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Translations: One Piece 901 by cnet128 , Gintama 679 by kewl0210

Orochi 5


+ posted by molokidan as translation on Jan 27, 2009 12:44 | Go to Orochi

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tl by molokidan



Scary people are gentle, and gentle people are scary. Yet scary people are still scary. Does that mean that gentle people are really gentle as well? No one can answer this. People build buildings, and these buildings in turn build more people, so I want a key. A key that can open doors to real things.

O: I am Orochi. The reason I decided to live in these apartments is because I became rather interested in the lives of the people who lived here.
O: Which one is M-3?
O: There's a boy over there. Maybe I'll ask him.
O: Hey, do you know which apartment is M-3?
B: Yeah, I know where M-3 is.
B: Just keep going straight that way.
O: This boy was known to everyone as the liar. But I didn't know a thing about that.

O: Thank you.
G: Hey, did you see a baseball bounce through here?
B: Nope.
G: That's odd...
G: Maybe it went that way then.
sfx: creeaaaak
Sign: Trash Furnace
O: How strange...no matter how far I walk, I can't find it. And beyond here is the shopping district.
O: Upon asking another person, and realized I had been walking in the opposite direction!!
O: I was tricked!!

O(2b): But it's no good to suddenly suspect him. He was still quite young, so maybe he just didn't know.
O: I quickly realized, however, that this wasn't the case. This is because that boy was also living in the same M building as I.
O: This is it.
O: Ahhh!!
O: My!!
O: What's that boy's name?
B: Everyone just calls him the liar!
O: Liar!?
B(2b): Yeah, liars eventually turn into thieves!! He's a really bad boy!! You can't play with him, no matter what, got it!?
O: At that moment, possibly because I was so tired, I became quite unlike myself and started to harbor bad feelings toward the liar.

O: The room I lived in was in the most inconvenient place, on the corner of the fifth floor.
O: The liar lived on the second floor,
O: together with his mother and father.
O: Next to him lived a good-looking salaryman.
O: The salaryman and his wife had a single daughter who had been unable to walk since birth.
O: Once in a while, they would take her outside as a treat.
O: She was a very cute girl.
O: Most of the people living there were salarymen.
O: The wives all enjoyed talking with each other,
O: the children played freely together,
O: and all the while, a lonely figure watched them.

eating sfx: gah gah
M: Come on, Hiroyuki, finish your breakfast so we can go to school. It's getting late.
sfx: gah gah gah
sfx: zuuuuuh
sfx: gulp
sfx: gatan
H: There was something wrong with the scrambled eggs this morning!! I ate it all, though...
M: What!?

H: Never mind. I want to watch TV!
H: Ki-Ki Korosuke might be on!!
sfx: pachin
H: Waaaahhh, it's on!
Squirrel: Kii kii kii
H: Yaaay, yaaay! Hahaha!!
sfx: Hee hee hee!
M: Hiroyuki!!
M: Stop this, turn off the TV!!
M: If the volume is too loud it'll wake up papa!
sfx: kii kii kii kiiii
sfx: gah gah
H: No! I want to watch TV!!
H: I'm not going to school until this is over!!
M: Hiroyuki!!

M: Your papa will wake up!!
H: How come I have to go even though papa's still asleep?! You'll still be at home too, mama...
M: Turn off the TV, I said!!
sfx: gachih
M: We work very late every night, so we're tired in the morning! Why don't you understand that!?
H: Shut up!!
P: What's going on!?
P: Please let me sleep!
M: Look!!
H: Uuuu!!
H: Uuuu...
P: Eh? Wh-what's wrong, Hiroyuki...!!
sfx: uuuuuuuuu
P: Hiroyuki!!

H: My stomach h-hurts!!
M: Ehh!?
P: Wh-what's wrong!?
H: Papa...!!
H: I think I'm going to die soon!! It hurts...!!
H: Those scrambled eggs I ate were rotten!!
P: Is that true!?
H: Mama made me eat them!! Only my eggs were rotten!! It hurts...!!
M: Stop acting up this instant!
M: You're trying to trick us again, aren't you?!
sfx: Bashih
M: You liar!

