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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Orochi 4


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 12:43 | Go to Orochi

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tl by molokidan


Coming to my hometown
for the first time in many years
blooming flowers crying birds
rustling wind
the whispers
of the small river by my porch
haven't changed
since olden times
my house
the ruins that remain
are devoid
of all inhabitants

(by Indou Kyuukei)

O: Hometown...to humans, what relations does the bittersweet sound of that word mean to humans? I, Orochi, wish to ponder this through a certain man.

O: The day Sugiyama Shouichi abandoned his hometown is a thing of the distant past.
O: In Nakase Village, within this farmhouse that had remained since ancient times, Shouichi was born.
B: Ogyaaah
O: His parents brought Shouichi out into the field with them while they strived to do their work.
O: Soon, Shouichi was able to walk on his own.
O: He pestered his mother to let him hold the hoe.
O: Once he got ahold of a smaller one, he started imitating his parents' work.
O: While it only added trouble to his parents' work,
O: they both simply smiled and let him do as he please.

O: To anyone, it would have appeared a tranquil, pleasant scene.
O: Shouichi continued to grow up in this simple environment.
O: In spring, he picked wildflowers and caught butterflies.
O: In summer, he fished and enjoyed the summer festivals.
O: In autumn, he'd pick fruit,
O: and wrestle.

O: Finally, he went to school,
O: graduated,
O: and then Shouichi said he wanted to leave the village.

M: I beg you, please don't go, Shouichi!!
S(2b): It's alright. All my classmates are going there too...if I stay in the country like this, I won't amount to anything. I don't want to be a farmer anymore, mom.
O: And so, Shouichi left the village.
S: I'm going now, so don't follow me, mom.
Sign: Nakase
M(2b): Please, please make sure you write to us. If anything happens, come home immediately.

M: Uuuuuuu
S: It's fine, I know. There's nothing for you to worry about.
O: And so, Shouichi put the village behind him.
O: This was his eternal parting with his hometown.
O: Shouichi went to Chuushou City, where his friend lived.
O: At the station, his friend came to meet him.

O: After that, he started living with that friend in the same apartment.
O: And then, through his friend's introduction, he started working at a restaurant.
O: To Shouichi, who had grown up in the country, everything he saw and heard was completely new and rare.
O: In a letter to his mother, Shouichi wrote that he'd definitely become successful and then go home.
O: A letter came back from his mom.
O: With messy handwriting, she wrote about nothing but how lonely she'd become since Shouichi left.
O: After he wrote that, Shouichi strongly decided in the bottom of his heart that he would never return to the countryside.
O: And so, Shouichi worked hard.
B: Here's this month's pay.

O: On that day,
O: when Shouichi returned to his apartment,
S: Ahh!!
S: It's gone!! My savings and my checkbook!
S: All my clothes, too!!
O: his friend was nowhere to be found.
B: Sugiyama-san, the rent you owe for this apartment keeps piling up. How long do you expect me to wait...?
S: Ehh!?
S: Impossible!! I clearly remember giving what I owed to him...
B: Nope, he didn't say a thing about that.

O: But that wasn't all. A few other people had all borrowed money in Shouichi's name.
O: After being used by everyone, Shouichi didn't even have a single penny to his name. And on top of that, his friends' excessive debts remained.
O: It was at that moment when Shouichi resorted to stealing.
O: So hungry that he couldn't take anymore, he put out his hand out to grab some bread.
B: Thief!!
B: So you're the one that's always stealing from me!!
O: For just a single loaf of bread, Shouichi was taken to the police and subjected to some questioning.
O: But Shouichi refused to reveal the name of his village.

O: Shouichi soon left that town.
O: In this fashion, he continued drifting from town to town.
O: Of course, he didn't return to the countryside. He also ceased writing to his mother.
O: He started hanging out with shady people,
O: and eventually stopped thinking about his hometown altogether.

O: And so, time passed.
O: I am Orochi.
O: How long have I been wandering the earth like this?
O: I don't know how many times I've watched people from their birth until they die.
O: When I think about it, many faces come to mind...and many different places appear.
O: If I have a hometown, it must be a very small, nostalgic one.
O: It was at that moment that I caught sight of Shouichi again!!
O: That's definitely Nagase Village's Sugiyama Shouichi.......

