu......
M: Finally, the day we've all been waiting for has come!!
M: Do you know how painful it's been, all this time?! But now the day has finally arrived!
M: The day when everything will become clear!!
M: You must enter K University at all costs, and do better than your father!
Y: I know that.

M: Well, after you've prepared everything for tomorrow, go to bed, understand?
Y: Of course.
Y: Good night, now, mother.
M: Good night.
M: If you can sleep, that is.
F: Yo-Yoshiko...
Y(2b): But I wonder if everything will go as you think it will, mother...if in the end, everything will end up the way you want?
M: What was that!?
sfx: batan
Y(2b): Just watch me!! I won't lose to anyone, no matter what!!
Y: Father, mother...
Y: Everyone must watch me!!
sfx: kiii
Y: There's a newspaper on my desk...?

Y(2b): This newspaper is from six months ago, isn't it? Why would this be on my desk...!?
Y: Ahhh!
Y: A woman living alone hung herself?!
Y: Last night Natsue Shizu, a woman suffering from illness and the pain of her life, committed suicide...
Y: Natsue Shizu.....!!
sfx: basa
Y: Hmph!!
Y: You think I'd be unable to sleep just after reading some stupid article like this?!
Y: Fufufu....
Y: Hahaha......
Y: The light went out. Yuu must be sleeping.....

O: All night, I stood out there waiting for the sun to come up.
O: Just what would happen to Yuu and those other people? Since I felt so sorry for Yuu, I had no choice but to protect him like this.
Y: Well then, father, mother, I'm going to take the test now.
M: Goodbye.
M: Do your best and get a good score.
Y: There's nothing to worry about. I got a good night's sleep last night.
O: Yuu left!
O: Now, finally, he's about to take the K University exam...!!

O: I wonder what Yuu's true purpose in studying so hard to get into K University could be...
O: Yuu, do your best. That's all I can say to you right now.

O: Soon, the examination came to a close,
O: and the test was finished.
O: I watched over the entire thing as if I were made of stone.
O: Yuu's face looks tired, but his expression makes it seem like everything still isn't over yet.
O: What kind of score did Yuu possibly get...?
O: Tachibana-san...
Y: You again...
O: How was the test?
O: If you don't mind, I'd like you to come to a party we're having to celebrate passing the exam. I want to give you a present too.
Y: Who knows whether I passed or not...farewell.
O: Yuu!!

O: No, Tachibana-san.....
O: Yuu used to be so adorable.....
O: Now he's like a completely different person!
M: Welcome home, Yuu. How was it?
Y: I dunno...
O: Yuu slept for three days straight as if he was dead.
M: He's really sleeping a lot.
M(2b): Hello, is this Professor Yamaoka from K University? This is Tachibana...have you figured out Yuu's results yet?
M: What did you say!?
M: Eh? Then Yuu is...!!

M: Hello? If that's the case, I'd like you to go forward with what we discussed earlier.
M: What? Why can't you do it? You agreed earlier, how can you say this all of a sudden!?
M: It's because I don't want him to turn into a robot of a human who does nothing but study!! That's why I want you to change his answers!!
M: Hello...
Y: Mother!!
M: Ahh!!
Y: Mother! After you forced me to study so much...and after you told me so many times that I had to get into K University...how could you do this all of a sudden!?
Y: I'll tell you why.
Y: Because to forcing me to study was nothing other than a way for you to torture me!!
Y: Because I am not your true son!!
Y: I am the son of a thief!!

Y: The son of Natsue Iwao, who stabbed the real Yuu and killed him!!
Y: The son of Natsue Shizu, who recently hung herself!!
M: Yuu!!
Y: Don't call me that!! I am not Yuu!! Do you know how much pain I feel every time I hear that name?!
Y: I found out about this when I was in fifth grade, when I read about how Yuu died of his wounds in the newspaper!!

Y: Yet why am I still alive, I thought!? Then after going to the Natsue house and talking to their neighbors, I found out their child was gone!
Y: I am the son of the murderous thief who killed Yuu!!
Y: Out of hatred towards the murderer who killed your only son, you forcefully stole his son from him!! And forcing me to study myself to death every day was your revenge!!
Y: "What can the son of a thief do?", you thought!! And despite the pain I felt at knowing the truth, I withstood it!
Y: Stolen from the hands of my true mother, and constantly tortured by you -- Ever since I was a child, I've always been alone!!
Y: And now, I've finally won!! I got a good score on the test and should be able to get into K University!!

Y: But there's one question I want you to answer!!
Y: Who's the one who made this scar on my neck!?
Y: Who did it?!
Y: Mother!!
Y: Who did this!?
Y: Mother!!
Y: Where are you going!?
Y: Yoshiko!!
Y: Mother!!

Y: Wh-what are you doing!?
M: I'm the one who put that scar on you!
M: With this very knife!!
M: What do you know about the pain I felt after my son was killed?!
M: You still haven't won yet!!
Y: Ahh!!
F: Stop it!!
Y: You really intend to kill me?!

M: Hohoho! You think you've won now?!
Y: Ahhhh!
Sfx: zubah
Y: Mother!!
M: Don't call me your mother!!

M: How could you know how much pain I feel every time you call me that...
M: It's your loss now!! No matter how well you did on the exam,
M: now you'll be branded a murderer for killing your own mother...!!
M(2b): You really do possess the blood of a murderer after all!! Now your admission will be retracted!
Y: N-no way!!
F: Yoshiko!!
M: Dear!! Finally, the day of destruction has come!!
M: Yuu!!
M: My Yuu!!
M: Yuu!!
M: Yuu!!

M: Yuuuuu!!
Y: Mother!!

M: Yuuuu!!
Y: Mother!!
sfx: waaaaaah
O: It must happen this way.......!!
O(2b): Living together for such a long time...with such hatred between them...but they're both his parents. If they weren't, they wouldn't have continued like this for so long...

O: That night, the Tachibana house was bathed in silence.
O: The three slept together in one room as if they were nothing but empty shells.
O: If I take off the bandage around my right hand,
O: and put it on Yuu's neck...
O: as well as his mother's wounds,
O: then finally rest it on his father's tired forehead,
O: I can put the Tachibana house behind me.
O: Everyone's wounds will definitely heal.

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