H: Hmph!!
M: Look at his attitude, he's obviously lying!! You just lie, lie, lie, and don't care a bit, do you know? What a terrible child you are!!
M(2b): Come on, you're leaving!! Try all you want to stay home, I won't let you!!
H: Hmph...
M: Hiroyuki, you forgot your key!
M: If you don't take good care of this, how will you get in after school?
sfx: gachan
sfx: dadada
sfx: baan

sfx: dadada
M: Hiroyuki, we're leaving too!
M: When you get back, the house will be empty!
M: Your food and allowance will be on the table!
M: What is wrong with that boy!?
M: Where on earth did he learn how to lie like that...? He was such a well-behaved baby!!
sfx: gacha
sfx: gacha
sfx: gyu
Dog: Kyan
sfx: don
sfx: zuu
O(2b): It's the liar...he made such an angry face, and left without even apologizing for bumping into me!!
O: Ahhh!!
O: He wiped his nose when he bumped into me!
O: What a terrible child!!

K: Ahh, it's the liar!!
O: He was uncooperative at school,
O: had no sense of teamwork,
sfx: lalala
sfx: lalala
sfx: ugagaga
O: and yet he would always rudely intrude on the other children.
O: Of course, the children would never listen to the words of a liar.
H: I'll give you candy, I said!!
B: No way! You must have stole them!!
B: There's probably poop inside the packages!!
O: And so he started telling more and more lies to people,
O: while they continued to hate him.
H: At the Ueno Zoo, he said a lion had escaped from its cage and started a huge panic.
P: Hiiieeee!!
sfx: kyaaa
O: At that time, even the mild-mannered Principal lost her temper and dragged him all the way back to his apartment.

O: After school, he would be alone for a while until his parents returned.
sfx: click
O: He spent most of his time watching TV.
sfx: zoom
sfx: beep
O: One day, he got together all the precious things in the house,
O: and dumped them in a trash can outside.
O: When his parents came home, he told them a thief had broken into the house.
O: They called the police and caused another huge panic, but soon his lie was found out.
O: On that day, his parents got extremely angry, and their attitude toward lying became extremely strict.
O: After that, he also got in trouble for writing terrible graffiti on a neighboring apartment.
O: He kept saying it wasn't him.
P: We saw you with our own eyes!!
O: But on the contrary, he insisted that it was another kid that he walked to school with.
P: That night, the boy in question got a fever out of shock and caused his family a great deal of worry.

O: Even worse, though, was when he tried to imitate the girl next door.
O: Since she was unable to walk, she spent most of her time bed-ridden.
O: Her parents were very nice, and would always buy sweets and toys for her.
P: Here, you can have one too.
O: Her parents were always constantly at her side.
H: Hmph!!
writing on cup: Ice Cream
sfx: besha
O: On that day, he wrapped his leg in a bandage and colored it with red lipstick.
O: He said that he had fallen from a tree and broke his leg, and refused to go to school.
O: But of course, his mother soon realized he was lying, and lost her temper.
M: What a horrible lie!! Don't you feel sorry for Emi!?

O: Soon, everyone started to call him the liar, and averted their faces from him.
O: Even I never expected to find even a speck of sympathy in my heart for him.
O: But then, something happened...
H: Hmph!!
sfx: gacha
sfx: creaaaaak
sfx: batan

sfx: caw caw
sfx: hororiii hororo Mama's
sfx: chocolate
sfx: bicha
H: Hmph...
sfx: creeaaaaak

H: Ahhh!!
H: Ahhhhhhh!!

sfx: gachaaaaan

sfx: gatan
H: Wahhhhh!!

sfx: bisha
H: Emi
H: from next door...
H: was killed!!
H: Mama!!
H: Papa!!
H: Uwahhhh!
sfx: bachi
TV: Hey all you kiddies out there, it's game time! Come on, let's all go play with sister together!

sfx: kan
sfx: kon
M: How did Hiroyuki become such a liar...? It's just unbelievable.
M: I can hear the TV. He must be watching it with the volume up high again.
M: Huh? The door's locked.
M: What is wrong with this child!? Even when he goes out to play and there's no one home, he still never locks the door!
M: And now he's home with the TV on, and yet he has it locked!!

sfx: gachi
sfx: giiih
sfx: bibibi
sfx: bababaran
sfx: lalala
sfx: lali lali
sfx: bon bon
sfx: bububuuun
H: Mama!!
H: Mama!!
H: Ahhh!!
M: What are you doing? Let me go!! My clothes will get dirty!!
H: Mama, I saw her!!
H: A murderer!!
M: A murderer!?
M: Sshh! Don't shout so loudly!
M: You're trying to make trouble for me again by lying, aren't you?