S: Just whose turf do you bastards think this is!?
T: Keh!!
T: That's our line, asshole!!
T: How lucky of me to have caught you here! This time I'll make it so you'll never be able to eat rice again!!
T: Hmph!!
sfx: bakuh
S: And here's one more for ya!!
sfx: gan
sfx: gyah
T: You've really done it now!!

sfx: gah
sfx: gashi
sfx: gusah
sfx: baan
sfx: burururu
T: Watch out, bro!
sfx: gooooh
sfx: ban
sfx: gachan

T: B-bro......!!
T: You guys have gone too far. You're dead meat now!
T: Wahhh! I d-don't know nothin'!!
T: That was a pretty good kick back there, punk!!
S: Uuuu
T: Suck on this!!
O: Without thinking, I shouted
O: Stop!!
sfx: baki
T: Ahhh
T: Wh-who the hell...!?
T: Y-you witch!!

sfx: dosuh

sfx: dosuh

O: Oh no!! I accidentally got involved.
T: Hiieee!!
O(2b): He really is Nagase Village's Sugiyama Shouichi after all. What terrible wounds!!
O: I quickly phoned the hospital,
O: and Shouichi was soon taken there.
O: This is bad. He's still conscious, but his fever won't go down.
S: Uuuuuuun
O: Shouichi's condition gradually became worse.

D: There's a piece of metal lodged in his brain, and it's too hard to remove through surgery.
S: What pain.....!!
S: I want to go home!!
S: Ahh, I want to go home to the countryside!!

O: I know, I'll just go to Nakase Village in his place. That village was so nice and simple.
O: I put the hospital behind me.
sfx: gooooh
O: I'll get off this train at the last stop, then take a bus through the mountains to Nakase Village.

O: Ahh!!
sfx: pisha
O: Shouichi!?

O: Shouichi...it's definitely Shouichi!!

O: No matter how I look at him, it's the wounded Sugiyama Shouichi who should be in the hospital right now.
O(2b): But it might just be someone who resembles him. He was wounded so badly, there's no way he could be up and about.
sfx: goton goton
sfx: gatan
O: Shouichi-san!!
S: Ehh!?
O: I felt his reaction through my right hand.
O: It is Shouichi after all.
O: You're Shouichi-san, right?
S: Yes, I'm Shouichi.
S: Who are you!?

O: I'm Orochi...but you don't remember me.
O: I only lived in Nakase Village for a short while, so I doubt anyone there remembers me either.
O: More importantly, you should be in the hospital right now with severe wounds, so why are you here?
S: Ahh, these, huh...
S: I've already gotten better.
S: Look!! There isn't a scratch on me!!
S: I'm fine!!

O: Ahhh!?
S: I got permission from the doctor to leave and return to the countryside.
S: Besides, how do you know I was injured and in the hospital anyway!?
O: That's...
O: I-it doesn't matter...well, I was in that hospital too, so that's how I knew you were there.
O: I suddenly started feeling nostalgic about Nakase Village and decided to return there.
O: Although it didn't feel right, I was heading to Nakase Village with Shouichi. Since he still didn't know me well, he definitely must have been trying to hide the lifestyle he had been pursuing lately.
O: I decided to follow Shouichi and see what would happen to him.

S(2b): The village is just past this ridge. When I first left the village, my mother followed me all this way.
S: The village!!

S: It's just like before!
Sign: Nakase Village
S: I can see my house!!
S: Mom!
O: In an instant, I was swirled up into this inexplicable turn of events.
O: I didn't even realize that I had inadvertently been drawn into it as well.

S: It's just like old times!!
S: Not a single thing has changed!!
S: My house!! It hasn't changed a bit!!
S: The persimmon tree is right where it should be!
S: That smoke means someone's cooking food!! Mom must be making lunch inside!
sfx: garah

S: Mom!!
M: Shouichi!!
M: You're Shouichi, aren't you!?
S: Mom!!
M: Shouichiii!!
M: Uuuuu!!
F: Shouichi, you've come home?!
S: Father!!
F: Y-you crazy fool!! Where have you been all this time!? Why haven't you returned even once!?
F: We've always prepared an extra serving for you ever since you left.
S: I won't leave!! I won't leave you again!!

O: As I took my first step into that village, I could keenly feel a bizarre sensation rush over me.
O: Something's different.....from the last time I came!!
O: What could be different? I don't know...
O: Trees...mountains...
O: Fields...the people working...

O: It must just be me.
O: After that, the lights didn't go off in Shouichi's house until morning came.
sfx: gara
S: Ahhh, this air feels so great!
S: Nothing's changed at all.
S: The forest, the river...
S: I always used to go fishing here.
S: And I used to climb that tree with everyone.
S: Ahhh, that's granny Yone working over there. She hasn't changed at all!
S: And the Nakase Shrine! I'd always come to pick fruits here.
S: All the village's important events are held here.
S: And wrestling...

S: That's right, one time when I was a kid, I shut my childhood friend Ryouko inside there.
S: Enshrined within there is a stone that is said to have fallen from the sky in a ball of flame. People say that even now, it gives off a pale glow at night, and so out of fear, no one goes near it.
S: Even though it's obviously a meteor, no one will go near it.
S: It was on the way home from school.
S(2b): I was always together with Ryouko. But one day, Ryouko started saying she didn't want to walk together with me anymore.
S: Then I got mad, grabbed Ryouko's hair,
S: and started pulling her toward the steps to the rock.
S: Then I closed her up in the stone's shrine.
sfx: batan

R: Let me out!!
R: I'm scared, let me out!!
R: Kyaaa
R: The stone's shining!
R: Help me!!
S(2b): Then I just went home. Later in the evening, she was saved, but had lost consciousness.

S: There's no way it could glow like that.
sfx: gigi
sfx: giiii
S: Look, it's just a dull hunk of rock.
sfx: batan
S: I wonder what Ryouko's up to nowadays?

S: I'll go see her.
F: Hey, could you be...Shouichi...?
S: Nobuo, Takeshi, Eiji!!
N: So it really is you, Shouichi! You're alive!
N: This is great! There was a rumor going around that you were dead.
S: Everyone was so worried about you! It's great that you're back!!

S(2b): Has anything changed around here? How is Ryouko doing?
N: Ehh?!
S: What's wrong?
N: No, nothing out of the ordinary...
S: What's that supposed to mean?
N: B-but Ryouko had a kid.
S: She got married?
N: A-about that...
N: Well, the child...
T: Nobuo, enough about that!!
E: I'm going home!
T: W-well, see you around, Shouichi!
N: I'm g-going home.
N: Sorry.
S: Wait, what's the matter!?
N: Ahh!!
N: P-please leave me alone!!

N: Uwaahhhhh!!
N: Hmph. What's the meaning of this?! What are they so afraid of?
O: I had been following Shouichi the whole time.
sfx: gyaaaaaaaah
O: That sounded like Nobuo...
O: Ahhh!!
O: Nobuo!!

O: What happened!?
O: Nobuo-san!!
O: He......he's dead....!!

O: Who could have....?
O: There aren't any wounds on him!!
O: Just what is going on here!?
O: Even by looking around, I can't see a single person.
O: Ahh!!

O: Who are you?
O: Have you been here all this time?
O: Did you see anyone run past you?
B: I didn't see anything.
O: He dropped some fish.
O: Ahh!!

O: Their eyes have been carved out!!
O: This one's had its fins all scraped off!
O: How ghastly....!!
S: Nobuo!!
S: What's wrong!?

S: You're....!!
O: Shouichi-san...
S: What are you doing in a place like this!? That scream just now was Nobuo's, wasn't it?! What's going on here!?
O: I don't know. He has no wounds, and there wasn't a trace of anyone else...
S: Could you have...
O: At that moment, all the animosity Shouichi felt toward me came to light.
O: Soon, the other two that had run away earlier came back, with two other villagers.
T: Nobuo!!
S: Takeshi, Eiji...
T: I-it got him!!
S: Takeshi, just what is happening around here!?