TV: Last night in Kugayama in Suginami, there was a murder. The suspect is described as a man with dark eyes and disheveled hair...
sfx: bachi
M: Hmph!! You just came up with that while you were watching TV!
H: No, I'm telling the truth!!
H: Emi, Emi from next door...
H: She was killed!!
M: Ehh!?
M: Why must you think up such disgusting lies, Hiroyuki?!
H: It's the truth!! I saw her mom strangle Emi!!
H: Emi spit blood out from her mouth and died!!
H: It's true!! I was looking through their window from the veranda and saw her mom strangling her with a scary look on her face!!

M: Fine! Lie all you want, but I'm not listening to this any more!
H: Mama!!
H: Mama, you can't tell anyone about this!!
H: Please!!
M: Like I would repeat such horrid nonsense to anyone!! Just wait until your father gets home and I tell him! He'll give you the worst spanking of your life!!
H: I'm not lying!! Mama, I know you talk a lot, but you can't tell anyone!
H: It's the truth, Papa!!
P: Fine, fine! I get it, so just go to bed already!!
O: It's the liar. He's looking outside and frowning...
O(2b): What is he doing? Probably planning some trick to play on someone...if I get caught up with him, I know something bad will happen.

M: Hiroyuki, wake up!
M: How long do you intend to sleep?!
M: It's because you stayed up so late last night that you're tired!! Hurry up and wash your face and eat your breakfast so you can go to school!!
H: Mama!!
H: Emi was murdered!! I saw it!!

M: Won't you ever stop? Enough already!!
M: Get dressed right now!
H: Ahhh!!
M: What's wrong?
H: It's gone!!
H: My key's gone!!
M: What!?
H: I know I put it in my pocket yesterday...
M(2b): Yesterday you were home the whole time, weren't you? I haven't seen it anywhere around here.
M: Or did you secretly go out somewhere? If you stayed home, then the key should be here somewhere!
H: That's it! I must have dropped it on the veranda yesterday!!
H: I just remembered! Yesterday when I was running I must have dropped it!
H: It must be on the veranda next door!
M: Hiroyuki!!
M: So that was your idea, huh?!

M: You threw away your key somewhere so you wouldn't have to go to school!
M: And you lied about Emi being killed, too!
M: That's how you got rid of the key!!
M: Enough with these terrible lies!!
H: It's the truth!! I even broke the flower pot when I was running!!
H: Mama!
H: Waaaaaaaahhhhh!!
M: Don't think I'll go easy on you if you cry!!
M: There's no way such a thing would happen when you're out on the veranda anyway!
M: You're just trying to stay home from school like I thought!!
M: Just like you lied before about the thief and the scrambled eggs! Everything that comes out of your mouth is a lie!!
M: I'll give you my key!!

M: You'd better not lose this one!
M: Here...
M: If you don't hurry up, you'll be late!
sfx: gataan
M: Just a minute. You said the veranda next door, didn't you...
M: Hiroyuki!!
M: I don't care if you're lying, you can't do such a thing!!
M: What if you fell?!
M(2b): You don't really do those kind of things when mama isn't here, do you?! If the neighbors found out, can you imagine how embarrassing it'd be...
H: It's true, it's true, it's true, it's true!!
H: The flower pot...
sfx: grah
M: Where are you going, Hiroyuki!?

P: guuuu
sfx: bote
sfx: gara
P: Owwwwwwww!!
M: Hiroyuki!!
M: Stop this!!

sfx: bisha
M: Look!!
M: Nothing's wrong with the flower pot, and your key isn't here!
H: That can't be!!
H: You're lying, mama!!
H: You're lying to me!!
M: What are you talking about? You're the liar here!!
M: Now I KNOW you weren't telling the truth!! Hurry up and go to school!
P: GYA!!
sfx: dotah
P: Enough already!!