S: Takeshi!!
O: With trembling hands, the villagers started to carry Nobuo's body off with them, escaping without uttering another word.
S: Hmph!!
sfx: peh
O: It seems like Shouichi bears nothing but ill sentiments toward me.
O(2b): But who was that boy earlier...I'll check it out.
O: For some reason, I couldn't get that boy out of my head.
O: I had no choice.
O: There he is!!
O: Where are you going?

O: The village elementary school.....
B: Let's play.
K: O...
K: Okay!!

sfx: hahahahaha
Sfx: hahahahaha
sfx: hahaha
sfx: hahaha
sfx: hahahaha
O: It seems like he's playing happily with everyone.
O: But something's strange!! Even though they all look like they're having fun...
sfx: fufufufu
sfx: fufufufu
B: Hahaha, fufufu...
B: Hahaha......
B: Now let's play hide-and-seek.
K: O-okay!
B: I'll be the demon. (*In Japan, the demon is "it.")
K: Okay...
K: It's the bell, we have class now!!
sfx: uuuuuuuuuuuuh
B: Who cares?! Studying is boring, let's keep playing!!

sfx: kyah
sfx: kyah
O: They're still playing hide-and-seek even though the bell has rung.
B: Hahaha, fufufu....
T: What are you kids going?! The bell's already....
T: Ahh!

T: Haa, haa....!!
B: Come on, everyone, let's keep playing!
sfx: wahahahaha
sfx: wahahahaha
sfx: wahahaha
O: What? Why isn't the teacher scolding them...? And it looks like all the kids are running as if their lives depended on it!

sfx: hahahaha
sfx: hahahaha
sfx: waaaaaaan
sfx: waaaaaaan
B: How noisy!! Come on, everyone, let's tie this nuisance to a tree!!
B: Now!!
sfx: uwaaaaaaan
B(2b): Hmph!! Still crying, huh? Then I'll shut you up myself!!
sfx: guh
B: If all of you don't act like you're having fun, I'll do something even better than that!!

B: We're one person short!!
B: That's it, Ken-chan isn't here!!
B: He ran away!!
B: So he doesn't like playing with me, does he?!
B: Ken-chan!!
B: I'll find you!!
B: He must be inside the classroom.
sfx: dota dota
B: There!!
sfx: gara

B: You're all hiding Ken-chan, aren't you?
B: It's no use. Ken-chan's right there!!
B: Here!!
K: Hiieee!!
K: Wahhhh!!
B: I'm gonna rip you to pieces!!
K: Ahhh!!

sfx: gyahhh
sfx: gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
O: Ahhh!!
O: Stop that!!
sfx: biri

O: Ahh!

sfx: uuuuuu
sfx: biri

K: Hiiieee!!
sfx: pishi
sfx: barih
B: Ahh!

sfx: gachan
B: Hmph!!

sfx: dota dota
K: I'm scaaaaaared!!
K: Shin-chan's gonna kill me!!
O: So that boy was Shin-chan...
K: I'm scared!!
O: It's alright, that boy's gone now.
O: Let's go home, everyone.

O: This is your house, right?
O: I soon found out that Shin-chan, that boy, was the son of Shouichi's childhood friend, Ryouko.
O: So he was Ryouko's child!!
O: Afterwards, it looks like he ran off somewhere...could he have gone home?
O: Would you happen to know where Ryouko-san's house is...
O: After pointing in the direction of Ryouko's house with his finger, that farmer ran off without looking back.
O: Everyone's so frightened.
O: Maybe this was that abnormal feeling I got
O: when I first stepped foot into town.
O: It's different...
O: The mountains, trees, houses, and people are different after all......even though I can't pick out specific things that have changed...

O: That's Ryouko's house.
O: Maybe that boy is here...
O: I wonder what she's doing...?
O: She looks so worn out.
O: Ahh!!
O: Shouichi's here...he came to visit Ryouko!!
S: Ryouko...
R: Ahh!!
S: What are you doing!?

R: He said he wanted to cook the cat's tongue and eat it!!
S: Ehhh?
R: Shouichi-san!!
S: Please listen, the townspeople are afraid of me!
S: No one will come close to me!!
S: It's all Shinji's fault!!
S: He's not home right now, though. Around now, he's probably playing at the Nakase Shrine.
S(2b): He only comes home at night. That's the only time when townspeople are able to do their work. We should be able to talk now.

S: What's the meaning of this?! This won't make any sense unless you start from the beginning!!
R: Shouichi-san, help me...!!
R: I'm scared. It was Shinji's fault that his father died. The villagers say it was because of a disease, but the truth...
S: A little after Shinji was born, his father just lightly scolded him for having bad manners, and then....!!
S: This is madness...I don't understand a word you're saying. How could a child kill his father?!
R: It's true!! He also killed the cows and dogs we had!!
R: If you look the wrong way at him, you'll die!! His eyes glow!!
S: That's impossible!!
R: Shouichi-san, save me!!
sfx: zara

R: Wah!
S: Mother!!
R: S-Shinji...!!
R: When did you...
O: Suddenly, Shinji appeared from inside the house. Even I hadn't noticed that he was there.
S: I was just watching you talk about me behind my back.
R: Shinji!!
S: I heard everything.
R: Shinji, forgive me!!

S(2b): What are you apologizing for? Isn't he your own son?! What are you so afraid of him for?!
S: Fufu....
S: Fufufu....
S: What's so funny?!
S: Come inside, mother.
R: Shinji, forgive me!!
S: I won't do anything, so just do what I tell you!!
S: Now!!
sfx: suton
S: Ahh!!
S: That stone...?

B: It's nothing!!
S: Ryouko, you don't have to listen to him!!
R: No, let me go!!
R: I'm begging you, let me go!!
B: Mother, you didn't cut off that cat's tongue, did you?
B: And not only that, you talked to that man about me!!
sfx: bisha
S: What in the...!!

O: Could it be......!?
S: Ah! It's you!!
S: Wait!!
S: Ahh!!

O: I knew it.....
O: Sh-she's dead!!
O: It's just like what happened to Nobuo!!
O: But this time her tongue's been cut off!!
S: Ryouko!!
S: Get out of here!!
S: Nothing but bad things have happened since you came to this village!!
S: Please go away!! I've finally returned to my hometown after all these years, only to find you destroying it!!
S: If you won't leave, then I'll just do this!!
O: Stop!!
S: Ahh!!
S: So it was you after all!! You did it -- you brought all the misfortune to this village!!
O: He felt so much hatred for me that I had no choice but to leave Shouichi's side. After that, Shouichi spread around the news that Ryouko had died to the whole village.

O: That night, the doors to every house in the village were shut tight, and no one went outside.
O(2b): Where did Shinji go...? Those eyes he had when he stared at me were unreal.
O: Ahh!!
O(2b): That's Shinji...what is he staring at in a place like that? It's like he's looking straight at the cliff.
sfx: gara

sfx: bishi bishi
sfx: dododo
sfx: dododo
sfx: dododo

O: That's the road that leads out of the village...!!
O: But why....!?
O: Now he's going to the other side.

sfx: uuuu
sfX: gyan
sfx: gyan

sfx: pin
O: The bridge!!
sfx: baaaaaaaaan

sfx: dododo
B: Fufufufufufu....
O(2b): He's trying to isolate the village!! But for what purpose?
O: Ahh!!
sfx: buh

B: Fufufu......
O(2b): The phone lines......all communication to the outside has been cut off!!
O: He must be making it so that I can't escape!! Otherwise, why would he do this all of a sudden...
O: But if I truly wanted to leave, there's a multitude of different ways I could do so.
B: fufufu
B: hahaha
B: hahaha
O(2b): Where is he going now? He's holding that strange rock again, what does he intend to do with it?
B: hahahaha
O: He's going to the house of the boy he scared and caught today, Ken-chan.

sfx: ton ton
B: Ken-chan!!
B: Open up!!
sfx: don don
B: It's me!!
B(2b): I said open up! Granny!! Isn't anyone there?
O: What is he planning to do at this time of night? I'll wait and see.
B: You're pretending to be out, aren't you?
B: Well, if you won't open up, I'll just do it myself.
sfx: bari
B: Ken-chan!!
B: I knew you were here!!
K: I'm scaaaared!