M: Hurry up and go to school!! I'll take you there myself!
H: Noooo!
H: Noooo, mama!!
P: Shut up already! I don't want to be tired again today!
M: Look, you've made papa mad!
H: No!!
M: Let me go!!
M: Come on...
sfx: creaaak
H: Ahhh!!
M: Ah, good morning, neighbor.

N: Good morning.
H: Mama!!
M: Are you going out today?
N: Yes, just for a bit...
M: Well then, let us go together...
M: Um, the truth is...
M(2b): My son has told me a horrible lie!! He climbed onto your veranda last night, and--
H: Mama!!
M: He said he saw you strangling poor Emi...can you believe that...
M: Not only that, but he said he also broke your flower pot and dropped his key there.
H: Mama!!
N: Oh my!!

H: Mama!!
M: Why do you have to be so noisy all the time!!
M: This child's lies have truly become a problem lately.
M: He's just trying to make up excuses for losing his key.
N: Well, children always make up things.

M: Speaking of which, how is Emi doing?
N: Oh, fine as usual.
M: She's so selfish, it can be a pain. Like now, for instance, she demands we bring her chocolate...so I'm going out to buy some.
M: Well then, see you later...
M(2b): Alright, Hiroyuki! Stop trying to lie to me and go to school already!!
O: The liar's being yelled at by his mother...he must have misbehaved again.
O: Here he comes.
O: Why does he always frown like that? Today he looks even angrier than usual.

O: I think I'll follow him.
S: ...whisper whisper...
O(2b): He must have really done some terrible things lately. Everyone looks at him as they would a bug or a spider.
O: Oh no! He's going to cross the street without using the crosswalk!!
O: Watch out!!
sfx: gigigi
sfx: sah
sfx: gicha

O: What a troublesome boy he is!! Everything he does is rebellious!!
O: That day, the liar didn't speak to anyone.
O: No one even wanted to get near to him out of fear.
T: Well, children, that's it for today.
T: Tomorrow is a holiday!
K: Yaaaaaaay!!
sfx: chi chi chi chi
O: What's going on? The liar isn't leaving to go home.

T: What are you doing in a place like this, Hiroyuki!? You need to hurry up and get home to your mama and papa!
H: Teacher, Emi was killed!! It's true!!
H: I saw it!! The lady next door strangled her!!
T: My!!
T: Watch your tongue! You're trying to trick me again, aren't you?!
H: No, it's true!!
sfx: da da da
T: What a boy!!
sfx: Liar, liar
T: Oh no!!
T: Because of that boy, even the myna bird's been corrupted!!

H: It's true!! It's true!! Emi was killed!!
H: And the lady next door is lying about it!!
H: She's lying even though she's the one that killed Emi!!
H: And mama told her everything!!
H: Now that lady must really hate me...!!

O: What is he doing crouched down like that!? It looks like he's picking up rocks. But it's gotten so dark outside!!
O: The liar's mother is home.
M: Hiroyuki!!
H: Mama!!
M: What are you doing out here!? I gave you my key, so how come you aren't at home!!
M: Come on, hurry it up!!
O: I'll leave them alone for now.
sfx: kachih
M: Understand? I won't tolerate any more lies around here!!

M: Now take this chocolate to Emi next door.
H: Ehhhh!?
H: NO!!
M: What!?
M: Hiroyuki!!
M: What is wrong with you?!
sfx: knock knock
M: Yes, who is it?
sfx: creaaaaak
H: Ahhh!!

M: Miss...
N: Ah, so your husband isn't home yet, I take it?
M: N-no.
N: I prepared some meat pies at my home, so I thought I would bring some for you to try.
M: My, what a treat!!
N: They're Emi's favorite.
M: Well then, I'm sure we'll enjoy them too. Thank you very much.
M: That's right, we had just prepared something for Emi as well...
M: Hiroyuki, come and bring that chocolate to her.

M: Hiroyuki!!
M: Hiroyuki!!
M: Bring over the chocolate,
M: right now!!
M: I've been telling him over and over again to take it over, but this child, he...
M: Come on!!