B: Come with me, Ken-chan!
K: Hiieeee!!
K: Wahh!!
K: Please, forgive him!!
O: He came back out!!
K: I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry, please help me!!
B: Shut up! I told you I'm not going to do anything!!
K: Waaaaan!
sfx: gasa
sfx: gasa
sfx: gasa
sfx: gasa
O: Ken!!

O(2b): Into the tall grass...!! What is he trying to do?
O: Could it be..........
sfx: zazaza
sfx: zazaza
O: Ken-chan!!

K: Let me go!!
O: Ahh!!
O: Ken-chan!!
K: We're not doing anything!!
K: I'm friends with Shin-chan.
S: Well, Ken-chan, see you later.
K: Bye!
O: Ken-chan!!
M: Ken...
M(2b): Are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?
K: Leave me alone, I'm fine!
M: Ken!!

O: What did you do to that boy!?
B: Nothing.
O: Just what are you planning!?
O: And what happened to that stone you were carrying around for so long?
B(2b): Pfft. I threw it away.
O: Could he have possibly....?
O: Ken-chan!!
O: Where's Ken-chan?
M: I can't find him anywhere!!

O: He's gone?
O: He must have gone out the back door!!
O: I can't see him anywhere!!
O: Up here is the Nakase Shrine.
O: I'll check and see if the stone Shinji was carrying was the enshrined meteorite...
sfx: giii

O: This isn't it!!
O: It's just a normal rock!!
O: Then the real stone must truly be...
O: I have to figure out where Ken-chan went.
O: There's some water...
O: No one should be able to see me out here.

O: It's Ken-chan!!
O: Where is he going?
sfx: bashah
O: It disappeared!!
O: Ken-chan!!
O: I'm pretty sure it was around here.
O: Ken-chan.
O: Where did you go?
O: Where's the rock?
K: I don't have anything like that...
K: Goodbye.

O(2b): Just what was that about!? I really have no idea what's going on here.
O: As if to wash away my uneasiness, a warm, thick breeze began to slowly drift down from the sky.
O: Morning has finally come...
O: I'm going to peek into Shouichi's house.

O: But there wasn't anything unusual going on. It didn't seem like Shouichi had changed at all, and was just enjoying life with his parents for once in a long time.
O: Huh...?
sfx: kaa kaa
O: The crows are all flying away in a hurry.
O: What could be...?
O: Ahh!!
O: All of the children are gathered up here....!!

O: What could they be doing all together like that?
O(2b): Shinji and Ken-chan are there too. Everyone seemed so afraid of him, yet now they're all together beside him....!!
O: It looks like they've all made a ring around him as if they're discussing something, but no one's said a word!!

O(2b): What a sinister feeling!! They all broke into wide grins at the same time!!
sfx: gasah
sfx: gasah gasah
K: Hey, what are you kids doing in the middle of my field!?
K: What do you think this is, a playground? Get out!!
K: What are you looking at me like that for!?
sfx: zah zah
sfx: zah
K: Wh-what...
K: You brats!!
K: Wa-wah...
K: You little ghouls!!

sfx: bashi
K: Heeheehee!!
K: Heehee!!
F: Uwahhhhh!
sfx: zah zah zah
F: Uwaahhh!
sfx: zah x4
F: uwaaaaaaaaahhhh!
sfx: zah zah
O(2b): What's going on!? I can hardly believe it!!

O: But the rest of the adults in the village still had yet to realize the children had gone crazy.
O: Meanwhile, I hid myself in the shed of a girl named Sayoko.
O: That night, after Sayoko neglected to finish all her food, the true horror began.
D: You spoiled little brat! How dare you leave food in your bowl?!
D: You'd better finish it all right this instant!!

D: Don't you understand what I'm saying? Eat up, already!!
M: Sayoko, do as your father says!! You know how he gets when he drinks!!
D: Eat!!
D: Why won't listen to what your parents tell you!?
sfx: bashih
D: I'm going to strangle you!!
M: Stop, dear!!
D: What are you glaring at me like that for?!
D: I'm shutting you up in the shed!!
sfx: garah
D: Ahh!!

sfx: zah x4
sfx: zah zah
sfx: zah zah
M: D-dear, all the children are coming this way!!
D: Wh-what do you want?
D: Go home!!
sfx: zah x3
D: Don't you understand? Go home, I said!!
D: I'll beat you all to death!!

D: Ahh!!
sfx: gan
D: Wahh!!
D: Dammit!!
D: You little monsters!!
sfx: wahhhh!
D: ahhh!
sfx: beri beri biri
sfx: uuuuuuu
sfx: barih
sfx: barih

M(2b): Hiieee!! S-someone help, please!!
D: Please, save me!!
sfx: baki
sfx: boki
sfx: GEH!
sfx: bari bari bokih

sfx: zah zah zah
M: Hiiiieeee~!!
O: After seeing such a grotesque scene, even I could do nothing but stand in bewilderment.
O: I just stared in disbelief.
O: She's in a daze!!
O: The villagers can't possibly believe what their children are doing.
O: Now they're all trying to do something!!
K: Hahaha.....
K: Hahaha.....

K: Hahaha
sfx: dosu
O(2b): They're damming up the river! And now they're going over to the thousand-year old willow!!
K: Hahahaha
sfx: bakih
sfx: dododo
sfx: hahaha
sfx: hahaha
O: They're destroying everything!!
O: Stop!!
O: Stop!
K: Hahaha
K: Hahaha
O: Stop, I said!!
sfx: hahaha
sfx: hahaha

O: The villagers are here!!
O: Who's there!?
S: Whose daughter are you?
O: We need to worry about the children right now!!
O: The villagers had come looking for all their children, who had suddenly disappeared from home.
O: I told them exactly what happened, but no one believed me.
V: That's ridiculous!! My child would never do such a horrible thing!!
V: Mine neither...
O: The villagers ended up becoming suspicious of me instead.
V: She's running away!!
V: Heeey, Yasuo!!
V: Norihiko!!
sfx: heeeeey

O: The next morning...
M: Shouichiii!!
M: Wake up!!
S: Wh-what's wrong, mom!?
M: Shouichi, wake up!! It's terrible...
M: See for yourself!!
sfx: garah
S: Ahh!!
M: Look!!
M: The persimmon tree.....!!
sfx: gatah
S: Wh-who would do such a horrible thing!?
S: The persimmon tree we've had since I was a child!!
S: Wahh!!

S: The whole village has changed!!
S: The stone statue that should be here
S: has been destroyed!!
S: The shortcut I took to school is gone!!
S: Who could have done all of this!?

S: There's Grandpa Gon...
S: How strange. His field didn't look like this yesterday.
S: Grandpa, how did your field become like this overnight!?
G: What are you talking about? It's always been this way!!
S: You're lying!!
S: Then how do you explain the trees falling down, water being cut off, and what happened to the bridge and the stone wall!?
G(2b): I have no idea what you're talking about. I can't see one thing that's changed.
S: Hmph!!
sfx: don
S: Who's ruining my hometown like this!?
S: Ahh!!

sfx: gara gara
sign: Nakase Elementary
sfx: gara gara
S: Wh-what are you doing!? Why are you tearing down the school?!
S: Hey, stop it!!
S: Ahhhh!

S: What are you staring at me like that for!?
S: Why are you tearing down the school!? Why!?
P: We're going to turn it into a graveyard!!
S: Ehh!!

S: I won't let you!!
S: You've all gone crazy!!
sfx: gan
S: You, and you!
sfx: gan gan
S: What the hell happened to you!?
sfx: hehehehehehehe
sfx: hehehehehehehe
S: You're all insane!!
S: What happened to this place!?
S: Ahhh!!
S: The road's gone!!
S: The tunnel over there is destroyed too!!
S: Ahhh!!

S: The children...
S: They've surrounded the village!! This is getting out of control!!
S: I knew it!! They've made it so no one can escape the village!!
S: What's wrong with everyone?!
S: Heeey!!
O: Looks like Shouichi's finally realized the village has changed.
O(2b): But what pushed the rest of the townspeople to go crazy too!? If my hypothesis is correct...
O: And that abnormal feeling I've had since I first stepped foot in this village hasn't dulled one bit.

O: I decided to follow Shouichi once again.
O: He was running as if he was possessed by something!!
O: Ahh!!
O: The villagers are coming!!