M(2b): Thank you so very much. Oh, how happy Emi will be!!
M: Good evening.
sfx: batan
M: Look at that!! Don't you feel bad about what you said about Emi?!
M: You still haven't eaten dinner either, have you?
M: I'll help you, so hurry up and finish these meat pies.
H: Ahh!!

?: Th...
?: There's hair on them!!
M: Oh my!!
M: Your hair fell out onto them because you were being so rowdy!!
sfx: gachan
H: Ahhh!
H: I-it's Emi-chan!!
H: Emi-chan was killed and made into meatballs!!
H: This is Emi-chan's meat!!
sfx: bashih
M: What a horrendous thing to say!!
M: Don't you even dare think I'm going to let you off easy for that!!
M: Now do you see? I've had it up to here with that child!!
F: Yeah, well, there's nothing we can do...

B: The next day...
M: Today is a holiday, isn't it?
M: Make sure you stay inside the whole time we're gone.
H: Mama, you can't leave!!
M: By the way, I'll be getting home later than usual today. Make sure you keep the door locked.
M: I'll let the neighbors know in case anything happens.
H: Ehhh!?
sfx: gachan
M: Ah, good morning.
M: I was just about to come tell you -- I'll be getting back from work late tonight, so my son will be home alone all day.
N(2b): Ah...I see...I'll keep an eye on him.
H: Mama!!

H: She's gonna kill me!!
H: Oh no...
H: That lady must have picked up the key I dropped on her veranda!!
sfx: gatan
sfx: dosu
sfx: dosu

sfx: garagara
H: No one would believe me!!
sfx: gacha
sfx: gih

sfx: girih
sfx: gigih
sfx: gatan
sfx: gigih
sfx: gatah

sfx: gih
H: Haa, haa....!!
sfx: bakih
sfx: gacha
sfx: bah

P: Hiroyuki!!
H: Papa!!
P: What on earth are you doing!?
P: What is all this!?
P: So this is why I couldn't get the door open!!
P: Ahh, all my books...!!
H: Pa-papa...!!
P: What?!
P: Isn't waking me up in the morning enough for you?!
H: N-no!!

P: Hand it over!!
H: Ahh!!
P: You've really done it this time!!
H: No, you're wrong!!
P: Look at all these rocks...!!
P: Aahhh!!
H: Gimme those!!
P: Silence!! You're totally out of control!!
P: When we ask you to do something, you don't even try,
P: and yet you can muster up incredible strength to do such idiotic things!!
H: Stop it, papa!!
P: Outta the way!!
P: All I came back for was to get something I forgot, and I find the house like this!! Now I know what you're really up to when we're gone!!
H: Papa!!

H: You're wrong! The lady next door is going to try and kill me!!
P: Stop making up such ridiculous lies!!
P: I'm throwing this away!!
H: Give it back!!
P: And don't you dare try and leave the house!!
sfx: BATAN
H: It's true!! The lady next door killed Emi!! And now she's going to kill me since I saw her!!
H: She has my key, too!!
H: She's probably watching me from somewhere right now!!

O: The liar!! It looks like he's trying to spy on next door from his veranda.
O: It looks like they're talking about something. Why isn't the husband at work?
O: And what happened to their daughter Emi?
O: Ah! The liar disappeared.
O: Everything seems so tranquil.
O: The sparrows over there are foraging in the grass...
O: But what's the matter? For some reason, I can't get that liar out of my head.

sfx: creak
sfx: creaaaaak
sfx: pata
H: I know that lady's going to try and kill me!!

sfx: creaak
H: I knew it!!

sfx: ga....cha
sfx: creaaak
H: I knew it all along!! They're gonna kill me...!!

sfx: dadada
sfx: dada
O: The liar's running from something!!
H: Someone help me!
H: I'm gonna to be killed!

H: Help me!!
H: Grandma, help me!! I'm gonna be killed by the lady next door!!
G: Out of the way, please!!
G: You're just trying to trick me like you did before...!!
G: What a troublesome child!!
O: The liar's become quite infamous around here!!
G: Huh?
G: Where are you off to, miss?
N: Just out for a bit...
G: Oh, so Emi is all by herself, I take it?
N: Actually, no. We put her in an institution for disabled children. My husband and I are just going out today...
G: I see! By the way, the liar came running through here saying he was going to be killed by you!
N: Well!! That boy really seems to like joking around, doesn't he...would you happen to know which way he headed?

G: This way! Watch out, he's really in a bad mood today!!
G: See you later...
N: Please excuse us.
O: So they put Emi in an institution...
O: I imagine it must have been hard for them to look after her and hold their jobs as well...
H: Haa, haa...
H: Haa, haa...!!
H: Policeman!!
P: What do you want?!
P: C'mon, go home! Go home!!
H: I'm gonna be killed!!
P(2b): Quiet down!! If you keep lying about stuff like that, it'll really happen!! Now go home!!
sfx: dosun
P: Go on, now!!

H: Haa, haa...!!
H: Ahhh!!
H: It's the people from next door!!
Sign: Subway

sfx: kan kan
sfx: kan kan
sfx: kan kan
sfx: kan kan
H: Wahhhh!!
H: Wahhh!
H: Ahhh!!
N: Wait a moment!! You musn't enter without a ticket!!

sfx: gohhhhh
sfx: gaaaah
sfx: pishan
sfx: goooh
H: Haa, haa...
sfx: garah
H: Wahhhhhh!!

sfx: gohhhh
sfx: dododo
sfx: bisha

sfx: gohhhh
H: Wahhhhh!!
H: Help me!!
H: They're trying to kill me!! Help me!!
H: Someone help me!!

N: You're trying to make fun of your mother by lying again, aren't you?!
H: No way! You aren't my mama!!
N: Wait, Hiroyuki!!
H: Help me, grandma!!
H: Ahhh!!
H: If they catch me, I'll be killed!!
N: What a rude child you are!! Stop lying already!!
P: Fufufu...
P: *snicker snicker*
sfx: don
P: To think he'd climb up on my knees with his shoes on...
P: And he called me grandma, to boot...what a horrible child!!

H: Help me!
sfx: gatah
sfx: gohhhhhhh
P: Ahhh!

sfx: gohhhhh
sfx: gaaaah
H: Move!!
H: Ahhh!!
P: Kyaaahh!!

H: Haa, haa....
H: Mama!!
H: Papa!!
H: Papa!
sfx: buohhhhh
sfx: buohhhhh
sfx: buohhhhhh

sfx: gohhhhh
sfx: gigigigigigi
H: Let me in, gramps!!
sfx: don don
H: Take me to where my papa is!!

P: You idiot!!
P: One more second and I would've run you over!!
H: Let me in!! I'm gonna be killed!!
sfx: buruuuh
sfx: Buah
H: Wah!
H: Papa!!
sfx: bururu

P: Please put your fare in the box.
P: Hey, wait a minute, you!!
P: You still need to pay for your other passenger!!
G: Ehh!?
G(2b): What are you talking about!? Other passenger? I'm all by myself!!
P: That's weird...I could've sworn I saw a kid behind you!
G: Ahh!!
G: Let go of me!!
G: This isn't my child!!
G: Let go, I said!!
sfx: katsun
G: What a terrible child this is!!

H: It's gone!!
H: My money's gone!!
H: I dropped my money somewhere!!
H: When that old man hit me, my money fell somewhere!
G: Ehh!?
H: It's gone!!
H: It's gone!
G: Hiieeee!
H: That old man knocked it out of my hands!!
P: Hmph!
P: You shouldn't go around bumping into kids like that!!
G: Fine, whatever.
G: Here's your money!!
sfx: gachan

H: Ahh!!
sfx: bururu
sfx: bururururu
H(2b): Phew!! This bus should be heading to where papa works!!
P: Man, what a traffic jam!!
sfx: bururu
sfx: bururu

sfx: burururu
P(2b): It's really packed!! It'd probably be faster if we walked, at this rate!!
H: Hurry it up already, grandpa!!
P: Shut up!! Stop complaining when you just got on!! I'm doing the best I can!!
sfx: Bururu
sfx: goton goton
sfx: goton goton
P: Next up is city hall. All those getting off, please gather by the exit.
H: Wahh!!

sfx: garah
H: Uwahhhh!!
H: Uwahhh!!
sfx: dadadada
H: Ahh!
H(2b): Help me, papa! Someone help me!!
N: Someone, catch that child!!
N: Haa, haa...