O: From this side, too!!
O: They're getting closer!!
O: It looked as if Shouichi had caught on, too.
O: Their expressions all look distorted!! They've all changed!!
O: Strange...how do they know where we're running!? Shouichi and I shouldn't have been visible, yet they're coming straight for us!!
S: Mom!!

M: Shouichi, what are you in such a hurry for?!
sfx: bisha
S: Something terrifying has happened.....!!
S: The whole town...it's awful...
M: What are you trying to say? I don't understand!!
S: The townspeople have all turned into something else!!
S: And they're coming this way!!
S: Look!!
sfx: giiii
S: Wah!

O: They've gotten closer!!
O: Are they after me?
O: At this rate, they'll find me...!! They must be able to tell what I'm thinking. Otherwise there's no way they could have followed me so perfectly!!

O: I let my body go still and stopped thinking entirely.
O: How mysterious. Even though I was right beside them, they simply passed by as if they didn't notice me at all!!
O: Now they're heading straight for Shouichi's house...!!
S: Look, mom!!
S: The townspeople keep coming closer!!

S: What do you want from us?!
M: They just want you to become one of them, Shouichi!!
S: Ehhh!?
S: Mom!!
S: Wait, mom, could you be...!!
M: Yes.
M: Now come, Shouichi, and hold this!!
S: That's--!!
M: The shining rock from the Nakase Shrine.
M: All you need to do is touch it.
M: It won't hurt a bit, and you'll feel much better afterwards. Now hurry up and touch it!!

M: Come on!!
S: Mom!!
M: Put out your hand!!
M: Become what your mother has become!
M: Shouichi!!
M: Quickly, put out your hand!!
M: You'll feel so much better!
M: Come...!!
sfx: pikah

O: I thought so!!
O: That rock is the source!!
M: Ahh!!
M: Ahh!!
M: Ahh!!
sfx: byuh
sfx: byuuuu

sfx: baaaaaan

O: I wonder how much time passed after that...

O: Ahhh!

O: This place is...!?
O(2b): This ruined land...there isn't a single house left standing...nor Shouichi, nor the townspeople...!!
O: I wandered around that place in disbelief.
O: There was not a single fragment remaining of Nakase Village!!

O: Instead, that abnormal feeling that been forever dangling in my consciousness
O: had now disappeared as if it had all been imagined.
O: How could this be...!!
O: No matter how hard I searched, it seemed as if Shouichi, the villagers, and everything else had completely disappeared.
O: So I left, utterly astounded.
O: After walking for a while, I eventually reached a place I remembered.
O: The ridge...
O: I'm pretty sure this is the place Shouichi first saw the village and then ran down, shouting with joy.

O: But no matter how hard I look, it seems like Nakase Village was never there...but then what have I been doing until now?
O: I started walking again.
O: Finally, I reached the town that I had originally got off the train in.
O: I felt relieved that I had returned to civilization.
O: There, I asked a mild-mannered woman about Nakase Village.
W(2b): Nakase Village!? Nakase Village isn't there anymore.
W: About three years ago, a typhoon came and destroyed the entire village. Now it's just a construction site for a dam, and no one lives there anymore.
O: Ehh!?
O: But then what have I been experiencing up until now...!?

O: At that moment, in a Tokyo hospital...
D: What a mystery!! For some reason, the piece of metal that was lodged in his brain is gone now!!
D: But that can't be...!!
D: It's true!! A little bit earlier, I saw something shining from deep within, but then all of a sudden it disappeared without a trace!!
D: Unbelievable...the metal inside his brain disappeared?!
D(2b): Well, whatever the case, that means he's saved now...!! He was on his last legs, too...!! That piece of metal was starting to interfere with his other organs in there...
N: The patient Sugiyama Shouichi was saved, you know.
N: Oh, really? He had such a terrible fever, that's great to hear.

O: Shouichi's life was saved...
O: Shouichi must have wanted to return to his hometown so badly that his thoughts conjured it up with some strange power.
O: And then he himself appeared there as well?
O: Is that where I've been wandering?

O: But...
O: I wonder how Shouichi will feel afterwards once he finds out that his hometown is really gone and his father and mother both died in the typhoon?

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