H: Ahh!
H: Lemme go!!
H: Lemme go, I said!!
N: Please excuse us! He's our child!!
H: They're lying!! Lemme go!!
N: No more running, Hiroyuki!! You're just causing trouble for everyone!!
H: You aren't my mama!! You're gonna kill me!!
G: Stop causing problems for your parents, boy!!
H: Lemme go!
H: Lemme go!
N: Thank you so very much for your help.
H: Haa, haa...!!
P: Just when we were about to escape from our torturous lives...you think we'd let you ruin everything?!
H: Papa!
H: Papa!

H: Papa!!
sfx: gih
N: What a bad child you are, not listening to your parents like this!
H: Papa!!
sfx: bururururu
H: Ah, it's papa!!
H: Papa!!
P: What are you talking about? Your papa's right here!!
N: Do you realize how much you're embarrassing us with your lies!?

H: Uwaaahhh!
H: Help me!!
N: Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with you...why won't you obey your parents? Look over here!

H: NO!!
D: Excuse me, you two, but would you mind keeping it down? The more you harass him, the louder he gets.
D: If you keep carrying on like this, I'm going to have to ask you to get out.
H: Ahh!!
H: My breath is fogging up the glass!!
H: Help, help...
H: How do you write "ta" again...!? (*Note: "TA" is the first syllable of the word, tasukete, which means help)
H: It starts with a long line, right...?
H: I can't remember...!!

H: That's right! Ta is one of the syllables in my last name, Watanabe!!
H: "Su"...how do you write su...
H: Su....su....su....

H: What's going on? My head's pounding so hard that I can't remember!!
H: Papa!! Mama!! I'll do whatever you say from now on!! And God, I promise I'll be a good boy!!
H: So please, God, teach me how to write su!!
H: Su...su...su...
H: That's it!! Su is one of the symbols from Kii Kii Korosuke on TV!!
H: Yeah!! "Ke" is also part of Kii Kii Korosuke!!
H: And the "te" is also in my last name too!!
H: Te...te...
H: Te...te...?
sfx: gyuruuu

H: Ahh!!
sfx: giiih
G: Huh...?
G: There's something written there.
G(2b): But the letters are backwards...I can't figure it out. Graffiti on a car window, how childish...fufufu...

sfx: bururu
N: Ahh!!
N: When did you...!!
N: Wahh!!
sfx: gohhh
P: Just stop here, please!!
P: Keep the change!!
sfx: burururu
H: Uuuu...
P: Keep quiet!! There's no use struggling!!

sfx: kan kan
sfx: batan
M: Haa, haa...!!
P: Good, no one saw us!!

sfx: dosa
H: This is...!?
H: Emi's bed!!
P(2b): That's right, this is our apartment. If you try and scream, we'll kill you, got it?!
P: This is finally our change...after such a long time, our social position will be raised!! But you had to see us...
P: If you talk about anything you saw that day, our lives will be ruined forever!!
H: I knew it! You really did kill Emi, just like I saw!!
N: Stop it!!
N: That's not it! Listen to me, Hiroyuki!
P: Quiet! There's no use talking about it!!
N: No, I want to tell him the truth!!
N: We-we didn't kill Emi!! Please believe me! That's just how it looked!!

N: Can you possibly fathom how much we've suffered since Emi was born unable to walk?
N: We had to give her medicine every day.
N: This is the very medicine I laid next to her that day...
N(2b): But then she drank it all in one gulp!! She thought it'd make her better!!
N: She thought that if she drank it all, she'd be cured!!
N(2b): When I came home, I went to check on her!! But when I turned her around, she was dead!!
N(2b): And then, wondering whether or not I'd be able to bring her back to life, I shook her violently...!!
N: I thought maybe if I made her throw up what she drank, I'd able to save her, but it didn't work...!!
N: That's what you saw!!
N: But now, Emi is gone forever!! However sad it may seem...
N: That's why we don't want you to talk about what happened to Emi. Everyone will think we killed her ourselves.
N: My husband got promoted and we'll be traveling overseas soon. But if Emi's death is found out, all that will be taken away!!

N: And yet you spied on us!! That's why...that's why it's a problem that you're here!!
H(2b): You killed Emi....where is she now!?
N: No, I didn't kill her!!
P(2b): Enough! None of this matters now!! The point is, she's a corpse now!!
H: Corpse...?
P(2b): That's right...Emi's inside this refrigerator!! If you don't be quiet, we'll stick you in here too!!
P: Here, eat this bread!!
P(2b): Hmph. You think we've poisoned it or something!? Don't worry. If you behave yourself, we'll let you go home eventually!!
P: Now write!!
H: Ah, this is...!?
P: That's right, it's your family's message board.

P: Write that you went out to play!!
P: Write it!!
P: Write it, I said!! You were able to write easily in the car, weren't you?!
H(2b): I'm trying, but I can't remember how! I knew how to once, but I forgot!
P: Tch! What a pain in the ass you are!!
H: Here, read this.
H: NOW do you remember?
H: Read this and write it!!
Letter: Mama, I went out to play. -Watanabe Hiroyuki
P: Alright.
P(2b): Put this inside their apartment. You still have his key, right?!

sfx: batan
H: H-hey...what are you gonna do with that rock?
P: Nothing!!
sfx: batan
P: No one saw you, right?!
N: No, no one was home.
N: But they should be coming back soon!!
P: He might make some noise, so let's tie him up!!
H: Uuu!!
P: We'll take him some place where no one can see us, tie up his legs, and hit him over the head wit hthe rock.

O: My name is Orochi...and for some reason, I couldn't get the liar out of my head.
O(2b): I met with his teacher and talked to her for a bit...but despite that, I think he is quite the child.
O: But where did he go off running to like that? I couldn't stop thinking about it.
O(2b): Hmmm...the lights at his house are off!? Then that means he still hasn't come back..
O: But knowing him, he's probably off playing somewhere.
O: I'll go check it out.
O: Huh? His mother and father are home.
M: What a coincidence that we're both home at the same time.
P: I hope Hiroyuki is still there...I really don't know what to do with him.
P: I came home earlier today because I forgot something, and ended up having to punish him since he was up to something again.

P: What? The door's locked.
sfx: kachi
M: Hiroyuki!!
M: He's gone!!
P: Maybe he's just hiding somewhere.
M: Hiroyuki!!
M: He's really gone. Where did he go?
M: Huh? There's something written here.
M: "Mama, I went out to play. -Watanabe Hiroyuki"
M: This is his writing. He really did leave!!
M: Where could he be at this time of night...!?
P: He's probably still angry that I punished him.
M: I know, I'll ask the neighbors.

sfx: ton ton
M: Excuse me, this is Mrs. Watanabe.
sfx: kih
M: Have you seen our Hiroyuki today?
N: Yes, he went out somewhere around lunchtime...he was saying bad things about us all the while as he ran away...
M: Is that so? We'll go search for him now, sorry about that.
sfx: patan
M: Where could he be...?
P: What a pain. Let's just look around.
M: Hiroyuki!!
O: Ah, the key is...
O: Could this be...!?
O: I knew it, it's the key to this room!!

O: Which means...!!
O: Where did his parents go?!
O: There they are!!
O: Mrs. Watanabe!!
M: Who are you?
O: Please show me Hiroyuki's note!!
M: Ehh!?
M: This...?
O: Strange...
M: Ehh?!
O(2b): I have to ask you something...I asked his teacher about it too...

H: Uuu...!!
M: Wait, I can't find his key!!
P: We'll just look for it later!! If we don't kill him now, there might be a problem with his time of death!!
sfx: ban
P: Ahh!!
P: Ahhhh!
O: I knew it!!
M: Hiroyuki!!
H: Uuuu...

O: With this, the liar was saved and the truth was found out.
O: So he really was telling the truth...the next-door neighbor did kill Emi...and tried to kill him too.
O: All of it was just to cover up her death.
O: The lair suffered because of his own tendency to tell lies, but in the end his lies saved him...he could have even told it unconsciously.
O: After I talked to the preschool teacher and his parents, they told me that he never ever studied, and as a result couldn't write anything more than his own name.
O: Here he comes.
O: After that event, the liar kept on telling his lies.
O: But for some reason, I no longer carried any resentment toward him.
O: For some reason I had a feeling that eventually he would grow up to be a respectable young man,
O: and so I left this town behind.

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